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69 518t.jpgCast Iron Door For Wood Stove, Make Your Own Barrel Wood Stove, 11"W x 14"T, Rusty But Solid Condition 1 5462 1.00   ended
541 3176t.jpgMetal Cat Fan, Works, Very Cute, Good Condition, 18"T x 11"W 13 182 30.99   ended
656 3976t.jpgComfort Glow Infrared Heat, 27"W x 8"D x 23"H, 27,000 BTU's Propane Works, Good Condition For Age 23 11347 35.00   ended
670 4066t.jpgTwo Box Fans, Both Work Good, Need Cleaning Out, Some Wear and Cracks In Plastic Still, Good Condition, 19"W x 5 1/2"D x 21"H 13 1274 7.50   ended
732 4466t.jpgLasko Air Companion Floor Fan, 20"W x 22"H, Works Good, Good Condition 11 11106 10.59   ended
1155 6190t.jpgRepublic Box Wood Stove, Small Cast Iron Heat Stove, Great For Garage, Has Some Rust But in Good Condition, Top Has Two Covers And One Handle, 12"W x 32"D x 23"H 40 1369 62.00   ended
1414 10348t.jpgTwo Sylvania Heaters, Model #S0111R-MBK, Max 1500 Watt With Two Settings, Low 800 Watts, Both Work Fine, With Exception of Decorative Flame Doesn't Work In Either Units But Heats Fine, Only Couple Years Old, Good Condition, 23"T 19 11347 36.00   ended
1437 10478t.jpgFedders Window Air Conditioner, 8,000 BTU, Powers On, Untested Further, As Is 12 11238 10.50   ended
1480 10697t.jpgComfort Glow Ventless Heater, 10,000 BTU, Worked When Taken Out, Sat Over Two Years, As is, Good Condition, 14"W x 21"H 19 8124 20.50   ended
1543 8124t.jpgMetal Fireplace Tools, Whole Full Set, Some Rust Overall Good Condition For Age, 29"L Each 9 1369 10.00   ended
1812 13310t.jpg *UPDATE: Powers On* Polar Wind Standing Fan, Looks Good, As Is, 17"Diam Face 11 11221 9.50   ended
1838 13500t.jpg *UPDATE: Powers On* Electric Fireplace Wall Hung, Steel, 32"W x 12 1/2"D x 40"H, Appears in Good Condition, As is 1 4319 1.00   ended
1857 13616t.jpgDuracraft Floor Oscillating Fan, Runs Good, Good Condition, 16"Diam 14 1495 5.58   ended
1865 13674t.jpgHunter 52" Ceiling Fan, Used With Lights, All Shades and Bulbs Inc. Needs Cleaning, Otherwise Good Condition 4 10811 5.50   ended
1925 9849t.jpgModel Acp102Ps0 Whirlpool Room Air Conditioner, Free Standing, Not Window, Works, Good Condition, 16"W X 11"D X 33"T 13 5885 23.52   ended
1938 9935t.jpgKresno Brand Wood Burner, Still Runs, Some Rust, But Overall Still Effective At Its Job, Good Condition For Age, 36"W X 36 1/2"T 5 6557 10.50   ended
2142 16539t.jpgMasters TC 200V 100,000- 200,000 BTU Propane Heater, Commercial Grade, Everything There Untested, As Is, 17"W x 12"D x 30"H ## 6 7322 10.50   ended
2274 11984t.jpgBionaire Space Heater Just In Time To Keep Warm Winter Is Coming, Works Great, 5"W X 17"D X 26"T Very Good Condition 9 11314 11.00   ended
2344 11157t.jpgMetal Radiant Heater, Model # 3E134E 90K Btu, Good Working Condition, Electronic Ignition 25 1/2"W X 26"D X 12"T 9 11314 15.51   ended
2395 20694t.jpgWinter Is Coming Get Your Heater Corona Kerosene Heater, Works, Needs A Wick, Good Condition, 16"W X 16"D X 24"T 5 11106 4.77   ended
2736 18222t.jpgRadiant Heater Model No 3E134L, 90,000Btu, Working, Electric Ignition, 26"W X 23"D X 15"T 52 11314 285.00   ended
2902 15712t.jpgFire Pit Or Place Made Of Metal, Excellent Condition, Measures 50"W X 30"T 6 11112 8.00   ended
3210 19532t.jpg *UPDATE: Powers On* Windmere Fan, 14"Dia, Appears to be in Good Condition, 18 1/2"T 2 11238 1.25   ended
4101 16933t.jpgInfrared Radiant Heater, Metal and Plastic, Works Great For Heating Your Shop or Garage, Natural Gas, 110 Volt, Missing Thermostat, Burner is 16" x 12" x 12" With Three 10 Feet Sections Of Burn Tube and Heat Deflectors, Very Nice Unit To Keep Your Shop, Garage Warm This Winter ## 20 2183 103.00   ended

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