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53 408t.jpg(9) Straw Hats, "Mexico" 11" x 14"L, Good Condition 2 7122 1.25   ended
54 412t.jpgCowboy Boots By Laredo Ladies, Size- 8 1/2 Medium, Good Condition, Worn Little, Been in Closet, From Smoke Free Home 8 791 14.16   ended
58 440t.jpgAssorted Women's Golf Shirts, New With Tags- Two Large Gap Polo Shirts, Liz Claiborne Size- M, Ralph Lauren Skinny Polo Size XL, Ralph Lauren Slim Fit Polo Size L, Ashworth Golf Polo Size M, Oleg Cassini Sport Polo Size M, Oleg Cassini Tank Golf Size S and Three Very Good Condition Polos, Gap, Lady Hagen, EP All Size M 10 8628 9.50   ended
105 760t.jpgNew MK Purse Large and Roomy 14" x 13", This Purse Will Make A Statement, Michael Kors Knock Off, I Think "Expensive" Very Good Condition 13 7898 15.61   ended
133 933t.jpgTwo Vintage Purses, Woven Purple With Plastic Clasp, And Floral Pattern With Metal Chain, Slight Odor, But Overall Good Condition, 6" to 9"L 2 7027 2.00   ended
157 1071t.jpg(6) Various Vera Bradley Adjustable 42" Belts, All Reversible, Twelve Looks In All, Very Good Condition 4 8652 5.02   ended
164 1116t.jpgFour Sets of Matching Cami And Panties Size- Small, White and Pink, Black and Pink, Royal Blue and Yellow, Pink and Yellow, NEW 22 11319 17.01   ended
284 1740t.jpgWomen's Coach Size- 10 Tennis Shoes, Good Condition 8 11062 6.01   ended
288 1762t.jpgMen's Size- 11 Motorcycle Boots, Like New Condition, Black Leather With Easy Velcro Closure On Sides, Solid My Bike and No Longer Need, 12"H 15 6512 19.50   ended
311 1867t.jpgTwo New With Tags Croft and Barrow Short Turtleneck Long Sleeve Warm Shirts For The Fall Evening, Nice Enough To Wear To Casual Dress Get Together, Long Body For The Tall Man $18.00 A Piece At Kohl's Size- XL 9 10473 10.45   ended
313 1876t.jpgAmerican Tourister Black Bag, 21"W x 10"T Used Two to Three Times, Very Good Condition 9 5879 15.93   ended
315 1887t.jpgAmerican Tourister Black Bag, 21"W x 10"T Used Two to Three Times, Very Good Condition 2 11151 1.80   ended
336 1997t.jpgFive Pairs of Women's Jeans Sizes- 18, 20, 22, Good Condition 6 10209 7.50   ended
338 2007t.jpgSix Pairs of Women's Jeans Size- 24, Good Condition, Brands Like Dallas, Silver, Vigoss and More! 17 11097 57.00   ended
376 2225t.jpgNew Size- Large Funny T-Shirt "Love at First Sight" 3 10105 2.25   ended
384 2263t.jpg(8) New Hats- Hunting And Military, Adjustable, Nice Designs 13 390 13.01   ended
395 2325t.jpgMen's Wolverine Size- 10 Hiking Boots, Very Good Condition 18 7389 12.50   ended
413 2430t.jpg*UPDATE: NO SALE* Cloth Hat Lot- Detroit Piston, Hawaii, Alaska With Pin, Ducks Unlimited, Just To Name A Few, Adjustable, See Pictures, Good Condition, *Sells With Owners Confirmation* 1 440 1.00   ended
416 2447t.jpgNew With Tags Boy's Size- 14 Husky Wrangler Cargo Pants, Adjust to Fit, Straight Leg Opening, Relaxed Seat and Thigh 7 834 5.50   ended
484 2795t.jpg(9) New Packs Ladies Lo Cut Socks, (41) Pair! Fila And Gold Coast, Nice Selection 10 834 24.52   ended
486 2808t.jpg(4) New Three Packs of Men's Crew Socks, Six White, Three Black, Three Gray High Quality 17 292 12.00   ended
488 2818t.jpg(4) New Six Packs Men's Sock Lo Cut and Ankle, (24) Pair, Tap Out, Fila, Mongoose, Nice 21 5849 26.00   ended
489 2822t.jpg(4) New Five Pack Ladies Rampage Crew Socks, (20) Pairs, Nice Sock and Material, Wear As Dress Or Casual Nice Prints and Solids 11 6998 16.24   ended
519 3019t.jpgNEW Four Matching Cami and Panty Sets, Size- Small, White and Pink, Royal Blue and Yellow, Yellow and Black 13 11319 12.01   ended
565 3317t.jpgVintage Metal Chrysler Sunglasses, Case and Ferrari Folding Sunglasses, 5 1/2"W 16 8628 9.00   ended
567 3328t.jpgSize- 9 M SAS Black Ladies Sandals, Very Comfortable in Good Condition, Over $100. Retail 5 1685 2.25   ended
572 3366t.jpgNew With Tags Three Cami Panty Sets, Size- Large, Black With Pink Trim, Royal Blue With Yellow Trim, Yellow With Black Trim, Two Camis and Two Panties Mismatched 11 4157 11.90   ended
579 3419t.jpgTwo Ladies Purses, Woven and Leather Look, Very Good Condition, Average 12"W x 10"H 1 2121 1.00   ended
613 3692t.jpgTwo Vintage Leather Belts, Leather And Metal, Useable and Working, ? Of Age, One 36", One 39" Worn But Look Good For Age         ended
614 3687t.jpgFanny Pouch Leather And Lined, Good To Great Condition, All Zippers Work, Great For Trips, Approx. 11"W x 4"H 3 9452 1.50   ended
616 3703t.jpgNine West Leather Cowboy Brown Boots, Size- 7 1/2, Great Condition, Worn Three Times! 7 11319 9.00   ended
618 3715t.jpgMen's Shoes, Wing Tips, Very Good Condition, Worn Once for Wedding, Size- 9 1/2D, Lifetime Soles, These Were Expensive 13 834 13.00   ended
647 3926t.jpgNew Women's Boots, Sloggers, Referred To As Rain and Garden Boots, Size- 9, Good Condition 14 778 10.53   ended
654 3964t.jpgMen's Brown Distressed Leather Bomber Jacket, Cherokee Brand, Size- XXL, Two Front What's Called Slit in Patch Pockets, Double Snaps of Cuffs, Knit Bottom Band And Zip Front, 60" Chest x 32"L x 18"Sleeve, Very Gently Worn Condition 15 7997 31.00   ended
661 4012t.jpgNatural Raffia Table Skirt, 9'L x 30" For Your Tiki Bar or Luau Party, Could Also Be Halloween Hawaiian Skirt For Hula Dancer Costume, Very Good Condition 3 5610 1.50   ended
673 4086t.jpgBeautiful Long Lamb Leather Women's Coat, Size- 2X 56" Chest, 56" Hip, 51"L, 17" Sleeve, Very Good Condition 21 11020 39.00   ended
703 4305t.jpgBid Now Heavy Duty Hoodie, Good Condition, Partial Zip, Size- Large 10 342 4.75   ended
704 4309t.jpgBrand New Rider Brand Sandals, Great For Winter Vacation, Unisex Men's 10 8 3180 6.50   ended
719 4394t.jpgThree Pairs Ladies Jeans, Size- 16, Two Pair Style And CO. Macy's, One Pair Eloguii The Limited, Good Condition 12 10263 13.50   ended
723 4417t.jpgBrand New Rider Brand Sandals, Great For Winter Vacation, Unisex Men's 9 5 8134 6.50   ended
790 20675t.jpgBrookylnn Express Jeans, Size 42x34, Never Worn, Waist Is Small Ornate 1 7630 1.00   ended
809 4885t.jpgNorth End Insulated Sport Jacket, Size- XL, New With Tags, Zippered Pockets and Wind Resistant, Teflon Fabric Protector 16 7389 10.50   ended
810 4889t.jpgThree Purses, Wine Bottle Carrier, Faux Coca Chanel, Real Tree Pink Camo, Pink- Brown Striped, Saganing Eagle Wine Carrier With Tags 7 7944 4.75   ended
893 5332t.jpgMen's Shirts and Shorts Size- Large, Two Flannel, Two Crew Neck, Two Cargo Shorts Size- 36, All Good Condition 2 8628 1.25   ended
914 5450t.jpgVarious Belts, Fair to Good Condition, 26" to 32"L 1 6051 1.00   ended
933 5560t.jpgWomen's Clothing Suit Jackets, Spring Jackets, and Pants, Size- XL, Good Condition         ended
974 5765t.jpgMen's Vintage Cowboy Boots, Leather Alligator Toe- Heel and Back, Work Good, 1980's, #18034 Lucchese San Antonio Navy Blue Men's Size- 9 1/2D, 13"H, Fair Condition 3 5456 3.52   ended
996 5878t.jpgCute Marilyn Monroe Case in Real Good Condition, 8"W x 3"D x 6"H 10 9854 6.00   ended
1169 6287t.jpgVietnam Era T- Shirt, "The Land God Forgot Because I've Spent My Time in Hell There" Circa 1986, 3XL Delta Pro 9 7630 11.00   ended
1170 6292t.jpgVintage Planters Red Poof Ball Stocking Hat and Blue Zep Stocking Hat, Good Condition, One Size Fits Most 4 8628 3.00   ended

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