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Please list a detailed, legible, description on a 3x5 Index Card for each Item/Lot.
Please List: Measurements, Model #'s, Working Condition, Blemishes
Condition of an Item is Very Important! Please try & List Fair, Needs TLC, Good, Excellent, New, etc.
As detailed as needed for each item. Think "What Would I want to Know About this Item if I was Unable to come to Preview."

Leave 1" at the top of each card for our use.

At drop off, we will give you a consignor number to write on the upper right hand corner of your cards when you drop items off.

DROP OFF DAYS/TIMES: Drop Off is Tuesday through Saturday during Normal Business Hours.

When you fill out the contract for each auction, we ask for the name the check will be written to, address the check will be mailed to, phone number, and email address to send the preliminary settlement to. The preliminary settlement is emailed to sellers to double check items before checks are mailed. If you do not have an email address, please write N/A on the contract in the email space.

We also ask for a list of items written on the contract or you can bring in a sheet of paper with a very brief description of the items you are consigning with us. It doesn't need all the details as listed on the index card. You can write out the contract (or sheet of paper) at home or when you come into drop off.

Pay Off Checks will be mailed approximately 14 days from the auction closing date.

Any Questions, Always Feel Free to Email Us at INFO@1BID.US or call 989.684.1243

We look forward to serving you!!

1BID.US Business Hours:

Tuesday-Thursday: from 10am-4pm
Friday: from 11am-6pm
Saturday: from 9am-2pm
Sunday-Monday: CLOSED
Most of the Time We are Here Later – Please Call in Advance if You Are Coming After Hours!



Held Online @ www.1BID.US

Online Auctions with Live Preview!

Items may be dropped off during drop-off times or by appointment at our Auction Building at 605 Salzburg Avenue, Bay City, MI 48706
(7 Miles North of Saginaw on Bay Road)

NOTE: Some larger items may be sold off premises to avoid moving/hauling charges.

We Sell Just About Anything: Advertising, Antiques & Collectibles, Appliances, Books, Clocks, Clothing, Coins, Electronics, Furniture, Glassware, Household, Holiday Items, Jewelry, Kitchenware, Lawn & Garden, Musical Items, Office Related, Pet Supplies, Pictures, Sewing & Crafts Items, Sporting Goods & Memorabilia, Tools, Toys, Vehicles & MORE! – We also accept Estates! (We Do Not Sell Illegal Items or Pornography)

Seller's Commission Rates: These rates are for online consignment auctions ONLY. NOTE: There are separate rates for guns and coins, ask for more info. Commission rate is NOT based on consignor's TOTAL SALES – it is based on the selling price of each individual lot/item.

Every Item Starts at $1 – Please Lot Your Items Accordingly!
Every Item that is Listed is Charged a $2 Listing Fee.
(Sellers Have Till Friday to Claim Their No-Sale Items -
*Otherwise the Items are Claimed by 1BID.US and Regrouped to be Resold or Donated to a Local Thrift Store)

$2.00 Listing Fee with 20% Commission Rate
Selling Price – Commission Rate Per Lot
Up to $99.99 = 20%
$100 to $499.99 = 15%
$500 to $999.99 = 10%
Over $1,000 = 5%
*Multiple items selling together as 'one item' are considered 'one lot'.

Items with Seller’s Confirmations: There is a 5% No-Sale Commission Fee based on the highest bid received with a $5 minimum fee and a $50 maximum fee. For example, if the highest bid received was $100 or less, the fee would be $5.00; $101 to $999 – 5% of highest bid received; $1,000 or more - $50. NOTE: Reserve amount MUST be listed on your 3x5 index card when dropping off your item along with your phone number. Be sure your reserve is the absolute lowest amount you are willing to accept – we DO NOT contact bidders after the auction to try to sell it for a lower price, and you ARE required to pick up your item. We DO NOT relist items that have not met the reserve.

Please check our website, call or email for setup dates, times and information.
Business Hours – Tuesday-Thursday from 10 AM–4 PM, Friday from 11 AM–6 PM & Saturday from 9 AM–2 PM
To Register to Bid - Go To www.1BID.US & Click on 'Register to Bid'

1BID.US Online Auctions - 605 Salzburg Avenue - BAY CITY, MI 48706


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