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12 71t.jpgTwo Wood Red Diamond Dynamite Boxes 18"W x 12"D x 8"H In Good Condition, Some Cracks But Sturdy, Great For Display Plus One Wood Libby's Food Products Bo 15"W x 9"D x 11"H, Some Paint Spilled On Otherwise Good Condition 11 11116 11.55   ended
16 94t.jpgPair of Antique Copper Bookends Stamped 1929 and Depict A Picture Of The Aviator, Gorgeous and Heavy, Perfect For the Air Enthusiast, Never Seen Ones Like These Before, Very Good Condition, 5"W x 2"D x 6"H 12 1323 47.00   ended
18 99t.jpgAntique Metal Eskimo Fan In Good Condition For Age (Some Scratches), Tested and Works, 12"Diam x 13"H 12 558 41.00   ended
20 117t.jpgWood Antiques In Fair To Good Condition, Great For Display: Pimento Cheese Box 14"L; Yeast Foam Box 12"L; Plymouth Rock Outfit 9"L 15 8493 15.00   ended
25 154t.jpgAntique 1920's Jennings Brothers JB 1619 Tiger Bronze Bookends, Each Tiger Is Missing Part of One Leg In Fair Condition, 7"W x 4"D x 5 3/4"H 4 18280 3.09   ended
26 160t.jpgOld Wooden Barrel, Hole In Front, Probably Used Years Ago As Wine Barrell, Good Condition For Age, Would Bake A Cute Planter or Patio Table, 12"Diam x 22"H 10 14469 31.00   ended
34 203t.jpgAntique Western Electric Lineman's Phone In Good Condition For Age, 12"L x 5"W 5 15889 4.80   ended
40 243t.jpgVery Unique Decor Piece In Bright Colors In Good Overall Condition, 7"W x 9"H 2 11116 1.25   ended
47 287t.jpgCollector Pipe Holder Made of Wood, Has Six Pipes With Glass Jar In Middle, Humidor Has Some Dust But Good Condition, 7"W x 7"L x 8"H 7 8380 16.50   ended
50 307t.jpgFive Assorted Glass Insulators In Good Condition For Age, 4"H-5"H 5 11116 2.25   ended
51 26077t.jpgBlinded By Science? Lot of a 8 3/4"L x 6 3/4"W Specimen Mount Tray With 30 Vials of Unknown Material and a Vintage Corked Glass Bottle Containing 1 Oz of Ammonium Salicylate In Good Shape For Age, Science! 8 15889 11.00   ended
55 344t.jpg(3) Sailing Ships, One On Wheels, 7"L-12"L, Good Condition, Awesome Decor Pieces! 6 8628 3.25   ended
56 355t.jpg(2) Muskegon Heights Co-Op Dairy Milk Bottles In Good Condition 8"H & 10"H: One Quart and One Pint 7 13387 8.50   ended
59 376t.jpg(4) Fruit Jars With Zinc and Glass Lids In Very Good Condition 4"H to 8"H: Quarts - Star Mason; Aqua Ball; Queen Jar and Half Pint - Atlas Mason 9 7900 5.50   ended
79 492t.jpgMetal 5 Gallon Milk Can With Lid From 1950's, No Holes or Major Dents, Rusty But Solid - Good Condition, 12"Diam x 24"H 10 16902 15.50   ended
92 604t.jpgVintage Military Trunk, States Lt. Jon Endean, Good Condition For Age, Great Decor or Resale!, 29"W x 15 1/2"D x 12"H 12 17349 12.50   ended
136 26081t.jpgAntique Glass Mason Jar Atlas E-Z Seal, Antique Medicine Bottle By Wheaton USA Conacid Sulfuric H2S04, 4 1/2"T to 6"T 2 11049 1.25   ended
282 1562t.jpgDecorative Double Sided Ax/Hatchet Made of Steel and Wood, Design and "India" Embossed On One Side, Shows Wear and Ax Head Is A Little Loose and Needs To Be Tightened, 28 1/2"L 12 14104 7.39   ended
482 4790t.jpgDesert Storm Victory Series Unopened Packs 36-Count, 1991 Topps Trading Cards, Box 6"W x 7"L x 2"H 6 18196 3.75   ended
668 5267t.jpgVintage Condor Horn, The Rubber Ball Is Loose From The Horn Otherwise It Works, In Good Condition For Repair, 6"L 2 11116 1.25   ended
738 2868t.jpgTwo 1940's Children's Handkerchiefs, One 12"Sq. Cotton Child's Handkerchief With Airdale/Fox Terrier Dogs, White Background With Blue Edging And Black, White And Brown Dogs, Used But In Very Good Condition, One 8"Sq. Cotton Child's Handkerchief With Caricatures Of Animals, Off-White Background With Green And Black Animals, In Very Good Condition 9 2636 5.14   ended
743 2900t.jpgSeven Old Weather Houses, They Were Used To Tell When It Was Going To Storm, Most Work Fine, A Man With Umbrella Comes Out In Bad Weather And A Woman Comes Out For Good Weather, Some Are Made Of Plastic, Some Wood, They Can Sit On A Table Or Hang On A Wall, Weather Houses Were Usually From Germany And They Were Very Common In The 1940's And 1950's, They Need Cleaning, They Are In Fair To Very Good Condition, The Tallest Measures Approx. 5"W x 4"D x 7"H 15 14509 29.00   ended
746 2917t.jpgVintage Ice Skates, Wood Tops With Metal Runners, Some Leather Bindings, No. 22 Stamped In The Top Of The Wood, Looks Like "Fries Schaats" Stamped In The Blade, "Nedor" Stamped In The Other Blade, Circa 1900 Dutch, In Good Condition, 12"L 13 711 10.50   ended
771 3086t.jpgVintage Glass Insulators, (25+) Total! They Need Cleaning, Some Chips, In Fair To Good Condition, Approx. 3"Dia. x 4"H 3 13055 5.02   ended
823 3394t.jpgAntique Wood 12-Wood Rod Clothes Tripod Standing Drying Rack, In Good Condition, 42" x 18" x 18" 12 17232 15.00   ended
1013 6738t.jpgWWII German Stamp, Rare With Adolf Hitler on It, Genuine Authentic, Crisp Uncirculated 5 17734 2.50   ended
1188 4337t.jpgPortrait 27 1/2"H x 22 1/2"W, Some Scratches on Wood Frame, But Sturdy Condition, Portrait is Good With Glass Face 4 1323 5.50   ended
1217 7175t.jpgOil Lamps- Vintage Blue Circa 1960's 6"W x 12"H, Clear Farm Lamp CO. 4"Diam x 12"H With Shade Frame, Heavy Glass Shade With Metal Frame 6"W x 5"L, All in Very Good Condition 4 1722 15.26   ended
1233 7258t.jpgOil Glass Lamp, Blue In Good Condition, 23"H 11 16527 16.26   ended
1367 8099t.jpgFun Antique Ship Made Out of Horn In Very Good Condition, Great For The Ship Collector, 6"T 6 15889 5.60   ended
1386 8204t.jpgAntique Primitive Farm Yard Bell, Rope Handle, Nice Deep Sound, Good Condition, 4"Diam x 9"H 11 17417 16.50   ended
1387 8208t.jpgAntique Leather Horse Collar In Good Condition, Great Rustic Display Piece, 18"W x 22"L 18 16099 12.61   ended
1395 8261t.jpg(3) Vintage Oil Lamps In Good Condition, Works, Complete With Globes, Great For The Lamp Collector: 15"T Metal Lamp; 18 3/4"T and 16 1/2"T Glass Lamps 8 13898 7.05   ended
1399 8286t.jpgSuper Cool Vintage Child Size Leather Belt With Gun Holsters!, Have Neat Longhorn Steer On Them, Belt Made In Paris and 26"L - Stamped On The Inside, Great Find! 8 17232 7.00   ended
1400 11862t.jpgVintage Set Of Three Coasters Made In England, All Have Printed Scenes On The And They Look In Good Condition, 4"W x 4"H         ended
1409 11912t.jpgGlass Insulators (17) Pieces, Hemingray 45 And 42, Some Are Chipped, Fair To Good Condition, 3 1/2"Dia. x 4"H 1 10833 1.00   ended
1549 8513t.jpgAntique Cast Iron Car, The Wheels Still Roll, It's Really Adorable, Very Good Condition, 5 1/2"L x 3"T 18 247 7.50   ended
1671 9123t.jpgLongaberger Basket With Two Inserts And Liners, In Good Condition, Approx. 5"W x 4"D x 3 1/2"H 6 4383 3.50   ended
1683 9184t.jpgFun Find! Pretty Antique Hat Pin Holder, Blue Floral Pattern, No Chips, In Excellent Condition, Approx. 4"Dia. x 5"H 8 10588 8.50   ended
1757 9625t.jpgSet Of Three Collectible Boyd Bears, In Very Good Condition, They Measure 4 1/2"W x 5 1/2"H 6 16999 8.50   ended
1830 5660t.jpgVery Rare 1930's Fageol Walkee Bike, Three Wheel Children's Scooter Made of Steel and Has Rubber Wheels, Manufactured in Kent Ohio, Paint Loss and Seat Material Needs Replacing, Wheels Still Roll Well, 19"W x 22"D x 17"H, Very Very Cool Old Toy! Good Condition 3 1463 3.25   ended
1836 5692t.jpgBag of Cub Scout Stuff, Five Items, Red Vest With Badges, Belt, Hat, Two Clips 2 1035 1.25   ended
1841 5720t.jpgRat Trap 9"L x 4"W, Pig Scraper 5"Diam x 5"H, Both in Good Condition For Age 3 13898 2.78   ended
1844 5737t.jpgFive Vintage Atlas Jars With Two Lids, Blue Ball Jar, Antique Medicine Bottles, Two Decorative Jars, 5" x 10", All Very Good Condition, No Chips or Cracks 5 6861 3.25   ended
1856 5806t.jpgVintage Children's Glass and Diecast Metal Classic Gumball Machine, In Good Condition, 7"W x 13"H 8 5688 5.00   ended
1858 5819t.jpgTwo Piece Vintage Lamp and Flashlight, Dietz Little Wizard Oil Lamp, Made in Syracuse NY, Intact 8"W x 12"H, Vintage Blue Flashlight With Stand, 6"W x 7"D x 9"H, They Are Both In Good Condition 13 5940 12.00   ended
1859 5825t.jpgVintage Baby Scale, Nursery Scale, For Repair or Parts, Incomplete, As Is, Fair Condition, 7 3/4"H x 6 1/2"W         ended
1860 5830t.jpgBerger Oil Lamp and Delta Flashlight, 6V, Made in USA, 6"W x 6"D x 7"H, Good Patina, Vintage Oil Lamp, Appears Intact 15"H x 8"W, Two Piece Set 15 5940 23.00   ended
1869 5879t.jpgAntique Cast Iron Horse With Milk Cart, 10 1/2"L x 4"H, It Was Repainted Before I Got It, Super Cute 17 4959 16.00   ended
1895 6042t.jpgAntique Ice Box, Gibson Trademark Cambria, 24"W x 16"D x 41"H, Very Good Condition For Age 36 6315 177.95   ended

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