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48 298t.jpgBeautifully Hand Painted Carved Wood Owl On Piece of Wood, Lots of Detail! Few Light Scuffs On Owl Otherwise Good Condition, 7"W x 5"D x 7"H 10 7693 10.50   ended
101 663t.jpgColorful Ceramic Turkey In Shades of Orange/Rust/Green, 10"T 12 14187 11.00   ended
109 697t.jpg(2) Bronze Colored Dolphin Figurines 7"T and A Joh Perry Dolphin Stone Sculpture 4"T All In Good Condition 9 18351 5.59   ended
121 755t.jpgTom Clark "Signed" Collectible Gnome #72 1986 Edition "Florence" 5"W x 8"H 15 16890 10.50   ended
122 760t.jpgGlass "Moon and Stars 9 3/4"Diam Footed Bowl 5"T No Chips or Cracks - Very Good Condition 5 15070 3.75   ended
123 764t.jpgReally Nice Carved Deer By Wood Art Products, Felt Bottom, Excellent Condition, 4 1/2"L x 2 1/2"W x 4 1/2"T 7 11116 7.00   ended
125 772t.jpg(6) Beautifully Painted Plates With Patterns of Fruits/Nuts/Berries On Leaves, Plates Are Stamped, Made In Germany, Pretty Scalloped Gold Toned Rim, Very Good Condition, 7 1/2" Each 1 1009 1.00   ended
127 783t.jpgWillow Tree Celebrating The Miracle Of New Life In Great Condition, Hand Painted Resin 5"T 10 6680 12.50   ended
135 822t.jpgVintage Disney Pocahontas Ceramic Bank By Enesco In Great Condition, 4 1/2"W x 7 1/2"W 6 16808 6.00   ended
137 833t.jpg"Coin" Glass Amber Candy Jar With Lid, No Chips or Cracks In Very Good Condition, 6 5/16"T 3 12463 3.25   ended
141 853t.jpgReally Cool Antique Bronze Rooster On Marble Base, Fun Piece, Some Imperfections In Marble In Fair to Good Condition, 6"L x 7"H 5 18378 7.00   ended
146 878t.jpgUnique Ceramic Gift For A Couple or Collector, 3"W x 12"T, Good Condition, Carved Wood Look 5 13748 5.50   ended
168 992t.jpgPiece Boyd Bear Lot In Excellent Condition Up To 6"T: Globe (Music Box Does Not Work); Music Box; Two Yesterday's Child The Dollstone Collection 13 8453 6.50   ended
186 1069t.jpgMan Riding Horse Carved Wood Statue 9 1/2"L x 15"H, Hat Is Chipped Otherwise Good Condition 1 512 1.00   ended
191 1096t.jpgVery Pretty Franklin Mint Heirloom 8"Diam Plate In Very Good Condition, "Beginners Luck" Signed and Numbered, Comes With Hanger, Very Cute With Puppies On It! 4 11775 4.25   ended
199 1137t.jpg(2) 5 1/2"T Resin Willow Tree Figurines In Very Good Condition: Angel of Spring and Angel of the Garden 8 6680 10.50   ended
201 1146t.jpgGeorge Washington Ceramic Bronze Color Sculpture In Good Condition, 7"W x 12"H 6 15889 2.50   ended
210 1196t.jpg2-Piece Boyd Bear Birthday Figurines In Excellent Condition, Great For Collector!, 6"T-7"T 4 12627 2.03   ended
211 1202t.jpgCute Set of Vintage Home Co. Pair of Grandpa & Grandma, Grandpa Is Smoking His Pipe and Is Carrying A Shoves and Grandma Is Plucking and Cleaning Grapes, So Darling They Would Be A Great Gift or Addition To Collection, Marked 1433 In Very Good Condition, 14"L x 4"W x 8"H 9 11701 3.64   ended
212 1210t.jpgPrecious Moments Figurine In Box In Very Good Condition: 2010 Symbol of Membership and Life Is Souper With You In The Mix, 5 1/2"T 6 15863 8.01   ended
222 1255t.jpgBeautiful 3-Piece Robert Nemith Keepsake Boxes In Very Good Condition, 2"W-7"W 10 14277 11.05   ended
227 1290t.jpgVintage 1940's Bavaria Dresser Box, Box Is Stamped and Signed and Footed!, Gorgeous Rose Covered Top With A Filigree Gold Toned Metal Encrusting Both The Bottom of the Lid and The Top Of The Bottom, 6"H 14 15889 7.00   ended
228 1297t.jpgDreamsicle Figurines In Fair to Good Condition 2"H to 7"H: Free Puppies; You're My Shining Star; All Star Police and Five More Without Stickers 5 10141 8.00   ended
229 1304t.jpg(2) Snowglobes In Very Good Condition 6"H: San Francisco Music Box Co "The Unchained Melody" and The Other Is Two Precious Children 1 11204 1.00   ended
235 1335t.jpgNew In Box Old English Sheepdog Swarovski Crystal Jewelry Trinket Box , 4"W x 3"D x 6"H 9 564 10.50   ended
236 1341t.jpgVintage Capodimonte Dove Starlite Figurine Made In Italy In Good Condition, 10"H 8 14277 15.52   ended
246 1385t.jpgTwo Beautiful Ladies, One Appears To Be A Bride With Embossed Rose Bouquet and The Other Is European Lady With Embossed Dress, Stamped YH and Dated On Bottom In Very Good Condition, 11"H 26 16897 39.55   ended
587 2546t.jpg8 Sconces In Great Condition 5 1/2"Diam x 14"H: Great For Centerpieces for Christmas Tables, Put Bulbs In or Candles, Even Try Painting 1 14297 1.00   ended
594 2598t.jpg10-Piece Boyd Bear Lot In Excellent Condition, 1 1/2"T to 4 1/2"T: Three Miniature Treasure Boxes; Two Treasure Boxes; Four Boyd Bear Pieces; Ornament - Great For the Collector! 13 12627 5.00   ended
595 2605t.jpgMatching Ceramic Decoration In Very Good Condition: Bag and T-Shirt, 4"H & 6"H 2 10568 1.25   ended
598 2625t.jpgJim Shore Figurine "A Prayer of Thankfulness" Dinner Blessings Angel Still In Box, 9 1/2"T 15 7389 11.26   ended
614 4952t.jpgGreen Glass Fruit Bowl, Sunflower Look Design, In Good Condition, 10"Dia. x 3"H 4 18286 8.00   ended
636 5102t.jpgTwo Very Pretty Crystal Candy Dishes, Both Have A Beautiful Cut Pattern And Unique Lids, These Are Great Vintage Pieces, No Chips Or Cracks! In Very Good Condition, 3 1/2"Dia. x 5"H And 5 1/2"Dia. x 4"H 3 11116 3.04   ended
639 5117t.jpgRoyal Lace Pattern Depression Glass, 96-Oz. Pitcher With Ice Lip, No Chips Or Cracks, In Very Good Condition, 6"Dia. x 9"H 7 11116 5.50   ended
640 5123t.jpgBeautiful Crystal Bowls, Heavy In Weight, They Make A Great Addition To Any Curio Cabinet Or Collection, Amazingly Cut With Decorations, In Good Condition, 8"Dia. x 2 3/4"H 3 11116 1.75   ended
643 5139t.jpgVintage Cat Bank, Molded Plastic, 1981 Union Carbide Corp., In Good Condition, It Measures 8"L x 3 1/4"D x 6"H 9 12338 4.75   ended
644 5143t.jpgFenton Silver Crest Platter, No Chips Or Cracks, In Very Good Condition, 12" 5 16481 6.50   ended
645 5147t.jpgTwo Gorgeous Silver-Plated Rimmed Glass Serving Dishes, Could Be Used Together For Chips And Salsa, Etc., Or They Stand On Their Own! They Measure 4 1/2"Dia. x 3 1/2"H And 9"Dia. x 3"H 1 7490 1.00   ended
646 5153t.jpgE.P. Brass Duck Bank, It's Blue Eyes Look Like Glass, There Is No Stopper On The Bottom, In Good Condition Overall, 4 1/2"W x 3"D x 5 1/2"H 2 3439 1.25   ended
649 5170t.jpgGorgeous Heavy Glass Conversation Piece, It Would Look Great On A Mantel Or In A Curio Cabinet, In Very Good Condition, 17"W x 4"D x 4"H 3 11116 4.28   ended
651 5179t.jpgBeautiful Glass Tray For Cookies Or Cake, In Very Good Condition, 11"Dia. 7 13687 3.25   ended
652 5183t.jpgSmall Decorative Crystal Dish, A Few Chips On The Rim, Still Beautiful! In Overall Good Condition, It Measures 6"W x 4 1/2"D x 1 1/2"H 1 17673 1.00   ended
653 5187t.jpgFenton Silver Crest Ruffled Edge Compote, It Is In Very Good Condition And It Measures 4"H 7 11116 6.50   ended
655 5198t.jpgBeautiful Crystal Covered Dishes, One Is For Butter Or Cheese, The Others Can Be Used For Anything, The Butter Dish Is 6"Dia. x 4"H And The Other Is 5"Dia. x 5"H 5 7389 4.32   ended
656 5203t.jpgThree Beautiful Antique Glass Serving Dishes, Two Are Lovely Serving Dishes And One Is A Gorgeous Mayonnaise Jar For Your Table, One Rim Chip Otherwise In Very Good Condition, The Sizes Range From 3"Dia. x 5"H To 8"Dia. x 5"H 5 8279 3.50   ended
658 5215t.jpgBeautiful Antique Glass Cake Plate On A Pedestal, It Would Look Gorgeous With Your Creations From The Kitchen On It, In Very Good Condition, 11"Dia. x 5"H 5 16481 4.25   ended
659 5220t.jpgRound Glass Dish, Divider Glass In The Middle To Separate Items, Swirled Around The Edge, In Very Good Condition, 7 1/2"DIa. x 1 1/2"H 3 18209 4.32   ended
661 5232t.jpgBeautiful Heavy Crystal Small Bowl With Lip, The Bowl Has Frosted Roses Around The Top, In Very Good Condition, 5"Dia. x 6"H 2 7389 1.00   ended
662 5237t.jpgLarge Decorative Molded Glass Bowl, Beautiful! In Very Good Condition, 10 1/2"Dia. x 3"H 2 3557 1.25   ended
663 5243t.jpgTwo Beautiful Tulip Design Candle Holders On A Pedestal, Crystal That Was Handcrafted By The Block Company, Both Are In Very Good Condition And They Measure 4"Dia. x 7"H 1 17667 1.00   ended

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