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204 1160t.jpg(15) New With Tags Dog Toy Assortment, Cute Styles - Tugs and Plush, 4"H-7"H 12 3443 26.00   ended
290 1599t.jpgVintage Brass and Plastic Bird Cage, Hook For Hanging, 14"W x 24"H, Very Good Condition, - Needs Cleaning, I used For Outside Decoration, Very Sweet! 6 11116 10.50   ended
434 4547t.jpgTwo 15' Dog Chains, One Excellent Condition and One Has A Broken Clasp 2 9705 1.25   ended
490 4825t.jpg12 Packages of Wag n Wraps, Jumbo Dog Treats, Two Per Pack, Made With Real Chicken, Expires 11/20 19 756 12.75   ended
518 2149t.jpg(15) Pair of Men's Lo Cut Sport Socks Size 6-12 - New: Nine Peds - Cushioned Arch Support and Six Sof Sole - Multi-Sport Lite 22 18221 17.35   ended
634 5091t.jpgLeather Whip In Good Condition, It Measures Approx. 6'L 16 18216 8.50   ended
791 3207t.jpgDoo-Wop Metal Dual Dog Dishes In A Plastic Stand For Small To Medium Sized Dogs, In Good Condition, It Measures 15"W x 8"D x 3"H 13 15070 8.50   ended
828 3429t.jpgSmall Homemade Pet Steps For Your Aging Fur Friend, Made Of Wood And Padded For Comfort, Looks In Very Good Condition, Measures 16"W x 23"D x 25"H 8 17335 17.27   ended
829 3434t.jpgExtra Large Nice Purple Bird Cage, It Doesn't Have To Be Used For Birds, We Used It In Many Displays! It Looks To Be In Very Good Condition, 16"W x 12"D x 31"H 7 1123 15.50   ended
862 3626t.jpgUsed As A Fishbowl Comes With Two Fish Nets, It May Need A Good Additional Cleaning, In Good Condition Overall, 10"W x 11"H 5 16049 5.00   ended
890 3800t.jpgNew! 1/4" Aquarium Tubing, Approx. 50'L, For Small Pumps Or Crafts, Looks In Very Good Condition 7 15497 5.00   ended
1306 7724t.jpgVery Nice Silver Z Saddlery Saddle, Great Details, Good Condition (Needs Cleaning), Approx 24"W x 30"L 20 18216 260.00   ended
1444 12143t.jpgLike New! Aspen 22"Dia. Warm Pet Bed, Spice And Cream Colors, Keeps Your Pet Warm With It's Own Body Heat, The Same Technology As Space Beds, 100% Polyester With No-Slip Bottom 8 6152 10.25   ended
1611 8831t.jpgGrooming Tools In Good Condition, A 7"L Brush And An 8"L Flea Pic 2 6152 2.25   ended
1631 8927t.jpgTwo Boots And Harness For A Smaller Dog, In Very Good Condition 4 5717 3.53   ended
1714 9363t.jpgNew To Good Condition On The Items In This Lot Of Gerbil/Hamster Supplies That Include Two Houses, Bail, Food, Water Bottle, Etc., The Main Case Is 20" x 11" x 11" 4 1123 6.53   ended
1736 26168t.jpgNew! Dog Vest/Jacket, Lake-N-Trail Orange, All Seasons, Size XL, Water Resistant, Breathable 11 445 20.50   ended
1742 9538t.jpgPadded Harness And Leash for Small To Medium Size Dogs, In Very Good Condition, 24"L 3 14418 3.27   ended
2217 10440t.jpgAluminum Pet Door 40 lb. Dog 8 1/4"W x 12 1/4"H, Flap Opening, Never Used, Retail $65. 15 15497 11.00   ended
2309 10886t.jpgDog Chain For Small To Medium Dog, Fair to Good Condition, 15'         ended
2631 13746t.jpgNew In Box! Full Spectrum CO2 Hemp Extract For Dogs And Cats, 1-Fl. Oz., 500 MG, 4"H 5 217 5.01   ended
2633 13753t.jpgNew In Box! Full Spectrum CO2 Hemp Extract For Dogs And Cats, 1-Fl. Oz., 500 MG, 4"H 8 217 4.24   ended
2709 11297t.jpgPeticure Petite For Grooming Cat or Dogs Nails, Comes With Plug in And Charger All in One, Works, Quiet and Comes With Collect But No Bits, Bits Can Be Purchased At Local Hardware On Harbor Freight, 8"L, Looks Good 3 14528 5.00   ended
2737 11476t.jpgHalloween Outfit For Your Small Pet, Hat and Wig, Tutu And Ball, Very Nice 3 979 2.28   ended
2746 11525t.jpgTwo New Matching Dog Beds, 27"W x 36"L Sage Green and Sherpa Zip Off Cover, Washable, New With Tags, Nice 9 1394 17.50   ended
2789 11782t.jpgPetmate Small Pet Carrier, Has Zipper Openings Front And Back, Has Flaps on Side That Can Be Rolled Up or Down For Ventilation Or Privacy, 10"W x 12"L x 10"H, Includes A Pad And One Stuffed Animal, Used Very Little, Like New Condition 6 16242 8.37   ended
2902 14125t.jpgNew In Box Full Spectrum CO2 Hemp Extract For Dogs or Cats, 1 Fl. Oz. 500 MG 6 3927 3.00   ended
2903 14131t.jpgMarina Reversible Aquarium Background, 48"W x 24"H Fits From 45 to 120 Gallon Tanks, New in Package 8 11428 6.50   ended
2939 14357t.jpgTen Empty Cat Litter Buckets, Great Storage, 9"W x 12"D x 15"H 9 16953 15.50   ended
2941 14370t.jpgPetco Dog Steps, New Never Used, Plastic and Fabric, 14"W x 27"L x 21"H 12 18373 17.50   ended
2970 17049t.jpgNew in Box Full Spectrum CO2 Hemp Extract For Dogs or Cats, 1 Fl. Oz. 500 MG 6 3927 3.00   ended
3125 17049t.jpgNew in Box Full Spectrum CO2 Hemp Extract For Dogs or Cats, 1 Fl. Oz. 500 MG 6 17763 2.99   ended
3272 17926t.jpgFold And Go Pet Stroller, Folds To Transport, Some Wear From Use, In Good Condition, Measures 14"W x 28"D x 41"H 17 3615 39.50   ended
3279 17967t.jpgWooden Safety Gate, Looks In Good Condition, 21" To 42"L x 24"H 8 4886 7.50   ended
3472 24746t.jpgPlastic Four Step Pet Stairs, Fold Up To Store, Some Wear, Otherwise Good Condition, 15"W x 24"D x 19 1/2"H 22 3615 25.99   ended
3573 22118t.jpgPet Steps, Carpet Look Cover On Plastic, Help Your Pet Up Onto The Bed Or Couch, Lightweight Easy To Move, New- Never Used, 14"W x 18"D x 12"H Three Steps 5 15317 4.79   ended
3575 22127t.jpgSmall Pet Carrier Plastic And Metal, Good Condition, 12"W x 18"D x 10 1/2"H 5 301 5.50   ended
3711 21209t.jpgLarge Cat Playhouse Multi Tier, Shows Lots of Wear, Needs Repair, Fair Condition, As Is, Approx. 20"W x 48"L x 60"H 8 17296 11.00   ended
3768 21570t.jpgBird Cage in Good Condition, Comes With Toys, Chrome Steel, 25"W x 8"D x 63"H 15 1123 10.50   ended
4194 18925t.jpgAnimal Feed Scoop, 6"Diam x 12"H, Galvanized Tin, Good Condition 8 11180 8.50   ended
4324 22803t.jpgPlastic Chicken Feeder, 11"D x 10"T, Good Condition 11 301 5.50   ended
4601 25363t.jpgSanta Hat Cat House, Cloth Material, It Needs To Be Washed, In Good Condition, Approx. 17"Dia. x 16"H 11 11275 4.52   ended

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