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328 9780t.jpgNIV Audio Bible 64 Compact Discs, Complete Set By: Zondervan, Voice Only, Great To Listen To While Riding In A Vehicle Or Relaxing At Home, One Disc Had A Very Light Scratch - Overall Very Good Condition 7 5777 9.00   ended
330 9791t.jpgDownton Abbey DVD's Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4, Seasons 1 & 3 Are Complete, Seasons 2 & 4 Are New (Sealed)! - Overall Good Condition 17 1209 19.00   ended
332 9802t.jpgIbunez GT10DX Rhythm And Lead Guitar Amplifier, Includes Distortion, Clean And Equalization, 11"W x 7 1/2"D x 12"H - Powers On, No Further Testing, Very Good Condition 17 14532 21.50   ended
333 9810t.jpg(15+) Cassette Tapes From Cruisin, Box Car Willy, Jeff Foxworthy, John Denver, Etc. - Good Condition         ended
339 9844t.jpgGolden Oldies Cassettes, (12) Volume Collector's Series, Original Recordings By The Original Artists - Good Condition 13 6771 10.01   ended
343 9866t.jpgTen Country And Rock CD's By Various Artists: Buddy jewel, Ray Charles, Celine Dion, Etc. - They Look In Good Condition 2 13745 1.25   ended
344 9871t.jpg(14) Halloween And Scary Movies, Titles Like: Suffering, Dead Silence, Sinister And More - Good Condition 9 2098 8.50   ended
350 9905t.jpg(28) Pop Music CD's: Prince, Madonna, Jewel, Sting, Matchbox 20, Jimmy Buffet, No Doubt, Beck, Oasis, And Many More! Well Kept, The Box Measures 6"W x 13"L x 6"H - Very Good Condition 13 2082 14.79   ended
351 9910t.jpgThree DVD's: Game Improvement And Accuracy By: Tom Lehman, Extreme Makeover Home Edition From Season One, And The Four Seasons, Virtual Walks Series 2 6771 1.25   ended
396 10175t.jpgProLine Microphone Stand, #MS235CR, Black Color, 36"H - In Good Condition 13 1127 11.01   ended
397 10180t.jpgRoss Mixer Board #PC7250, With Cords, 20"W x 21"L x 6 1/2"H - Working And In Good Condition 18 13524 39.50   ended
399 10193t.jpg(100+) Assorted Tapes Including: Country, Rock And More, 18"W x 15"D x 12"H - Used Only A Few Times And In Like New Condition 12 11130 11.00   ended
440 10891t.jpgLot Of VHS, DVD's Including: Veggie Tales, Three Stooges, Disney And More! - Untested But Good Condition         ended
449 10953t.jpg(40) Rock Music CD's Including: Ozzy, Godsmack, Buckcherry, STP, White Stripes, Slash, Saliva And Many More - Well Kept And In Good Condition 17 12555 20.31   ended
452 10973t.jpg(210) 78-RPM Music Records, A Lot Of Variety And Labels: Dot, Coral, DECCA And More, Two Boxes! 10"Dia. Each, Some Scuffs And Scratches - All In Good Condition To Very Good Condition 14 669 16.50   ended
642 2539t.jpgLarge Box Lot Of VHS Tapes Including: Liar Liar, Total Recall, Aladdin And More - Good Condition 4 365 8.76   ended
924 3580t.jpgClassic Guitar By The Harmony CO. Fair Condition, Back is Split and Separating, Missing Straps and Other Parts, H-6210, 38"L 4 6478 5.50   ended
999 4044t.jpgAlright You Mugs! Warner Bros. Gangster Movie DVD Box Set, Collection Unopened And Not Store Return, All Three Volumes, 18 Movies Individually Packaged, Titles Are "Hits" Includes "White Heat", "GMEN", "Little Caesar" and Many More, Bid Early, Bid High, NEW 9 6547 5.56   ended
1148 4851t.jpgTen Country and Rock CDs, Various Artists, Andy Griggs, Britney, Sugarland, Good Condition 7 443 3.83   ended
1151 4872t.jpgVaultz CD DVD Case, Good Condition, 12"W x 13"D x 3 1/2"H, Bonus Case It CD DVD Holder 6 456 8.45   ended
1154 4895t.jpgTen Rock and Country CDs- Various Artists, Includes The Baby's, Harry Connick Jr. And More, Good Condition 5 2000 3.22   ended
1160 4929t.jpgTen Rock and Country CD's- Various Artists, Includes Brad Paisley, Guns and Roses and More, Good Condition 10 443 9.39   ended
1165 4958t.jpg(13) 8-Track Tapes, Johnny Cash, Crystal Gail, Hank Williams, And More, Good Condition, 4"W x 5 1/2"H 2 3180 1.25   ended
1166 4963t.jpgTen Rock and Country CD's Various Artists- Chris Eagle, Rod Stewart, Country Love Songs, And More, Good Condition 5 443 3.62   ended
1171 4988t.jpgSmokin (10) Title LP Record Lot, With Three Double Albums From Janis, Led Zeppelin, And Skynyrd, Plus Four Record Stones Box Set, Unopened In It's Cello Wrap From 1989 For $44.98, Records Are in Very Good Condition, Very Clean Jackets, Some First Pressings, Include Unopened Copy of Tribute To Lead Belly and Guthrie 23 12555 128.89   ended
1280 10578t.jpg(7) 8-Track Tapes, Lenny Dee, Johnny Cash, Kenny Rogers, And More, Look in Good Condition         ended
1328 5399t.jpgFour Vintage Piano Player Rolls Including Chim Chim Cheree, Beer Barrel Polka, Jaz Rag, For Me And My Gal And Pije Kuba Polka; Good To Excellent Condition, 12 1/2" Long 1 5678 1.00   ended
1376 5705t.jpgTen Wonderful Old Children's Records From 1946 Era, Fun And Very Hard To Find! Grandchildren Will Even Like The Old Fashioned Round Sleeves, Very Good Condition And 10" Diameter 9 12555 10.70   ended
1409 5932t.jpgVintage Yamaha G100-210 Solid State Amp, Four Of The Knob's Pot Shafts Are Broken Off And You'll Need New Potentiometers Installed To Use Those Controls, Worked When Put Into Storage But Sold Untested/As Is, Besides Knobs It Looks To Be In Good Condition, 25"W x 11"D x 15 1/2"T, UPDATE - Powers Up But Untested Further 21 6198 33.00   ended
1419 24356t.jpgSony Stereo AM/FM Dual Cassette Five-Disc CD Changer, Super Bass, Everything Works And Sounds Great! Also Comes With (78) 33RPM Vinyl Records And A Kohls Turntable (Only Played Two Records On It), Remote And All Work, Some Needs Dusting But Overall Good Condition, 7" To 37 1/2" Long/Tall 12 2084 56.00   ended
1531 6645t.jpgTwenty CD's Including Mostly Classic Rock In Original Cases Like AC/DC, REO Speedwagon, Bob Seger, Lover Boy And More! Good Condition 18 1854 23.28   ended
1713 8018t.jpgVintage Music On CD Including Your Hit Parade From Time Life - 1944/45/46/49/50/51/54/56, Lifetime Of Romance - It Must Have Been Love, Some Enchanted Evening, Secret Rendezvous And More! Twelve CD's Total! Good Condition 13 9352 21.75   ended
1739 8171t.jpgEight VHS Movies Including Shrek, Mouse Hunt And More! Good Condition         ended
1763 23736t.jpgBox Lot Of Assorted 12" Vinyl Albums Including Lots Of Classical And Country - Fifteen Box Sets! Good Condition 6 13988 5.51   ended
1796 8460t.jpgVintage Travel Case Full Of (120) 45RPM Records - Mostly Top 40 Hits From The 50's Through The 80's; Artists Like Grand Funk, Styx, Aretha, Foreigner, BTO, Jackson 5, Seger, Elton John And More! Overall Good Condition, 8"W x 12"L x 6"T 16 15267 37.00   ended
1815 17179t.jpg(11) Rock and Roll Vintage Albums- Beatles 1st LP, (2) Four Seasons LP's, 1st Two Righteous Bros. LP's, Hall and Oates, Abba, Mama And Papas, Bobby Vinton, Kenny Rogers, Michael Jackson, Thriller LP, All in Excellent Shape, Some Original Sleeves Inside Jacket Lot of 1st LPs, 1960's to 70's, Records Have Some Wear But Seem To Be In Good Condition, 12 1/2"W x 12"D 14 4149 10.90   ended
1838 17321t.jpgGame of Thrones Incomplete- Season #5 Multiple DVD's, #1 Is Missing, Has Book Inside The Case, Good Condition 3 12224 1.50   ended
1850 17389t.jpgBox of Albums By Various Artists, 40 Plus, Mac Davis, Dan Reamer, Eddy Arnold, All Seem To Be In Good Condition 6 13988 4.25   ended
1852 17405t.jpgBox of Albums, Various Artists and Genres, Cases and Covers Seem To Be In Good Condition, Artists Include Crazy Otto, Franke Carle, Percy Faith, 50 Plus 3 13988 3.27   ended
1854 17420t.jpgBox of Albums, 11 Box Sets By Various Artists, 50 +/-, Magical Moods of Music, The Memory Years 1925-1960, Sets 13"W x 13"D x 1 1/2"H, Good Condition Overall 1 13988 1.00   ended
1860 17459t.jpgBox of Assorted Record Albums, Jerry Reed, Johnny Mathis, Action Scene, Leif Garrett, Overall Good Condition, 50+/- 4 13988 5.50   ended
1872 17548t.jpgNO SALE - OWNER WANTS $100 - CALL OR EMAIL TO MAKE AN OFFER PA System- Shure "Vocal Master" Control Console Model VA300-C, Six Channel Head, Case is Little Beat Up, Channels 4 & 5 Don't Work (Tubes?) Everything Else Works As It Should, Was Top of The Line In It's Day, 25"W x 15"D x 8"H, Peavy Equalization Monitor 260 Series C, Works Great, Great Condition With Cover, 24" x 11" x 8", Two 8" Floor Speakers In Excellent Condition, 22"W x 14"D x 16"H Standing, If You Have The Aux Cords, You Can Test Them, Good Condition, ***Sells With Owners Confirmation*** 21 1127 29.07   ended
1922 23737t.jpgSet Of Six Blu-Ray DVD Movies Including The Fault In Our Stars, The Longest Ride, Identity Thief, Black Hawk Down, Never Been Kissed And Four Christmases - Hours Of Entertainment! Like New To New Condition 4 1023 5.76   ended
1923 8686t.jpg(28) Vintage Albums Including Eleven Disney Albums, Two Sound Of Music, Original Soundtrack From The Wizard Of Oz, Four Other Children's Albums And More! All Good Condition And Working 9 7548 11.00   ended
1976 8988t.jpgFive Yoga Booty Ballet DVD's Including A Two-Disc Set, Works On All Parts Of The Body! All In Like New Condition 2 14376 1.25   ended
1977 8995t.jpgThree Pilates DVD's, Get Ready To Sculpt Your Entire Body! Like New To New Condition 2 5485 1.25   ended
2238 13628t.jpgNew! (20) CD/DVD Cases Plus (20) Sony CD-R Audio Recordable Disc, 80 Minutes 3 12334 2.75   ended
2500 19613t.jpgUnique Collectible Three Record Album of Hank Williams With Picture Insert Very Condition, (7) Comedy Records, George Carlin, The First Family, Bob Newhart, Look In Good Condition 4 7951 3.00   ended
2524 23751t.jpg(20) Vinyl Sealed Record Albums, Includes Frankie Yalli, Leela James, Grand Hustle, P-Diddy, Wiz Khalifa, Naughty By Nature, And More 4 12555 3.76   ended
2589 20161t.jpgLarge Lot of Over 100 Record Albums From 1940, 50, 60's Some 70's, Very Good Condition, With Variety Of Music, Frank Sinatra, Waltz, Polka, Etc. 10 4693 20.50   ended

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