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23 255t.jpgSet Of Four Vintage Hardcover Books Including "When Shadows Die" Wrapped In A Set Of Four With Burlap Ribbon, All Ready To Add To Your Decor! Overall Good Condition 8 15206 7.50   ended
45 395t.jpgTwo Classic Rock Magazines From Winter 1988 About John Lennon, 64 Pages And 36 Pages Of Color, No Writing Or Rips But Some Creases And Very Slight Yellowing From Age, Overall Very Good Condition 6 12111 4.48   ended
101 8114t.jpgLot Of Five Vintage SAGA Magazines From 1956-1960, Originally These Were 50¢, Good Condition 7 9028 11.51   ended
152 8371t.jpgFive House Repair And Design Books Including Your Home Kitchens, Bathrooms, Country House, Decks, Kitchen Ideas; Good Condition 5 15192 2.50   ended
155 8391t.jpgVariety Of Six Chicken Soup For The Soul Books Including For The Christian Soul, Unsinkable Soul, Cat & Dog Lover's Soul, Mother's Soul, 2nd Addition Of Mother's Soul And Loving Our Dogs; They Are In Good Condition And From A Smoke-Free Home 8 13928 6.01   ended
270 1160t.jpgVariety Of Different Bibles And Books Including The One Year Bible, Prophets And Kings, Children's Bible, Smaller Holy Bible, And Two Larger Older Bibles; Unsure If They're Antique But Only White One Has A Little Binder Tear, Overall Good Condition 7 15348 5.50   ended
301 1348t.jpgNine Misc. Comics, Six Are Regular Size And Three Are Small Size: Combat, Care Bears, A-Team, Archie, War - Good Condition 3 12627 1.50   ended
307 1386t.jpgSix Golden Books From A 1200-Book Collection, All Are Hardcover Editions Including: Tom Thumb 3553 "A" Edition, 1958, Tom And Jerry's Photo Finish 124 1st Edition 1974, Tom And Jerry's Party 235 "I" Edition 1976, Tommy Visits The Doctor 480 "B" Edition 1964, Tommy's Camping Adventure 471 "B" Edition 1970, Tommy's Wonderful Rides 63 "C" Edition 1950 - All Have Some Wear, Fair To Good Condition 12 12306 8.16   ended
313 1420t.jpgThe Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide - Good Condition 2 5464 1.00   ended
318 1453t.jpgPirates Of The Caribbean Book, Beautifully Illustrated, Gives The Backgrounds Of The Characters, Map, Many Surprises - Good Condition 6 15141 5.50   ended
324 1479t.jpgTwo Books On Diana, Princess Of Wales: The Country Life Book Of Diana, Princess Of Wales And The Country Life Book Of The Royal Wedding - Very Good Condition 1 15155 1.00   ended
371 1758t.jpgMiss Manners' Guide For The Turn Of The Millennium By: Judith Martin - Good Condition 1 13928 1.00   ended
386 1842t.jpgArchitecture 101, A Crash Course In Style, Form And Structure - Good Condition 1 3575 1.00   ended
396 1888t.jpgTraditional Family Home Plans Book Of Floor Plans - Like New 1 1209 1.00   ended
416 2012t.jpgTwilight Saga Four Book Boxed Set - Still In Good Condition 7 13801 4.33   ended
444 2193t.jpgBox Lot Of (30+) Art Collector's And Interior Design Paperback Books - Good Condition 3 4589 5.50   ended
457 2297t.jpgUphill Downhill Yamhill By: John M. Tess, The Evolution Of the Yamhill Historic District In Portland, Oregon - Good Condition 2 8917 1.25   ended
498 2549t.jpgAntique 1955 Book Productions Large Coffee Table Bible, King James Version, No Writing Or Major Wear - Good Condition 16 12996 7.45   ended
571 2976t.jpgEight Paperback Schroeder's Antique's Price Guides - All In Good Condition 4 1740 2.75   ended
573 2992t.jpgSix Self-Help Books: Dating, Relationships, Assertiveness, "The Complete Single Mother", Most Are Paperback Editions - All In Good Condition To Very Good Condition 3 12481 2.81   ended
575 3008t.jpg(17) Books And Five Bibles, Lots Of Good Authors And Great Words, A Couple Of Them Are New, Enjoy Them Today! Both Paperback And Hardcover Editions, The Box Measures 18"W x 12"D x 5"H - They Are Smoke-Free And In Great Condition 2 1854 1.25   ended
619 3309t.jpgSix Books: Tales Of World War II, Confederate Military Land Units, Pearl Harbor, Il Duce, Reflections Of The civil War, Stories Of The Civil War - Good Condition 4 1396 1.75   ended
667 3612t.jpgEight Military Model Pamphlets, Collector's Items, Profile Publications, Marine Models, Small Arms Profile - Good Condition 5 5332 3.00   ended
709 6265t.jpgSix Aircraft Airplane History Books: Air Force Museum, Stealth Bombers, The Speed Seekers, The Largest Book Is 10"W x 13"L x 1" Thick - One Book Is Damaged But The Rest Are In Good Condition 7 5332 8.75   ended
712 6288t.jpg(30) Different Books All About God, So Many Books On So Many Different Topics And Answers To Questions You May Have - From A Smoke-Free Home And In Good Condition 2 1854 1.25   ended
721 6342t.jpgLot Of Books! Ten Wood Working, Wood Turning, Wood Craft, Landscaping, Home Repair, Decorating, This Is A Nice Lot! - Good Condition 4 2630 2.25   ended
724 6361t.jpgA Book About The St. Louis Art Museum, Handbook Of The Collection - Good Condition 1 2158 1.00   ended
741 6478t.jpgSix Golden Books From A 1200-Book Collection, All Are Hardcover Editions Including: Toby Tyler D87 "A" Edition 1960; The Tiny, Tawny Kitten 590 "A" Edition 1969; Happy Birthday Babs 111-67 1996; Lost In The Funhouse 111-79 1991; Tom And Jerry 117 "A" Edition 1951; tiger's Adventure 351 "B" Edition 1958 - All Have Some Wear, Fair Condition To Good Condition 15 12306 9.50   ended
746 6508t.jpgSix Golden Books From A 1200-Book Collection, All Hardcover Editions Including: Top Cat 453 "A" Edition 1962; The Tortoise And The Hare 207-56 "J" Edition 1997; Touché Turtle 474 "A" Edition 1962; The Toy Soldiers D99 "A" Edition 1961; Toy Story 2 Tenth Printing 2006; Toys (No Jacket) 22 Third Printing 2006 - All Have Some Wear, Fair Condition To Good Condition 14 12306 11.50   ended
808 3850t.jpgTen Marvel Comics, Each Comic Book Comes With A Bag And Board, There Are Six Cable Comics With Domino In Some And Four Call Of Duty Comics (Not The Game) Focusing On The Police And EMS - In Good Condition 4 5699 3.00   ended
809 3857t.jpgMcDonald's Happy Meal Toys For Collectors With Prices - Good Condition 10 3365 21.62   ended
812 3873t.jpgTen DC Comic Books, Each Comes With A Bag And A Board, These Are Superman In Action Comics, From 1993 to 2001 - Good Condition 7 5630 8.49   ended
815 3887t.jpgFive Books For "Better Or Worse" Comic Strip, 20 Years Of "For Better Or For Worse", 10th Anniversary Of "For Better Or For Worse", 15'th Anniversary Of "For Better Or For Worse", Special Edition: "For Better Or For Worse", Remembering Farley And All About April, 8 1/2"W x 9 1/2"H And 8"W x 8"H - All In Great Condition 6 1498 4.05   ended
817 3906t.jpgTen Marvel Comics, Each Comic Book Comes With A Bag And Board, This Lot Includes The #1 Issue Of Cable And X-Force As Well As Nine Captain America Comics - In Good Condition 5 3719 3.50   ended
880 4248t.jpgSet Of Five Easy Home Repair Binders, Complete Step-By-Step Guide To Do-It-Yourself Includes: Painting, Plumbing, Heating And Cooling, Lighting, Wiring, Masonry, Tile Work, Yard And Garden, 11"W x 3"D x 12"H - Excellent Condition 15 15192 10.50   ended
899 4352t.jpgBook! Hardcover Edition Of "Rube Goldberg, His Life And Work" By: Peter C. Marzio - Good Condition 12 8578 10.61   ended
900 4367t.jpgFour Antiquarian Honey Bunch Children's Hardcover Books From The 1920's Including Rare Titles! One Still Has It's Dust Cover, Dusty But Good Condition 22 3699 23.01   ended
908 4412t.jpg"Facts On File : Writer's Library Descriptionary 2nd Edition" Paperback Thematic Dictionary By Marc McCutcheon, Good Condition 1 2158 1.00   ended
914 4445t.jpgLarge Hardcover Book By Norman Rockwell, 1928-1943, Good Condition 6 10811 3.50   ended
918 4467t.jpgWebster's Large New Twentieth Century Hardcover Dictionary, Unabridged, Very Good Condition 3 11534 4.25   ended
938 4590t.jpgTwo Hardcover Books Including "Encyclopedia Of Flower Arranging Techniques" And "Book Of Flower Arranging" In Good Condition 2 11065 3.25   ended
1111 5048t.jpgSet Of Eleven Family Circle Do-It-Yourself Encyclopedia Hard Cover Books In Good Condition 11 14574 3.75   ended
1144 5234t.jpgTwo Hardcover Mary Engelbreit Books Including Home Companion And Christmas Companion, Very Good Condition 3 2888 1.50   ended
1147 5257t.jpgCollection Of Danielle Steele Books With (71) Hardcovers And (28) Paperbacks - Huge Lot! Start Your Collection Today Or Add To It, 99 Total! Great Condition From A Smoke-Free Home 15 11446 27.00   ended
1179 5471t.jpgTwo Large Boxes Full Of Antique Price Guides, Toys, Advertising, Antique Encyclopedias And More! Find Out How Much Your Toys Are Worth! Paperback And Hardcovers - 25 Total! Good Condition 4 12337 13.49   ended
1201 6887t.jpgTwo Large Boxes Full Of Antique Price Guides Encyclopedias, Toys, Etc. See How Much You Treasures Are Worth, Paperback and Hard Cover, Some Wear But Overall Good Condition, 1/2" to 2 1/2" Thick 6 12337 13.00   ended
1252 7185t.jpgScholastic Encyclopedia of The Presidents and Their Times, Updated 1997, Hard Cover Book, By David Rubel, Good Condition 2 13230 1.25   ended
1255 7205t.jpgBox of (24) Books, Great Authors Including Danielle Steele and Doctor Phil McGraw, Such A Different Variety But All From Smoke Free Home, Paperback and Hard Covers in Very Good Condition 3 13948 2.25   ended
1258 7231t.jpgThree Boxes of Assorted Toys, Guns, Pottery, Jewelry Etc. Price Guides, Find Out What Your Goodies are Worth, Paperbacks and Hard Cover in Good Condition, 9" to 15"H 4 12337 7.50   ended
1308 24585t.jpgVintage Music Stand and Books 4' x 2' Metal Stand, Two Totes Of Various Books, Hymnals, Sheet Music, Children and More, Fair Condition, Totes 14"L 1 4646 1.00   ended

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