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3 15t.jpgVintage Inflatable Miller Beer Red Plastic Sign, Excellent Condition And 16" Diameter 8 6051 7.88   ended
5 26t.jpgGold-Tone Tin WIX Filter "On Or Off The Road" Advertising Sign, Very Good Condition Because Some Wear/Scratch Marks, 31 1/2"W x 23 1/2"T 15 15125 26.57   ended
52 319t.jpgVintage Seagram's Mirror By Seagram's Distillers Co. (New York, NY) Army/Navy Game 1890 In Nice Wooden Frame, Some Frame Wear But Overall Good Condition, 20"W x 17"T 12 15400 18.08   ended
53 324t.jpgVintage Murray Lawnmowers Original Parts Two-Sided Metal Sign, Light Wear But Overall Good Condition, 36"W x 24"T 10 4519 22.00   ended
55 333t.jpgVintage "Michelob ON Draught" Advertising Sign With Mirror-Like Plastic, Great For Man Cave! Great Graphics! Has A Couple Nicks Or Scratches But Overall Good Condition, 10"W x 4"D x 18"T 9 6370 9.00   ended
58 353t.jpgAntique One Pound Coffee Can - I Can't Be Sure This Is The Original Lid But The Outside Rim Reads "Coffee Exhibit Complements - Bureau Coffee Information 51 West 45th St. New York" And The Underside Of The Lid Says "Contents Of Vials" And Mentions Many Coffee Types, Some Light Rust Along Inside Edges, Outside Bottom In Good Condition With Great Color And No Dents! 5"D x 4"T 1 14704 1.00   ended
80 489t.jpg1960's Calumet Men's Shoes Footwear Light Up Advertising Sign In Wooden Frame, Some Wear But Overall Good Condition, Untested/As Is, 22"W x 4 1/4"D x 7 1/4"T 3 2394 6.50   ended
83 510t.jpgTwo Tin Signs Including A Jack Daniel's Red Dog Sign (13 1/2"W x 13 1/2"T) And A Jack Daniels Old #7 Sign (16"W x 17"L); A Few Scratches But Overall Good Condition 8 3323 7.05   ended
110 7917t.jpgMiller Genuine Draft Beer Football Plastic 3D Sign, Appears To Be January 19th 1991 Or 1994, Hot Glue Holding Football And Back On, Not Sticking Anymore - Added Tape, Overall Good Condition And 21"W x 17 1/2"T 6 5464 7.50   ended
111 7921t.jpgNew In Package "Gun Safety Rule : Carry One" Sign, 12 1/2"W x 17"T 11 14574 10.50   ended
128 8003t.jpgNew In Package "Warning : Never Mind The Dog Beware Of The Owner" Tin Sign, 12 1/2"Wx 17"T 13 15413 12.50   ended
152 8119t.jpgCorona Beer "Got Lime" Glass Mirror Sign In Black Frame, Excellent Condition 18"W x 1"D x 6"T 4 8022 9.07   ended
153 8123t.jpgRainier Beer "Seriously Cold Totally Cool" Advertising Poster, Excellent Condition, 19 1/2"W x 26 1/2"T 4 13819 5.51   ended
154 8127t.jpgStop Sign, Made Of Aluminum And Very Reflective, Excellent Condition And 30"W x 30"T 12 3323 15.01   ended
155 8131t.jpgJohnny Cash "Walk The Line" Movie Poster In Nice Frame And Ready To Hang, 24"W x 36"T 9 2658 11.50   ended
191 8295t.jpgAnheuser Busch Natural Light Beer Mirror, Small Chip On Bottom Left Edge Otherwise Good Condition, 15"W x 18 1/2"T 5 15362 10.50   ended
212 711t.jpgDucks Crossing Metal Sign By Ducks Unlimited, Wetlands For Wildlife, Good Condition, 24"W x 24"T 13 1127 21.00   ended
214 720t.jpgNew In Package Indian 1934 Motorcycle Sign, Oldest Motorcycle, Vintage Look, 12"W x 8"T 10 519 20.50   ended
239 856t.jpgMetal "The Looney Bin" Sign - Great Conversation Piece! 12"W x 6"T 8 247 5.57   ended
240 862t.jpgNew "Reserved Parking " Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Sign, 12"W x 18"T 7 1580 13.06   ended
242 869t.jpgLoons In The Mist Wooden Tavern Sign, Hang In Your Man Cave! Very Good Condition, 15 3/4"W x 19"T 8 3323 10.01   ended
249 921t.jpg"The Noisy Goose Cafe" Wooden Sign, Hang It In Your Man Cave! Very Good Condition, 19"W x 16"T 18 1748 14.51   ended
258 970t.jpgVintage Looking "We've Been Through So Many Things Together..." Pressed Wood Sign, Very Good Condition, 9 1/2"W x 5 3/4"T 10 15388 10.50   ended
261 985t.jpg"Ride Free!" Tin Sign With Bald Eagle, Very Good Condition, 12 1/2"W x 17"T 11 1553 8.75   ended
292 1164t.jpgNew "Warning : Registered Gun Owner" Sign With Frame And Glass Face, 11 1/4"W x 17 1/2"T 9 1732 9.01   ended
294 1172t.jpgVintage Budweiser Light Mirror In Nice Wooden Frame, Ready To Hang And In Very Good Condition, 22"W x 18"T 10 14079 54.00   ended
329 1360t.jpgPlastic Bag Holder - Just Like At The Grocery Store! Metal Frame With Plastic Bottom, Holds Plastic Shoulder Bags, Good Condition, 13 1/4"W x 11"D x 15"T 7 512 6.66   ended
343 1429t.jpgPlastic Bag Holder Like At The Grocery Store, Metal Frame With Plastic Bottom, Holds Plastic Shoulder Bags, 12"W x 11"D x 15"T And In Good Condition 6 12617 7.00   ended
358 1492t.jpgAwesome Gag Gift With Ewww Factor! Betty Trucker Roadkill Helper, Box Is Unopened But It Does Show Some Light Wear And Overall Good Condition, 5 1/4"W x 7 3/4"T 7 2315 6.00   ended
430 1871t.jpgTwo Plastic Milk Crates, 13"W x 13'D x 11"H - Good Condition 7 12452 5.69   ended
438 1909t.jpgGreat Lot Of Bags Advertising Bird Seed, Federal Reserve Bank And Others: Four Are Burlap Bags At 22"W x 38"L; Three Are White Bags At 24"W x 37"L; (11) More Bags Of Smaller Sizes; One Canvas Bag At 69" x 36" - They Need Cleaning, Fair Condition To Good Condition 6 1420 3.25   ended
511 6344t.jpg(22) Mini Screwdrivers With Advertising, Kilmer Corp., Slant Fin And More, All Approx. 5"L - Good Condition 8 15198 15.50   ended
513 6353t.jpgLaw Enforcement Flag, New, Opened Only To Display For This Sale, Nylon Material With Metal Grommets, Nice Gift For Someone In Your Family With Law Enforcement Ties, 3'W x 5'L 17 6951 17.38   ended
516 6369t.jpgCamel Ad On The Side Of Plastic Shopping Basket, 11"W x 17"L x 9"H 7 10698 4.29   ended
555 6549t.jpgFirestone Tire Ashtray, Rubber Tire Holds A Glass Firestone Ashtray Embossed On Top Of Tire, It Says Gum Dipped, Deluxe Champion And Firestone, A Great Christmas Gift! 6 1/4"Dia. X 1 3/4"H, Good Condition 10 13531 11.50   ended
764 3270t.jpgEight Pieces Of Vintage Silver-Plated Restaurant/Hotel Items, Great Advertising Pieces! Columbus Plaza Pitcher, Wisconsin Club Gravy Boat, Victor S. Co. Teapot, Creamer And More! 2 1/4" To 6"W - Some Tarnish But In Overall Good Condition 10 27 7.75   ended
783 3414t.jpgCigar Humidor Supreme With Lift-Out Tray And Lower Accent Drawer, Limited Edition, Black Lacquered Wood, 16"W x 10"D x 8"H - No Key, Good Condition 16 10366 23.50   ended
822 3671t.jpgPlastic Orange M&M Candy Display, Some Minor Wear And Minor Scratches, 24"W x 36"H - Very Good Condition 34 12429 82.00   ended
854 25364t.jpgVery Cute Snoopy 12"L Stuffed Dog 8"W , Snoopy 8"L Ice Skater With Old Candy And Two Red Baron Airplanes With Old Candy 4" x 5 1/2" Towel Set Embroidered, Some Have Fish Line Attached For Hanging, One Has Staining And Needs Cleaning - Overall Good Condition 5 10560 6.50   ended
884 4069t.jpgTwo Boxes Of Vintage Beer Cans, With "Dispose Of Properly" And "Please Don't Litter" On Them, (40) Count With (20) In Each Box, 4"H - No Rust, Good Condition 7 7513 8.50   ended
908 4203t.jpg3'L x 5'W Myrtle Beach Bike Week Flag 2007 - Good Condition 4 51 5.50   ended
926 4306t.jpgLicensed Dodge Product "Grab Life By The Horns" Dodge Blanket Sweat Shirt-Like Material, Measures Approx. 5' x 4 1/2' - There Are A Couple Of Small Spots That Could Be Treated Before Washing - Overall Good Condition 1 7176 1.00   ended
933 4342t.jpgSuper Cute Official Yellow Peanut M&M Display Stand, Hollow Inside With Holes To Get Bags Out Of Him, Plastic Construction, Approx. 16"W x 17"D x 38"H - In Very Good Condition 20 13677 77.00   ended
940 4376t.jpgSix Milk Crates Of Metal And Plastic, Mixed Dairy Co., McDonald's, Farm Maid, Borden's, Some Rust, approx. 12 1/2"W x 12 1/2"D x 11"H - Overall Good Condition 15 7900 12.50   ended
1137 6967t.jpgThree Piece Sign Holders, Metal in Very Good Condition, 11" x 15", 22" x 8", 11 1/2" x 21" 5 1601 5.55   ended
1233 4907t.jpgLarge Mobil Gas Limited Edition Hand Signed Print With COA From Jack Schmidt, Nice High End Piece From Closed Antique Store, Approx. 36"W x 30"H, Matted With Glass In Wood Frame, Very Good Condition 12 12519 36.01   ended
1245 4975t.jpgThree Small Animal Theme Wall Plaques, Chihuahua, Corgi, Whitetail Deer, Press Wood in Good Condition, 10"W x 5"H 9 15373 4.25   ended
1252 4996t.jpgTwo Tin Signs, 8"W x 12"H And 12"W x 8"H, "Best Garage For Motorcycle Repair" Vintage Look, NEW 11 2259 12.50   ended
1262 5049t.jpgRare 1990 Coors Light Extra Gold Draft Beer Mirror, Wood Frame, 23"W x 23"H, Good Condition 10 14406 14.50   ended
1305 25259t.jpgVery Neat John Deere Farm Coin Sorter! All Size Coins Go Up The Conveyor Belt And Into The Silo To Be Sorted, Into Their Proper Coin Slot, Great Way to Help Children Save and Keep Them Entertained, New With Box, Battery Operated, 13"W x 11"D x 11 1/2"H Box 19 13177 27.00   ended

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