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1 1t.jpgReally Cool Vintage Wood Burner Stove, Cast Iron and Tin, Needs Some Assembly, With Fireplace Acc. 14 1/2"W x 17"D x 43"H, Good Condition 15 6051 52.00   ended
405 7216t.jpgSquirrel Cage Fan, Great For Garage To Keep Cool in The Summer, Works, Tested, As Is, 10"W x 21"D x 16"H 18 9924 21.50   ended
479 7656t.jpgSquirrel Cage Fan, Great For Garage To Keep Cool in The Summer, Works, Tested, As Is, 10"W x 21"D x 16"H 23 9924 42.00   ended
492 7739t.jpgTwo Lakewood 5500 600/900/1500 Watt Oil Filled Radiator Heaters, Need Testing, Good Condition, 9"W x 14"D x 25"H 14 9079 11.50   ended
642 3207t.jpgBlack Iron Fireplace Spark Blocker, Great For Indoor or Out, 36"W x 27"H 10 8874 6.00   ended
723 3702t.jpgMetal Kero Heat Kerosene Heater, Good Condition, Works, Needs Cleaning, Good Condition, 15"W x 22"H 26 10719 19.00   ended
726 3723t.jpgMetal Aladdin TR5000 Heater Plus Five Gallon Can Kerosene, Untested, As Is, Needs Cleaning, 15"W x 23"H 28 8626 20.50   ended
783 4072t.jpgMetal Kerosene Heater, Good Condition, Works, Needs Cleaning, 13"W x 30"H 15 11759 10.50   ended
1146 8046t.jpgVintage Sun Valley Metal Heater, Working, Needs Cleaning, Good Condition, 9"W x 5"D x 12"H 5 11845 10.50   ended
1161 8125t.jpg *UPDATE: Tested, Heats Up Fast* Antique Heat Lamp Style Cast Iron Base, Coil Heating Element, Very Cool Looking, Has Rust, 22"H, As Is 7 4566 5.50   ended
1411 8387t.jpgPatton High Velocity Fan Floor Style, Tilts On A Metal Stand, Low/High,Tested & Works, Good Condition, 20"W x 20"T 20 7831 22.50   ended
1479 8768t.jpgLakewood radiator heater, Model 2727, 600W to 1500W, Working Very Good, Looks Very Good, 5"W x 15"L x 26"T 11 8410 12.00   ended
1485 8803t.jpgKenwood Radiator Heater, 1500 Watt Oil Filled Radiator Heater, Model CYAA45-7 Very Good Working Condition, 14 1/2"L x 10"W x 25"T 29 11727 24.35   ended
1506 5344t.jpgMetal Patton Electric 1500 Watt Heater, Works Great, Perfect For Your Garage, Shop or Bedroom, 10"W x 6"D x 14"T, Good Condition 17 5374 17.50   ended
1509 5362t.jpgChromalloy Heater, Electric 240 Volt Powers By AC Cord, Made in USA, It Takes A 220, Unable to Test at 1Bid, 8"W x 6"D x 12"T, As Is 23 8984 26.00   ended
1553 20237t.jpgElectric Fireplace With Remote, 120 Volts, 25"W x 10"D x 23"T, 11.7 Amps, Model 18EF023GRA, Fire Place and Remote Work With No Issues, Very Good Condition 14 6370 32.00   ended
1555 5630t.jpgKerosene Heater As Is, Not Sure of Age/Never Been Used Dyna Glo Model RMC-95-62, Good Condition, Needs Cleaning, 27"T 19 8626 17.00   ended
1556 5637t.jpgReady Heater 50,000 BTU Salamander heater, Works Good, Good Condition, 12"W x 27"L x 12"T 39 6834 73.00   ended
1675 7019t.jpgReally Hot Looking Black Faux Fireplace With Remote Electric Heater, Works, 25"W x 12"D x 28 1/4"H, Very Good Condition 19 5788 31.50   ended
1820 9630t.jpgMetal Fiasco Electric Baseboard Heater 36"L New Old Stock Storage Find 7 8410 10.50   ended
1935 10995t.jpgBantam Kinnari Gas Heater Stands or Can Hang on Wall Looks Good, Untested, 25"W x 10 1/2"D x 21 1/2"T 8 11845 16.50   ended
2293 12861t.jpg8 1/2"Diam Propane Tank Top Heater 20 PSI 130,000 BTU, Great For Your Hunting Blind on Low or Garage On High, Has Some Small Surface Rust but Overall in Good Condition 10 7565 14.95   ended
2411 12024t.jpg(11) Air Filters Air Handler Pleated, 14"W x 20"L x 1"Thick 17 7565 26.00   ended
2448 12203t.jpgLasko Space Heater With Remote, Works Great, 26"T, Good Condition 16 11727 20.61   ended
2759 14858t.jpgSiegler Oil Burning Stove Model 665OUS That Has Been in Storage and Would Recommend Cleaning It Before Use But It Is In Good Condition For It's Age, 25"w x 32"D x 41"T 15 8323 33.00   ended
3121 16398t.jpgCast Iron Wood Burning Stove Door, Unsure Of Brand, Good Condition, 14"W x 5"T         ended
3218 19146t.jpgHaier Air Conditioner, Model HWRO5XCKL, Unsure Of Age, Works, Good Condition But Needs Cleaning, 24"W x 15"D x 12"T 7 3524 4.75   ended

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