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6 31t.jpgVictorian Lady Oil Painting, This Is Not An Original Oil Painting Although It Looks Like One! It Is A Reproduction Print Of A Painting By Lady Helen Vincent By John Singer Sargent (1856-1925) In A Beautiful Black & Gold Frame, Very Good Condition And 24 1/2"W x 32"T 17 833 31.50   ended
9 49t.jpgSt. George Framed Print In Green/Gold-Tone Wooden Frame With Glass Face, Very Good Condition And 15 1/2"W x 18"T Overall (Picture Is 7 1/2"W x 9 1/2"T) 12 10489 6.50   ended
22 130t.jpgMatted Print Of A "Werewolf Of London" Movie Still, Lobby Card Or Poster From The 1990's - 1935 Copyright; In Nice Wooden Frame With Glass, Frame Wear But Overall Good Condition, 15 1/8"W x 12 1/8"T 4 5960 5.50   ended
25 145t.jpgCool Vintage "Mixed Results" Poster With Different Mixed Drinks And A Blood Alcohol Content Chart, Good Condition, 24"W x 36"T 11 10280 12.50   ended
26 153t.jpgButterfly Stained Glass Picture In Gold-Tone Wooden Frame With Glass, Great Condition, 27"W x 23"T 15 8288 14.00   ended
51 311t.jpgPair Of Currier And Ives Nautical Prints From Older Book, Higher Quality Prints, High Water In The Mississippi And Wooding Up On The Mississippi, Nice Frames And Overall Very Good Condition, 16 1/4"W x 13 1/4"T 2 148 1.25   ended
56 338t.jpgVintage Walnut "Focal" Barometer/Hygrometer/Thermometer Made In West Germany, Good Condition, Untested/As Is, 13"W x 5"T 5 7513 3.25   ended
66 398t.jpgOriginal Currier And Ives "The Last Load" Print, Matted And Wooden Frame, Pre-1940's, Frame Has Glass Face And Picture Is Very Colorful And In Good Condition, 16 1/2"W x 11 3/4"T 9 10489 9.05   ended
67 403t.jpgVictorian Woman Oil Painting On Canvas Signed "Frank", Very Neat! Gold-Tone And Black Wooden Frame With Plaster Detailing, Very Good Condition, 11 1/4"W x 15 1/4"T 37 2562 42.00   ended
109 7913t.jpgAntique Framed 1944 "A Stitch In Time" Print And 1947's "Mischievous" Print In Wooden Frames By Crestwick Inc. (New York), Both In Very Good Condition And 15 1/2"W x 19 1/2"T 8 2295 5.00   ended
112 7925t.jpgTextured Flower Vase Oil Painting On Canvas Signed By "Robin" In A Nice Wooden Frame, 20 1/2"W x 25"T 2 9450 1.25   ended
114 7933t.jpgFour Vintage Drummer Boy Photos Including A Confederate Drummer Boy From Civil War, Framed Lithographs Made In The USA And Signed By Hawley? Great Condition And 6 1/2"W x 16"T 4 3011 3.09   ended
126 7995t.jpgBeautiful French Floral "Maison De La Belle Jardinière" Picture In Wooden Frame With Glass Face; Excellent Condition And 20"W x 24" Tall 12 13937 11.55   ended
127 7999t.jpgLion Cubs Oil Painting Signed By "T. Hess", Wooden Frame With Brass Corners, Minor Wear To Frame But Still In Very Good Condition, 27"W x 23 1/4"T 4 2562 4.79   ended
157 8139t.jpgWhite Tiger Oil Painting On Canvas Signed By "Zonia", Black/Gold-Tone Wooden Frame, Very Beautiful And In Good Condition, 28"W x 24"T 24 12950 67.26   ended
168 8193t.jpgSea Scape Oil Painting On Canvas Signed "K. North"; Nice Wooden Frame And In Very Good Condition, 28"W x 24 1/2"T 4 653 5.50   ended
169 8197t.jpg"Denver And Rio Grande Western" Framed Train Print In Silver-Tone Frame With Glass Face, Ready To Hang And In Very Good Condition, 26"W x 29"T 3 12519 1.50   ended
171 8202t.jpgClaude Money Framed Print In Frame With Glass Face, Beautiful And Ready To Hang! Very Good Condition And 26"W x 36"T 1 15287 1.00   ended
178 8238t.jpgBeautiful Kinkaid Picture In Gold-Tone Frame With Green Matting And Glass Face, Great Condition And 14 1/2"W x 11 1/2"T 26 11534 17.99   ended
179 8242t.jpg1969 Apollo 11 NASA First Men On The Moon Rug/Tapestry, Made In Italy, Some Light Wear But Overall Good Condition And 37 1/2"W x 20"T 4 1153 5.50   ended
187 8279t.jpgTwo Pictures Of Docked Boats, Double Matted In Wooden Frames With Glass, Good Condition, 10 1/2"W x 12 1/2"T 1 12437 1.00   ended
188 8283t.jpgBeautiful Flower Vase Oil Painting On Canvas, Signed In Chinese, Gold-Tone Frame And Overall Good Condition, 24"W x 28"T 2 833 2.25   ended
190 8291t.jpgNew Resin Caribou Coat Hanger, 4"W x 12"T 11 3323 11.61   ended
215 724t.jpgElk Print From 1986 By Manuel Manzanares Jr. In Wooden Frame, Matted With Glass Face, Very Good Condition, 30"W x 25"T 5 148 2.00   ended
216 730t.jpgBeautiful Resin "Believe" Plaque With Bird, Smoke-Free Home And Good Condition, 6 1/2"W x 8"T 3 3927 1.60   ended
225 777t.jpgP. Gibson Frame Painting, Nice Small Painting Of A Barn And Farmhouse, Artistic Interiors, Gold Tone Wooden Frame And In Very Good Condition, 15 1/4"W x 17 1/4"T 11 14266 7.75   ended
226 783t.jpgVintage Metal Car For Yard/House Decor, Very Retro And Overall Good Condition, 20"W x 11"T 16 659 16.01   ended
227 787t.jpgBeautiful Large Framed Flower Print, Double Matted In Nice Gold-Tone Wood/Plaster Frame With Glass Face, Very Good Condition, 32"W x 37"T 4 833 3.25   ended
228 793t.jpgWreath Art In Red/Yellow/Orange Branches And Flowers, Great For Inside Or Outdoors! Good Condition And 26" Diameter 3 15330 1.50   ended
241 865t.jpgChunky Wooden Framed Chalkboard, Great For Calendar, Chore List, Menu And More! Excellent Condition, 14 3/4" Square 9 12801 4.75   ended
250 925t.jpgAbernathy & Son Gunsmith Shop, Solid Ceramic Chalkware, Chipped Edges But Good Condition, 22 1/2"W x 10"L 1 13545 1.00   ended
251 930t.jpgMid-Century Winter Farm Scene Painted On Linen, Signed By The Artist "R. Batchelder", Comes In A Nice Wooden Frame, Excellent Condition, 35"W x 16"T 12 445 28.52   ended
254 947t.jpgSolid Wooden Shelf/Coat Rack w/ Bow, Seven Hooks, Good Condition, 48"W x 6"D x 17"T 3 730 3.60   ended
260 978t.jpgVery Old Religious Picture In Ornate Wood/Plaster Frame From A Catholic Priest's Office, Some Damage To Wooden Frame With Glass Front, Very Cool! Overall Good Condition, 25 1/4"W x 30 1/2"T 10 11593 8.61   ended
262 990t.jpgVintage Bi-Centennial 1976 Fabric Calendar, Has String For Wall Hanging, Some Stains But Fair To Good Condition, 16"W x 26"T 1 3180 1.00   ended
268 1022t.jpg"Peace On Ice" Limited Edition Charles Frace Print With Blue/Brown Wooden Frame With Glass Face, #3123/5721, Very Good Condition And Ready To Hang! 33"W x 26"T 6 9246 4.00   ended
270 1031t.jpgCute "Welcome To The Back Porch" Wooden Plaque In Good Condition, 24"W x 5 1/2"T 14 3927 7.01   ended
271 1035t.jpgFramed Brook Trout Painting, Signed And Numbered By The Artist 133/450, Not Sure Of Name, Wooden Frame With Glass Face, Nice Art And In Very Good Condition, 19"W x 16"T 2 2835 1.25   ended
272 1040t.jpgBeautifully Framed Poster Art In Goldtone Metal Frame, From A Museum In Washington DC, This View Of Buckingham Palace In London, Glass Face, Very Good Condition, 27 3/4"W x 27"T         ended
273 1044t.jpgLot Of Three Vintage Currier And Ives Framed Pictures In Wooden Frames With Glass Faces, Pictures Include "The Old Fort Bridge", "Maple Sugaring", And "Hunting Fishing And Forest Scenes"; Some Frame Wear Otherwise Good Condition, All Are 13"W x 10"T 2 148 2.28   ended
291 1159t.jpgNice Photographic Print Signed Artist Proof, Can't Make Out Artist's Name, Very Nice Black Wooden Frame, Good Condition And 20" W x 17"T 12 9877 24.50   ended
293 1168t.jpgDecorative Angel Prints In Gold-Tone Wooden Frame, Matted With Glass Face, Good Condition And 11"W x 21"T 5 14699 5.50   ended
296 1177t.jpgVintage Verichron Weather Station With Barometer, Hygrometer And Thermometer; Wood & Metal, Good Condition And 7"W x 18"T 4 3891 2.25   ended
307 1235t.jpgFour Posters For Kid/Teen Decor Including A Unicorn, Periodic Table And More! Various Sizes And In Good Condition, 24" Tall         ended
384 1648t.jpgPoster Of American Indian Tribes, Laminated And Ready For Framing Or Hung As It Is, Very Cool And In Very Good Condition, 24"W x 17"T 9 1553 5.50   ended
648 2512t.jpgVery Cute Wooden Boat-Shaped Display Unit With Four Shelves, Stands On It's Own Or Can Be Wall Mounted, 17"W x 5"D x 16"H - Very Good Condition 12 1387 11.00   ended
815 3621t.jpgSeven Prints By Michele: Four Clowns At 8"W x 10"H And Three Animals That Measure 8"W x 10"H - Excellent Condition 4 15348 5.75   ended
860 3901t.jpgLooney tunes Wedding Frame Featuring Pepe Le Pew And His Bride Penelope, "Happily Ever After" Toasting With Champagne, 8"W x 9"H - Good Condition 12 5776 20.00   ended
1230 4899t.jpgVintage Gold Gilt Resin Oval Mirror, 41"W x 24"H, Very Good Condition 9 15320 8.50   ended
1231 4903t.jpgRustic Wood Flag, It's The Red- White- Blue, Good Condition, Nice Rustic Look, Bid to Win! 23"W x 14"H 11 6645 7.00   ended

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