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3 130t.jpgThis Classic GCG Studio Mirror Is From Garden Ridge And Has Beautiful Warm Tones, Very Good Condition And 38"W x 38"T 21 9849 23.50   ended
9 174t.jpgClassic "Quiet Places" Picture In A Nice Wooden Frame With Glass Face, The Quieter You Become The More You Can Hear - Lovely Artwork! Very Good Condition And 40"W x 16"T 10 15192 26.00   ended
10 180t.jpgUnique Cafe Picture In Nice Rustic Wooden Frame With Glass Face, Very Good Condition And 31 1/2"W x 25 1/2"T 5 12721 4.50   ended
20 241t.jpgDecorative Home Decor Canvas 3D Picture In Good Condition, 24"W x 36"T 11 15289 4.10   ended
22 250t.jpgBeautiful Oil Painting On Heavy Thick Cardboard - Pre-1950! Frameable And In Good Condition, 13 3/4"W x 10"T 3 2562 2.00   ended
38 354t.jpgLeaves Home Decor Picture By Helen Keller In A Gold Tone Frame, Good Condition And 18 3/4"W x 22 3/4"T 7 148 2.75   ended
39 359t.jpgPair Of Antique Woodland Art Pieces Including One Of Ducks And Another With A Bear, Beautiful Shellac Finish And Believed To Be From The Early 60's! The Artwork On Both Pieces Has No Cosmetic Issues And Are Great Period Works For The Cabin, Both In Excellent Condition And 12"W x 16"T And 13"W x 17"T 12 2295 15.25   ended
40 365t.jpgBeautiful Picture Of A Vase With Roses In A Lovely Goldtone Frame, Good Condition, 34"W x 31"T 21 3420 31.12   ended
41 370t.jpgNice Beveled Mirror With Oak Look Frame, Contemporary Design In Good Condition With Only Minor Wear, 25"W x 32"T 3 8410 1.50   ended
58 472t.jpgMetal & Wood Wall Art With Beautiful Weaved Pattern Look Around The Center, Very Good Condition, 17"W x 25"T 5 10601 2.50   ended
59 477t.jpgWine And Fruit Picture By Loran Speck In Wooden Frame, Good Condition, 20 3/4"W x 26 3/4"T 1 9376 1.00   ended
61 491t.jpgNew Handmade Wall-Hanging Plaque With Cross, Made From Reclaimed Wood And Painted To Look Distressed, Made In Linwood MI, Never To Early To Think Of Christmas Gifts! 10 1/2"W x 18 1/2"T 6 4693 3.25   ended
69 542t.jpgNew Homemade Wall Hanging With Heart That Says "Family Like The Branches On A Tree We Grow In Different Directions But Yet Our Roots Remain As One", Would Make A Great Christmas Gift! Excellent! 10"W x 18"T 3 3419 2.00   ended
72 558t.jpgWooden Plaque That Reads "Drink Like A Pirate, Dance Like A Mermaid", Very Good Condition And 13"W x 13"T 12 4149 7.27   ended
88 660t.jpgHundreds Of Negatives From Photos From The 1930's Through 50's, These Were Found In The Attic Of A Victorian House In Saginaw, MI; Kids, Animals, Vacation, Military And More! All Come In A Vintage GE Box, Overall Good Condition And 9 1/2"W x 5"D x 5"T 16 15141 31.85   ended
91 680t.jpgVintage 1989 Print/Lithograph From A Fine Art Gallery, Heavy Cardboard And Signed Dino M. (Can't Make Out Last Name); Nice Mountain Scene In Metal Like Frame, Good Condition And 25"W x 16"T 2 12721 5.50   ended
108 8149t.jpgThis Classic GCG Studio Mirror Is From Garden Ridge, Beautiful Warm Reds And Greens! Very Good Condition And 38"W x 38"T 8 13927 8.48   ended
127 8245t.jpgHuge Lot Of Picture Frames, These Still Include Old Family Photos, Some Single And Collage Ones, Mostly Wood/Glass, Some Wear But Overall Good Condition, Box Is 15"W x 28"L x 5"T 4 13206 3.25   ended
351 1640t.jpgLot OF Seven Picture Frame, Include Old Family Photos But Can Be Reused Easily, 8"W x 10"H - Fair Condition To Good Condition 1 13206 1.00   ended
438 2152t.jpgWater Globe Picture Frame, Glass Material, 6"W x 5 1/2"D x 5"H - New In Box 12 6667 8.00   ended
451 2257t.jpg1950's Pratt Institute Photography Collection Of Six Black And White Photos On Board By Roger Jensen, Water Damage To The Upper Right Corner Of The Boards, 11"W x 15"H - Good Condition 2 8917 1.25   ended
465 2349t.jpg3" x 5"H Black Picture Frame Of Tin And Plastic - Good Condition         ended
476 2413t.jpgLimited Edition John Lennon Framed Postcard Photo, 8"W x 10"H - Good Condition 7 12111 4.57   ended
503 2580t.jpgFour Metal Copper Colored Stars, They Would Be Cute Displayed On A Barn Or Your Home, 9 1/2"Dia. - All In Good Condition 14 6173 13.51   ended
505 2591t.jpgThree Decorative Wall Plaques Of Wood And Resin, Silver And Black And Beige/Diamond Pattern Pearl, Each Plaque Measures 6"W x 8"H - No Chips Or Cracks, Good Condition 2 15330 1.25   ended
546 2833t.jpg"Chives" Picture By: Carolyn Wright, 13"W x 13"H And Three Other Wood And Plastic Frames With Glass - All In Good Condition         ended
547 2840t.jpgLot Of Vintage Black And White Photos, Some Early Colored Pictures, 5"W x 7"H To 8"W x 10"H, Good Condition         ended
565 2936t.jpgWooden Picture Frame With Glass, 5"W x 7"H - Good Condition 1 4340 1.00   ended
589 3104t.jpgMetal "Hope And Faith" To Hang Up, Black In Color, 14" To 15"L - Good Condition 8 8276 7.00   ended
890 4303t.jpgMy Last Unique One-Of-A-Kind Cut Glass Window Décor, Made With Cut Glass That Is Glued To The Window, Come Check It Out In Person! 24"W x 34"H - Good Condition 16 2888 21.09   ended
895 4328t.jpgThree Framed And Matted Prints With Glass: One Sunflower In Carved Frame 14"W x 17"H, One Calla Lilies On Red 10 1/2"W x 16"H And One Cat Enjoying Sushi Dinner 13"W x 16"H - One Frame Is Splitting At The Corner But They Are All In Excellent Condition 9 13602 6.01   ended
913 4439t.jpg(4) Vintage Prints In Goldtone Butterfly Metal Frame, Some Tarnishing But Overall Good Condition, 6"Diam 4 8947 1.75   ended
921 4486t.jpgMirrored Tray With Faux Stone Border And Metal Frame, Pier One Imports, Very Good Condition And 13" Diameter 2 8752 1.25   ended
922 4492t.jpgAntique Curved Glass Silhouette And Vintage 3D Victorian Emblem, Good Condition, 10"D And 6"W x 8"T 5 1685 6.00   ended
1188 5533t.jpgBeautiful Acrylic Painting Of Cabin By River In An Ornate Gold Wood Frame, Good Condition And 54"W x 42"T 2 2562 6.50   ended
1189 5538t.jpgEarly Castle Painting Signed And Dated 1963! Gorgeous Textured Oil Painting, It Does Have Some Minor Flaws Including Two Tiny Holes And Two Screws At Top And Bottom Where It Would Attach To A Frame, Otherwise Good Condition And 27"W x 20"T 10 2562 15.50   ended
1190 5543t.jpgNew Handmade Cross Wall Hanging Made With Reclaimed Wood And Painted To Look Distressed, Made In Linwood MI! Holidays Are Just Around The Corner - Never To Early For Shopping! 10 1/2"W x 1 1/2"D x 18"T 3 4693 2.25   ended
1191 5548t.jpgThis Absolutely Beautiful New Wooden Wall Hanging That Says "Family Is Forever", Homemade And Brand New Christmas Gift! 13"W x 13"T 5 12279 3.25   ended
1192 5552t.jpgTwo Framed Bathroom Artwork Prints Behind Glass In Gold/Bronze Tone Wood Frames, Very Good Condition, 17"W x 17"T And 25"W x 13"T 3 9391 1.50   ended
1193 5558t.jpgVintage 1970 Framed And Matted Native American Print Signed RC Sorman, Metal Frame With Glass, Good Condition And 30"W x 24"T 12 8947 18.50   ended
1209 6934t.jpgAdorable Cast Iron Chicken With Chicks, Key/Towel Holder, Five Hooks, 10 3/4"L x 5 3/4"H, Great For Towels, Coats, Hats, Etc. Good Condition 6 11180 7.45   ended
1396 6172t.jpgSet Of Four Framed Grapes Art Work, Painted Wood Frames With Glass, 15"W x 17"H, Very Good Condition 6 9971 7.00   ended
1397 6179t.jpgLarge Beautifully Framed Still Life Print, Very Decorative Wood Frame, 28"W x 34"H, Very Good Condition 5 730 6.55   ended
1398 6183t.jpgPhil Prentice 1976 Lion With Cub Art Print, Nicely Framed, Academy Arts Co. Very Good Condition, 24"W x 30"H, Faux Bamboo Frame With Glass 3 1684 7.50   ended
1399 6187t.jpgVintage Graphic Creations Glitter Unicorn Glass Picture In Solid Wood Frame, Still Original Packaging, New Old Stock, 15"W x 19"H 11 6348 6.09   ended
1625 10896t.jpgFour Beautiful Resin Wall Plaques Have A Wine Theme- Zinfandel, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Gris, Very Good Condition, 5"W x 7"H 3 2098 1.51   ended
1681 11202t.jpgThree New Heavy Wall Plaques, Including "A Baby Is A Bit of Heaven Come To Earth", Measure 8"W x 8"H and 6 1/4"W x 10"H 10 14574 6.00   ended
1745 7803t.jpgLot Of New Two-Glass Shelf Kits, White Shelf Anchor, Clear Tempered Glass, 6" x 18"L - Never Opened 5 14923 3.50   ended
1970 13486t.jpgAngel Décor Lot- Ceramic Wall Hanging, Lighted Picture Untested, Stained Glass Look Picture and More, Fair to Good Condition, 3" Figure to 13 1/2"W x 20 1/2"H Picture, Good Condition 1 5776 1.00   ended
1979 13544t.jpgNew Wrought Iron Welcome Sign For Inside or Out, 12" x 20"W 10 14574 7.00   ended

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