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184 8267t.jpgTen Issues Of Country Magazine From 2017-18, Beautiful Pictures And Hours Of Reading And Looking! Very Good Condition 15 10833 6.00   ended
313 1269t.jpgTwo Books On Cooking And A Biography Including "Who's Sorry Now" Hardcover By Connie Francis And "The Complete Slow Cooker - America's Test Kitchen" Paperback; Both In Very Good Condition 2 1854 1.50   ended
400 1728t.jpgThree Books On CD Including: Mystery, Action, Suspense And Fiction, "Big Bad Wolf" By: James Patterson, "The Assassin" By Stephen Coontz, "Playing For Pizza" By: John Grisham, These Are Great For A Trip Or Long Commute - All Are Used But In Good, Playable Condition 7 929 7.00   ended
503 6302t.jpgBox Lot Of Cooking Book, Ring Bound, Hardcover And Paperback Editions, 16"W x 22"L x 6"H - Worn And Torn, Fair Condition To Good Condition 10 10833 7.25   ended
573 6640t.jpgSix Golden Books From A 1,200 Book Collection, All Hardcover Books Including: Twelve Days Of Christmas #451-16 "A" Edition 1992, Store Bought Doll #204-44 "J" Edition 1984, The Story Of Jesus #27 "D" Edition 1950 (Pencil Marks) The Story Of Jonah #311-61 "J" Edition 1950 (Chewed Corners), Submarines #7715 "A" Edition 1959, A Suitcase With A Surprise #202-25 "A" Edition 1953 - All Books Are In Fair Condition to Good Condition 6 2295 4.94   ended
579 6665t.jpgGolden Activity Book From A 1,200 Book Collection, Stop And Go, #A17 "A" Edition 1957, Wheel On Front Cover Is In Very Good Condition, RARE! - Book Is In Good Condition To Very Good Condition 6 512 3.01   ended
598 6751t.jpgSix Golden Books From A 1,200 Book Collection, All Hardcover Editions Including: Sponge In Space 10th Printing 2012; Tootle #21 1st Printing 1948 - Fair Condition, No Dust Jacket; Topsy Turvy Circus #161 1953; Train To Timbuctoo #118 "A" Edition 1951 - Crayon On The Back; Tweety Plays Catch #111-54 "Z" Edition 1985; Twelve Dancing Princesses #194 "A" Edition 1954 - All Books Are In Fair Condition To Good Condition 6 14142 3.94   ended
606 2229t.jpg(23) Comic Books Including: The Warlord, Yang, Judo Master, The Fightin' Five And More, Some In Plastic - All In Good Condition 4 14195 2.80   ended
608 2249t.jpg(17) R.L. Stine Goose Bumps Books, All Are First Edition Paperback Books - One Book Has Damage On The Back Cover But All Are Still In Good Condition 11 7038 19.25   ended
612 2271t.jpgSix Golden Books From A 1,200 Book Collection, All Hardcover Editions Including: Sport Goofy And The Racing Robot #145-47 "S" Edition 1984; Two Little Miners #66 "A" Edition 1950; Uncle Remus #66 "A" Edition 1958; Tom And Jerry #561 8th Printing 1974; Tom And Jerry Meet Little Quack #181 6th Printing 1974; Susan In The Driver's Seat #600 Unstated 1st Edition 1973 - All Are In Fair Condition To Good Condition 11 14142 8.00   ended
617 2302t.jpgSix Golden Books From A 1,200 Book Collection, All Hardcover Editions Including: Tommy Visits The Doctor #211-59 "M" Edition 1992; Uncle Wiggly #148 "A" Edition 1953; Two Little Gardeners #108 "A" Edition 1951; Twelve Days Of Christmas #454-42 "J" Edition 1985; Tom And Jerry #117 "C" Edition 1953 (Torn Back Cover); Tom And Jerry's Merry Christmas #457-42 1986 - All Are In Fair Condition To Good Condition 14 14142 7.75   ended
689 2783t.jpgTwo 1950's Holy Bibles With Soft Leather Covers - Good Condition 8 3062 4.25   ended
765 3284t.jpgDugan Holy Bible, Gold Edged Hardcover Edition, "Our Family Bible", 9"W x 11 1/2"H - In Very Good Condition 8 3323 4.26   ended
826 3700t.jpgDo You Know Someone Having A Hard Time With Their Vision? This Is The Perfect Gift! These Books On Cassette Tape Are Classic Stories By Famous Authors Like: Jane Austen, Virginia Woolf And More, Eight Cassettes - Good Condition         ended
828 3710t.jpgLarge Lot Of Old Comics Books Including: Archie, Jughead, PEP And More - Some Have Torn Pages And Missing Covers, Fair Condition To Good Condition 6 4763 4.19   ended
830 3724t.jpgLove One In A Nursing Home? This Is The Perfect Gift! Four Books On Eight Cassettes - Good Condition 6 6834 3.76   ended
841 3797t.jpgLot Of (20) Collectible Comic Books, All Marvel And DC, All Bagged And Boarded - Some Have Torn Pages, Fair Condition To Good Condition 2 5485 1.25   ended
855 3870t.jpgLot Of (20) Comic Books, Valiant, Boom, Comico And More - All Bagged And Boarded 1 5485 1.00   ended
859 3895t.jpgComics Collection: Marvels House Of M, Mutopia #1 Through #4 And Decimation Book #5, All Are Bagged And Boarded - Good Condition 1 11430 1.00   ended
865 3937t.jpgVintage Lot Of Comic Books Including: Superman, Hawk And Dove, Sweethearts, And More - Some Have Tears, Fair Condition To Good Condition 2 14142 3.24   ended
1102 6768t.jpg(64) Audio Books on Compact Disc, All Various Authors, Good To New, 5 1/2" x 5" Packages 21 5485 134.00   ended
1204 4731t.jpgTwo As Seen On TV Books, Great Kitchen Secrets Hard Cover 407 Pages and Natural Solutions To Things That But You, Hard Cover, 404 Pages, Both in Good Condition 1 12248 1.00   ended
1220 4816t.jpgLarge Lot of Over 83 Rolling Stones Magazines From Late 80's to 90's, Wayne's World, Rod Stewart, Batman, Many More Special Editions, Some Torn and Loose Pages, Fair To Good Condition 8 14147 7.50   ended
1361 16202t.jpgFive Fortune Magazines From 1930's, Very Cool Cover Designs, Overall Show Some Normal Wear In Good Condition, 11"W x 14"H 11 15348 9.50   ended
1400 5708t.jpg"Story Of The Greatest Nations" From The 1800's - (81) Volumes With Many Great Lithograph Prints And Accompanying Text, Good Condition 7 8943 21.50   ended
1418 5801t.jpgLot Of Three Metrobooks, Must Be Seen To Be Fully Appreciated! Comes With The Rose, Lilies, And Tulips! Very Good Condition         ended
1419 5817t.jpgThomas Kinkade Leather-Bound Bible In Very Good Condition 15 3062 8.99   ended
1471 6132t.jpgTwo Old Hardcover Books Including Sitting Bull & Indian War, And Famous Frontiersmen Illustrated; Good Condition 11 8943 10.02   ended
1477 6165t.jpgVintage "Useful Household Helps Hints And Receipts" Paperback Book With 3000 References! Worn But Overall Good Condition 9 5777 5.56   ended
1490 6228t.jpgThree Hardcover Books Including "The Tale Of Chirpy Cricket", "The Tale Of Jasper Jay" And "The Tale Of Bobby Bobolink"; All From The "Tuck Me In" Series And In Good Condition 10 15348 6.00   ended
1496 6261t.jpgVintage Collection Of Song Books And Gospel Hymns Which Includes Rapid Course To Piano Playing; Some Worn/Torn But Overall Good Condition 1 6274 1.00   ended
1502 7307t.jpgAntique Hardcover Book "The Works Of Henrik Ibson" From 1928, Fair Condition 1 14893 1.00   ended
1506 7332t.jpgVintage 1950's Leather-Bound Holy Bible, Well Read With Some Stains And Worn Cover, Fair Condition 2 14770 1.25   ended
1560 7644t.jpgNine Paperback Reader's Digest Select Editions, "Large Type" With Eighteen Books, Authors Like Beth Hoffman (NY Best Seller), Robert Craig (Best Seller), Richard Paul Evan, John O'Farrell, Claire Booth, Phaedra Patrick, Charles Martin, Donna Vanliere, Sarah Addison Allen And More! All In Great Condition! 6 13801 7.45   ended
1562 7653t.jpgFive Clive Cussler Paperback Books, Very Good To New Condition 15 1685 10.78   ended
1584 7769t.jpgVery Cool Set Of Wood And Resin Book Ends In Very Good Condition, 5 1/8"W x 5"D x 7 1/4"T 9 12483 8.98   ended
1607 8373t.jpgVintage Ourselves and Our City Hard Cover Book, Good Condition         ended
1614 8421t.jpgTote Full of Approx. 150 Children's Books- Early Readers, Religious, Academic, Mostly Good Condition, From Smoke Free Home, Mostly Paperbacks 9 5777 5.77   ended
1678 8784t.jpgMost Hard Cover, Some Wear On Dust Jacket Otherwise, Through Indian Eyes, Journey Into China and More, Good Condition 1 13898 1.00   ended
1680 8792t.jpgFour Napoleon Books- Hard Cover and Paperbacks, Uniforms, Russia Vs. Napoleon, Wellington's Victories, Napoleon's Wars, Good to Very Good Condition 1 14142 1.00   ended
1684 8817t.jpgComic Books- 12- 15 Original Prices- Hot Stuff, Little Lotta and More, Fair To Good Condition 10 3502 7.01   ended
1692 8863t.jpgAmazing Spiderman Comic Lot, 163, 189, 191 There In Fair Shape But Still Fill in Where Your Missing 2 443 1.50   ended
1699 8902t.jpgHorror Comic Lot, Unexpected Headless Horseman GI Combat, These Are All Older Books, Well Read But Still Cool to Have 1 7577 1.00   ended
1705 9452t.jpgVintage Marvel Lot of (17) Comics- Machine Man, Spiderman, Star Wars, Luke Cage, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, And More! Well Read 6 14147 7.95   ended
1714 9496t.jpgThree Iron Man Comic Lot, Good Condition, 60, 66, 67 9 12750 9.55   ended
1793 9917t.jpgAll Hard Cover Books- Four Elizabeth Peters Set, Early 1900's, Very Good Condition 3 3575 2.00   ended
1998 13335t.jpg(28) Great Books! Most Are Hardcover, Various Topics: Bill Gates, Foreign Affairs Nov./Dec. 2000, Best Seller, The Celestine Prophecy, Sigmund Freud, Prophets And People, Mysteries Of The Unexplained, Michiganensian 1971, Dr. Spock, Megatrends For Women, Heloise's House Keeping Hints, Various Kinds Of Dictionaries And Thesaurus, Etc. - Great Condition And Some Like New Condition 1 13928 1.00   ended
2305 12356t.jpgHuge Lot of Books From Storage, Great For Resale on Amazon or Jump Start Your Library, 15 Plus Hard Cover and Paperback, Good Condition 1 1854 1.00   ended
2306 12361t.jpgTen Vintage Hard Cover Books, All Great, Works Or Literature Reprinted For The "Classics Club" But Still 1940's And Good Resale Value on eBay 3 13496 1.50   ended
2310 12382t.jpgHuge Box of Books- 15 Plus Hard Cover and Paperbacks, Many Genres, Some With Great Resale Value, Lots of Good Reading, Good To Very Good Condition         ended

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