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174 1043t.jpgMetal Three Hole Punch For Office, Good Condition, 11 1/2"W 2 7534 1.25   ended
198 1183t.jpgThree Stacking Plastic Storage Bins, Need Cleaning, Has Been in Storage, Fair Condition, 16"W x 16"D x 5 1/2"H Each 4 577 3.00   ended
204 1218t.jpgHON Green Four Drawer Metal File Cabinet, Drawers Open Good, 15"W x 26 1/2"D x 52"H, Good Condition 14 3146 20.58   ended
239 1429t.jpgVaultz Organizer With Lock and Key, 9 1/4"W x 6"D x 2"H, Looks New, Good Condition 8 577 7.26   ended
249 1487t.jpgTwo NIB Laser Jet Print Cartridges, Use in Brother Copier, 14"L 1 11324 1.00   ended
267 1591t.jpgSamsung Cash Register Friend Retired And Sold To Me But Too Many Compartments, Only Needed Small One For Shows Keys Taped Inside, Good Condition, 16"W x 20"D x 15"H 15 10560 20.50   ended
269 1604t.jpgLot of Blue Ink Ribbons, Time Stamp, Ink in Sealed Packages, 2"W, Real Good Condition         ended
284 1695t.jpgCute Springfield Polaris Desk Weather Station, Good Condition, 9"L 10 10574 5.53   ended
316 1894t.jpgTwo Boxes of Mostly Brand New Envelopes, Office Supplies, Labels, Pencils and More, Good Condition, 3" to 12"L 9 5329 12.88   ended
583 3511t.jpgVintage Lock File Box With Keys, Good Condition, 12 1/2"W x 5 1/2"D x 10 3/4"H 4 10716 2.76   ended
621 4295t.jpg(8) Stocking Stuffer Notepads, Neat Designs, Six Women's Dresses By American Greetings, Two Purses By Lady Jane, Fun Gifts! NEW, 3 1/2" to 7 1/4"H 10 226 4.00   ended
692 4739t.jpgBox of Office Supplies, Like Staples, Stapler, Organizing Supplies, Adding Machine With Paper, Good Condition, 13"W x 16"D x 12"H Box Full 7 10604 6.99   ended
798 4155t.jpgPaper Cutter Model RT-200 Carl Brand, Great For Scrap Booking And Office Use, 12"W x 15"T, Good Condition 10 11455 9.00   ended
804 4814t.jpgPressed Wood And Metal Older Paper Cutter Has Wear To Edges However, Blade Is Sharp, Fair Condition, 14"W x 13"D x 2"T 7 8874 11.10   ended
927 7647t.jpgRoll of Tickets For Your Next Raffle, Orange "Keep This Coupon" Two Piece Tickets in Good Condition, 6 1/2"Diam 8 2693 5.50   ended
990 8011t.jpgCasio 2404 ER Electric Cash Register, Plastic and Metal, Looks Dirty, Fair Condition, Untested, As Is, 15 1/2"W x 18"D x 15"H 2 9560 1.25   ended
1127 6360t.jpgWriting Desk Supplies, Desk Caddy in Box, Five Drawer Mini Organizer, New Box, Pens, Pencils, Storage Tray, Staples, Etc. Nice Metal Paper Clip Holder, 3 1/2" Plus, Good to NEW! 1 577 1.00   ended
1198 6812t.jpgRoyal Cash Register, Works Fine, We Just Got a New One, Comes With Operating Book and Keys Taped Inside, Good Condition, #CMS 482 Measures 14"W x 16"D x 12 1/2"H 17 8419 27.00   ended
1199 6819t.jpg *UPDATE: Tested, Powers On* Canon Copier, High Impact Copier With New Printer Cartridge, Been in Storage, Untested Furhter, As Is, Appears in Good Condition, 19"W x 17"D x 14"H 3 10835 2.00   ended
1210 6903t.jpgVery Nice Red Leather Look Top Quality Desk Organizer With Drawer, Very Good Condition, 10"W x 13"L x 4 1/4"H 8 11801 4.00   ended
1303 5498t.jpgThe General Fireproofing Co. Super Filer Brand Four Drawer Metal Cabinet, Made in USA, Has Scratches and Some Rust, Drawers Slide Good Except For Bottom One, Fair Condition, 15"W x 28 1/4"D x 52 1/2"H 5 3146 8.56   ended
1627 8684t.jpgLarge Green Vintage Barricks Chalkboard, Very Good Condition With Metal Frame, 4'W x 3'T 4 9450 5.00   ended
1794 9735t.jpgOld Office Supplies Hanger for Stamps, Automatic Calendar, Punch and Notary Public Stamp, Wood and Metal, 4 1/2" to 10" Some Wear But Good Condition 5 1553 2.75   ended
1797 9755t.jpgHartmann Dark Brown Suitcase With Old Crochet Cloth Linens, With Keys, Table Cloth Apron, Good Condition, 21"W x 13"D x 7 1/2"T 5 3381 5.55   ended
2468 17013t.jpgHP/ Members Park Print Cartridges, 74XL/75, (8) Compo Pack of Black and Color, (8 Black and 8 Color Ink Total) 9 1/2"W x 11"T 5 8628 3.25   ended
2686 15890t.jpgOffice Organizers, Black 11 3/4"W x 7"D x 4 1/4"T, Plastic and Wood Look, With Drawer, Slides Good, Some Wear On Edges Otherwise Good Condition, 17 1/2"W x 7 1/2"Dx 7 3/4"T 1 1195 1.00   ended
2692 15925t.jpg(16) Plastic Mojo Hand Cleaner Wall Dispenser Along With Partial Bag of Cleaner, Good Condition, 9"W x 7"D x 20 1/2"T         ended
2762 17652t.jpgSteel Works, Metal Three Drawer File Cabinet With Key, All Slide Good, Good Condition 9 6363 8.00   ended
2776 17754t.jpgGreat Gift, Brand New Lot of Pencils, Markers, Colored Pencils, Folders, (18 Items) 6"T 8 11397 9.50   ended
2786 17825t.jpg(2) Clip Boards, Springs Work Good, 9"W x 13"L 2 2037 1.25   ended
3258 16372t.jpgContact Keeper, Thank You Cards, (11) Boxes, Ten Card and Envelopes in Each Box, 5 1/2" x 7 1/2" 8 3927 4.37   ended
3327 19023t.jpgSilver Intec Multi Purpose Case, Great Condition, Hard Shell Aluminum, 11 1/2"W x 3"D x 7 1/2"T 14 8214 10.10   ended
3335 19058t.jpgLot of Two Wall Paper Towel Dispensers, Liberty Paper and Bag Co. Detroit, Stainless Steel, Look Good, 11"W x 7 1/2"D x 11"T 14 5332 12.51   ended
3366 19233t.jpgSchool Supplies 30+ pencils Erasers, Glue Sticks, Colored Pencisl Markers and Tablets, All New 14 10647 20.00   ended
3604 19457t.jpgMetal Two Drawer Filing Cabinet, Very Solid, 15"W x 20"D x 27 1/2"H, All Drawers Work, Needs Painting, Has Some Rust Overall Good Condition 3 4580 3.02   ended
3662 19830t.jpgLarge Corner Computer Desk, Good Condition, Some Scratches, Very Solid Table, Wood Pegs on Back of Desk, Needs Attention and Repair, 84"W x 29"H 5 730 21.50   ended
3766 21062t.jpgLot of 2"W Rolls of Receipt Paper, Good Condition, Some Dirty, Not Thermal 5 9147 3.51   ended
3875 22421t.jpgExcelvan Portable Collapsible Presentation Public Display Screen Only, NEW, 6' x 43"H 2 5423 1.25   ended
3877 22435t.jpgTwo NIB Mead Brand Legal Size Hanging Folder Frames, Item 64873, R68-2, Measures 11"W x 1 3/4"D x 27"H         ended

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