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15 90t.jpg1931 Model A Convertible Ford In Good Condition, 5"L x 2"H 2 8691 1.25   ended
52 319t.jpgAthearn Great Northern Yard Switcher In Very Good Condition, Runs Good, 6"L x 2"T 17 14748 21.50   ended
58 370t.jpg"International" Toy Tractor Diecast Body, Plastic Wheels and Steers, 8"L x 4"T, Has Slight Paint Wear Otherwise Good Condition 12 964 6.75   ended
76 463t.jpgVintage "Community" Train Set, Wooden Made In Rifle NY, Engine With Four Cars In Good Condition For Age, 9"L to 12"L, Twin Pines Crate 13"W x 11"D x 13"H 6 1844 8.50   ended
90 584t.jpgChild's Step 2 Kitchen In Good Condition, 36"W x 17"D x 45"H 6 17395 10.50   ended
148 888t.jpg(24) Colorful Zippered Coin Purses With Funny Shapes and Faces - Unicorn/Mermaid/Owl/Butterfly/Glitter, Assorted Styles & Materials, 4"W x 4 1/2"H 9 11970 4.48   ended
504 2069t.jpgNew Red Stunt Drone 55360 Degrees, 2.4ghz Multi Color LED Lights, Hi-Low, 6 Axis Gyro, Blade Bumper Rails 18 13170 12.50   ended
537 2259t.jpgDisney Infinity 2.0 Edition Aladdin Figurine With Web Cube Card, Used, Complete, Good Condition, 2"W x 3 1/2"H 1 4032 1.00   ended
538 2263t.jpgElectric Race Track/Slot Car Track, Works, Life-Like Racing Item 433-9141, Very Good Condition, 8'4"L x 4'W 17 15959 22.00   ended
539 2268t.jpgDisney Infinity 2.0 Aladdin Toy Box Pack With Aladdin, Jasmine, With Aladdin Texture Set and Sky Power Discs, Complete Set, 11"L x 4"H 2 4032 1.25   ended
541 2278t.jpg1988 Series Ninja Turtles: Michelangela, Donatello, Raphael and Leonardo In Real Good Condition, Great For Collectors or Kids, Lots of Hours of Fun! Made By Playmates, 4"T 10 18051 26.00   ended
542 2282t.jpgPEZ 5"L Candy Dispensers For All Occasions Like Valentine's Day, Christmas, Halloween and Easter In Great Shape 3 16049 1.50   ended
544 2294t.jpgBoxcar Willie Autographed 16"T Plush Doll In Good Condition 3 11446 1.50   ended
549 2320t.jpgVintage Records In Good Condition, 7 Total Records - Double Sided, Show Some Wear and Didn't Test 18 4575 12.00   ended
552 2336t.jpgPlastic Globe With Melissa & Doug Toy In Package - Good Condition, 4"Diam x 11 1/2"H 8 6619 3.70   ended
553 2341t.jpgVintage Matchbox Garage In Box, Cardboard, Plastic, Good Condition, 22"L x 12 1/2"W 6 16172 12.50   ended
554 2347t.jpgVintage Official Limited Edition M&M Fire Truck Candy Dispenser In Original Box In Good Condition, 11"W x 5"W x 6"H 7 201 9.76   ended
557 2365t.jpgNew Collectible First Made Original 1976 Furby By Titer "I Can Wiggle My Ears, Blink My Eyes and Move My Mouth, You Can Teach Me To Do Tricks, Plus I Can Talk To All My Furby Friends", Last Furby Available, 8"H 10 6201 20.50   ended
558 2370t.jpgNew Magic Tricks By Illusions and Catapult Shooter By Sharper Image, 12"L and 16"L 11 12053 6.50   ended
564 2410t.jpg1996 Special Edition Graduation Barbie, Never REmoved From Box, 12 3/4"H x 4 1/2"W x 2 1/2"D 9 17907 3.75   ended
565 2416t.jpgFire Truck Plastic 13"L By Tonka, Green Garbage Truck 12"L, Good Condition 8 17907 3.50   ended
568 2434t.jpgYo-Yo With Book On How To Perform Sweet Tricks New In Box 6 12452 5.50   ended
570 2446t.jpgLarge Lot of Miniature My Little Pony Toys, There Are 8 of the Miniature Ponies and Lots of Accessories to go with Them, These Have Been Played With So They Do Show Ear, Lot Also Includes A 1998 CD for the My Little Pony Computer Games, Comes With Plastic Tote 12 1/2"L x 8 1/2"W x 4 3/4"H, Fair Condition 3 4166 1.50   ended
571 2452t.jpg1995 American Indian Barbie By Mattel Collector Edition Never Removed From Box 13 1/2"H 11 5469 11.50   ended
576 2481t.jpgThree Diecast Metal With Plastic Parts, New, More For The Collector, 2 Wheel, Series 2, Tonka Motorcycles (2000 Year On Box: Triumph Tiger - Sprint RS - Thunderbird, Box 6"W x 4"T 13 11801 4.33   ended
577 2486t.jpg1995 Jewel Hair Mermaid Barbie By Mattel Never Removed From Box 12 3/4"H 21 13780 21.50   ended
578 2491t.jpgCabbage Patch Kids Talking Kids In The Box, There Is Supposed To Be One In A Box But This One Has Two, Good Condition, 22"H x 18"W x 9"D 10 8628 6.50   ended
583 2523t.jpgSo Cute... Nice Little Train Set and Pig Set By Playmobil, Has All Parts, Good Condition, 18"L x 15"W 5 8563 8.49   ended
615 4957t.jpgCollectible Vintage 1930's Effanbee "Patsy Ann" Composition Doll, She Could Use Some TLC! But Just Look At That Sweet Face! She Is Redressed In A Period Outfit, Black Oil Cloth Shoes With Center Buckle, Her Eyes Open And Close Nicely, Completely Marked On Her Back, Plastic Like Material, She Has Damage On Her Head But She Is Still In Good Condition For Her Age, She Stands 18 1/2"H 8 17495 5.50   ended
702 2650t.jpgBeautiful Porcelain Bride Doll, Great For A Gift, In Good Condition, 14"H 1 17843 1.00   ended
767 3054t.jpgLot Of Ten Vintage Toys, Mickey Mouse Jack In The Box, It Works! A Bag Of Marbles With The Price Of 29-Cents, Gunsmoke Puzzle, Tin Drum And More! In Fair To Very Good Condition, 4" To 15"H 11 13602 6.50   ended
798 3244t.jpgWooden Toy Collection Including: Animals, Blocks, Etc., In Good Condition, The Tote Is 7"W x 13"L x 4 1/2"H And The Items Range In Size From 1/2" To 6 1/2"L 1 18158 1.00   ended
802 3268t.jpgNew Collectible! Original 1976 Furby, First Made By Tiger, "The More You Play With Me The More I Do, I Will Keep Amazing You!" For Ages 6 And Up, The Last Furby Available, 7"W x 9"H 15 6201 26.59   ended
803 3272t.jpgBrand New Condition! 1998 Special Edition Barbie Loves Tweety Bird By Mattel, Made Exclusively For Warner Brothers Studio Stores, Never Removed From The Box, The Box Measures 6"W x 2 1/4"D x 12 3/4"H 23 13780 12.50   ended
805 3282t.jpgCollection Of Nine Vintage Noisemakers, All Work, They Look In Good Condition, 4" To 6"L 3 13602 1.50   ended
809 3306t.jpgNew! Collector's Edition, I Love Lucy Doll, Starring Lucille Ball And Lucy Ricardo, Episode: Be A Pal And Timeless Treasurer, 8"W x 14"H 9 15019 35.89   ended
813 3332t.jpgNew In Original Box! Singing Bassett Elvis Dog, The Head Moves And It Sings "Since My Baby Left Me"6"W x 12"H 9 12224 8.50   ended
821 3382t.jpgProline Electric F150 Truck, For Parts Or Display, No Remote Or Battery, It Looks In Very Good Condition, Measures 11"W x 17"L x 8"H 16 12517 15.50   ended
854 3581t.jpgG.I. Joe Lot Including: 12"H G.I. Joe, Ziplock Bag Full Of Gear And Army Pant Bag, All Look In Good Condition, 5" To 12"H 8 17959 5.55   ended
927 6243t.jpgFlexible Flyer Child's Bouncy Horse, Plays Music, Needs Batteries, Looks In Good Condition, 24"W x 40"L x 39"H 7 9450 7.25   ended
939 6315t.jpg1953 Mack Model 13-61 Toy Truck, 1:43 Diecast, Looks In Very Good Condition, 18"L x 3"D x 5"H 7 964 6.00   ended
1275 7536t.jpgTonka Toys Collectors XXXL Track Dozer, All Works, Has Rust and Wear, Otherwise Good Condition, 11 1/2"W x 16 1/2"D x 10"H 12 17879 5.50   ended
1300 7683t.jpg(3) Vintage Wood Train Sets Plus Extras, 21 Total Pieces, Great Collectible and Good Condition, 2 1/2"L-6"L 2 13602 1.25   ended
1327 7873t.jpgMetal Radio Flyer "Traveler" Wagon With Wood Slats, Has Cushion, Some Flaws On Cushion But Good Condition, 34"L x 16"W x 19"H 10 18434 18.38   ended
1334 7925t.jpgClassic TY Stuffed Puppy "Sheriff" Soft and Cuddly, Plastic Cover On Tag, Very Good Condition, 14"L x 10"H 6 7452 3.00   ended
1379 8166t.jpgSix 11"T Barbie and Ken Dolls Never Opened From The Twilight Series In Like New Condition: Bella; Edward; Esme; Jane; Rosalie and Bella From Breaking Dawn Part II In A 14"W x 23"L x 9"H Laundry Basket 18 7891 43.00   ended
1406 11896t.jpgLEGO Duplo Like My First Bricks Style, Large Box Of Big Blocks, (100+) Pieces, Great For Toddlers, All Look Clean And In Very Good Condition, 2" To 4"H And 13"W x 20"D x 16"H 11 11180 15.50   ended
1442 12127t.jpg1977 Barbie Townhouse In Original Box, Everything Is Here Except For The Instructions, It Just Put It Together And So Can You! 3 1/2'H When Assembled, Cardboard Backdrop, Holes, Torn, Otherwise In Excellent Condition For The Age, It Measures 15"W x 29"H 10 2636 13.00   ended
1465 12274t.jpgHuge Vintage Simba Plush From "The Lion King", Looks Clean And In Good Condition, Measures 20"W x 31"L x 16"H 1 1455 1.00   ended
1573 8623t.jpgERTL American Muscle 1:18 Scale 70 El Camino SS 454, Like New In Box, 11 1/2"L x 3 1/2"T 10 16651 16.51   ended

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