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1 1t.jpg8-Point Whitetail Deer Shoulder Mount, Antlers 17"W, Artificial Rock Base With Post, Real Nice Mount In Very Good Condition, 24"W x 24"D x 60"T 26 13210 109.00   ended
11 61t.jpg(4) Old Duck Decoys, Slight Paint Wear But Good Condition, 13"L and 20"L: Two Herters and Two Tom Restle 7 14224 8.50   ended
28 172t.jpgMoose Antlers On Walnut Plaque 27"W x 27"T, Moose Skull Plate Covered In Dark Brown Leather, Nice Man Cave Item, Very Good Condition 19 14875 31.02   ended
39 233t.jpgDuck Candy Dispenser In Good Working Condition, Takes Any Coins, Turn Bowtie Candy, Turn Bowtie, Candy Comes Out Rear End of Duck, 10"L x 9"H 19 12515 32.00   ended
41 249t.jpgTwo Wooden Ducks By Heritage Mint LTD In Good Condition (One Has Slight Paint Chip On Tail) 12"L x 7"H 7 11116 7.00   ended
43 261t.jpgMarble Gun Cleaning Kit, Looks Complete, Outside Protective Sleeve Has Some Damage But Good Condition Otherwise, 15"L x 2"D x 5"H 8 422 10.00   ended
49 303t.jpgUsed To Scrape Hair When You Butchered Your Own Pigs, Good Condition, 3"Diam x 6"H 1 12361 1.00   ended
102 668t.jpgFun Duck Hunter's Sign, Solid Wood, States "I'm A Serious Duck Hunter So Don't Look For Me Around Here When The Season Starts" In Very Good Condition, 13"W x 11"H 6 6857 3.67   ended
153 919t.jpg48-Piece Eagle Claw Jig Assortment Fishing Tackle All New In Package, Four Per Pack, 2"L-2 1/2"L 16 17673 15.50   ended
165 976t.jpgNice Duck Statue Called "Airborne" By Clark Schreibeis, Good Condition, 6"W x 6"D x 10"H 9 3439 15.39   ended
197 1125t.jpgNice Boxed Coaster Set of Six, Box Shows Picture of Two Male Ducks and One Female Beautiful Boxed Set, Cork Back Plastic, 4 1/2"Sq 2 719 1.25   ended
239 1355t.jpgTin Embossed Sign, Winchester Shotgun Shells In Excellent Condition With Nice Vibrant Colors In Very Good Condition, 10"W x 16"H 17 14509 15.04   ended
254 1435t.jpgLarge Metal Winchester Gun Sign In Very Good Condition, 23"W x 28"T, Get Ready For Hunting Season, Very Nice 4 Small Holes In Each Corner For Hanging 11 860 14.99   ended
288 1591t.jpgPerfection Kerosene Heater In Box, Rusty But Good Condition, 13"W x 15"D x 26"H 2 11642 1.25   ended
415 4466t.jpgAwesome Fishing Lot In Very Good Condition: Antique Wicker Trout Creel and One Plastic Insulated Cooler, Approx 15"W x 9"D 10 201 16.00   ended
418 4480t.jpgTwo Mole Traps In Good Condition (Both Have Some Surface Rust), 6"W x 18"H 5 8172 5.00   ended
483 4793t.jpg35 Lbs of Lead, Great For Fishing Sinkers, Downrigger Balls and Jig Molds In Good Condition 10 9751 41.00   ended
491 4829t.jpgSharp Brand Fish Fillet Board With Fish Scaler, Board Is Wood With Metal Clamp, Comes With Instructions For Board, 23"W x 1"D x 5 1/2"H, Good Condition 6 13752 3.28   ended
492 4833t.jpg18 Riverwatch Lures In New Condition, Variety of 3"L and 4"L 14 16049 12.50   ended
501 2054t.jpgCast Net By Hicatch Mesh 3/8"Sq 3.5', American Type, Good Condition 3 3605 1.50   ended
503 2064t.jpgVariety of (18) Riverwitch Fishing Lures In New Condition, 3"L to 4"L 16 16049 15.50   ended
505 2075t.jpg(3) New Zebco Fishing Reels New In Package:Two 202 Reels With 10 Lb Line and One Genesis Reel With 10 Lb Line 15 3757 22.05   ended
506 2081t.jpgStorage Case With Lots of Ice Fishing Lures In Very Good Condition, 9"L x 4 1/2"W x 1 1/2"H 14 17673 10.50   ended
507 2086t.jpgWinchester Set Two Filet Knives With Sheaths 6" and 7" Plus Kershaw Entropy Folding Knife 1885X - Both New In Package 11 12492 16.25   ended
511 2110t.jpgSmall to Medium Sized Havahart Animal Trap In Good Condition, Works, 17"L x 5"W x 5 1/2"H 10 5630 11.50   ended
514 2126t.jpg(2) Decoy Bags, Rope, Decoy Glove In Good Condition, 11"Diam x 14"H 10 18051 9.49   ended
516 2139t.jpgShakespeare Wondereel No. 1810 In Good Shape, 6"L 6 5469 7.50   ended
527 2203t.jpg60"L Fishing Pole, Heavy Duty, Sports Fisher, Ocean Size, Good Condition 6 3180 5.10   ended
670 5279t.jpgThree Herters Bluebill Duck Decoys, From Waseca, Minn., All Are In Very Good Condition, 5 1/2"W x 14"L x 6"H 8 7039 15.50   ended
765 3042t.jpgAwesome Assortment Of Mostly New In Package Fishing Tackle, Slo-Up Jig, Walleye Willow Spoons, Mister Twister, Vintage Hot And Tots And More! Everything In This Lot Is In Good Condition To Very Good Condition, They Range In Size From 1" To 7"H 5 4390 5.50   ended
779 3138t.jpgSealine 47SH Daiwa Diameter Reel, Super High Speed, 14-Lb., .45-2.50, 5:1:1 Ratio, In Good Condition, 3 1/2"Dia. x 6"H 4 11628 9.49   ended
782 3154t.jpgNew! Ranger Landing Net, Never Used, It Measures 20"W x 24"D x 13"L Handle 12 17887 10.50   ended
792 3212t.jpgDaiwa Sealine SL175H Graphite Reel, In Good Condition, 3 1/2"Dia. x 6"L 13 12126 10.49   ended
830 3442t.jpgSalmon Fishing Pole, Rod And Reel, Daiwa Sealine 47H Reel, Daiwa Graphite Rod At 8 1/2'L Got At An Auction, Little If Any Use, In Excellent Condition 16 17722 21.50   ended
835 3474t.jpgHunting Season Is Just Around The Corner! Stay Warm In The Blind With This One-Piece Coverall From Mossy-Oak, Size XL, The Zipper Is In Need Of Repair But Overall It Is In Good Condition 3 12837 1.50   ended
838 3492t.jpgQuiver With Four Crossbow Bolts, Three With Rage Broadheads, One With Practice Head, All Look In Very Good Condition, 24"L 17 18236 31.00   ended
844 3526t.jpgNew Condition! A Variety Of 3" And 4"L River Witch Fishing Lures, (18) Total! 9 13384 15.00   ended
845 3531t.jpgStorm Official Lures, A Great Assortment Of Four Deep Thunderstick Jr. Lures And Two Hot And Tot's, Those Walleye And Steelhead Don't Stand A Chance Against These! In Very Good Condition, 3" To 5"L 11 14088 16.50   ended
868 3663t.jpgStorm Official Lures, Great Assortment Of Four Hot And Tots, One Is A Rattler, All Are In Good Condition To Very Good Condition, Some Paint Loss On One That Doesn't Affect The Use, 3"L 10 11308 11.45   ended
902 6089t.jpgRCBS Bullet Mold, Used, Looks In Very Good Condition, Untested, 1 3/4"W x 10 3/4"L 3 9751 10.61   ended
936 6294t.jpgGame Caller In Camo Bag, San Angelo Brand, In Waterproof Bag, Includes Seven Different Call Tapes, 12-V Internal 110-Volt On Charger, 12V Access Plug On ORV-Or ATV, Works, Great External Speaker At 4" Needs New Battery, Works, 110-V Or ATV, In Good Condition, Case Measures 15"W x 8"D x 8"H 3 7745 20.50   ended
941 6327t.jpgLike New! Gorilla Gear Vest Type Safety Harness With Booklet, Used Only Once, 6"W x 6"L x 15"H 6 10478 13.02   ended
945 6345t.jpgThree Vintage Fishing Tackle Boxes Plus One Vintage Bait Container, All Are In Very Good Condition And All Tackle Boxes Have Vintage Lures And Tackle Supplies, The Largest On Has A Lot Of Lead Downrigger Weights, The Tackle Boxes Measure 19"W x 12"D x 15"H, The Bait Box Is 14"W x 6"D x 7"H, Very Much Usable Condition, Ready For Your Crawlers 18 17673 17.00   ended
948 6360t.jpgSealine 47SH Daiwa Diameter .45-2.500, Reel, 14-Lb. To 25-Lb. Super High Speed, Gear Ratio 5:1:1, In Good Condition, 5"W x 4"H 9 1370 7.01   ended
1137 4060t.jpgJohnson Rod and Reel 5'5" in Good Condition 7 6259 4.25   ended
1138 4067t.jpgWood Gun Rack For 5'L Guns, 3'H x 2 1/2 Feet in Good Condition 9 15945 21.50   ended
1244 7326t.jpgTwo Ice Fishing Sleds, Both Made of Wood, As Is, Fair Condition, 15"W x 22"D x 18"H With Soft Seat and Rod Holders, 13 1/2"W x 20"D x 18 1/2"H, Both Sleds Could Use Some TLC 2 11079 2.25   ended
1291 7635t.jpgVery Nice Made in USA Timber King Camo Hunting Jacket, Stay Warm on Those Cool Mornings, With This Jacket, Size Small/Medium? Very Good Condition 4 16808 1.75   ended
1349 8003t.jpgVintage Pachmayr Gun Works White Line Gun Recoil Pad In Good Condition, Rubber and plastic, 5 3/4"L x 1 5/8"W 13 5151 10.50   ended
1360 8059t.jpgFly Trout Fishing Creel Basket With Harness and Attached Tackle Boxes, Good Condition, Use or Display, 7"W-11"W 12 2880 15.40   ended

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