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8 50t.jpgTin Sign, Sarcasm- Now Served All Day, 16"W x 12 1/2"H, Great Christmas Gift 10 4207 7.50   ended
9 54t.jpgTin Sign, Notice This Place is Politically…. We Say Merry Christmas, One Nation Under God, We Salute Our Flag and Give Thanks To Our Troops, If This Offends You… Leave, 12 1/2"W x 16"H, Great Christmas Gift 13 11862 11.00   ended
12 72t.jpgMatted Glass and Wood Frame Picture, Good Condition, 40"W x 31"H 9 8503 12.00   ended
53 315t.jpgAwesome "Chalk Style" Fall Theme Sign, Permanent, Wood White Frame, Shabby Chic, "Fresh Corn" Crisp Apples, Pumpkins, Hand Written, Done Well, Good Condition, Done By "Frugal Farm Gal" of Bay City 8 10678 10.00   ended
152 18195t.jpg1865 Dress Fashions Doll Chair Picture in Wood Frame Without Glass, Frame Shows Wear and Picture Has Scratches, Fair Condition, 15 3/4"W x 22"H 1 1740 1.00   ended
153 912t.jpgMoose Print in Wood Frame With Glass, Very Nice, Clear Print, 23"W x 19"H, Real Good Condition 11 7573 8.01   ended
155 922t.jpg"Poppie" Painting, Very Good Condition, Painting on Stretched Canvas, Bought in High End Furniture Store, Paid $270.00, Changed Décor In My Home and Can't Use Anymore, Red- Yellow- Orange- Sage Green, 30"W x 40"H 10 1052 19.50   ended
168 993t.jpgSet of Two Canvas Prints, Black and Gold "Fleur De Lis" Creative Co-op Design Print on Burlap, 9"W x 22"H, Some Wear But Overall Good Condition 3 4983 12.50   ended
171 1007t.jpgNice Warren Kimble Print "The American Farmhouse" Nice Wood Frame With Glass, 30"W x 36 1/2"H, Very Good Condition 3 1323 3.25   ended
172 1012t.jpgNEW Warning No Trespassing Violators Will Be Shot Survivors Will Be Shot Again Tin Sign, 12 1/2"W x 16 1/2"H, Great Gift 10 10849 7.50   ended
194 1128t.jpgVery Cool Outdoor Print By Hayden Lampson of Pheasants in Field, Wood Frame With Glass, 34"W x 26"H, Plus Print of Deer in Field, Wood Frame With Glass, 12 1/2"W x 22 3/4"H 28 10574 29.99   ended
196 1139t.jpgPencil Drawing of John Wayne, Signed Paul Madden 79, Very Good Condition, Wrapped in Plastic, Could Use A New Frame, 14 1/2"W x 16 3/4"H 8 1553 16.27   ended
216 1264t.jpgTwo Picture Set, Floral With Wood Frames, Linen Prints By Kaydee Hand Prints, Signed Margaret Fonels, Very Good Condition, 10"W x 30"H 4 4383 3.75   ended
217 1271t.jpgVery Cool Wall Plaque of Ten Commandments, 10 1/2"W x 18"H, Good Condition 5 5777 4.03   ended
218 1277t.jpgPicture- Print? By Coleman, Vintage Looking Buildings, Very Peaceful in Frame, Measures 12"W x 15"H, Ready To Hang, Very Good Condition 3 5777 5.50   ended
220 1281t.jpgNice Vintage My Collection Two Glass door Wood Cabinet to Display Your Treasures, Lots of Space For Smalls, Very Good Condition For Age, 15"W x 20"H 7 148 8.29   ended
231 1357t.jpgCute Canvas Picture, Southwestern Colors, Real Good Condition, 38"W x 28"H 7 10664 4.35   ended
232 1361t.jpgThree Wood Frame and Glass Matted Duck Prints, Signed Picked Northern Shoveler Lesser Scaup, Green Wing Teal, Beautiful Prints, Good Condition 11 7765 30.99   ended
239 1396t.jpgBeautiful Bronze Frame and Glass Picture Frame, Made in USA, Real Good Condition, 15 1/2"W x 27 1/2"H 5 8503 2.00   ended
241 1405t.jpgVery Pretty Picture of Lion and Her Cub, Some Minor Damage On Wood Frame, Has Glass, Overall Good Condition, 16"Sq. 4 1684 2.35   ended
242 1409t.jpgEagle Moose Antlers Hanging Plaque, Nice Man Cave Piece, Real Good Condition, 26"W x 21"H 18 6307 29.28   ended
243 1416t.jpgBeautiful Floral Canvas Picture, Great Condition, 22"W x 28"H 5 1740 4.75   ended
260 18197t.jpgAwesome Gun Safety Rule #1 Carry One Tin Sign, 12 1/2"W x 16 1/2"H 11 11862 9.51   ended
261 1519t.jpgTwo Wall Pictures, Art Work is Vintage Looking Hair Products, Makeup Advertising, Wood Frames With Glass, Ready To Hang, 12 1/2"W x 15 1/2"H- Good Condition 1 672 1.00   ended
262 1524t.jpgThank You Jesus Picture For Little Girls Room, Wood Frame With Glass, 13 1/2"W x 15 1/2"H, Very Beautiful Prayer, Good Condition 1 11018 1.00   ended
265 1539t.jpgOlder Oak Shelf With Hanging Bar For Towels, Needs Paint or Sand and Stain, Overall Good Condition, 37"W x 6"D x 7"H 1 11823 1.00   ended
272 18199t.jpgTotally Awesome Smith And Wesson Twelve Different Models Tin Sign, 12 1/2"W x 16"H, Great Christmas Gift, Like New 10 9674 9.01   ended
273 1585t.jpgNice Art Work Called Market Morning, Metal Frame With Glass, Black and Gold Matting, Very Decorative, Ready To Hang, 20 1/4"W x 24"H, Real Good Condition 10 10164 7.50   ended
274 1590t.jpgWood Framed Copper 3D Relief Horse Picture, Has Some Dings and Scratches, Overall Good Condition, 15"W x 23 1/4"H 7 11588 10.05   ended
275 1595t.jpgFishing Pole Sign, Wood and Metal, 34 1/2" Long Pole And Sign 12" x 3 1/2", Real Good Condition 4 3180 1.75   ended
276 1600t.jpgVintage Pheasant Painting On Felt, Plastic Frame With Glass, Very Detailed, 12"W x 15"H, Good Condition 3 8372 4.25   ended
283 1640t.jpgVintage "Pals" Master Simpson Painting Arthur Devis Gold Wood Gilt Frame, No Glass, Good Condition, 15"W x 18"H 9 11562 10.50   ended
295 1712t.jpg"Le Casanova De Fillin" Donald Sutherland Framed Movie Poster, Professionally Framed, Very Good Collectible, 15"W x 21"H, From Collector's Locker 4 11616 10.00   ended
297 1721t.jpgTwo Folk Art Wood Pictures, "Family Tree" 11"W x 21"H, God Bless Us 6 1/2"W x 21"H, Good Condition 1 6126 1.00   ended
299 1729t.jpgBeautiful Art Picture Wall Ready, From Home Goods, Like New Condition, 26 1/2"W x 26 1/2"H 5 8372 6.50   ended
305 1768t.jpgElegant Wood Frame Hanging Mirror, Lightweight, Could Be Plastic, Good Condition, 34"H x 27"W 1 1804 1.00   ended
306 1772t.jpgInspirational "Living Life" Wall Plaque, Print on Wood Hangs Flush, 16"W x 20"L x 1", Good Condition 7 11836 11.00   ended
307 1776t.jpgTwo Oval Vintage Art Print Pieces By Turner, Both Framed With Undamaged Glass, Colonial Era, Same Couple In Both, One Has Some Water Damage, 20 1/2"T x 17"W Slight Wear Here and There, Just Makes Them More Attractive, Good Condition 1 9927 1.00   ended
310 1796t.jpgThis White Wicker Mirror Will Brighten Anyhome, 20" x 30" Outside, 12" x 22" Inside, Good Condition 4 9927 3.50   ended
311 18201t.jpgThis Tin Sign is Awesome Man Cave Gift, "Quickies Pump and Polish", "Get Your Rod Polished Here", "Satisfaction Guaranteed" 12 1/2"W x 16"H, Very Good Condition 12 475 12.50   ended
317 1831t.jpgTwo Metal Flowers Pot Decorations For Wall, Measures 22"H x 8" Across, Tulip and Iris, Super Pretty With Dimension, Very Good Condition 3 8494 1.50   ended
318 1836t.jpgBlack Narcissus Foreign Movie Poster Nicely Framed 16" x 23 1/2" With Wood Frame And Plexi, Came from Collector Locker, Can't Read A Date, Looks Older, Believed To Belgium, I've Seen $250.00 On This Piece on Internet, Good Condition 3 11446 2.00   ended
319 1840t.jpgThis Amusing Tin Sign Features Retro Lady Saying "Step Aside Coffee This A Job For Alcohol, 16" x 12 1/2", Great Christmas Gift, Very Good Condition 12 10749 7.50   ended
333 1920t.jpgThis Is Funny Tin Sign For The Deer Hunter In Your Life! "Warning Deer Baiting is Illegal" 12"W x 16 3/4"H, Great Christmas Gift, NIP 16 10261 15.50   ended
334 18203t.jpgYou Will Laugh At This Rustic Tin Sign, It Features A Silly Squirrel Saying "Now Entering Rusty Nuts Fix It Shop" 16"W x 12 1/2"H, Great Christmas Gift, Very Good Condition 15 10615 15.10   ended
335 1927t.jpgPretty Art on Canvas "Sparkle Flower" 24" x 24" Wall Ready, Very Good Condition 5 1740 3.75   ended
442 7435t.jpgGreat Assortment of Items in This Red Tote, Picture Frames of Wood, Plastic and Glass, 5" x 7" to 10" x 20", Box of Three New Ovals, All Good Condition 2 8612 2.25   ended
622 3081t.jpgHome Made 8" x 10" Lighted Snowman Picture, So Cute! Good Condition, Takes 3 AA Batteries Included, Nice Christmas Gift, Box Included 3 8214 2.26   ended
663 3335t.jpgFour Cute Religious Wall Plaques, Indian Prayer 3 1/2"W x 6"H, A Thought For The Day 9"W x 12"H, Ten Commandments 5"W x 8 1/2"H, Prayer Of Serenity 6"W x 9"H, Good Condition 1 8221 1.00   ended
664 3341t.jpgNIB By Faith Designed By Bill Stross, Rejoice, Resin, 7"W x 5"H Picture Frame 2 1387 1.25   ended

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