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1 1t.jpg8-Point Whitetail Deer Shoulder Mount, Antlers 17"W, Artificial Rock Base With Post, Real Nice Mount In Very Good Condition, 24"W x 24"D x 60"T 26 13210 109.00   ended
2 8t.jpgAntique Scythe With 30" Blade, Has Adjustable Angle For Blade, Stands 60"T, Good Condition For Age, Great Display 9 15725 8.50   ended
3 13t.jpg3-Drawer Side Table, The FRonts of the Drawer Looks Like There Is Nine Drawers Though, Cute Little Stand With Dainty Flower Decals In Good Condition, 12 1/2"W x 10"D x 28 1/2"H, Solid Unit! 15 17277 12.50   ended
4 21t.jpgMiller High Life Beer Mirror 18"Sq, Opening Day By Zoellick With Wire Hanger, Ready For Deer Camp Cabin or Man Cave, Very Good Condition 10 13840 41.12   ended
5 29t.jpgGlass Tiffany-Like Lamp, 15" Base x 12"T, Includes Light Bulb, Cord and Chain, Works, Has A Couple Cracks In Glass Otherwise Good Condition 13 3567 8.61   ended
6 36t.jpgVintage Look Metal Coke Sign 12 1/4"W x 16 1/2"H In Good Condition Overall, Cool Coca-Cola Display Piece 3 12312 4.25   ended
7 40t.jpgCoca-Cola Picture of Motorcycle With Sidecar, Frame 10"W x 16 1/2"H, Some Damage To Bottom of Frame Otherwise Good Condition 4 5906 2.00   ended
8 45t.jpgElvis, Monroe, Dean, Bogart Puzzle Picture in Very Nice Wooden Frame In Good Condition Overall, 24"W x 24"H 4 5915 3.26   ended
9 49t.jpgVery Colorful Bird Thermometer In Good Overall Condition (Slight Discolor), 12 1/2"Diam 7 6152 10.50   ended
10 54t.jpgBud Light Metal Sign Has Wear Otherwise Good Condition, 35"W x 17"H 10 15938 17.00   ended
11 61t.jpg(4) Old Duck Decoys, Slight Paint Wear But Good Condition, 13"L and 20"L: Two Herters and Two Tom Restle 7 14224 8.50   ended
12 71t.jpgTwo Wood Red Diamond Dynamite Boxes 18"W x 12"D x 8"H In Good Condition, Some Cracks But Sturdy, Great For Display Plus One Wood Libby's Food Products Bo 15"W x 9"D x 11"H, Some Paint Spilled On Otherwise Good Condition 11 11116 11.55   ended
13 77t.jpg1880's Hutchinson Soda McBride Earl & Pollan Detroit MI, Very Early Soda or Pop Bottle, Very Good Condition 11 1323 15.51   ended
14 83t.jpgExtra Large Wood Clamp R. Bliss Mfg. Co. #804 In Very Good Condition, 19"W x 24"H 9 6315 9.52   ended
15 90t.jpg1931 Model A Convertible Ford In Good Condition, 5"L x 2"H 2 8691 1.25   ended
16 94t.jpgPair of Antique Copper Bookends Stamped 1929 and Depict A Picture Of The Aviator, Gorgeous and Heavy, Perfect For the Air Enthusiast, Never Seen Ones Like These Before, Very Good Condition, 5"W x 2"D x 6"H 12 1323 47.00   ended
17 106t.jpgTwo Metal Beer Signs In Real Good Condition: Lite Beer 12"W x 14"H and Miller 16"W x 10"H 10 8337 21.50   ended
18 99t.jpgAntique Metal Eskimo Fan In Good Condition For Age (Some Scratches), Tested and Works, 12"Diam x 13"H 12 558 41.00   ended
19 112t.jpgGreat Camping Tool Fold-Up Camp Shovel and Pick In Good Condition (Some Surface Rust) 7"W x 24"H 9 2420 4.75   ended
20 117t.jpgWood Antiques In Fair To Good Condition, Great For Display: Pimento Cheese Box 14"L; Yeast Foam Box 12"L; Plymouth Rock Outfit 9"L 15 8493 15.00   ended
21 124t.jpg1924 Stars of the Photoplay, Famous Film Favorites, Hardcover Book In Good Condition For Age, 9"W x s12"H 5 996 6.00   ended
22 132t.jpgSmaller Child Size Steel Axe Hatchet With Leather Sheath In Good Condition, 5"W x 1"D x 10"H 7 17349 5.51   ended
23 139t.jpgVintage Universal Meat Grinder In Excellent Condition, Complete and Works, 7"W x 12"H 5 719 8.27   ended
24 146t.jpgWagner Ware 8" Cast Iron Skillet, Sidney, Some Rust But Good Condition 8 3927 10.00   ended
25 154t.jpgAntique 1920's Jennings Brothers JB 1619 Tiger Bronze Bookends, Each Tiger Is Missing Part of One Leg In Fair Condition, 7"W x 4"D x 5 3/4"H 4 18280 3.09   ended
26 160t.jpgOld Wooden Barrel, Hole In Front, Probably Used Years Ago As Wine Barrell, Good Condition For Age, Would Bake A Cute Planter or Patio Table, 12"Diam x 22"H 10 14469 31.00   ended
27 166t.jpgAntique Delphos Galvanized Metal Funnel, Could Use Cleaning or Leave In Primitive Condition, 12"T 12 6315 11.11   ended
28 172t.jpgMoose Antlers On Walnut Plaque 27"W x 27"T, Moose Skull Plate Covered In Dark Brown Leather, Nice Man Cave Item, Very Good Condition 19 14875 31.02   ended
29 177t.jpgAntique Rare Wooden Crate Board Lenox Sign Reads "Just Fits The Hand" Chained For Hanging In Good Condition With That Awesome Shabby Chic Vibe, Great Graphics! Approx 20"W x 13"H 5 2002 8.50   ended
30 181t.jpgHard Plastic Sign In Good Condition, 7 3/4"W x 10 1/2"H, Reads Farming is Everyone's Bread & Butter 6 13005 4.75   ended
31 185t.jpgHandmade Happy Halloween Wooden Sign, Rough Sawn Oak Board, Ready-To-Hang In Very Good Condition, 26"L x 18"T 11 5247 5.00   ended
32 190t.jpgLarge Vintage Glass Ribbed Pickle Jar Full of Hundreds and Hundreds of Mother of Pearl Buttons, Many Carved, Lots of Variety, No Plastic, Very Good Condition For Age, 7"Diam at Widest x 8 1/2"H 13 16680 31.02   ended
33 196t.jpgThe Mitchell Lullaby Bed Lamp Radio, Vintage Tube Model #1250 Walnut, Attaches To Headboard, Good Condition, 10"W x 5"D x 10"H Update, Works. 10 7482 27.06   ended
34 203t.jpgAntique Western Electric Lineman's Phone In Good Condition For Age, 12"L x 5"W 5 15889 4.80   ended
35 208t.jpgFireplace Long Poker Firewood Wood Log Fire Pit Accessory Decor, Heavy Duty Black, Good Condition, 32"L x 3"W x 2"H 13 14743 8.38   ended
36 213t.jpg1968 T.L. Handy High School (Occident) Yearbook In Good Condition, 9"W x 12"H 7 1323 12.27   ended
37 221t.jpgVintage Chinese Checkers Game, Marble Count White 8 - Green - 9 Blue - 10 Purple - 10 Black - 10 Cream -10, American Checkers One Side and Chinese Other Side, 14"Diam, Good Condition 8 1323 3.50   ended
38 228t.jpgEstwing Carpenter's Hatchet 13" Overall, Leather Grip Handle (E2H) Solid Steel, Good Condition 17 7409 16.50   ended
39 233t.jpgDuck Candy Dispenser In Good Working Condition, Takes Any Coins, Turn Bowtie Candy, Turn Bowtie, Candy Comes Out Rear End of Duck, 10"L x 9"H 19 12515 32.00   ended
40 243t.jpgVery Unique Decor Piece In Bright Colors In Good Overall Condition, 7"W x 9"H 2 11116 1.25   ended
41 249t.jpgTwo Wooden Ducks By Heritage Mint LTD In Good Condition (One Has Slight Paint Chip On Tail) 12"L x 7"H 7 11116 7.00   ended
42 255t.jpgStanley Plane No. 7 In Good Condition, 24"L x 3"W 13 17673 21.50   ended
43 261t.jpgMarble Gun Cleaning Kit, Looks Complete, Outside Protective Sleeve Has Some Damage But Good Condition Otherwise, 15"L x 2"D x 5"H 8 422 10.00   ended
44 269t.jpgVintage Metal Grinder Universal #2, Handle L.F.& C New Britain Conn. Made In USA and Fully Functional, Great To Use, Collecting or Repurpose Into Something Else, Good Condition 8 719 9.50   ended
45 275t.jpg5000 Lb Wire Rope Cable Puller Made of Steel #1604-20L Vintage Klein Tool, Chicago USA, Vintage, Good Condition, 9"L x 5"W 10 9139 10.51   ended
46 280t.jpgAmazing Vintage Glass Advertising Pitcher "Frank Banko Beverages" Made From Pure Artesian Well Water, Superb Graphics, Very Good Condition, 5"Diam Base x 9 1/2"T 16 16602 10.00   ended
47 287t.jpgCollector Pipe Holder Made of Wood, Has Six Pipes With Glass Jar In Middle, Humidor Has Some Dust But Good Condition, 7"W x 7"L x 8"H 7 8380 16.50   ended
48 298t.jpgBeautifully Hand Painted Carved Wood Owl On Piece of Wood, Lots of Detail! Few Light Scuffs On Owl Otherwise Good Condition, 7"W x 5"D x 7"H 10 7693 10.50   ended
49 303t.jpgUsed To Scrape Hair When You Butchered Your Own Pigs, Good Condition, 3"Diam x 6"H 1 12361 1.00   ended
50 307t.jpgFive Assorted Glass Insulators In Good Condition For Age, 4"H-5"H 5 11116 2.25   ended

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