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Category: DVD CDS VHS AND TAPES (23 records) OCTOBER 3 ONLINE AUCTION - September 29 thru October 3 Bidding Will Start Closing on TUESDAY, OCTOBER 3 at 7pm at a Rate of 20 Items Per Minute
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352 2092t.jpgFour Frank Sinatra CD's Plus Master Classics CD's, Five Total, Good Condition 8 772 2.75   ended
358 2127t.jpgCase of Various Tapes, Plus Small Empty Case, 10" to 14"W, Good Condition For Age 1 772 1.00   ended
360 2139t.jpgStar Trek "The Movie Collection" VHS Boxed Set of Six Movies, Book Shelf Size, 8"W x 4 1/4"D x 7 3/4"H, Good Condition 1 10659 1.00   ended
361 2145t.jpg(9) Blank CD Tapes, Good Condition 1 672 1.00   ended
405 2383t.jpgTray of Vintage 8- Tracks and Cassette Tapes, Elvis, Johnny Cash, Bill Cosby Etc. From Old Estate, Plus Approx. (20) New Blank Cassette Tapes, Good Condition 9 426 5.51   ended
755 4589t.jpgLot of Assorted DVD's (13) Regular, (17) Blu- Ray, Good Condition, Green Lantern, Three Stooges, And More 16 3766 30.99   ended
759 4619t.jpgFaith CD- Two Budget Training CD, Million Recipe CD, Bible Study CD, Kid's Bible CD, Party and Crafts CD, No Candle Holder Brass, Good Condition         ended
766 4654t.jpgTen Relaxation CD's Plus "Print Artist" Computer Program, Good Condition 12 266 12.25   ended
1176 6333t.jpgElementality Vol. 1 DVD From Element Skateboard CO. Disc in Very Good Condition 1 3030 1.00   ended
1225 6654t.jpgVHS Tapes, (48) Tapes of Comedy and Drama, Diehard, Dragon Heart and More, Some Never Opened, Others Good Condition 4 772 2.50   ended
1227 6672t.jpg35+ VHS Tapes, All in Good Condition, Indiana Jones, Police Academy, Ransom and More 11 342 9.50   ended
1274 7015t.jpgTwo Boxes of VHS Movies, VHS Rewinder and Cleaning Tape, Dozens Of Videos, Oldies But Goodies, War Stories, Shirley Temple and More! Good Condition, Comes in Nice Plastic Storage Box, 16"L x 11"W x 7"H 5 10489 6.25   ended
1311 7266t.jpgNIB DVD Cases, Three Packs of (12) Jewel Cases For CD or DVD, Three Packs of (5) DVD or Game Cases, Three Padded Carry Cases For Multiple CD's or DVD's, 12"W x 15"L x 10"H 15 7534 14.00   ended
1314 7289t.jpgBox of NEW VHS Tapes, Record Home Movies Or Your Favorite TV Shows, Also Included Are Some Nice Plastic VHS Boxes To Put Your Finished Product In, Nice Storage Box, NEW, 15"W x 21"L x 13"H 5 8221 3.25   ended
1367 7653t.jpgHuge Box of Mainly Disney VHS Movies, Approx. 40, Nice Collectible Movies, Bambi, Babe, Snow White and More, Good Condition 7 9461 13.00   ended
1427 10420t.jpgCD Holder, 14"W x 5"D x 13"H, Holds (46) CD's, Particle Board, Good Condition 1 9089 1.00   ended
1435 10465t.jpgVHS Tapes- Walt Disney (27), Children's Tapes (25), Other Assorted (22)- Total of (74) Good Condition 7 10560 2.75   ended
1780 8912t.jpg(4) Movies About the Civil War, Drums In The Deep South, Hellbenders, Blood And Honor, And Hearts In Bondages, Have Been Etched Once And In Great Condition 16 7534 10.50   ended
1911 9770t.jpgNew In Sealed Plastic Cowboy Legends DVD Collection 8 700 4.00   ended
2418 12830t.jpgTen Movies All Just Watch And Play Nice, Mamma Mia, Julia, Meet The Fockers, Get The Gringo, 50 First Dates And More, Good Condition 6 6174 5.50   ended
2682 20278t.jpgJoyce Meyers, Eleven Cassette Tapes, Good Condition, The Inner Life, No Flesh Shall Glory, And More 12 9927 14.16   ended
2749 18300t.jpg(19) Beta Tables And (24) Empty Storage Containers, Movies Include Crocodile Dundee, The Legend Of The Lone Ranger, The Three Stooges, Good Condition 4 8130 3.75   ended
2784 18524t.jpg(42) Country CD's David Allan Coe, Hank Williams Jr, Clint Black, George Jones, Merle Haggard And More! Good Condition 24 6211 33.00   ended

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