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6 1955t.jpgOrganization Items- Box of Five Pieces- Collapsible Shoe Organizer New, Wire Scarf Organizer New, Macy's Jewelry Case New, Macy's Floral Pouch New, Wall Rack With Pegs (Used) 16" x 14" Metal, Wood, Zipper, Plastic, Fabric, Felt, From Smoke Free Home, Start Organizing 4 15206 2.25   ended
22 2046t.jpgCandle That Comes in Cool Clear Votive Candle Holder, Virginia Candle CO. 5"W x 3 1/2"H 3 7515 1.81   ended
23 2050t.jpgSmall Lane Cedar Chest, Shows Wear But Good Condition, 9"W x 5"D x 4"H 8 11183 7.59   ended
42 2152t.jpgWood and Cork Coaster With Clock Look, Missing One Piece, Looks Great On Mantel, 5"W x 3"D x 6"H         ended
43 2157t.jpgHaeger Ceramic Planter With Faux Plant, Good Condition, 9"Diam x 7"H When Empty 2 16185 1.00   ended
58 2232t.jpgRed Vase With Gold Trim and Flowers Painted on It, Comes With Faux Flowers, 10 1/2"H x 6"W, Very Good Condition 2 8162 2.25   ended
152 3038t.jpgBrand New Extra Large Foot Rest Cushion For Home Or Office, Non Slip Design, For Home or Office, Non Slip Design, Helps Sore Feet and Corrects Posture, Polyester And Medical Grade Foam, Originally $26.95, 12 1/2"W x 20"L x 43"H 10 6134 11.00   ended
260 5465t.jpgCharged Ready To Use Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher, Good For Chemical Fires or Electrical Fires, Good Condition, 4"Diam x 17"H 12 13611 6.85   ended
291 5604t.jpgEight Piece Lot of Candle Holders, Plates, Dish, All In Good Condition, Two 6"H, Two 5"W         ended
292 5609t.jpgTwo Vintage Radios- Front and Rear of Randix '57 Chevy, One Black, Works With Six C Batteries, Lights Up Also! Red Didn't Work With Batteries But May With Cord, Good Condition, With Cassette Player, How Cool! 7"W x 13"L x 10"H 17 2287 16.69   ended
304 120t.jpgThree Stacking Plastic Bins, Four Storage Bins Plastic and Metal, All In Good Condition, Could Use a Washing, 13" to 17"W 4 15373 3.00   ended
377 414t.jpgLike New Large Mop Bucket, Gray, Rolls Nice, Perfect For Barns, Garages, Etc. 13"W x 18"D x 16"H 18 17962 21.48   ended
411 567t.jpgPewter Color Wine Rack, Five Bottle Stand, Very Good Condition, 7"W x 21"H 6 5918 2.50   ended
439 693t.jpgFive Gallon Pails With Slits Cut in Bottoms For Fishing, Good Condition, 12"Diam x 16"H 2 5885 1.25   ended
454 772t.jpgBeautiful Large Pillar Style Glass Vase, Very Good Condition, 7"Diam x 15"H 2 11820 1.25   ended
457 781t.jpgFish Décor Lot- Four Gold Fish 4 1/2" x 1 1/2"W x 6"L, Five Red Fish 4 1/2" x 1 1/2"W x 6"L, Very Good Condition 4 523 3.50   ended
464 819t.jpgHeavy Duty Rubber Floor Mats, 3' x 8' and 3' x 6' In Good Condition, Black Rubber Backing With Red Carpet 8 2546 10.03   ended
501 1000t.jpgBear Candle For Décor, Very Good Condition, 4"W x 4"L x 6"H 3 7970 1.50   ended
541 1180t.jpgOff White Bear Wears Red and White Checked Suit With Bow Tie, 9 1/2"H and Is Associated With Marie Osmond and Annette Funicello, Very Good Condition 1 14449 1.00   ended
563 1304t.jpgSilk Roses- Ten Blue, (25) Ivory, Three White, 6" Blue Rose Hanging Ball, Very Good Condition 14 8162 7.01   ended
564 1309t.jpgTwo 8" Candle Holders, Two 4" Candle Holders, Four 6'L Apple Blossom Vines, Wicker Basket 11"W x 14"L x 6"H, Two Ivory Taper Candle Holders, Very Good Condition 2 11143 1.25   ended
565 1314t.jpgBeautiful Pillar Candle Arrangement, Tray 12 1/2"Diam, Five New Red Pillar Candles Of Various Heights, Marble Stones on Bottom, Some Glued and Some Loose, Good Condition 4 7669 1.75   ended
567 1323t.jpgVintage Copper Pot, Unique Piece, Good Condition, 9 1/2"W x 7 1/2"H 2 14858 3.47   ended
588 1430t.jpgVintage Picnic Basket For Décor, 11" Round, Good Condition 1 12463 1.00   ended
620 3393t.jpgBrown Metal Candle Lantern, Very Good Condition, 5"Sq. x 9 1/2"H 9 17436 5.50   ended
642 3502t.jpgWood Covered Wagon With Nice Detail, 18"L x 9"H, Good Condition 3 5096 5.00   ended
643 3507t.jpgNew In Package Mainstays Vinyl Tablecloth, 60"W x 84"L Rectangle In Cream/Burnt Orange/Green Geometric Pattern, Unopened 6 4383 4.25   ended
702 1501t.jpgLuxano Bamboo Drawer Organizer, 13"W x 17"D Unused 21 16808 10.00   ended
729 1611t.jpgTowel Set of Pink Cotton- Two Bath Size 53"L x 30"W, Two Hand 30"L x 16"W, Two Wash 12"Sq. All New With Tags 17 4383 10.25   ended
756 1725t.jpgTwo New Safety Fire Extinguisher, 9 3/4"H, NEW 11 7389 7.51   ended
776 1813t.jpgAmerican Kids Bath Set, (14) Piece Brand New In Packaging, Rainbow Unicorn Pattern, Shower Curtain 72"W x 72"H, Foam Rug With "Love" 18"D x 28"W Rollerball Hooks, Fabric, Metal, Plastic, Foam, Smoke Free Home, What A Way To Celebrate The Mystical Magic In Your Little Girl 7 5445 3.25   ended
805 3776t.jpg(14) Assorted Trash Plastic Cans With Power Cords in Them, Good Condition, 12" to 3' Approx. 10 14383 12.39   ended
823 3873t.jpgWashcloths- New in Package With Tags, (18) 13"Sq. Large 100% Cotton, Navy Blue, Three Packs of Six Each 14 11183 8.50   ended
833 3926t.jpgNew Richards Deluxe Pillow Quilted 12 Piece Stemware Storage Box, Extra Plate and Storage Bags, 15 1/2"W x 12 1/2"D x 10"H 13 17667 10.51   ended
839 3960t.jpgThree Rugs, Two Matching 2'W x 3'L, 20"W x 45"L, Some Wear And Pull Spot, Otherwise Good Condition 2 9044 1.25   ended
903 6646t.jpgSix Pack of Photo Keepers, Holds Up to 600 4" x 6" Photos, Also Great For Fishing Tackle, New 4" x 6" 13 15206 5.00   ended
912 6697t.jpgScrubbing Bubbles Bathtub Organizer Factory New in Box, From 1992, Never Used, Super Cute, 7 1/4"L x 2 1/2"D x 3 3/4"H 3 1796 1.50   ended
960 6931t.jpgFive Plastic Drawer Storage, 10"W x 15"D x 41"H, Needs Cleaning, Good Sturdy Condition 5 3524 10.51   ended
963 6947t.jpg5' x 8' Rug Clean Attractive Color and Pattern! Smells New, Good Condition 5 9611 20.50   ended
977 7012t.jpg4 Pc. Blue Seashell Theme Rug Set, (3) 33"L x 20"W and (1) 45"L x 30"W, Rubber Backed, Nice, No Odors, Light Wear With A Few Spots in Good Condition 7 11478 6.51   ended
998 7126t.jpgTwo Vintage 4" x 6" United States Flag, The Name Annin Guarantees Quality, Comes in Box, Flag Shows Wear, Vintage Eagle Scrap Booking, You Fill Up, 15" x 20", Good Condition 6 672 2.53   ended
999 7134t.jpgGwen Frostic Brand New Old Stock, Never Opened Paper Placemats and Napkins, Set of (12) Each, Black Eyed Susans and Moths, Bought From The Gwen Frostic Studio In Benzonia MI A Whole Lot of Years Ago, Perfect Condition For Age, 16"L x 11"W 7 17467 4.25   ended
1105 5661t.jpgWicker Basket With Lid, The Body Is In Good Condition, The Lid Has Broken Strands, Sold As Is, 25"W x 16"D x 17"H         ended
1134 5820t.jpgTwo Nice Lighthouses, The Little One Needs Batteries, The Large One Needs An Adapter, In Good Condition, One Is 6"W x 10"H And One Is 9"W x 14"H 1 148 1.00   ended
1142 5860t.jpgSnuffer Astray With Felt On The Bottom, Handmade And Hand-Painted By Creations Distributing LP, Never Used, In Good Condition, 5"Dia. X 4 1/2"H 6 12123 4.25   ended
1145 19215t.jpgSeven Baskets, All Sizes, In Good Condition, 10" To 18"L x 2" To 6"H 1 4166 1.00   ended
1164 5973t.jpgGarden Basket, Extra Large With Hand-Painted Design, Great For Books, Laundry Or Storage, In Good Condition, 21"W x 18"D x 20"H 3 17155 2.75   ended
1165 5978t.jpgTropical Fish Décor, Clean And In Excellent Condition, Includes: Fish Pillow, Blue And Yellow Colors, It Is 16"W x 27"L; A Waste Basket In Tropical Colors At 10"H; Three Glass And Ceramic Multicolored Fish At 3" x 5" Each; Four Glass And Metal Wire Delicate Tropical Fish At 3"H Each; Three Tropical Multicolored Wall Hanging Fish At Approx. 9" x 7" Each 7 12338 4.20   ended
1180 6068t.jpgBeautiful Summer Leaf Candleholder, Metal And Glass Materials, Pretty Green With White Candles, Holds Three Candles, Can Use Citronella Candles For Outdoor Burning, In Great Condition, 14"H 3 16610 1.00   ended
1189 6114t.jpgThree Full Bottles Of Cascade Dishwasher Liquid, Smart Cleaner, Two Cans Of Never Dull Wadding Polish, One Bottle Of Art Van Furniture Oil, Bee's Wax Furniture Polish, Goo-Gone, Silver Cleaning Wipes And Quick Shine Silver Bath, All Are Full Or Very Close To Full, In Good Condition, 5" To 12"H 18 13611 16.39   ended

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