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3192 19182t.jpgToro Power Snow Shovel, Can Clear Up to 300 lbs. of Snow Per Minute, Perfect For Clearing Snow From Decks, Sidewalks, Patios Quickly, Lightweight 13 lbs. Clears 12" Path, Electric Start, Plug It In And Go, Very Good Condition, Adjustable Handle Length, Used One Winter, Approx. 48"H x 14"W 23 14613 38.07   ended
3559 17075t.jpgThree Shovels, One Plastic Snow Shovel, Cracked And In Fair Condition, One Aluminum Scoop Shovel, Worn And In Fair Condition, One Steel Snow Shovel, Worn And In Fair Condition To Good Condition, 14" To 24"W 4 10307 2.30   ended

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