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175 1093t.jpgLittle Boys Toy Surprise Box, Quality, Quality, Quality, You Won't Be Disappointed, Bid High, 16"W x 21"L x 15"H 3 14147 6.50   ended
176 1097t.jpgBox of New in Package Electrical and Broom Clip, Plate Hanger, Funnel Etc. Good To New in Package, 15"W x 20"L x 9"H 4 16432 2.51   ended
178 1107t.jpgVery Puzzling Box For Children 5-100, Mystery! 15"W x 24"L x 8"H 6 18493 2.50   ended
248 1481t.jpgThe Mystery King Knows There is Nothing Like Taking A Chance WIth This 3.0 Cubic Foot Box Measuring 18" x 18" x 16" Lots of Items, Girth to This Box, As it Weighs Approx. 25 to 30 lbs. 7 18019 4.00   ended
343 2017t.jpgMisc. Items From Estate Cleanout, Focal 3X Color Slide, Level, Leather Bag, Water Filter, Grinder, Wood Bowl, Hitch Receiver and Much More, All Look in Good Condition, 7" to 15" 4 13669 5.50   ended
371 2161t.jpgEstate Box of New Old Stock, Hampton Bay Ceiling Lights, 11 1/4"Diam, Board Games, Etc. All Look in Good Condition 1 4646 1.00   ended
495 2708t.jpgDino and Sinclair Are the Mystery Words in This Surprise Box, Good Condition, 6"W x 13"H 8 18301 2.75   ended
682 3907t.jpgBox Lot Of Misc. Including: Air Brush Colors, Wood, Scrap Crafts, Toy Spur, Razor Blade Pocky 2, Lettering Guide, Sickle, Rocks, Shells, Wheel, Hammond's World Map And More! In Good Condition, The Box Measures 15"W x 20"L x 10"H 2 16432 1.55   ended
736 5174t.jpgLot Of Kitchen Decor Including: Moon And Stars, Green Glass Basket, Vases, And More! Loosely Packed, Not All Inspected For Chips, Sold As Is, In Fair To Good Condition, 4" To 13" Tall/Long 1 10924 1.00   ended
803 4032t.jpgBoy's Or Girl's 4-7 Years Approx. Surprise Box! Clue Words, Roll, Read, Trace And Cut, Hours Of Fun! In Excellent Condition! 9"W x 17"L x 13"H 6 18158 2.75   ended
805 4041t.jpgSome New And Some Used, None Are Junk! Includes: New In Package Blanket, Umbrella Holder, Umbrella, Luggage Bags And More! 8" To 13"H 3 12452 3.09   ended
922 7579t.jpgSurprise Box! Medium Size, It Has New And Other Cool Pre-Owned Items, It Measures 16"W x 16"D x 17"H 5 13928 3.76   ended
928 7610t.jpgElectronic Lot Including: Controller For PlayStation, E-Reader And Eight DVD's, Cartoon, Action And More, Untested, In Fair To Good Condition, 5" To 8"L 6 15948 2.75   ended
1256 6262t.jpgMystery Box! Great Christian Box, You Won't Be Disappointed! Lovely Items! The Box Measures 14"W x 19"L x 17"H 10 18493 3.80   ended
1404 6997t.jpgBox Lot Of Media, Around (24) Books, DVD, Mix Of Art Books, Pottery, Etc., Monopoly Board Gave, Fair To Good Condition, 12" To 18"H 4 10342 3.13   ended
1531 6632t.jpgGreat Mystery Box For Women Of All Ages! All Items Are In Great Condition! The Box Measures 12"W x 12"L x 12"H 8 16176 8.00   ended
1615 9301t.jpgGive Yourself A Surprise Present! Get The Bags Of Candy Out, They're Old, 6"W x 10"L x 13"H 3 672 2.25   ended
1661 9489t.jpgMystery Box! All Small Hand Tools, A Minimum Of (24) Items, 8"W x 13"D x 15"H 7 17616 5.50   ended
1783 8519t.jpgLarge Tub of Vintage Glassware, Etched Goblets, Wood Bowl Set Etc. 16"W x 23"L x 11"H, Very Good Condition 1 4646 1.00   ended
1896 11763t.jpgMystery Word is Engelbreit In This Surprise Box, Good Condition, 6"W x 10"L x 13"H 2 17615 3.25   ended
1898 11777t.jpgThe Mystery King Has Packed Value In This 3.0 Cubic Feet Box Measures 18" x 18" x 16" Lots of Items, Lots of Value! Weighs 15 to 20 lbs. 8 17616 10.27   ended
1951 14895t.jpgTwo Surprise Boxes of Nautical Items For The Captain, 11"H x 7"W x 11"L 10 12535 6.49   ended
1952 14900t.jpgMystery Box Filled With All Kinds of Items, Vintage To Brand New, Bid To Win, 17"W x 12"D x 18"H 10 18280 5.00   ended
2285 18484t.jpgBarn Find Box of Antique Glassware, Bottles, Lamp & More in Midland Michigan Recycling Tote, 15"W x 20"L x 13"H, Fair to Good Condition Due to Wear, Unknown Working Condition 4 16991 2.10   ended
2364 12862t.jpgLarge Mystery Bag - A Large Mystery Surprise Bag, No Hints, 29"T 5 2917 3.25   ended
2424 15313t.jpgMystery Box Full of Estate Items, Good For Everyone! Large 17"Sq. Over 20 lbs. 8 13928 6.00   ended
2428 15334t.jpgMisc. Box of Electronics, Uniden Scanner, Alarm Clock, Calculator, Lamp, Billy Bass, Microsoft Keyboard, Digital Map, Distance Finder, Tablet Audio System, Wall Border, Norelco Sound Machine And More, 6" to 19"L 6 10749 5.01   ended
2447 15459t.jpgMystery Box - Children's Suitcase, Stuffed With Great Items, Mostly New Items, Good Variety, 12"W x 5 1/2"D x 18"H 9 2917 4.26   ended
2474 15556t.jpgMystery Box Full of Items, Bid To Win And See! 13"W x 15"D x 19 1/2"H 7 18280 2.50   ended
3079 10435t.jpgMisc. Collectible Lot- Harry Potter Collectors Book Mark, Avon Super X, Pioneer Used XM Satellite Non Working Phone Size, Harmonica, Knife, Etc. All Good Condition, Pieces Up to 5"L 4 16164 3.44   ended
3258 18865t.jpgPlastic Roller Cart On Wheels And Two Pieces Of Wood From The 1800's? Storage Find, Sold As Is, In Good Condition, The Cart Is 15"W x 17"L x 3"H And The Wood Is Approx. 9"Sq. 1 17843 1.00   ended
3374 20088t.jpgCloth Eye Mask, Hard Shell Eyeglass Case, Iphone Corded Headphones, Good Condition, 1 1/2" to 7"L 4 6832 3.51   ended
3385 20167t.jpgMystery Box Full of Items, Vintage To Gently Used and More, Bid To Win And See Whats Inside, 14"W x 15"D x 15"H 9 18493 3.25   ended
3986 24143t.jpgNew in Enclosed Plastic Box Included, Teddy Bear, Small Valentine Pens, LED Skull Lights, Zippers, Decorative Box More, 2" to 6"H 1 3927 1.00   ended
4139 22102t.jpgHandyman Box Lot - Nails, Funnel, Window Seal, & Much More, 13"W x 15"L x 6"H 4 18280 2.38   ended
4268 24590t.jpgMystery Box Packed Full of Good Stuff! Check it Out! Bid To Win! 23"W x 13 1/2"H x 12"D 12 13209 5.50   ended
4524 23457t.jpgCute Gold Metal Basket with Lace Material, Wall Borders, Wine Journal, Etc., Good Condition to New, 8"W x 3"D x 8 1/2"H 1 3083 1.00   ended

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