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173 1016t.jpgAwesome Antique Westwood Eight Day Clock With Brass Case (With Key) Very Good Cosmetic Condition, Not Currently Running, 11"W x 18"H 12 10546 13.35   ended
424 7317t.jpgAtomic Clock, 5 1/4" x 3 1/2" With Directions, New in Original Box, Never Used, Needs Two AA Batteries, Plastic 13 8657 12.50   ended
597 2930t.jpgVery Heavy Vintage Cast Metal Clock, 20lbs. Face Says Made in Germany, Quartz Battery, Good Condition, 15 1/4"W x 6"D x 10 1/2"H 27 6478 29.86   ended
648 3250t.jpgLot of Old Wristwatch Parts, Roller Jewels O Ring Gaskets, Crowns, Hour and Minute Hands, Clasp Assortments Watch Crystal Press Rings, Etc. Measures 15 1/2"W x 14"D x 2"H 16 7573 27.00   ended
654 3289t.jpgVintage Craft Guard West Germany Desk Clock, 4"W x 2 1/2"D x 5"H, Good Condition 2 3927 1.25   ended
659 3316t.jpgVintage Westclox Travel Clock, Working, 3"Sq. Good Condition 6 4917 4.25   ended
1006 12919t.jpgNew Vintage Truck Pocket Watch, Working, 2"Diam, Give As Gift To Someone Special or Treat Yourself 18 4383 10.50   ended
1014 12959t.jpgNEW Ship Pocket Watch, Approx. 2"Diam, Great Christmas Gift, Working 9 471 8.50   ended
1018 12977t.jpgNEW 2"L Cross Pocket Watch, Works, On Brasstone 32"L Necklace, 1"Diam Face, Great Christmas Gift 8 10489 3.70   ended
1025 13017t.jpgNew Semi Pocket Watch, Approx. 2"Diam, Working, Great Christmas Gift 34 4518 32.00   ended
1029 13039t.jpgNew Silvertone Anchor Map Pocket Watch, 2"Diam, Complete With 13"L Chain to Hook On Your Belt Loop, Etc. Great Christmas Gift 14 10457 20.00   ended
1035 13067t.jpgNEW 2"Diam Pocket Watch With Dragon Design, Works, Comes With 32"L Chain, Can Be Worn As Necklace, Great Christmas Gift 11 471 20.00   ended
1048 13136t.jpgNew 2"Diam Alice in Wonderland Pocket Watch, With 32"L Brasstone Necklace, Great Christmas Gift 13 9352 12.10   ended
1053 13157t.jpgNew 2"Diam Royal Flush Pocket Watch, Comes With Chain Can Be Worn As Necklace, 32"L Brasstone, Great Christmas Gift 9 471 4.45   ended
1056 13176t.jpgNew Steam Punk Style (Gears) Pocket Watch, Approx. 2"Diam, Great Christmas Gift 21 4383 20.50   ended
1061 13197t.jpgNew 2"Diam Pocket Watch, Working Has Black With Silver And White Accents, 13"L Chain To Hook To Belt/Pants Loop, Great Christmas Gift 17 11534 10.00   ended
1064 13214t.jpgNew 2"Diam Clock Face Pocket Watch, Working, With 32"L Chain, Can Be Worn As Necklace, Great Christmas Gift 8 6864 10.00   ended
1134 7974t.jpgVintage Halba Wind Up Mantel Clock Kal. 56, Missing Front Glass Panel, Great For Décor With Wood Look, Untested, As Is, Fair Condition, 16"W x 7"H 6 10546 5.56   ended
1178 18280t.jpgWomen's Quartz Watch, Brand New Never Used Band is Purple Inside is Pink, 11"L 4 6771 1.75   ended
1214 4788t.jpgSmall Gold Tone Apple Clock, Opens To Tuck Away A Small Treasure, Needs Batteries but Is In Good Condition, 1"Diam 2 4383 1.00   ended
1470 8717t.jpgNIB Kirch Weather Station Clock, Glows in The Dark, For Easy Night Reading, May Need New Batteries, Tells Time, Humidity, and Temperature, Box is Damaged, Contents Look Good Still, 11"W x 13"T 8 7406 10.50   ended
1522 5444t.jpgLarge Selection of Brass Wall Clock Pendulums, Bobs and Rods, Two Boxes Full, Most Bobs are 2 5/8"Diam, New Old Stock From Closed up Clock Shop, 2 1/2 to 3 1/2"T 11 3909 11.62   ended
1532 5499t.jpgPlastic Tasmanian Devil Alarm Clock, Tested and Works, Good Condition, 9"W x 6"T 11 7309 7.55   ended
1739 9130t.jpgTimex AM/FM Radio, Alarm Clock With 9V Battery Backup in Case of Power Outage, Works Good, Built in Antenna, Good Condition, 7"L x 5"T 8 11897 6.25   ended
2095 14448t.jpgAntique Watch Parts, Dials, Movements, Springs Many Other Parts, Box 10 1/2"W x 10 1/4"D x 1 1/2"H, From Watch Maker's Estate, Up to 1 3/4"Diam Faces, Fair To Good Condition 9 3551 14.99   ended
2437 12154t.jpg(4) NOS Story Door Mouse Clock 4 1/2"T, Never Out of Box 3 8494 1.50   ended
2746 14782t.jpg(5) NOS Story Book Mouse Clocks Never Out of The Boxes, 4 1/2"W 2 8407 3.25   ended
3017 16923t.jpgGoldtone Heart Charm Bracelet With Watch, Beautiful Just Needs A Battery, Good Condition, 1"Diam Face x 7"L 1 9412 1.00   ended
3026 16962t.jpgDiamond Quartz Watch Sold By Avon, Gold With Black Leather Band, 3/4"Diam Face, NIB, Never Worn, May Need New Battery 7 7389 3.83   ended
3079 17402t.jpgVintage Wristwatches and Parts, Bulova, Citizens, Pulsar, Gruen, Up to 1"Diam Faces, Benrus Etc. Box Measures 14 1/2"W x 8 1/2" x 1 1/4" From Watchmaker's Estate, As Found, Fair To Good Condition 12 2562 12.00   ended
3096 17528t.jpgBeautiful Red Coral Bracelet Watch, Needs Battery But Always Worn It As Bracelet Along With Beaded Turquoise And Cut Stone Beaded Necklace, Watch 8"L, Necklace 16"L, Both Wonderful Pieces, Very Good Condition 2 5627 1.50   ended
3135 16472t.jpgSalem VIP Anniversary Clock, Needs Cleaning And Currently Untested But Appears In Good Condition, 12" Tall 3 5777 1.50   ended

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