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30 202t.jpgAntique 1892 Hardcover Book Titled "Songs Of Our Flag And Nation", Outside Cover Has Wear And Rips But Inside Looks To Be Fair And You Can Read The Writing, Stains And Edge Wear But Overall Fair To Good Condition 4 15292 2.00   ended
100 671t.jpg(22) Children's Story Books Including The Velveteen Rabbit, Garfield, Frozen And More! Paperbacks And Hardcovers In Good Condition 7 5630 9.26   ended
143 966t.jpg(14) Comic-Style Books Including Calvin & Hobbes, Yukon Ho!, Weirdos From Another Planet, Take Us To Your Mall, Fox Trot En Masse, Houston You Have A Problem And More! Good To Very Good Condition 5 720 12.75   ended
168 1129t.jpgTwo Vintage Hardcover Books Including "The Rosary" By Barclay And "The Greatest Wish In The World" By E. Temple Thurston, Both In Good Condition 1 14154 1.00   ended
268 1826t.jpg"Images Of Elvis" Hardcover Book With Dust Cover By Marie Clayton, Great For Elvis Fans, Excellent Condition 16 14574 17.00   ended
386 2525t.jpgLot Of (28) Educational And Story Paperback Books, Educational Books Include: "Earth, The Hands-On Approach To Science", "Guide To The Best Approach To Science", "Guide To The Best Science Fair Projects", "Make Amazing Toy And Game Gadgets", "Tricks And Optical Illusions", "Kaleidoscopes", "The Big Bug Book", Magic School Bus Books And More, Plus Some For Younger Readers - Excellent Condition 4 12627 3.50   ended
502 3190t.jpgBox Lot Of Children's Books: Disney, Dr. Seuss, Giving Tree, Arts And Crafts, 9"W x 18"D x 9"H - Some Wear But Still In Good Condition 7 5630 5.50   ended
504 3205t.jpgLot Of (42) 1970's MAD Magazines, Lots Of Super Special Editions - Some Torn Covers But Still In Overall Good Condition 15 12159 50.99   ended
509 3243t.jpgOver (300) Issues Of Rolling Stone Magazines From The 1970's, 1980's And 1990's, Many Are Rare! Great Articles And Pictures, Featuring: Jimi Hendrix, Prince And Others, All For One Price! This Is A Great Find - Torn Pages And Covers But Overall Good Condition 12 11823 26.10   ended
585 3689t.jpgThree Japanese Book: Let's Learn Japanese (Picture Dictionary) Has Lots Of Pictures, The English Words, Along With The Phonetically Spelled Japanese Words, And The Words Spelled Out In Hiragana, Katakana Or Kanji;, A Japanese Sign Language Book With Lots Of Pictures To Show You How To Make The Signs; One Japanese Language Workbook, Some Penciling On Pages, Paperback And Hardcover Editions - Very Good Condition 3 14946 5.76   ended
586 3696t.jpgTen Regular Size Comics And Two Small Comics, #S, 2 And 3, 1980's, 1990's And 2000, Justice League, GI Joe, Superman And More - Excellent Condition 9 11241 5.00   ended
598 3762t.jpg(20) Comic Books: West Coast Avengers, X-Men, Wild Cats And More, Some In Sleeves 7 11241 6.06   ended
610 3829t.jpgJapanese Books, (11) In The Lot, Several Books For Children To Learn Japanese (Although They Helped Me As An Adult To Learn The Characters And Learn To Pronounce And Speak Japanese), Hiragana, Katakana, Kotoba, Three Picture Books For Very Young Readers, Three Elementary, Intermediate, And Advanced, Japanese Workbooks, One Activity Book, Where You Practice Making The Strokes To Write The Hiragana Characters, One Picture Book With Slide Outs That Answer The Recurring Question, "Who Lives Here?" - Some Penciling On Pages But Still In Very Good Condition 5 14946 5.00   ended
711 4417t.jpgEight Elvis Magazines With King Sized Posters In Each, Beautiful Pictures! Some Wear But All Good Condition To Very Good Condition 6 672 2.50   ended
719 4452t.jpg(24) African American Books Including Breaking Ice, An Empty Spoon, Slave & Citizen, And More! Some Wear But Good Condition 13 3106 7.01   ended
722 4462t.jpg(25+) Vintage Romance Novels From Celeste DeBlasis, Janice Young, Dave Pelzer And More! Paperbacks And In Good Condition 2 5844 1.25   ended
725 4487t.jpgEight Hardcover Bible Story Hardcover Books By Arthur Maxwell, Volume 1-2, 4-10, Missing Volume 3; Books From 1955 And Have Color Pictures, Very Good Condition 10 11270 10.11   ended
763 4643t.jpgNice Lot Of Eight Books Including Two Harper Lee Books, Tolkien Book, Three Robert Adams, Gettysburg And A "A Chain Of Thunder" Jeff Shasta Book; Good Condition To New 4 3106 5.02   ended
792 4766t.jpgPrecious Moment's Hardcover Diary - Good Cas New And Ready For You To Write In! Very Good Condition And 5 1/2"W x 8 1/2"L 5 3062 2.00   ended
819 4931t.jpgBundle Of Eight Books Including Subjects Like Home Improvement, Wood Working And Landscaping - Good Condition 6 14574 5.51   ended
838 5027t.jpgGreat Elvis Collection Here! Elvis Calendar, Two Elvis Legendary Performer, Elvis 2nd Anniversary Paper, Heavy Stand-Up Picture Board, All American Elvis Memorial Edition Book, Six Items Total, Up To 12"W x 12"L - Good Condition 4 1209 6.09   ended
897 5343t.jpg(21) Aviation Magazines: Eight Air Power; Three Air Progress; Four Fly Past; Three Air Trails; One Air Classic; One Air Aces And One German Secret Weapons - Real Good Condition 5 14666 6.05   ended
936 5521t.jpgFoxfire 2 (1973) Paperback 410 Pages By Eliot Wigginton, Ghost Stories, Spring Wild Plant Foods, Corn Shucking, Spinning and Weaving, Midwifing, Burial Customs, Wagon Making, Other Customs, Folklore Rituals, Tasks of The People of Appalachian Mountains, Good Condition, 6" x 9" x 1" 19 15322 10.50   ended
937 5526t.jpgAmerican Murder Houses- A Coast To Coast Tour of the Most Notorious Houses of Homicide 2015, Axe Murders, Bloodshed, Mass Murder, Haunted Houses By Steve Lehto Michigan Author, Good Condition 7 2098 8.00   ended
939 5536t.jpgSaucerful of Secrets- The Pink Floyd Odyssey 1992, Paperback Book in Good Condition, By Nicholas Schaffner, Biography About The Group Floyd Including Syd Barrett Founder The Making Of The Wall and Dark Side of The Moon 4 12111 5.50   ended
942 5555t.jpgFoxfire 3 (1975) Paperback Book By Eliot Wigginton, 511 Pages, 9" x 6" x 1 1/4", Animal Care, Banjos, Dulcimers, Hide Tanning, Summer And Fall Wild Plant Foods, Butter Churns, Ginseng And Still More Affairs Of Plain Living Customs, Rituals, Folk Lore of The People Of The Appalachian Mountains, Good Condition 18 15322 10.50   ended
945 5574t.jpgComplete Stories And Poems of Edgar Allan Poe 1966 Hardcover, 821 Pages, Good Condition, 6"W x 1 3/4"D x 9"H 24 14117 15.50   ended
948 5589t.jpgTwo Hard Cover Books On American Farm Tractors, Both In Good Condition, Illustrated History of The American Tractor, By Randy Leffingwell 1999, Approx. 12" x 9 1/2" x 1", 432 Pages, And American Tractor By PW Ertl 2001, Approx. 12" x 11"L x 1/2"Thick, 192 Pages 7 3395 8.10   ended
950 5602t.jpgTwo Hard Cover Books on Princess Diana, "Princess and Diana A Celebration" Lots of Info And Pictures, Both In Very Good Condition 2 9604 1.25   ended
959 5659t.jpg"Songs That Never Get Old" Hard Cover Book Copyright 1909, Very Old and Worn, Some Rips, Needs TLC, Stains and Some Front Pages Are Some Photo Picture Prints of What Appears to Be Musicians? Nice Ones, Fair Condition But Good To Repurpose/Repair, 7 1/2"W x 10"H 2 10326 1.70   ended
962 5679t.jpgFour Japanese Textbooks- Paperback, Shin Nihongo No Kiso Main Textbook and Separate "Answers" Booklet Written Phonetically In English Text, With Second Book That Has Grammatical Notes In English, Third That Has The English Translation Spelled Out, Fourth Book "Japanese 1-2-3" Text Book Written In Hirigana And Kanji, Very Good Condition, Some Penciling on Pages, 7"W x 10"H 1 5485 1.00   ended
963 5688t.jpgChildren's Japanese Hiragana and Kanji Books Five in Lot, Several Activity Books To Help A New Learner To Read And Write Hiragana and Kanji, Two Hiragana Activity Books, Three Kanji Books With Stickers, One Has Dry Erase Board in The Back, To Practice Writing Your Characters, Some Penciling On Pages, Otherwise Very Good Condition 9 14946 7.50   ended
964 5699t.jpg1975 Vintage World Flags- History Through The Ages Hard Cover Book, Very Good Condition, 11 3/8" x 8 3/4", Over 350 Pages, Dust Jacket Has Tape 1 14666 1.00   ended
967 5726t.jpgJapanese Kanji Books- Six Total, Several Books to Help You Learn Kanji (The Fancy Characters That Mean Whole Words of Phrases) Pictographic Has Many Illustrations To Help You Learn What The Characters Mean, Basic Kanji Book Has English Translations And Helps You Practice Writing The Characters, Shin Nihongo No Kiso Another Work Book For Practice With Separate Answer Book, Plus Two Other Kanji Work Books, Some Penciling on Pages, Otherwise Very Good Condition, Hard Cover and Paperback 10 14946 7.50   ended
968 5736t.jpg10,001 Hints and Tips For The Home, 669 Page Hard Paper Cover Book, Some Wear But Good Condition Overall 4 672 2.25   ended
969 5742t.jpgTwo Spanish Language Fiction Books, Rescate En El Tiempo 1999-1357 Translation- Rescue in Times or Time Line By Michael Crichton, Hard Cover Juego De Tronos Translation, and Game of Thrones By George RR Martin, Paperback, Both in Good Condition 1 1854 1.00   ended
970 5750t.jpgGettysburg by Kevin J. Daugherty, 244 Pages, 11 1/2"H x 8 1/2"W, Hard Cover Book, Like New 2013 Year Edition 7 161 9.60   ended
972 23052t.jpgThree Stephen King Hard Cover Books- Very Early Printings and Include A Still Sealed "Tommy Knockers", "Fire Starter" and "Pet Sematary" All Very Good Condition, With Dust Jackets 10 624 7.50   ended
973 5783t.jpg"P-38 Automatic Pistol" The First 50 Years, By Gene Gangarosa Jr. 1993", 272 Pages, Paperback in Very Good Condition 9 1396 11.27   ended
975 5794t.jpg"Eyewitness of Wounded Knee" By Richard E. Jensen, R. Eli Paul and John E. Carter, Hard Cover Book 9 1/2" x 10", 210 Pages, Black and White Photos Throughout, Very Good Condition 3 15141 5.75   ended
977 5808t.jpg"Encyclopedia of Combat Aircraft" By Bill Gunson, Dust Cover Shows Wear, Book in Very Good Condition, 1978, Larger Coffee Table Size, With Great Diagrams, Pictures and Detail! 7 15322 3.25   ended
978 5817t.jpgTwo Horse Books- Hard Cover Coffee Table Book "Encyclopedia of The Horse" In Original Dust Jacket, Very Good Condition, No Writing, Tears or Folded Pages, 9"W x 12"L x 1"Thick, Paperback "The Hand Book of Horse Breeds" By Maria Costantino, Covers History and Conformation of The Various Equine Breeds, Including Donkeys and Zebras, Minor Water Stain Inside Front Cover, Very Good Condition Overall, No Markings, Tears or Folded Pages, 7"W x 8 1/2"L x 3/4"H 4 6093 3.50   ended
979 5827t.jpgTools By Hubert Comte, Making Things Around The World, Hard Cover Book With 352 Pages, Color and Black/White, 10"W x 12 1/2", Very Good Condition 4 12348 1.75   ended
1117 6626t.jpgChildren's Book Lot With Great Titles Like Goosebumps, Dr. Jekell and Mr. Hyde, Magic Tree House and More, Paperbacks in Good Condition, Great Winter Reading! 6 5630 8.50   ended
1141 6776t.jpg(8) Reader's Digest Condensed Books, Reader's Digest Bible, Reader's Digest Crafts and Hobbies, Reader's Digest Do It Yourself Manual, Reader's Digest Fix It Yourself Manual, Two Readers Digest Family Song Book (1965) 1975, Good Condition 2 14297 1.25   ended
1143 6792t.jpg(15) Childcraft Story Books, Vintage Hard Cover 1961, Good Condition 2 15428 2.25   ended
1144 6798t.jpgLarge Tote Full of HVAC And Plumbing Learning Books, For Your Classes or Home Use, Mostly Hard Cover, Very Good Condition 1 13640 1.00   ended
1233 10915t.jpgFive American Treasures Celebrate Collector Card, Hard Cover Books, 2005 In Like New Condition 2 10326 1.25   ended
1234 10920t.jpg(37) Education Classroom Teacher Resource Reproducible Books, All Paperbacks, Perfect For The Public, Private, Parochial or Home Schools, To The Best of My Observation And Examination, None of the Books Pages Have Been Used or Torn Out, Good To Very Good Condition 6 11696 5.69   ended
1372 8960t.jpg1956 Box Set Of Four Disney Hardcover Books, They Measure 8"W x 11"H - Torn And Loose Bindings And Some Writing In The Books, Fair Condition 1 7038 1.00   ended

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