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110 796t.jpgTwo Amish Country And House Pictures, Wood Frames Have Scratches, Really Nice Looking, Just Downsizing My House and No Room For Them, Some Warping on One, Fair To Good Condition, 14"W x 22"H and 26"W x 22"H 4 3053 1.75   ended
124 886t.jpgPauline Campanelli Print in Frame, Very Good Condition, 38 1/4"W x 26 1/4"H 10 2110 13.37   ended
127 899t.jpgNice Harvest Print in Wood Frame, Very Good Condition, 21 3/4"W x 17 3/4"H 6 6126 5.51   ended
128 903t.jpgIverson Winter Sunset Print in Wood Frame, Very Good Condition, 22"W x 18"H 5 659 3.55   ended
152 1045t.jpgVivian Flasch Print, Wood Frame in Very Good Condition, Matches Item #153, 21 3/4"W x 17 3/4"H 3 2110 5.50   ended
153 1049t.jpgVivian Flasch Print, Wood Frame in Very Good Condition, Matches Item #152, 21 3/4"W x 17 3/4"H 4 2110 5.50   ended
176 1198t.jpgIverson Winter Cabin Sunset Print in Wood Frame, Very Good Condition, 22"W x 18"H 4 440 4.80   ended
177 1203t.jpgChris Simpson Print Zen Garden In Frame, Frame Has Some Wear, Scratches Otherwise Good Condition, 38"W x 14"H 3 6864 6.15   ended
180 1217t.jpgPauline Campanelli Print in Frame, Very Good Condition, 25 3/4"W x 21 3/4"H 3 11020 6.06   ended
199 1315t.jpgVintage Wood Mail Key Holder With Three Butterflies To Hold Your Mail, Good Condition, Hangs, 7 1/2"W x 20"H 9 7122 5.50   ended
202 1329t.jpgPeaceful Horizon Lighthouse Picture in Beautiful Oak Frame, Very Good Condition, 36"W x 24"H 12 10864 7.00   ended
212 1384t.jpgVery Cool Painting On Wood, Large Mouth Bass Painted By Debre L. Sessum, 23"W x 23"T, Real Good Condition 4 8723 1.77   ended
216 1408t.jpgNew Glass And Resin Picture Frames, 6"W x 6"H Some With Easels, Can Be Hung, NEW, Five Cute Candle Holders, All New, Approx. 4"W x 6"H 3 6864 4.25   ended
223 1455t.jpgTwo Similar Pictures, "Coco's Boutique" and Estella's Both 16"W x 19"T, In Real Good Condition         ended
224 1459t.jpgRon Iverson Print Children's By The Lake in White Wash Wood Frame, Very Good Condition, 22 1/4"W x 18 1/4"H 1 6126 1.00   ended
228 1477t.jpgMetal Hangers With Fruits, Flowers and Butterflies, 12"W x 7"H, Real Good Condition 1 11038 1.00   ended
230 1486t.jpgVintage Last Supper Wall Hanging, Clay 1950's Columbia Statuary Made in Italy, Has Chipping Paint, However Good Condition For Age, 22 1/2"W x 1"D x 10"H 1 10457 1.00   ended
234 1508t.jpgBeautiful Oak Mirror And Coat Rack, Real Good Condition, 30"L x 17"H 24 6127 18.33   ended
236 1518t.jpgCute Titanic Metal Advertisement Sign, 12"W x 16"H, Real Good Condition 9 3648 4.49   ended
237 1522t.jpgVery Cute Oil Painting of Duck In Water, Real Good Condition, 22 1/2"W x 18 1/2"H         ended
239 1530t.jpgVery Cute Tin Sign of 1960's Duck Stamp, Very Good Condition, 16"W x 12 1/2"H 9 719 10.50   ended
240 1534t.jpgThis is Ad For Matches $1.00 Reward, In Wood Frame, 9 1/2"W x 11 1/2"H, Good Condition For Age 2 8723 1.25   ended
253 1598t.jpgBeautiful Home Interior Picture, Bless This Home, Faith, Family, Friends, In Wood Theme, 19"W x 15"H 6 6126 3.75   ended
254 1602t.jpgBeautiful Decorative Mirror, Good Condition for Age, 15"W x 30"H, From Pet/Smoke Free Home 3 6126 1.50   ended
258 1625t.jpgNew Very Cool Man Cave "Warning No Trespassing" Tin Sign, 12"W x 16"H 11 6051 10.50   ended
259 1629t.jpgNew Beautiful Cross Picture With Frame, Would Look Cute in Any Room, 16"W x 18"H 7 6864 3.25   ended
263 1648t.jpgVery Beautiful Antique Beveled Three Panel Mirror, 27"W x 18"H, Two Smaller Panels Are 7"W x 16"H, Middle Panel 12"W x 18"H, Used To Either Sit on Dresser To Apply Makeup Etc. Or Hung on Wall With Two Hooks on Larger Panel, Very Good Condition For Age, Approx. 70-75 Years Old 6 9927 20.50   ended
264 1652t.jpgCute Wood Print Picture "The Journey Begins When You Take Your First Step" 12"W x 18"H, Real Good Condition 7 1499 4.18   ended
266 1660t.jpgVintage Wood Framed Home Interior Picture of Woman, #9548 Young Girl Reading, 13"W x 15"H, Good Condition For Age 6 5456 5.65   ended
267 1665t.jpgCute Metal Sun, "Backyard Bliss" 17"Diam in Good Condition 7 3420 5.50   ended
268 20446t.jpgCute Fishing Picture "Bait & Tackle" 8"L x 6"T x 1/2"Thick, Good Condition 4 9875 1.75   ended
269 1669t.jpgVery Cute Home Interior Goldtone Mirror, Pretty Scroll Design, Made of Molded Resin, Has Holes On Two Sides To Place on Wall- Doors, Very Good Condition, 16"W x 22"H 3 7086 3.20   ended
272 20384t.jpgAdorable Raccoon Picture with Wood Frame, 12 1/2"L x 14 1/2"T, Very Good Condition 17 11213 11.55   ended
277 20450t.jpgNice Picture from Bed, Bath & Beyond "Hiking Trails This Way", 12 3/4"W x 12 3/4"H x 1"Thick 4 11111 3.78   ended
279 1711t.jpgWood Three Shelf Wall Hanging With One Drawer, All Wood and Hand Painted, 14"W x 31"T, Great Condition, Proceeds Go To D&R Acres 501C3 Non Profit Large Animal Reserve in West Branch Michigan 4 9060 1.75   ended
290 1775t.jpgArabic Writing on Pressed Wood Plaque, Good Condition, 6"W x 9 1/2"H 1 10824 1.00   ended
299 1817t.jpgTwo Beautiful Metal Chickens- Wall Hangings, Real Good Condition, 13"W x 10"H 14 7991 15.50   ended
300 1821t.jpgTwo Adorable Metal Peacocks, 12"W x 13"H, Real Good Condition 8 10807 26.77   ended
303 1833t.jpgVery Nice Plastic Mirror, Nice For Any Room, Real Good Condition, 14"W x 36"H 1 3425 1.00   ended
305 1838t.jpgCute Sign Says "I'm At the Age Where Makeup Is No Longer Optional" 19"W x 5"H, Real Good Condition 4 3094 1.75   ended
306 1842t.jpgThe Fisher Inn Wood Wall Sign, Very Cute For Man Cave, Real Good Condition, 20"W x 12"H 5 6459 2.75   ended
510 2957t.jpgTwo Ceramic Plaques, Old Cook Stove and Old Time Coffee Grinder, 6 3/4"W x 9"H Very Good Condition, Proceeds Goes To D&R Acres a 501 C3 Non Profit Large Animal Rescue in West Branch MI 1 5140 1.00   ended
530 3096t.jpgVintage Print of Eight Flowers In Four Wood Frames, Condition is Very Good, Measures 6 1/2"W x 11 1/2"H 3 7097 1.52   ended
584 3472t.jpgFour Pieces Of Wood Wall Hangings, Corner Shelf 24"H x 10"W, Roaster 16" x 9 1/4", Crazy 12" x 9", Owl 12" x 5 1/4", Good Condition 3 9611 3.90   ended
743 4522t.jpgLone Star State Texas Picture Frame, 5" x 3 1/2", Still in Package, NEW, Proceeds Go To D&R Acres, 501C3 Non Profit Large Animal Rescue In West Branch 11 492 6.50   ended
827 4982t.jpgWagon Wheel Mail Box Blue Jay Picture, Country Farm House in Background, "Retired Home Interiors" Piece With Wood Frame and Glass, Very Good Condition, 17"W x 20"H, Proceeds Goes To D&R Acres 501C3 Non Profit Large Animal Rescue in West Branch Michigan 1 6126 1.00   ended
829 4990t.jpgNew Cute Tin Sign Says- "It's All Fun and Game Until Someone Loses a Weiner!" Ha Ha! 12"W x 16"H 12 8861 12.50   ended
839 5046t.jpgHummingbirds Flower Picture, Under Glass With Wood Frame, 17"W x 17"H in Great Condition, Proceeds Goes To D&R Acres 501C3 Non Profit Large Animal Rescue in West Branch Michigan 1 1684 1.00   ended
841 5054t.jpgCute Modern Flower Picture, Purchased From Marshall's, Very Good Condition, 19 1/2"W x 19 1/2"H 3 11324 1.50   ended
844 5069t.jpgVintage Antique Prints, Very Good Condition, Wood Frame, Measures 21"W x 27"H 9 5096 7.21   ended

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