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67 478t.jpgKitchen Decor Items- Ceramic Vases, Wall Plaques, Etc. Fair to Good Condition, Paint Worn, 13"W x 18"L x 10"H 7 2562 6.59   ended
184 1135t.jpgFour Doric Blue Delphite Sherbets, Depression Glass With No Chips or Cracks, Very Good Condition, 3 1/2"Diam x 3 1/2"H 6 8617 8.59   ended
185 1140t.jpgTwo Cobalt Blue Hen on Nest Glass Dishes, Very Good Condition, 6"W x 7"L, 2 1/2"W x 3"L 14 7289 26.00   ended
187 1151t.jpgOlder Roseville USA Blue Ceramic Vase, Embossed Roseville USA 653-4 On Bottom, Very Good Condition, 6"Diam x 4 1/2"H 10 996 26.00   ended
188 1155t.jpgPair of Vintage Colored Glass Bottles, With Franklin and Lincoln on Them, Great Condition, No Chips or Cracks, 8"H Each 4 15889 3.82   ended
190 1166t.jpgVintage Beautiful Bright Blue Bottle With Porcelain Stoppers, 11"H, Very Good Condition 10 1385 4.50   ended
193 1181t.jpgBeautiful Blue Iridescent Serving Bowl, Great Vintage Condition, Rainbow Colors in Sunlight, No Chips or Cracks, 10"Diam x 3"H 5 7065 2.75   ended
194 1186t.jpgMInton Talbot England Dinner Plate, 10 1/2"Diam, Minton Est. 1793, Very Good Condition 4 6134 1.95   ended
199 1217t.jpgFour Very Cool Colored Vintage Bottles, Depict A Variety of Patriotic Themes, One Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow, 4 1/2"W x 9"H, Real Good Condition 6 15889 4.25   ended
201 1226t.jpgFenton Blue Glass Hat And Bell, Both Hand Painted, Hat #459 of 2500 Designed By Gary Hillmans, Painted By L. Everson, Bell By Don Fenton Signed 1996, Painted By S. Smith 14 7065 7.50   ended
204 1241t.jpgBeautiful Satin Mist Blue Bowl 6" in Good Condition, Nice Vintage Item From 1966, No Chips or Cracks 7 17769 6.05   ended
253 25046t.jpgPair of Homco Owl Figurine, Porcelain, #1114, Small Chip on Edge Otherwise Good Condition, 5"T 4 17849 2.25   ended
285 1728t.jpgNorleans Japan Hand Painted Pottery Vase, Horse Soldiers, Handles, Fair Condition, Chips in Pottery, 9 3/4"H x 8"W 3 15889 1.50   ended
286 1733t.jpgAlfred Meakin Zodiac Dinner Plate Collection, Each Plate Features Year, Blessing and Zodiac Calendar, 11"Diam in Very Good Condition 1 14574 1.00   ended
290 1756t.jpgThree Piece Set of Ducks, Cute Family, 5"H x 3"W, All Look in Good Condition 1 4750 1.00   ended
295 1782t.jpgVintage Elephant Made of Some Sort of Resin or Wood? Looks in Very Good Condition, 7"H x 7"W 4 6832 4.25   ended
299 1804t.jpg(12) Very Cool Glass Bottles With Cork Stoppers, 1 1/2"Diam x 7"H, All Look in Like New Condition 11 11204 7.59   ended
304 1831t.jpgCeramic Rooster From Home Goods, Looks in Very Good Condition, 9"W x 10"L x 7"H 4 13146 6.50   ended
312 1873t.jpgThree Retro Ashtrays, Very Good Condition, 7"L x 5"W, 9"L x 5"W, 10"L x 7"W 7 16847 9.00   ended
317 1898t.jpgStained Glass Musical Bird House, Looks in Good Condition, 4 1/4"W x 3 1/2"D x 6"H 6 300 2.75   ended
319 1909t.jpg1984 Brown Bag Cookie Art Pottery Heart Shape Plaque Plus Recipe Book Attached, Heart 5 3/4" x 5 3/4", Book 4 3/4" x 4" All in Good Condition 1 15247 1.00   ended
331 1969t.jpgCool Resin Octopus Copper Colored, Nice Desk Decor, Looks in Very Good Condition, 5"W x 8"H 11 17703 8.43   ended
340 2007t.jpgHand Carved Bird, Looks in Very Good Condition, 3 1/4"Diam x 6 1/2"H 5 12627 2.09   ended
447 2502t.jpgVarious Decorations, Ceramic Pumpkin, Man Thinking, Vase and More, 4" to 13"H, Good Condition 5 15889 3.75   ended
448 2508t.jpgLarge Lot of Glassware, Good Condition, Pitcher, Vase, Plates and More, 12"W x 18"L x 12"H 5 17673 2.50   ended
546 3007t.jpgGreat Assortment Of Very Nice Ornate Glassware, Good Condition, Pedestal Bowls, Candy Dishes, Cups, Plus More, All Loose Packed, May Have Chips and Cracks, 3" to 19"H 5 17673 2.34   ended
571 3180t.jpgVintage Flower Vase Cookie Jar Collection, Loose Packed, Some May Have Chips or Cracks, Good Condition, 4" to 9"H 2 1246 1.25   ended
598 3371t.jpgGlassware Lot of Candy Dishes, Decorative Glass, Plus More, All Loose Packed, 6" to 12"H 3 17673 1.75   ended
644 3682t.jpgNice Commemorative Stoneware Set, "Washington Headquarters Valley Forge" Pitcher And "Fraunces Tavern New York, Rev. Armes Headquarters" Jug, Great Graphics! No Chips, In Good Condition, Approx. 3"Dia. x 4 1/2"H 2 6459 1.50   ended
659 3777t.jpgInstant Bottle Collection! Three Decorative Decanters And Different Styles, No Chips, In Good Condition, 7" To 10"H Each 2 18019 1.50   ended
666 3816t.jpgVery Cute Vintage Pig "Piggy Bank", Glass Material, From The 1970's, No Chips, In Very Good Condition, 2 1/2"W x 4 1/2"L x 3"H 6 7289 2.25   ended
669 3832t.jpgJim Shore 2002 Heartwood Creek Angel With Birdhouse, Resin Material, In Very Good Condition, 4"Dia. x 6 1/2"H 9 11204 10.50   ended
674 3859t.jpgCool Flocked Plastic Rabbit And Bunny Bank Set From The 1970's, The Bank Has It's Stopper, In Good Condition, 4" To 7"L 1 18019 1.00   ended
885 4377t.jpgIris Pattern 11 1/2"Dia. Iridized Ruffled Fruit Bowl Depression Glass, No Chips Or Cracks, Looks In Very Good Condition 4 1452 3.00   ended
886 4381t.jpgLady Head Vase, C2632A By Napco, 1956, Brown Suit With Hat, She Has One Chipped Eyelash But She Is In Good Condition Overall, 4 1/2"Dia. x 5 1/2"H 8 8457 7.94   ended
910 7512t.jpgBeautiful White Orchid Flowers Porcelain Figurine, No Chips Or Cracks, In Very Good Condition, 5 1/2"W 5 18493 2.47   ended
923 7583t.jpgLot Of Glassware Including: Bowls, Trays And Glass, Plus Some Extra Plastic Decor Pieces, In Good Condition, They Range In Size From 3" To 12"Dia. 3 10213 3.53   ended
987 7963t.jpgSuper Cute Estate Ceramic Figurine Collection Including: Bears, Ducks, Flowers And More! Mostly Ceramic, In Good Condition, 2" To 6"H 1 148 1.00   ended
1123 8782t.jpgBox Of Old Glass, (18) Pieces Including: Platter, Jars, Bottles, Etc., This Is Cool Stuff! Loosely Packed, May Have Some Chips, Needs Cleaning, Overall Good Condition, 2" To 15"Dia. 1 18196 1.00   ended
1312 4504t.jpgVintage Scenic Sand Mountains Blue Sky With Clouds Glass Paperweight, 2 3/4"Diam x 2 1/2"H, Very Good Condition 1 2250 1.00   ended
1314 4513t.jpg(4) Beautiful Currier And Ives Collectors Plates, Each Plate Has Different Scene On Old Homestead, Pictures Are Pretty, Plates in Good Condition, No Chips or Cracks, 8"Diam(4) 6 16800 5.50   ended
1316 4523t.jpgVintage Fenton Blue Satin Glass Handle Bon Bon Dish, Beautiful Butterfly Pattern, Lovely Gift or Addition To Your Collection From Smoke Free Home, Very Good Condition With No Damage, 8 1/2"W From Handle Ends 13 3746 6.09   ended
1318 4534t.jpgBeautiful Glass Finish Glass Girl With Geese Figure in Very Good Condition, No Chips or Cracks, 4 1/2"W x 4 1/2"D x 8 3/4"H, Blues And Grays 16 8288 10.00   ended
1319 4539t.jpgThree Beautiful Vintage Cobalt Blue Violin Guitar Bottles, From 1970's- 80's, Very Good Condition, No Chips, 5"W x 8"H Each 8 16049 9.27   ended
1349 4706t.jpgVintage Glass Double Tapestry Candle Holders, Matching, Both Look in Very Good Condition, 6"W x 6"H 2 996 3.58   ended
1355 4740t.jpgTwo Heavy Glass Vases, Good Condition, No Chips or Cracks, 8"Diam x 11"H 7 13191 5.50   ended
1437 7169t.jpgStone Three-Piece Boutique Set, They Are A Heart At 4"W x 1 1/2"T x 3 1/2"H, A Rectangle At 4"W x 2"T x 5 1/2"H And An Octagon At 6"W x 3"T x 6 1/2"H, No Chips Or Cracks And All Look To Be In Very Good Condition 8 15889 7.50   ended
1440 7183t.jpgSeven-Piece Beautiful Antique Dessert Plate, Small Bowls And Plates, Six Total, Dresden, Germany, No Chips And In Good Condition, 5"Dia. And 9 1/2"Dia.         ended
1442 7192t.jpgPrecious Moments "Which Way Do You Spell Love", No Chips, Cracks Or Crazing, Looks In Very Good Condition, 2 1/2"Dia. x 4 1/2"H 7 10260 10.51   ended
1445 7205t.jpgPrecious Moments "A Tub Full Of Love" #104817, No Chips, Cracks Or Crazing, Looks In Very Good Condition, 3"W x 4"H 5 15863 5.50   ended

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