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1168 4218t.jpgBeautiful Very Healthy 3 1/2 Foot Hanging Trailing Philodendron Plant, Looks Amazing on A Shelf in Any Room of Home or Office, Very Easy To Care For, Just Water Once a Week, Good Condition 9 13748 15.50   ended
1320 7830t.jpgHosta 'Crowned Imperial' Hardy Plant With Vigorous Growth In Good Condition, 6" Pot 8 17335 5.50   ended
1321 7835t.jpg(7) Different Perennials In 3"-4" Pots In Good Condition: Rose Campion, Bugleweed, Miniature Purple Iris, Rose of Sharon, Creeping Jenny (Ground Cover), Yellow Chamomile, "White Nancy" Lamium (Ground Cover) 14 300 8.00   ended
1325 7862t.jpgYucca 'Golden Sword' In Good Condition, Very Hardy Plant, Needs Very Little Care and Watering Once Established, 6" Pot 7 12815 11.00   ended
1892 6020t.jpgHosta Striptease Nice Mature Plant, Very Vigorous Growth, Nice White Streaks On The Leaf, 17"H x 8"W, Very Good Condition 9 12815 5.56   ended
1897 6063t.jpgHosta Golden Tiara Hardy Plant With Vigorous Growth Looks Very Good Condition, 12"Diam x 12"H 9 2295 4.99   ended
1901 12486t.jpgHosta Striptease Nice Mature Plant, Very Vigorous Growth, Nice White Streaks On The Leaf, 6" Pot in Good Condition 11 2295 5.00   ended
2220 10453t.jpgSedum Neon Very Hardy Plant, Hot Pink Flowers Over Chartreuse Foliage, 6 1/4"H Pot 10 300 7.50   ended
4041 18346t.jpgJack and Pulpit Seeds, Been Grown in Garden I Plant In State Parks and Beyond, Grows By Wet Areas, They Will Come Up Where You Plant Them 10 300 6.70   ended
4642 25569t.jpgHosta, They Come Back Year After Year, Drying Out So We Watered It On Thursday, Fair To Good Condition, The Plastic Pot Is 12"Dia. x 10"H 9 6519 4.50   ended
4707 23293t.jpgHosta Plant, Comes Back Year After Year, 12"Dia x 10"H Plastic Pot, Fair to Good Condition, Drying Out 9 17734 5.08   ended
4747 23697t.jpgSmall Hosta Plant, Comes Back Year After Year, 8"Sq Pot, Some Leaves are Dried Up Still Good Condition 2 6519 1.25   ended

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