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99 2443t.jpgYorkie Crossing Sign, Metal Yellow and Black, New In Package, 12" x 12", Mom Yorkie With Two Babies Following- 1988 Tori 6 2034 6.49   ended
359 339t.jpgNew Never Used 30'L Nylon Coated Steel Cable Wire Rope With Spring Loaded Snap Swivels on Both Ends, Very Strong Cable With Lots of Uses 17 11275 16.21   ended
569 1334t.jpgVintage Bird Cage With Stand, Approx. 40 Years Old From 1960's, Needs Cleaning, Cracked Top, Metal and Plastic, 17"W x 51"H 2 11801 1.25   ended
669 3629t.jpgMedium Pet Bed 26"W x 20"D x 10"H, Two Piece Set Water Dish 17"H, Must Have For Your Pets, Bed Needs Cleaning, But Both in Good Condition 11 12555 15.50   ended
689 3717t.jpgHand Made Biothane Orange Dog Leash, Dog Collar, Neck Up to 24" Water Proof, Great For All Kinds of Water Fun, 1"W, NEW 4 10032 4.25   ended
712 1536t.jpgGoody Easy Fit Dog Harness, Size Small, Neck 15.5 to 17", Chest 17- 19", NEW 8 260 4.25   ended
974 6997t.jpgTwo New Saddle Pads With Leather Ware Wool Padding, 32"Sq. Good Condition, Grey/White/Black/Red 28 5032 19.00   ended
1173 6024t.jpgVintage Bird Cage With A Tall Base And Stand, The Bottom Of The Base Reads "Hendryx #209, Made In New Haven, CT. USA", The Base Is 9"Dia. And It Is A Decorative Stamped Metal, The Wire Bird Cage Is In Good Condition, It Also Comes With A Vinyl Food Catcher At The Bottom Of The Cage, It Can Be Removed, The Bird Cage Is Approx. 15"W x 9"D, The Whole Unit Is 65 1/2"H 8 1862 5.50   ended
1225 4785t.jpgAll New In Package! Box Of Cat And Pet Supplies, Nail Trimmer, Absorbent Pads, Cat Toys, Etc., 13"W x 20"L x 6"H 5 672 3.09   ended
1227 4796t.jpgNew In Package! A Box Of Bird Food And Accessories Including: Toy Ladders, Food Trays, Etc., 9"W x 13"L x 11"H 1 7415 1.00   ended
1475 8071t.jpg(3) New Dog Leashes, Black, Yellow & Green, for Large Dog Breeds, 6 Feet Long x 1/2"Dia, Nice Metal Swivel Clasp 16 11780 15.05   ended
1540 9897t.jpgFluker's High-Calcium Cricket Diet, 6lbs, New In Package 2 9189 3.14   ended
1725 8287t.jpg(1) Divided Pet Bowl, 13"L x 7"W; (1) Medium New Rain Coat (16") for Dogs and (1) Red 46" Heavy Duty Top Paw Leash, Good to New Condition 2 16525 1.75   ended
1756 8400t.jpgDog Lot - New Animal Planet Brand Bench Style Car Seat Cover, 56" x 47", Two 62" Lightweight Silverfoot Brand Leashes, One Black 62" Dog Leash, & Dog Duty Bags & Case (Keychain Type), Pick Up After Them as You Walk! 4 17132 2.25   ended
1766 8453t.jpgNew Handmade Polypropylene Red Dog Leash, 6 Feet, Dog Collar - Neck Up to 24" x 1"W 2 10032 1.25   ended
1768 8461t.jpgDog Lot - Two are 9 1/2" Stainless Steel Bowls with a Plush Squeaker Squirrel Toy, Large Dog Collar & Black Coastal Leash, 65", & Brand New Large Dog 20" Raincoat 9 984 5.50   ended
1808 10250t.jpgBrand New Medium Dog Raincoat 16" Blue Color, (3) Stainless Bowls 8 1/4"Dia, One Stainless Steel Bowl Resting in Holder 8 1/2"Dia, Two Green Leashes, Heavy Duty One 46" Top Paw Brand & 64" Lighter Duty, Green Collar - Large/Medium Dog 7 984 4.01   ended
1814 10281t.jpgVery Nice Dog Lot: New Grey Dog Raincoat Size Medium 16", Red Heavy Duty Leash & Collar for Medium to Large Dogs, Leash is 48", Two Dog Food Bowls, Composite One is 8 3/8"Dia & Heavy Duty Coated Metal One is 10"L & Hedgehog Squeaky Toy 6 17962 4.25   ended
1821 10323t.jpgNew Handmade Polypropylene Red Dog Leash, 6 Feet, Dog Collar - Neck Up to 20" x 1"W 3 10032 1.50   ended
1838 10385t.jpgBone Shaped Heavy Duty Plastic Dog Food Feeder - By Pet Zone, Missing One Bowl, Can Put Another Bowl or Bowls in Place, 22 1/2"W x 14"D x 8"H, Good Condition, Take the Stress Off of Your Dog, Raise Their Dish 8 445 9.49   ended
2151 2665t.jpg(3) Bird Cages with Feeders, Multi Compartments, OK for Rabbits Too, 20"W x 30" x 10"H, Good Condition ## 3 2562 5.50   ended
2152 2672t.jpgLarge Multi Pen Bird Cage or Use for Rabbits, Good Condition, 10 Feet x 12"D x 18"H ## 6 12002 6.50   ended
2703 17811t.jpgTwo Horse Blankets, Barely Used, Washed, Approx. 85"W x 100"L, Good Condition 7 10032 2.50   ended
2861 14452t.jpgPlastic Cat Litter Pan 19"L x 15"W x 8"H, Included Are Two Boxes of Heavy Duty Pan Liners, Brand New Set of Foot Water Bowls, Stainless Steel With Non Skid Bottom 9 15206 5.50   ended
2880 14572t.jpgLarge Black Metal Bird Cage on Rolling Stand, Has Some Toys, 25"W x 21"D x 24"H, Plus 35"H Stand, Needs Cleaning, Overall Good Condition 5 9412 12.59   ended
2897 14672t.jpgWhite Metal Bird Cage With Some Acc. Yellow Plastic Bottom, 12"Diam x 22"H, Good Condition 2 11158 1.25   ended
2977 13496t.jpgLike New Condition! A Pet Carrier By Pet Champion For Extra Small To Small Size Pets Up To Ten-Pounds, Included Is A Brand New Set Of Food And Water Bowls, Stainless Steel Material With A Non-Skid Bottom, 12"W x 15"D x 10"H 5 6519 12.51   ended
3104 13641t.jpgDog Waste Bags With Dispenser And Leash Clip, 900 Count, New Unused, 9"W x 8"D x 4 1/2"H 10 16328 9.10   ended
3160 13932t.jpgDog Tie Out Cable With Two Stakes For 20' Of Tie Out, Good Condition 6 12535 3.25   ended
3172 13988t.jpgMetal Animal Crate, 19"W x 30"L x 22"H, Plastic Pan Liner, Like New Condition 19 2634 26.50   ended
3380 16199t.jpgGalvanized Water Trough, Used to Hold Beverages At A Wedding, Unknown If There Are Any Leaks, In Good Condition, It Measures 48"L x 22"L x 12"H 11 14110 30.25   ended

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