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1 113t.jpgSeven-Tine Steel Pike Spear Used On Saginaw Bay, Wide Seven-Tine For Bigger Fish, Good Condition And 9"W x 58"L 14 14677 14.11   ended
2 118t.jpgVintage Anchor Ringer Wooden Wash Tub Stand, No Tub, Some Wear And Rust But Overall Good Condition, 15"W x 45"T 10 13988 21.87   ended
3 130t.jpgThis Classic GCG Studio Mirror Is From Garden Ridge And Has Beautiful Warm Tones, Very Good Condition And 38"W x 38"T 21 9849 23.50   ended
4 136t.jpgVintage Cast Iron Wheel, Weighs 39 Pounds! Some Rust But Good Condition Still, 6 1/2" Hub, 26"D x 3"W 16 13177 19.00   ended
5 141t.jpgDecorative Wooden Birdhouse Chair, Some Minor Wood Damage But Still Good Condition, 11"W x 12"D x 56"T 7 14226 8.50   ended
6 148t.jpgTwo Rawlings Baseball Gloves Including A Basketweave Deep Well Pocket (RBG70) And A Deepwell Pocket (OR519); Both In Good Condition 6 1490 5.50   ended
7 156t.jpgTwo Vintage Milk Cans Including A Four Quart Metal And A Two Quart Aluminum Leyse; Also Comes With A Nice Lockshore Glass Milk Bottle From Kalamazoo! Good Condition, 8 1/2" Tall 19 13538 20.00   ended
8 166t.jpgVintage Metal Trunk Marked "Jack Broodo", Some Of The Corner Trim Is Coming Off And There's Dents, Scuffs And Some Water Marks On The Inside But It's Still Super Cool And Fair To Good Condition, 27"W x 15"D x 9"T 2 13988 3.00   ended
9 174t.jpgClassic "Quiet Places" Picture In A Nice Wooden Frame With Glass Face, The Quieter You Become The More You Can Hear - Lovely Artwork! Very Good Condition And 40"W x 16"T 10 15192 26.00   ended
10 180t.jpgUnique Cafe Picture In Nice Rustic Wooden Frame With Glass Face, Very Good Condition And 31 1/2"W x 25 1/2"T 5 12721 4.50   ended
11 185t.jpgTwo Vintage Beer Mirrors Including A Michelob And A Schlitz, Both In Wooden Frames And In Good Condition, 13"W x 13"T 15 1811 13.01   ended
12 191t.jpgVintage Super Lectric Metal Blade Fan, Dirty And Some Wear But Overall Good Condition - Would Be A Super Cool Display Piece! Untested & As Is, 8" Blades And 11 1/2" Tall, UPDATE - Tested And Working 9 1720 12.00   ended
13 197t.jpgDark Amethyst Glass Medicine Bottle From Baird Bros. Co. (Cleveland, OH); Very Good Condition And 5" Tall 9 10334 9.25   ended
14 202t.jpgVintage Wooden Duck Decoy - Very Early! Some Paint Wear From Years Of Use But Still Very Cool And Overall Good Condition! 14" Long 22 1748 26.80   ended
15 207t.jpgVintage Swisher Cigar Box Filled With Various Drill Bits, Some Vintage And Some Very High End, All Working And In Good Condition, 3-9" Bits In 8 1/2"W x 5 1/2"D x 2 1/2"T Box 5 15399 7.61   ended
16 213t.jpgTwo Shooter's Bible Books From 1953 And 1959, Really Cool To See All The Old Models, Ads And Prices! Overall Good Condition 9 5464 4.50   ended
17 220t.jpgTwo Antique Heavy Cast Iron Sad Irons And Four Trivets, Coal Iron With Chimney (Missing Lock Mechanism), Chattanooga Sad Iron And Possibly A #6; The Trivets Include A Ypsilanti, Wilton, Pineapple Motif (#260) And An Unmarked; Overall Good Condition, 5 1/2" To 7 1/2" Long 17 13538 21.50   ended
18 230t.jpgTwo Vintage Wooden & Metal Barn Pulleys Including A "Starline", Split Wood On One But Overall Good Condition And Very Cool, Both About 11" Tall 23 9925 19.50   ended
19 237t.jpgLarge Vintage Wooden Barn Pulley - You Don't Seem Them This Big Too Often! Good Condition, 31 9925 22.00   ended
20 241t.jpgDecorative Home Decor Canvas 3D Picture In Good Condition, 24"W x 36"T 11 15289 4.10   ended
21 246t.jpgBeautiful Vintage 1920's Classic Porto Ramos Pinto Foodware Art On A Plate/Tray, Very Vibrant Look! Look On eBay! Very Good Condition, 14 1/2"W x 19"T 9 5464 26.00   ended
22 250t.jpgBeautiful Oil Painting On Heavy Thick Cardboard - Pre-1950! Frameable And In Good Condition, 13 3/4"W x 10"T 3 2562 2.00   ended
23 255t.jpgSet Of Four Vintage Hardcover Books Including "When Shadows Die" Wrapped In A Set Of Four With Burlap Ribbon, All Ready To Add To Your Decor! Overall Good Condition 8 15206 7.50   ended
24 263t.jpgThree 1.5 Coil Spring Fox Traps, Ready For Dye & Wax, Only Used One Season - Rusty But Good Condition, About 5"W x 5"L 15 14878 10.00   ended
25 270t.jpgBeautiful Suede Leather Rifle Sling With Quick Detach Swivels, Some Wear But Overall Good Condition And 30" Long 13 297 21.00   ended
26 275t.jpgVintage Lightweight Trapping Shovel, Used For Digging Trap Beds When Trapping Fox And Coyote, Only Used One Season, Great Too For Planting Flower Bulbs, Good Condition And 21" Long 12 10693 5.00   ended
27 281t.jpgWolf Cubs Figurine Resin Crafted And Painted Entirely By Hand In Stratford Upon Avon England, Felt Bottom, Excellent Condition, 6 1/2"W x 4 1/2"D x 5"T 5 12721 4.25   ended
28 286t.jpgTwo Plastic Breyer Horses, Both Are Marked On The Inner Thigh With The Breyer Mark, The Lighter Horse Has A Small White Mark On Left Leg And The Darker Horse Has White Tips On His Ears, Great Collectible Pieces For The Horse Lover! Very Good Condition And 7 1/2"L x 7"T 10 11116 12.00   ended
29 294t.jpgVintage All-Metal Double-Wide Hibachi Grill With Wooden Handles, Good Condition And 10"W x 24"L x 10"T 7 10773 6.50   ended
30 300t.jpgVintage All-Metal Jack And Metal Pulley, Jack Has A Cap That Can Extend Or Flip Off - Model T Era? Overall Good Condition And Pulley Is 7" Tall And Jack Is 12" Tall 5 80 3.25   ended
31 307t.jpg1940's Vintage Emerson All-Metal Office Fan, Made In St. Louis! Rusty And Needs Cleaning But Good Condition Overall And Working! 17"W x 11"D x 22"T 8 13819 15.50   ended
32 316t.jpgTwo Vintage Barn Pulleys, Wood And Metal, Some Wear & Rust But Overall Good Condition, Both About 10" Long 30 11544 23.50   ended
33 322t.jpgAntique Thick Embossed Leather Satchel Purse With Old Picture, Made In Spain, This Beauty Is All Hand-Stitched With Black Rawhide String, The Picture Is An Oval 5" x 3", Brass Snap And Inside No Liner A Drop-In Zip Pocket, No Name Just A Stamp, Heavy, Thick And In Good Condition, 10"W x 12"T With 32" Strap 12 14889 10.00   ended
34 329t.jpgTwo-Handle Draw Shave, This Tool Is Used To Take The Fat Off Of Skinned Animal Hides When Trapping, Some Rust But Good Condition And Cool For Decor! 22" Long 4 297 9.25   ended
35 334t.jpg4" Heavy Steel/Iron Rings, Rusty But Strong And In Good Condition, 6 1/2' Long 12 80 13.38   ended
36 339t.jpgVintage Wooden Cleaning Rod With Ammo Paper Casings And Rifle Shells In Vintage Box, Good Condition, Rod Is 36" Long And The Box Is 9"W x 3"D x 3"T 18 12858 37.00   ended
37 348t.jpgVintage Collectible Champagne Bottle, White Seal Moet & Chandon Epernay, France, Empty, Missing Cork And Some Wear But Overall Good Condition And 14 1/2" Tall 1 8603 1.00   ended
38 354t.jpgLeaves Home Decor Picture By Helen Keller In A Gold Tone Frame, Good Condition And 18 3/4"W x 22 3/4"T 7 148 2.75   ended
39 359t.jpgPair Of Antique Woodland Art Pieces Including One Of Ducks And Another With A Bear, Beautiful Shellac Finish And Believed To Be From The Early 60's! The Artwork On Both Pieces Has No Cosmetic Issues And Are Great Period Works For The Cabin, Both In Excellent Condition And 12"W x 16"T And 13"W x 17"T 12 2295 15.25   ended
40 365t.jpgBeautiful Picture Of A Vase With Roses In A Lovely Goldtone Frame, Good Condition, 34"W x 31"T 21 3420 31.12   ended
41 370t.jpgNice Beveled Mirror With Oak Look Frame, Contemporary Design In Good Condition With Only Minor Wear, 25"W x 32"T 3 8410 1.50   ended
42 375t.jpgNew In Plastic Tool Rules Tin Sign - "Don't Touch 'Em, Don't Borrow 'Em...", Perfect Christmas Gift! 12"W x 8"T 19 14940 19.00   ended
43 380t.jpgTwo Vintage Crates Including A White Seal/Maison Fondee Wooden Crate With Divided Interior (Made In France), And Also A Sani-Clean With Metal Reinforced Corners (Midland/Bay City/Saginaw); Both In Overall Good Condition Besides Some Minor Wear, Great Decor! 20"W x 9"D x 3 1/2"T And 13 1/2"W x 9 1/2"D x 10"T 10 11116 7.00   ended
44 388t.jpgThree 1.5 Lb. Coil Spring Fox Traps With Swivels And Stakes, Ready For Wax & Dye! Only Used For One Season, Rusty But Overall Good Condition, 5"W x 5"L With 15" Spikes 8 14878 13.00   ended
45 395t.jpgTwo Classic Rock Magazines From Winter 1988 About John Lennon, 64 Pages And 36 Pages Of Color, No Writing Or Rips But Some Creases And Very Slight Yellowing From Age, Overall Very Good Condition 6 12111 4.48   ended
46 403t.jpgLufkin 50' Tape Measure With Chrome Clad Body, Made In Saginaw! Reel Works Great And Overall Very Good Condition, 3 1/2" Diameter 10 11105 13.00   ended
47 409t.jpgAntique Lead Supply Co. Cake That Weighs About Three Pounds, Used Back In The Day To Make Your Own Fishing Sinkers! Overall Good Condition, 3 1/2"W x 3 1/4"L x 1 1/4"T 10 10369 4.50   ended
48 411t.jpgUniversity Of Michigan Marble Book Ends, Heavy Queen Stone Bookends, Each Has The U Of M Emblem, Very Good Condition, 4"W x 2 7/8"D x 6"T 17 564 19.50   ended
49 416t.jpgPlastic Mallard Duck Decoy By Flambeau, Hole In The Bottom Can Be Fixed But Overall Good Condition, 15" Long 4 991 2.25   ended
50 422t.jpgMedium Sized Anvil Bench Vise, Works Great And Is Ready To Use! Good Condition, 4"W x 10"L x 5"T 11 14770 11.00   ended

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