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45 18191t.jpgLot of Female Artist Record Albums, Some Are Like New Condition, Including Madonna, Toni Basil, Taylor Dayne, Expose, Cher and More! 7 11049 6.75   ended
64 385t.jpgThree 1950's Honky Tonk Piano Albums, Includes Knuckles O'Toole, Willie Knox and One With Multiple Artists, Smells Musty But No Mold, 10" and 12"Diam, Overall Good Condition 2 11446 1.25   ended
96 567t.jpgFamous Female Artist Albums, Eight Total, Connie Francis, Brenda Lee, Nancy Wilson, Angela Butler, Pearl Bailey and More, Untested But Overall Good Condition 5 6211 3.25   ended
271 1574t.jpgHoliday Christmas Album Lot- Kentucky Fried Chicken Christmas Album, Hawaiian Holiday, Tijuana Christmas, Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers, Peter Cottontail, Liberace, Readers Digest and More, Good Condition 3 8765 3.25   ended
288 1669t.jpgRecord Album Lot- Classical, Country, Easy Listening, Many Eras, Collector's Dream, Nat King Cole, Something Beautiful, Day of Love, Etc. Overall Good Condition 6 11446 5.00   ended
309 1786t.jpgCheck Out This Awesome Silvertone Record Player, Beautiful Wood Furniture Piece, Untested, As Is, Some Damage, Hardware And Decorative Detail All There, Good Condition, 25"W x 15"D x 33"H 8 11593 7.50   ended
382 2221t.jpgOldies But Goodies Album Lot- Some New, Some Like New, Some Need Cleaning, Artists Like Gordon Lightfoot, Rod Stewart, Earth Wind And Fire, Darryl Hall and John Oates Dating From 1960's to 1980's, (17) Total Some Double Albums, Good Condition 12 8355 14.00   ended
400 7180t.jpgDigital Keyboard By Casio, 66 Keys, Works Great With Batteries, New Cord Also, Over 200 Different Sounds, Sensitive Touch Keys, Great Christmas Present, Good Condition, Plastic 38"W x 14"D x 4"H 14 2454 20.09   ended
527 2489t.jpgEsteban Celestial Nights String Guitar, With Case and Extra Strings, COA Included, No. 10017/25,000, Back Has Crack All The Way Across Front and Case, Makes a Nice Display, Fair Condition, 40 1/2"L 15 6243 67.25   ended
546 2611t.jpgHilarious (23) Album Lot of All The Comedy Greats In Very Good Condition, Includes Martin, Dangerfield, Newhart, Warren, Diller, And More! More Laughs Than Township Laws Allow, Untested, Good Condition 9 3557 10.76   ended
548 2624t.jpg(20) Jazz, Blues and Dance Albums, Very Good Condition, Comes From Collectors Personal Collection, Includes Such Artists As Earl Hines, George Winston and Duke Ellington 2 11770 2.25   ended
593 2895t.jpgVintage Illinois Junior Phonograph in Case, Some Damage on Arm, Not Sure How It Works, Very Nice Conversation Piece or For Collector, Overall Good Condition, 14"W x 11"D x 7"H 7 4566 9.25   ended
601 2952t.jpgWild Odds and Ends Paper and Record Lot That Includes 78 RPM Records, Sheet Music Magazines, National Velvet Cut Out Costume Book, Golden Key Comic Digests From 1960's and More! Very Good Condition, in Box 14"W x 10"D x 3"H 4 11446 3.83   ended
652 3272t.jpgPress Wood Record Player CD Radio Console Type Player, Like New, Used Very Few Times, 19 3/8"W x 12 3/8"D x 10"H 19 1952 32.00   ended
683 3473t.jpg(50) Record Albums With Lots of First Pressings, Overall Very Good Condition, This Assortment Is Mostly 1970's Rock and Includes Such Artists Like Grand Funk, Alice Cooper, Stones! Plus Five Quadraphonic Records in Very Good Condition, From My Personal Record Collection 12 6186 80.00   ended
750 3865t.jpgLot of (44) Easy Listening LPS In Very Good Condition, Artists Include Mancini, Newton, Ho and More! Smooth Lot for The Budding Vinyl Collector! 3 497 4.65   ended
805 4186t.jpg(9) Albums, Male Artists Like John Denver, Shaun Cassidy, The Osmond's, Kenny Rogers, Good Condition 10 11752 5.75   ended
807 4196t.jpgBox of Misc. 45's and Elvis Albums, Great Lot of (50) 45's Rock From 1960's Like Chubby Checker, Shannon, Fats Domino, Four Tops Etc. Albums Are Elvis Christmas, Two Album Set From 1977, Great Condition 10 6456 11.26   ended
814 4227t.jpgThe Black Deck MP3 Turntable With All Cords, Great Condition, New Needle, Comes With All Needed Software, 16"W x 14"D x 3 3/4"H 23 1218 36.00   ended
906 10127t.jpg(22) Vinyl Records, Various Artists Like Monkey, Police, Prince, Def Leppard, Ramones, The Cure, Etc. Untested, Look in Good Condition 14 6186 69.50   ended
912 10159t.jpgNine Rock and Roll Albums, Outer Covers With Some Wear But Overall Good Condition, Albums Themselves Look Good, Cheap Trick Has Inserted Book, Kiss Has Platinum Award Inside Double Platinum, Kiss Alive Has Book, Hotel California Has Insert, and More! 10 6186 16.50   ended
921 10239t.jpg(23) Vinyl Records, Various Artists Like The Police, Motley Crue, Foreigner, And More, Untested But Look in Good Condition 11 6186 40.00   ended
996 10759t.jpgVintage Arnold Palmer Golf Instructions With Two Record Albums and 24 Page Book of Instructions, 1962- 63, Fair Condition, 12"Sq. 5 8096 3.81   ended
1147 8052t.jpg(7) Easy Listening Albums, Covers Show Wear, With Inner Sleeves, Abba, Michael Jackson, Chubby Checkers, Donna Summers, Plus More, Good Condition Overall 6 10833 6.00   ended
1157 8106t.jpgFour Albums- Fleetwood Mac Rumors, Lyrics Poster 1977 Inner Sleeve, Tango in The Night 1987 Inner Sleeve, Mirage Inner Sleeve, Fleetwood Mac in Chicago, This One Cover Is Ripped and Only Has One Inner Sleeve 11 3719 10.00   ended
1166 8154t.jpgRecord Albums- John Denver, Tom Jones, Christy Lane, Jerry Vale, Country Hits of The 1970's, Christmas, All Untested, As Is, Come Preview Here At 1BID.US 9 10833 6.61   ended
1241 4949t.jpg(5) Famous Artist Album Lat Still Good Condition, Includes Shirley Temple, Dean Martin, Neil Diamond, Tony Bennett, and Frank Sinatra 6 11329 3.00   ended
1247 4991t.jpgElvis Presley Album Lot, (5) Total, All in Good To Great Condition, (3) Appear to Still Be Sealed Possibly, Found Them Wrapped This Way, Dating From 1951 -78 13 10222 12.50   ended
1271 5116t.jpgMerano Trumpet With Case, Has Valve Issues, Model #703037, Fair Condition, 19"L 20 8503 26.00   ended
1451 8622t.jpg35 Album Lot, All Classical, Jazz, Blue, Gospel Artists, Smells A Bit Must But Looked Them Over and Donít See Mold, Dates, Are From 1950's to 70's, Like Guy Lombardo, Cha Cha Chas, Ray Conniff, Tony Bennett, Good Condition, 33 RPM 2 1854 1.50   ended
1473 8731t.jpg(13 Total) 33 RPM Sound Track Movie Album Lot, Some Double Sets, Most Still in Very Good Condition, Stemming Back in Time to Movies Like South Pacific 1958 to as Current As Dirty Dancing 1987, Other Hits Like Saturday Night Fever, Never On A Sunday, 1960's, Good Condition 14 8949 12.00   ended
1597 5903t.jpgAntique Stereo/AM Short Wave Record Player Solid Wood, Works, Admiral Model 7C64M-VL, From 1930's Very Good Condition, Some Scratches and Blemishes, 34"W x 34"T 15 6771 26.01   ended
1625 6724t.jpgTwo Awesome Vintage Albums, John Lennon Walls Bridges 1974 Inner Sleeve Album is Great Condition, Cover in Good Condition, Nice Record, Double Fantasy, Very Good Condition, Has Inner Sleeve 1980 6 2415 8.00   ended
1640 6814t.jpg45's Record Collection, 1950's and 60's, Mostly Rock & Roll, Fun Records! 21 6456 19.25   ended
1654 6904t.jpg(8) Albums, All Are Disney, Mouse Factory, The Trousdale Strings And Dawn Chorale, Bugs Bunny, Cinderella, Snow White Have Book Insert, Winnie The Pooh, Jungle Book, Peter Pan, Some In Better Condition Than Others, No Inner Sleeves, Fair To Good Condition 8 7038 16.50   ended
1863 9870t.jpg(50+) Rock and Roll Albums All From The 70's And 80's or Older, Some Do Not Have Covers, AC/DC, Chicago, Bob Segar, Grand Funk, Stephen Wolf and More, Fair To Good Condition 8 1952 56.00   ended
1865 9884t.jpgLarge Collection of 45's Some Have Original Covers, Some are Like New, Mostly From the 80's, Very Large Variety: Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, Van Halen, Journey and Much More, Good Condition 15 10715 22.00   ended
1882 9979t.jpg(6) Albums Some Do Not Have Inner Sleeve Records and Jacket are In Good Condition, Raiders of The Lost Ark, Chart Busters, Cocktail, Saturday Night Fever, West Side Story, Televisions Greatest Hits 70's and 80's 4 10833 1.75   ended
1887 10007t.jpg(12) Albums (Rock) Vintage Cover Are In Very Good Condition, Have Inner Sleeves and Albums Are In Good Condition, Styx, John Cougar, David Bowie, Eagles, Cheap Trick, Foreigner 24 6439 37.00   ended
1926 10943t.jpgMusic Stand, Metal, Good Condition, Some Rust and Wear, Microphone Untested, Guitar Mixer, Untested, As Is, 20"W x 42"T 16 8662 25.76   ended
1962 11155t.jpg(4) Albums, 33 RPM, John F. Kennedy The Presidential years 1960-63, Original Speeches, No Inner Sleeve, A Documentary John F. Kennedy, Gallant Men, Very Good Condition, Campaign Favorites George Wallace, Fair Condition, Still Cool 2 2415 1.00   ended
1974 11239t.jpg(7) Albums, 33 RPM, Sound Tracks, Some Sleeves Are Missing, Some Covers in Poor Shape, Albums in Good Condition, Mast, West Side Story, Wild in Streets and More 10 6211 5.50   ended
1985 11312t.jpgOrgan Baldwin Encore Multi Functional, The Keyboard Works Great, Check This Out, Very Nice Piece, Top Of Organ Will Clean Off, Wee Has A Carpet Piece on Top To Prevent Scratching, Good Condition, 46"W x 24"D x 36"T 1 292 1.00   ended
2107 17549t.jpgViolin In Case, Two Bows, Rest, Strings, Mini Kun Rest, 17"L Violin and Case 24"W x 9"D x 5"H, in Very Good Condition, (LOCATED IN SHOWCASE AREA) ## 15 950 52.00   ended
2209 12505t.jpg(4) Sound Tacks, Have Inner Sleeves, Covers and Album are in Very Good Condition, Saturday Night Fever, Beverly Hills Cops II, Dirty Dancing: Time Of your Life, and More 5 10833 2.25   ended
2349 13668t.jpgBox of Old Albums, Some Do Not Have Jackets or Sleeves, Could Be Good Ones In here Or Use Them For Crafts, Includes, Nat King, Dukes of Dixie and More, Good Condition 4 10833 2.25   ended
2396 13958t.jpg(2) Albums McCartney II, Inner Sleeve Good Condition, 1950, McCartney Inner Sleeve Album in Very Good Condition 10 7478 8.00   ended
2422 12091t.jpg(6) Boxes of Records, 33 RPM Most, Inc Barry Manilow, LRB, Rov or Bison and Many More, Good Condition Some In Plastic 16 11899 41.88   ended
2424 12098t.jpg(2) Albums Beatles, The Beatles 1967 - 1970, Cover is A Little Rough, Has Inner Sleeves, Albums Good, The Beatles Yellow Submarine, Like New 21 7478 43.00   ended
2522 15240t.jpg(6) Albums, Super Oldies of The 50's Volumes 1-4 Including: Moovin N' Groovin', Stereo Action Unlimited The Sound, Your Eyes Can Follow The Inner Sleeve, The Albums Look Pretty Good, Covers Are A Little Rough but Still in Good Condition 4 10222 2.25   ended

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