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232 1563t.jpgMiscellaneous Lot In A Vintage Wooden Drawer Including White Paint, Calculator, Calcium Carbide, Witches And More! Fair To Good Condition, 21"W x 11"D x 8"T 6 4385 2.78   ended
234 1590t.jpgNew Blue/Green/White Fleece Multi-Colored Lap Blanket, Veteran's Affairs Apron, Coffee Mugs, Glass Lidded Dish And More! Good Condition To New, 15"W x 20"D x 6"T 4 6883 2.25   ended
281 1922t.jpgCeramic Tobacco Jar, New In Package Goldeneye 007 DVD, GI Joe Uniforms, Dagger In Sheath, Cast Iron Skillets And Lots More! Over Fifty Different Items Here! Good To New Condition, 24"W x 17"D x 14"T Styrofoam Box 11 8380 17.50   ended
302 2094t.jpgMystery Box With Some Nice Items, Bid And You Won't Be Disappointed, 10"W x 12"D x 13"H 7 13170 10.50   ended
354 2359t.jpgBox Of Misc. Household Décor Including: Four Teacups And Saucers, Decorative Bowls, Baskets Of Wicker And Wire, Candleholders, Holiday Set, Items Are Made Of Glass, Wood And Ceramic Materials, 18"W x 18"L x 12"H 1 12627 1.00   ended
644 4030t.jpgMisc. Box: Phone, New Scrapbook, Radio That Works, 9"W x 4"H, Laptop Bag 15"W x 13"H - And More - Good Condition 3 11131 1.50   ended
645 4039t.jpgMixed Box: Bun Warmer 9"Dia., Cordless Vacuum 18"L, Nice Glass Bowl, Foot Pump - Good Condition 1 13771 1.00   ended
674 4200t.jpgLarge Box Of Odds And Ends Including: Punch Bowl, Ornaments, Baskets, Diabetic's Book, The Box Is 16"W x 21"D x 14"H - Good Condition 1 13928 1.00   ended
681 4250t.jpgMixed Box With: Beach Mat 29"W x 56"L, A Food Scale, Vase, Books, Vintage Silverware (Misc.), Ornament Hangers, The Box Is 15"W x 26"D x 8"H - Good Condition 2 10565 2.25   ended
682 4258t.jpgMisc. Box Including: White Sewing Machine That Works 11"W x 6"D x 10"H, A Crystal Candy Dish That Is 8"H, Frames, Etc. - Very Good Condition 7 14152 8.50   ended
718 22840t.jpgNice Household Box Lot With Sheets, Place Mats, Plastic Basket Containers, Clips And More! Good Condition And The Box Is 12"W x 18"L x 9"T 1 116 1.00   ended
755 4603t.jpgVery Nice Box Lot With New In Package Scalloped Valances, Crystal Candle Holder Set, Glass Vase, Bath Powder And More! All In Good Condition To New In Package; 12"W x 24"L x 12"T 3 14195 2.75   ended
933 5505t.jpgVHS Tapes, Kitchen Tools, Glass Dishes, Baking Pans and More, Good To New Condition, 3 1/2" to 20 1/2"W 2 5815 1.25   ended
1217 10838t.jpgJewelry Box- Wood Two Door and Framed Art Work, 9" x 11" to 19" x 25", Floral Print, Stitched Barn, Most Wood With Glass or Open Face, Good Condition 3 15206 1.50   ended
1218 10844t.jpgHeavy 25 Gallon Tote, Mystery Box, Estate Clean Out, Good Condition, 26"L x 16 1/2"H 10 14142 10.00   ended
1407 7130t.jpgBox Lot Of Household Items: Finger Nail Polish, Shoe Stretcher, Etc., 8"W x 12"L x 8"H - New To Used, Good Condition 5 14413 2.00   ended
1420 7198t.jpgBox Lot Of Misc. Household Décor, Some Antique, Includes: Clock, Candleholders, Tin Serving Tray, Etc., 12"W x 21"L x 12"H - Good Condition 5 8380 5.50   ended
1450 7335t.jpgSeven Total Items In This Purple Box Lot Including: A Hat Box 12"Dia.; A Doll On A Stand, She Has Beautiful Green Eyes; A Cute Hand Purse 7"W; Two Purple Glasses At 4"H; One Scarf 60"L; Two Linen Towels With Purple - All In Good Condition 6 13621 4.26   ended
1472 7427t.jpgSuper Mystery Box, All Very Nice Useable Items, Estate Clean Out! Heavy Box, 14"W x 20"L x 10"H 11 12996 10.50   ended
1521 6055t.jpgBox Lot With Vintage Clocks, Plates, Mask, Greeting Cards, Vases And More! Clock Is Untested/As Is, All In Overall Good Condition And 3" To 10 3/4" Wide/Long 2 15287 1.25   ended
1580 6411t.jpgDouble Stacked Mystery Box Filled With New And Vintage Items - Don't Pass On This One! Two Boxes Are 18"W x 18"D x 16"T And 19"W x 12"D x 11 1/2"T 8 51 14.50   ended
1630 11437t.jpgVintage Light Fixture And Electrical Lot With Plastic Light Sockets, Wallmount Outlet Boxes, Electrical Tape, Wire Conduit And More! 1/2" To 16" Diameter Ceiling Medallion 2 8507 2.25   ended
1631 11445t.jpgMisc. Holiday Tins And Vases, Some Antique Vases And A Nice Wooden Cabinet, Good Condition And 10 1/2"W x 4"D x 17"T 1 15483 1.00   ended
1633 11457t.jpgMan Cave Lot With A Scary Door Bell, Power Pack Plug, Beer Stein Adaptor, Danger Tape, Weather Station, Distillers Handbook And Speaker; Untested/As Is But Looks To Be In Good Condition, Crate Is 13 1/2" Square 2 10546 3.25   ended
1704 7575t.jpgLarge Plastic Tote With Glass Pitcher, Kettle, Fishing Hooks, Coffee Carafe, and More 14 1/2"W x 22"D x 19 1/2"H, Plus Press Wood and Metal Shoe Rack 18"W x 9 1/2"D x 13"H, Overall Good Condition, Some Cleaning Needed 7 14152 6.75   ended
1710 7611t.jpgAssorted Household Décor Pieces- Wall Plaques, Figures, Picture Frames, Cocktail Shaker, Door Chime, Much More, Made of Ceramic, Glass, Plaster, Wood Etc. Some Chips and Need Cleaning, Fair to Good Condition, 3" to 13" 1 15287 1.00   ended
1868 9528t.jpgLadies Mystery Box With Lots Of Nice Items Inside - Do Not Pass On This One! Measures 29"W x 18 1/2"D x 18"T 12 13928 6.50   ended
1920 12467t.jpg(7) Assorted Vases, Howard Miller Mantle Clock Untested, Marble Utility Container, Grand Daddy Fryer, 6" to 10"H, Good Condition 8 12097 5.50   ended
2296 10227t.jpgBox Lot Of Black Lamp With Shade (Table Lamp) USB Fun Flower Shape Yellow Small Portable Heater, 11" To 16"H - Works 5 2498 3.25   ended
2455 14137t.jpgLadies' Surprise Box, This Is The Box To Bid On! There Are Lots Of New Items Inside, Some Vintage, And Gently Used Too! Measures 14"W x 20 1/2"L x 17"H 18 3595 12.01   ended
2510 16538t.jpgLongaberger Box Lot With Two Napkins, Two Basket Protectors, One CD Holder, CD Screen Saver, A Book, Fabric Cord, A 2003 Christmas Ornament, A Color Chip, A Pint Size Pillar That Is Sunny Peach Scent, Sizes Range From 10"W x 12"L x 3"H - Good Condition To New In Package 2 387 1.25   ended
2556 16808t.jpgLadies' Surprise Box Packed Full Of Items To Keep, Sell, Or Gift, Some Nice Items, Bid To Win! 16"W x 26"L x 7"H 18 11766 7.50   ended
2559 16820t.jpgMystery Box With Great Items To Keep Or Resell, 12"W x 17"L x 12"H 16 9044 5.50   ended
2815 23787t.jpgMisc. Lot of Electronics And More, Speakers, Router, Mouse Pads, Camera Cases, Bose Speaker And More, Fair To Good Condition, All Untested, As Is, 2" to 18"L 5 3927 2.00   ended
2894 15943t.jpgAnn Coulters Infamous Book "If Democrats Had Any Brains, They Would Be Republicans" A Fast Read, Also Unopened 100 Piece Mini Puzzle Of Two Cats in Front of Roaring Fire, Plus Unused Plastic Hanging Plant Bag (No Seeds Included) Good Condition, 3" to 21"L 1 13005 1.00   ended
3105 17545t.jpgTwo Bells, Heart Trinket Box, Round Box and Cast Iron Pan, Glass- Ceramic- Resin and Metal, All in Good Condition, 3" to 6 1/2"Diam 4 8613 1.75   ended
3187 18036t.jpgSeveral Misc. Garage Items- Turtle Wax, Miracle Grow, Spic and Span, Paper Lanterns, Portable Sport Seat and More, Good To New, 1" to 14"W 7 15391 4.80   ended
3195 18093t.jpgLarge Box Lot of Electrical Plates, Wire, Games, Empty CD Cases, Balloons, Clocks, Christmas Ornaments and More, This Lot is Loaded! 1" to 17"L, Fair To Good Condition 3 51 1.75   ended
3257 15310t.jpgMystery Box To Keep Or Resell, 11"W x 16"L x 12"H 6 14195 6.00   ended
3265 15352t.jpgMystery Box With Great Items To Keep or Resell, 12"W x 17"D x 9"H 11 10835 10.00   ended
3421 18252t.jpgKitchen Dishes Lot With A Casserole Dish w/ Cover, Butter Dish w/ Cover, Sunbeam Ice Shaver (Working), Slurpee Cup, Flower Pot, Cat Food Dish And More! Good Condition To Like New, 4 1/2" To 14" Tall 5 15483 3.75   ended
3601 23212t.jpgMystery Gifts, Clock, Tapes And CD's, Lights, Dolly, Pegs For Pegboard And More! Fair To Good Condition, Box Is 18"W x 32"D x 20"T 9 9498 6.88   ended
3708 21718t.jpgHuge Tote Of Assorted Tools, Drywall, HVAC Tools And More! Broken Or Missing Pieces, Fair To Good Condition, Sold As Is, 16"W x 23"L x 16"T 6 51 3.76   ended
3980 22670t.jpgWhite Plastic and Cloth Hanging Shoe Caddy 13"W x 60"L, Quartz Stone 3"W and Lucky Elephant Figure Plastic 3 1/2"W, All in Good Condition 1 10924 1.00   ended

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