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77 463t.jpgPlastic Tote Full Of Car Scrapers, Flashlights, Tools And More! Untested/As Is But Overall Good Condition, 16"W x 24"D x 16"T 9 13156 6.50   ended
202 657t.jpgBox Lot With Mixed Items Like A Sewing Bag, Placemats, Bible, Grease Gun, Dog/Pet Supplies And More! Also Comes With Some Holiday Stuff! Fair To Good Condition, 23 1/2"W x 23 1/2"D x 9"T 5 6883 3.25   ended
363 1528t.jpgBox Lot Of Vintage Extension Cords Including 3', 5' And 6' Lengths; Fair Condition And The Box Is 13"W x 18"L x 12"T 5 1854 3.45   ended
368 1564t.jpgBox Lot Of Plastic And Ceramic Toys & Decor, Good Condition And 15"W x 20"L x 4"T 1 14142 1.00   ended
370 1576t.jpgMystery Box Filled With A Variety Of Mixed Items For The Young And Old! Eight Or More Items Including Glass Items Also, 20"W x 4 1/2"D x 15 1/2"T 5 15195 2.00   ended
780 3389t.jpgMisc. Box With A Candleholder, Hummingbird Hanger, Basket And A Number Of Glasses Cases, Some With Eyeglasses Inside, Wood, Metal And Plastic Materials, 2 1/2" To 21"H - Good Condition 4 6841 2.47   ended
996 4677t.jpgVintage '70's Working Warming Tray, Juicer, Pie Tins, Toys, Biscuit Cutter (Donut), '70's Percolator And More! Glass, Metal And More Materials, 2 1/2" To 21"L - Good Condition 4 6288 2.50   ended
997 4686t.jpgSet Of Christmas Dishes For Four (Only Three Mugs), Six Small Wine Glasses, A Variety Of Candleholders, Coasters, Metal Cookie Cutters (Old Fashioned) Artificial Flowers, Soap Dish And More! Glass, Ceramic, Metal, Etc., 3 1/2" To 15"L - Good Condition 5 3349 2.25   ended
999 4700t.jpgSmall Coffee Grinder, Mirro-Matic Pressure Cooker 11"D x 6"H, Glass Bowl In Wood Stand, Linens And More, Electric Items Are Untested, 3" To 15"L - Overall Good Condition 9 1208 3.50   ended
1103 6775t.jpgTwo Silvertone Candlesticks, 3"H, Glass Candle Holders And Some With Candles 2 1/2"H, Women's Shoes Size 6 1/2, Metal Wall Pockets With Two Slots and More, Fair to Good Condition, 2 1/2" to 19"H 3 5736 2.25   ended
1222 4840t.jpgLadies Hot, Pretty Plastic Tumblers, Pan Lid and More, Glass- Metal- Plastic Etc. 2" to 10"L, Some Wear But Good Condition 1 14195 1.00   ended
1278 5151t.jpgHousehold Lot- Laundry Basket, Plunger, Kitchen Items, Chopper, Sifter, Electric Chopper, Rolling Pin, New Tablecloth, Place Mats, Etc. All in Good Useable Condition, Basket is 22"W x 15"D x 21"H 8 9858 3.51   ended
1459 6050t.jpgGarage Box Lot With Primitive Tools, Meat Grinders, Wedge, Fishing Reels, Adaptable Siren Bell (Working); Fair To Good Condition, Some Worn And Need Repair - As Is, 4-10" Long 7 14770 6.50   ended
1464 6084t.jpgFour Kids Plastic/Ceramic Piggy Banks (5-7" Long), Two 750 Pc. Puzzles In Box, Four iPhone 5 Cases And A Selfie Stick; Good Condition To New In Package 3 11639 1.80   ended
1465 6092t.jpg7 Pc. Box Lot With Glassware Including Candle Holders, Jars And Potpourri Dishes; Mostly Very Good Condition, 13"W x 20"L x 7"T 1 14195 1.00   ended
1491 6234t.jpgMisc. Collectible Items Including Apple Computer Vintage Stickers, BMW Marked Unknown Item (4 3/4"W x 5 1/2"T), Hand Bag/Purse Themed Salt And Pepper Shakers (Ceramic), Deck Of Cards And More! Six Items Total In Overall Good Condition 3 15507 2.25   ended
1674 8760t.jpgWhite Dishes Plus Misc. Pieces- 2 3/4" To 19", Gift Bags, Small Lamp Shades and More, Good To New 1 2733 1.00   ended
1768 9780t.jpgWhat a Nice Bag, Just Full of Surprises, 12"W x 8"D x 11"H 14 13928 8.27   ended
1844 10773t.jpgMystery Box! Estate Clean Out, Full Of Nice Items! Well Taken Care Of, Just Too Much To Keep, The Box Measures 10 1/2"W x 14 1/2"D x 12 1/2"H 7 5408 11.49   ended
1928 12958t.jpgMisc. Lot Of Décor: Knick Knacks, Coasters, Wooden Décor, Magnets, And More, 2" To 10"W - All In Good Condition         ended
1931 25519t.jpgMisc. Lot Of Kitchen Items Including: Crock Pot, Lids, Dishes, Glass Planter, Brass Planter, Candy Dispenser, Can With Lid And More! 4" To 24"Dia. - Some Have Chips, Fair Condition To Good Condition 1 13268 1.00   ended
1968 13173t.jpgLot Of Misc. Includes: A Rain Gauge, A Heated Car, An NRA Flag, Two Blue Thermoses, One Tub Shower Hose, 4" To 4'L 4 5445 5.75   ended
2252 13642t.jpgMen's Mystery Box Filled To The Top With A Remote Starter For The Winter, Needs Installation And A Battery For The Remote, Also Comes With Much More! 10"W x 21"D x 13"T 7 13650 10.50   ended
2308 12371t.jpgBox Lot- Wood Plaque "Welcome To My Garden", Three Woodline Works Plaques- Chocolate Café Mocha, Shake Mocha Sava, Café Latte Also Wood, Standing Plate Wood Holder, Duck Hunting Dog, Hanging Blue Thermometer In White Basket, Fair To Good Condition, 6" to 13 3/4"L or Tall 3 8288 1.50   ended
2357 12616t.jpgLadies Mystery Box With Very Pretty And Useful Items, Some Vintage, Some New Old Stock, Measures 15"W x 11 1/2"D x 3 1/2"H, Some Fragile Pieces 9 12293 7.09   ended
2363 12640t.jpgMystery Box Loaded With Christmas Ornaments, Décor, All New In Box, Estate Clean Out, Box 14"W x 16"D x 8"H 12 15511 10.00   ended
2425 14376t.jpgVintage Clothes Iron, Kodak Camera, Alarm Clock And More! Fair Condition To New In Package, 10"W x 16"L x 4"T 2 13621 1.25   ended
2472 14675t.jpgLovely Mystery Box For Ladies, Some Smells And Pretties For Lucky Winner! 12"W x 14"L x 6"T 16 14533 13.50   ended
2657 10332t.jpgBox of Misc. Items- Multi Meters, Calculator, Cell Phone Knife Combo Tool, Magnesium Fire Starter, Small Wood Box Etc. Box 8"W x 4"D x 2"H 5 10498 2.50   ended
2943 15600t.jpgLadies Surprise Box Packed With New and Vintage Items, 28"W x 20"D x 14"H, One Item is Worth At Least $10.00 Alone, Bid Accordingly, Best of Luck! 13 13928 9.88   ended
2977 15744t.jpgMisc. Metal Tub Roll of Metal Sheeting, Chicken Wire, Foil Etc. Fair To Good Condition, 17"W x 25"D x 19"H 5 9611 4.06   ended
3124 14999t.jpgMystery Box! Estate Clean Out, All Good Stuff! The Box Measures 14 1/2"W x 15"D x 11"H 14 13928 10.26   ended
3218 19500t.jpgMystery Box! Over $60 In New Sealed Items! 13"W x 16"D x 7"H 15 14419 10.75   ended
3219 19505t.jpgMisc. Box Of Angel Items Including: Picture Frames And Figurines, Plus Two Plastic Folders, Ceramic And Plastic 5" To 15"H - All In Good Condition 2 11131 1.25   ended
3220 19513t.jpgMystery Box With Over $50 Worth Of All New Merchandise, 15 1/2"W x 15"D x 8"H 9 3167 9.00   ended
3315 20373t.jpgRandom Box Of Fun Stuff! Sling Bag From "The Sak", Magic 8-Ball, CD Cleaning Kit (New In Box) And More, 3" To 15 1/2" - Good Condition To New 4 5627 2.26   ended
3325 20426t.jpgBox Lot Of Misc. Items, Mostly Cell Phone Cases, Salt And Pepper Set, Battery Operated Lantern, Purse, 3-D Glasses And More - Fair Condition To New In Package 7 15522 3.00   ended
3410 18777t.jpgNative American Lot- Dolls, Tools, Photo, Drum, Tanned Leather, Bone Tools and More, Good to New, 3" to 44"L 12 11958 9.25   ended
3440 19021t.jpgPurple Small Basket Containing Misc. Jewelry Brand New MP3 Player, Never Used, iPhone 6/6S Case, iPhone 8 Plus Case, Looks Good to NEW, 4" to 7 1/2"H 11 3349 10.51   ended
3485 19297t.jpgBox Lot- Hair Dryer Works, Cups, Mugs, Vases, Plastics, Plates, Tote Full in Good Condition, 3" to 17 1/2"W 1 14195 1.00   ended
3592 21391t.jpgTwo Sport Chairs in Carrying Case, Fold Up Stroller and Grabbing Tool, All Have Wear and Tear, Fair to Good Condition, 33" to 41"L 6 577 3.25   ended
3792 18208t.jpgPlastic Bin With Misc. Baskets, Organizing Bins, Popcorn Popper And More, 22"W x 38"L x 18"H - Good Condition 5 12366 2.25   ended
3803 18273t.jpgA Box Of Misc. Items Including: A Mantel-Style Clock, Not Sure It Works, Needs New Battery 10"H; A Battery Charger That Worked The Last Time It Was Used 10 1/2" VDC, Two Metal Boxes That Need Cleaning 10"L - Peeling Face, Fair Condition To Good Condition 4 15412 2.25   ended
3826 18375t.jpgBox Lot Of Frame, Wallet, Glass Owls, Misc., 13"W x 19"L x 4"H - Good Condition         ended
3832 18403t.jpgWire And Cable Lot Including Extension Cords, Large Variety Of Cords, (50+), 13"W x 15"L x 16"H 2 7470 1.25   ended
4161 24463t.jpgBox Lot- New Casters, Blue Tooth Speaker, Misc. Vac, Funnel, Estee Lauder Bag, Stick Pins and Lots More! Fair To Good Condition, 1" to 18"L, All Untested, As Is 3 3425 3.76   ended
4177 24552t.jpgBox of Candle Holders, Vase and More, Ceramic, Brass and Glass, Good to Very Good Condition, 2" to 14 1/2"H 2 3927 1.25   ended
4178 24557t.jpgLady Bug Costume Size M 8/10 Never Worn, Four Scarves, Wallet, Christmas Stencil Book, Children's Sewing Box, Good To New, 9 1/2" to 36"L 4 290 4.76   ended
4327 22651t.jpgLadies Surprise Box Filled With Misc. Items To Keep, Gift or Sell, Bid To Win, 11"W x 30"L x 25"H 7 14195 6.00   ended
4355 22798t.jpgBox Lot Of Household Items and Tools, For Sale Signs, Driveway Reflectors, Ryobi Saw With No Battery, Etc. Fair To Good Condition, 15"W x 22"L x 12"H 7 8507 9.26   ended

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