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202 1179t.jpg(31) Paperback Books Including Authors Like James Kollins, Harold Robbins, James Patterson, David Baldacci, Ann Role And More! All In Good Condition And Enough To Keep You Busy This Winter! 4 9077 3.35   ended
275 1541t.jpgMid-Century "Selling Is Fun" Instructional Class Room Display, Contains (14) One-Sided Sheets Of Information On How To Be A Salesman, Strap That Closes Binder Cover Is Torn But Otherwise Very Good Condition, 18"W x 23"T 11 14581 6.00   ended
282 1586t.jpg(16) Books Including Dale Brown's "Night Hawk", Stephanie Meyer's "New Moon", Nelson DeMille's "The Lion's Game" And Many More! All In Good Condition 1 3575 1.00   ended
284 1596t.jpgLot Of Children's Books Including Disney, Olivia, Biscuit, Diary Of A Wimpy Kid And More! Mostly Paperbacks But All In Overall Good Condition 5 14800 3.85   ended
430 10825t.jpgEight Vintage Rolling Stones Magazines, The Covers Are Worn, Includes: 90-95, Lenny Kravitz, Jim Carrey, Prince And More - Fair Condition to Good Condition 3 11823 1.50   ended
444 10917t.jpgBox Full Of Paperback Books Including: Romance Novels And More, Over (50) Total! - Some Wear But Still In Good Condition 6 12452 7.60   ended
459 11015t.jpgLot Of (28) Comic Books That Are At Least (30)-Some-Years-Old With Half Being Various Spider Man Titles, Also Includes: Cloak And Dagger, Dazzler, Return Of The Jedi, Indiana Jones, Battlestar Galactica And More! - All Are Double-Bagged And In Overall Very Good Condition 17 443 32.16   ended
467 11059t.jpgSeven Ewoks Comics In Unused, Mint Condition, 1980's From The 1st Vol. Over 30-Years-Old! Also Two Used Old Comics From The '70's, One From 1954, (10) In All - Sold As Is 14 10756 9.51   ended
580 2175t.jpg(23) Hardcover And Paperback Books: Stephen Koontz "Traitor", Stephen Meyer "Twilight", Stephen King "Revival" Zusak, "The Book Thief" And Many More, All Are Complete, A Lot Of Good Reading Come This Winter - Good Condition 4 12452 6.39   ended
606 2344t.jpgMark Twain, Tom Sawyer Detective, Very Old Hardcover Book, Many Copyright Dates Starting At 1878 To 1924, Please Come And Look! 5 5/8" W x 8 1/4"H - Good Condition For Age 4 796 4.25   ended
637 2500t.jpg(14) Books College Courses And Pamphlets, About Waste Water Treatment, Water Treatment And Hydraulics Chemistry - Fair Condition To Good Condition Due To Age 3 14214 1.75   ended
654 2614t.jpgIncredible Lot Of Three Vintage/Antique Paperback Books, Japanese Doll And Clothing Patterns, Talking To the Dead Book And Three Song Books, Great Finds! - Good Condition 4 12750 1.75   ended
668 2692t.jpgTen Hardcover Nancy Drew Mystery Stories, Great Classic Reading Here! - Gently Used And In Good Condition 10 3395 15.00   ended
677 2748t.jpgDisney Princess Lot Including: Sparkle Word, Six Books, Game, A Fairy Princess Pop-Up Book, Hardcover And Paperback Editions - Good Condition 2 14696 1.25   ended
683 2792t.jpgMisc. Lot Of Good Reads Including Hardcover And Paperback Books, Titles Such As Aztec, Bloan, Scorched Earth And More! - All In Good Condition 2 12892 1.25   ended
686 2813t.jpgValuable Vintage Books, More Of Dad's Great Library, These Are All Interesting And Wonderful Old Books Including: Lacquer, Hand Made Christmas, Bats, Shakespeare And More - Some Wear And Torn Pages But Overall Good Condition 2 1854 1.25   ended
689 2835t.jpgSix Golden Books From A 1200-Book Collection: The Timid Little Kitten 98881, 1999, Timothy tiger 209-60 1996 "M" Edition, The Tin Woodsman Of Oz 159, 1952 "A" Edition, Tiny Dinosaurs 308-58, 1994 "M" Edition, A Visit To The 511, 1969 "C" Edition And A Visit To The 511, 1973, 8th Printing, All Are Hardcover Books - Some Wear But Still In Good Condition 8 7389 8.39   ended
699 2893t.jpgSix Golden Hardcover Books From A 1200-Book Collection Including: Thumbelina 300-68, 1994, Thumbelina 300-55, 1988 "M" Edition, Underdog 135, 1975 1st Edition, Up In The Attic 53, 1953(?) "E" Edition, The Very Best 206-42, 1984 "J" Edition, The Velveteen Rabbit 307-68, 1995 - Some Wear But Overall In Good Condition 4 12306 4.25   ended
700 4048t.jpgLot Of Three Books: Two Hardcover And One Paperback On Cartoons And Animation, Includes: "Cartoon America" 11"W x 11"L (250) Pages, "Stop Motion Animation" 10"W x 12"L (240) Pages, "Cartoon Movie Poster" 9"W x 11"L (80) Pages, The "Cartoon America" Book Still Is Wrapped In It's Original Cello-Wrap And It Retailed for $50 - All Are In Excellent Condition 12 2546 11.79   ended
704 4081t.jpgNine Vintage Books, Mostly Whitman, From The Early 1970's, Includes: Zane Gray, Bonanza, Plus Several Little Big Books, Including: Donald, Bugs, Road Runner And More, Hardcover And Paperback Editions - Good Condition 4 3094 2.00   ended
709 4112t.jpgSix Golden Books From A 1200-Book Collection: All Hardcover Editions Including: Wagon Train 326, 1958 "A(?)" Edition, Thumbelina 300-66, 1992, Thumbelina 153, 1953 "A" Edition, Thumper D110, 1954 "A" Edition, Tickety-Tock 308-51, 1996 "M" Edition And Tickle Me 98837, 1995 - Some Wear But Still In Good Condition 7 12306 10.50   ended
731 4236t.jpgPhysician's Desk Reference (PDR) 2007 Hardcover Book - Good Condition 4 458 1.75   ended
752 4351t.jpgDad Collected All These Antique And Vintage Books Just For You! Wonderful Titles And Subjects Here Including: The Rosary, The Greatest Wish In The World, Three More, All Hardcovers, Copyrights Go From 1909-1910 - Bindings Have Damage On Some, Fair Condition To Good Condition 7 9469 5.50   ended
754 4367t.jpgLot Of Books! Mostly Hardcover, Recipes, Novels, Diet Books And More - Good Condition 1 1854 1.00   ended
763 4429t.jpgAssorted Books, Mostly Hardcover, Includes; The Vogue, Cross Stitch And More - Good Condition 1 2512 1.00   ended
843 3126t.jpg(14) Audio Books On CD, Good Stories And All Are Complete, "Nothing To Lose", "The Secret" And More - In Good Condition 9 13801 24.50   ended
845 3136t.jpgBox Full Of Children's Books, Hardcover And Paperback Editions, 12"W x 15"L x 10"H - All In Good Condition 9 14800 6.00   ended
905 3477t.jpgWolf and Lion Cub Scout Books From 1948 In Very Good Condition For Being 70 Years Old, Each Has 156 Pages, 5 1/2"W x 8"L 5 15019 4.30   ended
945 3692t.jpgVintage Japanese Book on Dolls and Doll Making, All Written in Japanese, Includes A Pattern, Pages Are Loose, Fair Condition, 7 1/2"W x 10"H 4 13817 6.50   ended
993 4003t.jpgTwo Books With Cover Box, Ride Free Forever, The Legend of Harley Davidson, 1998 in Very Good Condition 5 983 3.25   ended
996 4021t.jpgCollection of 30 Comic Books, Includes Marvel And DC With Super Heroes 14 12238 8.51   ended
997 4031t.jpgBombs Away! Two Piece Lot of 144 Page Paperback Books, For The Boys, About WWII Pin Up Art 13"L x 10"W, Very Good Condition, Plus Deck of WWII Spotter Cards, While You Are Out on Patrol Will Come in Handy 6 793 9.50   ended
1209 10244t.jpgHard Cover and Paperbacks- Cookbook, Window Basics, Weight Watchers Recipes, Danielle Steele and Much More, Good Condition 1 2158 1.00   ended
1214 10272t.jpgBox Lot of Books! Hard Cover And Paperback, Recipes, Novels, Diet Books and More! Good Condition 4 870 3.00   ended
1268 10523t.jpgNavy Book Lot- Ten Paperbacks on Naval Items, All Good Condition 15 9343 14.00   ended
1297 10656t.jpgLarge Box of Vintage and Antique Books, Many Great Authors and Titles, Good Condition, Mostly Hard Covers, See Pictures For Titles 15 9469 5.01   ended
1311 5291t.jpg(12+) Garden Books - Wonderful For The Garden Enthusiast, Beautiful Photos! Mostly Hardcovers And Fair To Good Condition 2 2084 3.25   ended
1332 5420t.jpgForty Documents Of The Freedom Train Book With Reproductions Of Important US Documents, Very Good Condition 6 14427 3.29   ended
1342 5506t.jpgVintage Book Collector's Here's Just What You Wanted! Nice Lot Of 20+ Books That Are Mostly Hardcovers And From A Vintage/Antique Book Collector's Estate; Topics Like Decorating, Gardening And More! Good Condition 1 12859 1.00   ended
1390 5803t.jpgMassive Box Lot Of Valuable Vintage And Antique Hardcover Books, Too Many To Sort Through, Find A Treasured Novel! Lots Here And In Overall Good Condition, Box Is 16"W x 24"L x 10"T 7 3106 8.25   ended
1394 5839t.jpgBox Lot Of Vintage And Antique Hardcover Books, Great Titles And Authors Like The Flames Of Time And Satan's Wine And More! Good Condition, 12"W x 16"L x 8"T 8 301 2.75   ended
1750 8225t.jpgFour Harry Potter Paperback Books Including 2, 3, 4, And 5 In Box Case; Missing #1, Also Comes With Hardcover Of Half Blood Prince; Good Condition 8 9025 8.25   ended
1752 8234t.jpgHuge Stack Of Little Golden Books, Some Vintage And Some Newer - Great Lot Here! 30+ In Good Condition 16 12306 12.25   ended
1762 8497t.jpgLot Of Paperback And Hardcover Books On Art, Countries, Princess Diana And More! Don't Have Time To Separate These So You Get All Of Them! 13"W x 19"L x 8"T 1 13635 1.00   ended
1766 8519t.jpgGreat Collection Of Vintage And Antique Books With Some Great Titles And Finds In This Lot From Norman Vincent, Clare Boylan And More! Good Condition And 12"W x 24"L x 6"T 5 9469 5.51   ended
1849 17383t.jpg(30) Western Books, Last of The Breed 1986, Most Are Louis L'Amour, Mostly Paperbacks, 4"W x 1"D x 7"H, Good Condition 10 13621 11.50   ended
1853 17416t.jpgHard Cover Books, From Dad's Collection, Many Valuable Books Here! American Cars Past To Present 10 1/2"W x 12"D x 1"H, The Great Steam Trains 11"W x 13"D x 1"H, Colosseum 1971 and More in Good Condition 3 4693 3.05   ended
1855 17427t.jpgVintage Books From Dad's Estate, Some Great Old Volumes Here! The Happy Hollister's 1957, Letters and Recollections OF George Washington 1906, Loose Pages, Approx. Size of Books 5 1/2"W x 8"D x 2"H 16 14427 20.50   ended
1874 17569t.jpgGreat Collection of Vintage and Antique Books, Some First Editions, Antiques 1989, Hardcover Mechanical 1941, 15 Plus, 9 1/2"W x 22"D x 10"H Box Full 1 12337 1.00   ended
1902 8535t.jpgA Wonderful Box Lot Of Vintage Books With Some Great Titles And Interesting Authors, Books Like Sherlock Holmes From 1904! Tip And Mitten From 1963 And 1944's Good Night Sweet Prince; Overall Good Condition And The Box Is 12"W x 19"D x 9"T 17 12911 9.25   ended

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