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807 3293t.jpg12-Cents And 15-Cents Comics Including: Lone Ranger, Batman, Superman, Tom & Jerry, Tower Of Shadows And More! All Look In Very Good Condition, 7"W x 11"L 9 3719 12.49   ended
812 3325t.jpgTwo Small He-Man Comic Books Plus Other Misc. Cardboard Cut-Out Pieces Of Action Figures, One Comic Book Has Rips On The Edges, In Fair To Good Condition, 4"W x 6"H 3 17850 1.75   ended
2959 14487t.jpgAssorted Comics, All Bagged And Boarded, Most Very Good Condition, Many Desirable And Variant Cover Comics Included, Best Comics of Lot Include Vintage Star Wars, X Men #4, Punisher #1, The Amazing Spider Man, Unmasked At Last, Approx. 20 16 6220 16.50   ended
4221 22339t.jpgAdventures Of the Outsiders Comic Book, Some Small Tears, Fair To Good Condition 1 15842 1.00   ended

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