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163 3102t.jpgGloss White Formica Laminate Piece 49"W x 69"L And Still Has Protective Plastic Covering On It, Good Condition 6 13887 6.54   ended
169 3130t.jpgTwo Solid Oak Sanded Smooth 6"W x 1/4" x 2'L, New Still In Wrappers 9 3053 9.00   ended
206 5208t.jpgLike New in Box Address O Lite Illuminated Address Light, 16"L x 7"H 1 2608 1.00   ended
208 5219t.jpgBox Lot Of Kits and Cover, New In Packaging, Three Legrand in Wall Cabling Kits, Drywall Mounting Acc. Included, 6 1/2"W x 5 1/2"H, Duck Cover For Window Air Conditioner, Green in Standard Size         ended
216 5255t.jpg(20) Copper Hangers For Copper K Gutter, Good Condition, 6"L 6 3180 6.50   ended
232 5340t.jpg(24) New Foam Brushes With Wood Handles, Great For All Types of Paint, Stain, Glue, Ten 1", Six 2", Four 3", Four 4" 9 6262 3.91   ended
245 5395t.jpgTwo Piece Gutter Beige Metal, Brand NEW, Works Great, 10"L 3 13427 1.50   ended
270 5510t.jpgHilti Anchor Rods- Epoxy Set High Strength Anchor Bolts, New Two Packages of Five Each, 16MM 5/8" x 10"L With Nuts and Washers, Drill Adapter Epoxy Setting Tool is Included, Each Box of Five Rods Normally Retails For $48. New in Box 6 12123 3.60   ended
280 5551t.jpgMisc. Electrical Wire and Fillings, 12 Gauge Stranded 10 lbs. 12 Gauge Stranded, 22 lbs.. Gross Weight, 15"Diam x 7"H, Half Full Reel 11 14287 12.00   ended
301 106t.jpgNew 1/8 Stair Edging, Floor and Carpet Trim, 1/8"W x 1 1/8"H x 36"L, Very Good Condition         ended
391 481t.jpgThree White Metal Shelving For Wall, 12"W x 47"L Needs Cleaning, But Good Condition Otherwise, Good For Shed Or Garage 3 15296 1.77   ended
437 682t.jpgBlack Expansion Shower Rod, Pewter 26" Safety Rail, (20) White Shower Curtain Rings, From Pet Free/Non Smoking Home, Good Condition 1 6138 1.00   ended
463 815t.jpgBucket of Roofing Nails, All in Very Good Condition, 11"Diam x 7"W 8 885 11.00   ended
478 886t.jpgFour Matching Dungeon Door or Shutter Door Black Metal Brackets, 26"L x 8"H x 1/4"Thick, Very Good Condition 5 6262 4.25   ended
657 3576t.jpgWindows, Great Shape, Light Up Your Room With New Window, Four Total, Good Condition, Wood Frame, 23 1/4"W x 42 1/2"H 5 3146 6.50   ended
661 3593t.jpgRoll of 9' x 7' Vinyl Flooring, White Color in Good Condition 9 16454 3.75   ended
666 3615t.jpgNew Replacement Screen, Aluminum 24"W x 84"L, Fiberglass 48"W x 84"L 6 4693 5.50   ended
668 3626t.jpg2" Carpet Trim For Medium High Pile Carpet Satin Brass, New In Package, 36"L 2 14240 1.25   ended
686 3704t.jpg(7) Cans of New Krylon Color Master Paint and Primer, Assorted Colors, Great For Summer Projects, 9 1/2"H 12 14449 8.05   ended
754 1715t.jpg2" Carpet Trim in Satin Brass, 2"W x 36"L NEW 1 15391 1.00   ended
759 1738t.jpgLot of Two New in Box Rust Oleum Never Wet Multi Surface, Liquid Repelling Treatment, Prevents Water, Mud, Ice From Sticking To Multiple Surfaces, Metal- Concrete- Wood- Aluminum- Leather- Fabric and More, 8"H 10 12109 11.50   ended
804 3771t.jpg1" Carpet Trim Satin Brass New In Package, 1"W x 36"L 1 14240 1.00   ended
890 4220t.jpgCrate of Lighting And Electrical Supplies, Outlet Boxes, Wire and More, 2" to 15"L or Wide 7 2926 12.50   ended
930 6794t.jpgThree Unopened Boxes Rustoleum Never Wet, One is Frosted Clear, Other is Bright White, Two Cans/Box 8"H 11 11688 8.05   ended
975 7003t.jpgWhite Sink Cabinet, Works Good, Has Some Water Damage At Bottom, Sink is Like Brand New, 25"W x 19"D x 34"H 3 1846 5.50   ended
990 7089t.jpgCarbonator Pump Duty, SA55NXWW1215, Untested, As Is, Good Condition, 13"W x 16"D x 12"H 3 5708 3.00   ended
1219 4749t.jpgTwo Buckets Of Wood Spindles For Stair Or Deck Railing, (30+) Pieces, Wood Material, Painted Pieces, Used And Salvaged, Fair Condition, 1"Sq. x 3'H 3 11367 10.60   ended
1226 4791t.jpgHandy Home Box Lot With Used Plumbing, PVC Pieces, Light Bulbs, Baby Powder, Etc., Fair Condition, 16"W x 22"L x 11"H         ended
1314 14766t.jpgVintage Double Utility Tub, Some Wear, Otherwise In Good Condition, 34"W x 21"D x 32"H 28 17545 45.95   ended
1330 14850t.jpgA "Glacier Bay" White Pedestal Bathroom Sink, Complete With Fancy Faucets And Drain! Nice! Great For That Remodel! 24"W x 20"D 20 331 26.01   ended
1439 7869t.jpg(4) Easy Home Repair Binder Style Home DIY Guide, 11 1/2"W x 12"H, Looks Good 1 9326 1.00   ended
1453 7950t.jpgNew Astor Bidet Fresh Water Spray Non-Electric, Mechanical Bidet Toilet Seat, Attachment CB-1000, 18"W x 8"D x 4"H 2 1404 1.25   ended
1589 10150t.jpg"Korky" Toilet Fill Valve Water-Wise, New In Package, 10 1/2"T 11 6619 7.50   ended
1610 8701t.jpg(4) Huge Pipe Couplings, The Likes of Which You've Never Seen Before, Each is 7 3/4"Diam x 9"T, Nobody Needs Them For Their Intended Oil Field Piping Use, But They Make The Greatest Jack Stands Ever, Each One Weighs 25 Lbs 17 659 22.50   ended
1680 9037t.jpgHandyman Items: New Electrical Items, Two New Still In The Package Battery Touch Lights, Set of Husky Allen Wrenches, Fuse Puller, Some Sockets, Pliers, Screwdrivers, Brace & Bit Wood Drills (3), 6"Wire Wheel (Used But Still Lots of Life), Sockets & More All In Good Condition 8 1056 5.15   ended
1837 19093t.jpgBox of Premium Floor Tiles, Brand New & (2) Menards Ventilation Pipe - Brand New, You Get All - Bid to Win! 3 12123 3.37   ended
1846 10421t.jpg(2) White Plastic Shelves, 15"W x 48"L, Very Good Condition 4 292 2.02   ended
1848 10432t.jpgOak Face Mirror Medicine Cabinet, 16"W x 4 1/2"D x 19"H, with Shelf, Good Condition 3 17798 2.75   ended
1875 10549t.jpg(2) Adjustable Window Screens, Wood Frame/Metal Screens, Good Shape, Small: 10"T x 3/4"D x 20-32"W, Large: 14"T x 3/4"D x 20-32"W 18 15206 9.00   ended
1892 10628t.jpgKohler Sink, Off White Color, Good Condition, Never Been Installed Just Sat In A Shed, Needs Cleaning Otherwise Good Condition, 19"W x 16"D x 9"H 2 11143 1.25   ended
1919 7248t.jpg3-Section Mirrored Metal Bathroom Medicine Cabinet, Good Condition, 39"W x 5"D x 29"H 3 9082 1.50   ended
1950 7409t.jpgLarge Roll of Tar Roofing Paper, Has Some Tears but Mostly Like New Condition, 7"Dia x 36"W 13 6658 11.71   ended
1985 7593t.jpg(5) Kwikset Durabilt Locks, New in Box, AS-IS, 2 1/2"Dia Each 7 17247 2.97   ended
2130 2613t.jpgVintage Sheet Metal Roofing - Awesome Patina, Repurpose, Carefully Removed from Old Shed, Each Sheet is 8' Long x 26 5/8"Wide, Fair to Good Condition, 15 Full Sheets, 4 Partial Sheets ## 29 15628 80.00   ended
2276 11794t.jpgRoll of Mule Tape 5/16 Wide 1500 lb. Capacity, Heavy Duty Cord Age, Over 200' On Spool, Good Condition, 11"Diam x 11"H 5 33 7.50   ended
2280 11813t.jpgCeramica Davinci Tile (17) Boxes, 12"Sq. Each Tile, Total of 181 Tiles, Each Box (11) Tiles 9 1350 35.86   ended
2297 11891t.jpgTwo White Hollow Bi-Fold Doors, Have Scratches Good Condition Overall, 24"W x 80"H Each 4 13170 6.40   ended
2300 11906t.jpgSix Lattice Panels, Good For Crafts, Repurpose, Good Condition, 17"W x 72"L 19 10369 41.00   ended
2301 11910t.jpgMetal Window 12 Pane Storm Door, As Is, 36"W x 80"H, Some Scratches, But Good Condition Overall         ended
2302 11916t.jpgWood Door Frame With Sill, Missing Trim Piece on Left Side, Good Condition, 83"H x 39"W 2 11977 1.25   ended

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