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8 45t.jpgElvis, Monroe, Dean, Bogart Puzzle Picture in Very Nice Wooden Frame In Good Condition Overall, 24"W x 24"H 4 5915 3.26   ended
30 181t.jpgHard Plastic Sign In Good Condition, 7 3/4"W x 10 1/2"H, Reads Farming is Everyone's Bread & Butter 6 13005 4.75   ended
61 387t.jpgAntique Brush and Comb Caddy For Your Bathroom, This Was Used Years Ago, 8"L x 5"H , Has Paint Loos and Could Use Cleaning/Refinish Otherwise Good Condition, Great Display! 6 4585 3.75   ended
70 424t.jpgLife Happens Sign Wall Hanging, Made of Resin/Plaster, Ready-To-Hang, Very Good Condition, 15"W x 3 3/4"H 9 12316 6.17   ended
103 672t.jpgLive, Laugh, Love Picture In Good Condition, Wood Frame, 23"W x 19"H 2 12937 2.25   ended
104 676t.jpgAbsolutely Stunning Print of "The American Bald Eagle at Walking Dunes" Artist is Charles Frac'e, Appears To Be Signed By Him Beautiful Bird! Very Good Condition, 37"W x 30"H 5 11642 8.51   ended
111 709t.jpgCrochet: Six 16"Sq; One Each 12"Sq; 9"Diam In Frame; 12"Sq In Frame With Glass - All In Very Good Condition 2 1831 1.25   ended
115 737t.jpgWe Interrupt This Marriage To Bring You Hockey Season Sign Wall Hanging Made of Wood and Ready-To-Hang In Good Condition, 15"W x 1 3/4"D x 6"H 4 12164 7.50   ended
116 741t.jpgLarge Picture of "The Art Of Pasta" The Past Eater, Pasta Agnest Museum Oneglia From Stanislaus Food Products In Good Condition, 18"W x 24"H 3 1541 3.25   ended
130 800t.jpgManifestations Inc, Home of Optical Illusionary Art, Four Gold Frame Pictures In Good Condition, Ocean, One 18"Sq and Three 10"W x 8"H 8 786 14.50   ended
131 804t.jpgHanging Wall Art "Angler in the Forest" In Fair Condition, 31"W x 37"H 4 18141 6.10   ended
133 813t.jpgManifestations Inc, Home of Optical Illusionary Art, Two Gold Frame Ocean Themed Pictures In Good Condition, 14 1/4"W x 11 1/4"H 5 15889 7.50   ended
139 843t.jpgBeautiful Vintage Dresser Top Mirror In Very Good Condition, Styled With Gold Toned Filigree Rim, Has A Spot Where You Could Hang This Too! 10"W x 14"L 5 15961 8.50   ended
158 946t.jpgOil Picture With Wood Frame, Victorian Painting on Linen, Good Condition For Age, 7 3/4"W x 21 1/2"H 6 11116 4.50   ended
159 950t.jpgGold Frame Wall Hanging Mirror In Good Condition, 27 1/2"W x 39 1/2"L 6 1195 6.60   ended
160 954t.jpgWonderfully Done Paint-By-Number Picture With Frame, Cat In A Chair, Real Good Condition, 22"W x 18"H 1 17535 1.00   ended
161 958t.jpg(2) Farm Pictures In Good Condition: One Very Old, Horses Plowing 11"W x 9"H and The Other Horse and Wagon Amish Loading Straw Double Matted 13"W x 11"H         ended
162 963t.jpgBlack Framed Wolf Picture With Quotes From Native American Authors In Good Condition, 13"W x 37"H 2 4390 1.25   ended
173 1021t.jpgEvery Summer Has A Story Wall Hanger, Glass With Wood Frame, Good Condition, 8"Sq 2 12316 1.80   ended
176 1032t.jpgVery Cute Wood Powder Room Signs By Kirkland Home Decor, So Cute! and Framed Bath Picture, 16"W x 2"D x 9"H and 9"W x 7"H 9 8279 11.00   ended
177 1036t.jpgReally Cool Vintage Motown Jazz and Gospel Music Pictures In Good Condition, Nice Lot! Will Bring A Smile To Your Face and Put A Song In Your Heart! 8"W x 10"H and 13"W x 11"H 1 1323 1.00   ended
180 1046t.jpgWood Framed With Glass Print of the Lone Wolf Overlooking A Village or Ranch, I Remember One Like It When I Was A Kid, 60 Years Ago, Great Condition 4 1030 7.05   ended
181 1050t.jpgLion Print With Wooden Frame, Harry Antis, Has Actual Ink Pen Signature and Numbered 737/1000, 39"W x 27"H 4 15141 10.50   ended
182 1054t.jpgDecorative 18"Diam Wreath With Lots of Purple Berries and Shells In Very Good Condition 4 11066 3.25   ended
195 1115t.jpgNice Real Wood Wood Vintage Springfield Weather Station In Very Good Condition: Thermometer - Barometer - Humidity, 5"W x 18"L 3 11116 3.75   ended
215 1223t.jpgVery Nice Green Metal Sun 12"Diam In Good Condition, Hanger On Back and Cute Face On Front 9 17703 5.60   ended
216 1228t.jpgTrain Picture On Wood Look In Very Good Condition, 24"W x 16"H 8 8195 5.50   ended
217 1231t.jpgPicture of Large Buck, 13 Points, Wood Frame, Minor Flaw On Frame Otherwise Good Condition, 20"W x 24"H 7 148 3.75   ended
238 1350t.jpgPlate Hanger Rack With Two Chicken 8"Diam Plates, Hanger 23"L x 6"W In Rustic Metal 11 8067 7.00   ended
240 1360t.jpgNew Grow Through What You Go Through Glass Wall Hanger 9"H 2 14626 1.25   ended
241 1363t.jpgAwesome Floral Print In Beautiful Cream Frame, Needs Cleaning Otherwise Good Condition, 33"W x 27"H 1 15028 1.00   ended
242 1367t.jpgCute Wood Beer Sign Great For Man Cave Or Cabin, "Beer is the Reason I Get Up Every Afternoon", Good Condition, 14"W x 8"H 10 15848 12.20   ended
243 1371t.jpg"Hats Off to American Farmers" Green/Yellow Metal Sign In Good Condition With Antique Look, 12 1/2"W x 16"H 13 4383 10.50   ended
249 1401t.jpg(5) Solid Pine Decorative Shelving In Very Good Condition (A Little Dusty), 15"L to 17"L         ended
257 1448t.jpg24"W x 21"H Framed Print, Good Condition (Frame Has Very Few Scratches)         ended
259 1455t.jpgHunting Dogs Framed On Wood Print In Good Condition, Even Comes With Hooks For Leashes!, 24 3/4"W x 13 3/4"H 17 3920 15.50   ended
263 1475t.jpgNorman Rockwells "Girl at the Mirror" Post Cover March 6, 1954 In Good Condition, 10"W x 13"H 2 17535 4.25   ended
264 1479t.jpgTwo Plate Racks In Excellent Condition (One Boxed and One Taped To Rack): Black Wrought Iron, Each Holds Two Ceramic Photo Plates, 7 1/2"W x 1 1/2"D x 22"H 1 17907 1.00   ended
268 1494t.jpgPure & Simple Sign Wall Hanging Made Of Wood Ready-To-Hand With Some Light Scuffs Otherwise Good Condition, 20"W x 5"H 7 5865 4.75   ended
272 1519t.jpgCeramic Angel Wreath, 10"Diam, Very Soothing To Your Soul 2 17879 1.25   ended
274 1528t.jpgDog Wall Hanging In Good Condition: Reads "The Dog and His Housekeeping Start Here", 12"W x 6"H 10 10746 5.00   ended
575 2476t.jpgPicture Frame New In Box, Nature's Wild Photo Frame, 5"W x 3"H 1 15290 1.00   ended
747 2922t.jpgThree Decor Pieces! Murrle Cottage By Marty Bell From The English Country Cottage, 1991 Plate Collection, Plate #1151C, A Round Serving Platter Christmas, 12"Dia. And A 1990 Hanging Plaque Of An Angel, 4 1/2" x 6"H, All Are In Good Condition         ended
1141 4084t.jpgPainting On Glass, Some Chipping, Great Wood Frame, Mostly Gold Tone, 31 1/2"W x 17 1/2"H 3 301 1.50   ended
1142 25897t.jpgVintage Cast Aluminum Mailbox, In Good Condition For The Age 8 11116 3.75   ended
1143 4092t.jpgGuardian Angel Resin Plaque, Grey Light Pine, Good Condition, 11 3/4" Round, Good Condition         ended
1148 4118t.jpgLarge Wood Eagle Display, Wall Hang, Approx. 1 3/4"Thick, 35"W x 31"H, Good Condition 2 1089 1.25   ended
1149 4123t.jpgVintage Wood Souvenir Spoon Display Rack, 12"W x 20"H, Some Surface Wear, Otherwise Good Condition         ended
1157 4172t.jpgWood Frame Picture With Glass, 18 1/4"W x 22 1/4"H, Three Matching Prints, Wood With Glass, 8 1/4"W x 29 1/4"H, Good To Very Good Condition 6 6861 4.75   ended
1158 4179t.jpgWall Hanging Mirror With Wood Frame, 53"H x 17"W, Good Condition 9 17395 7.09   ended

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