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67 507t.jpgModern Guns 5th Edition Book, 11" x 8 1/2", The Fisherman's World in Pictures 11" x 8 1/2", Paperback in Good Condition 1 1420 1.00   ended
84 607t.jpgNice Lot of Children's Books, All Different Children's Books, Mostly Younger Kids, All in Good Condition, Some Are Older Titles, Paperback and Hard Covers, 7" to 11"T 5 9906 3.50   ended
86 624t.jpgBox of Teen Adult Books, Hunger Games, DaVinci Code, Wishing Trees and More, Little Worn on Covers And Dusty, Was On My Sun Porch But No Smell, All Pages Are in Good Condition 4 6158 5.51   ended
107 776t.jpg(6) Various Cookbooks, Very Good Condition, Three Hard Cover, Three Paperback, 1000's Of Recipes, Low-fat, Slow cooker, One Dish Meals, and More 1 5309 1.00   ended
168 1144t.jpg(25) Assorted Puzzle Books, All NEW, Various Crossword, Word Search, Sudoku Etc. Paperbacks 10 2634 10.25   ended
201 20505t.jpg(2) Journal Books: Family Camping Trips 7" x 9 1/2", Family Road Trips 7" x 9 1/2", (1) Picture Frame Green with Bird Matte, Holds 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" Photo, All Never Used, Sold AS-IS 5 11213 4.75   ended
392 2306t.jpg(12) Issues 2016 Full Year Of Guns and Ammo Magazine, Also Included is 2014 Issue of The Gun Digest, All in Very Good Condition With Exception of One Torn Page 2 6555 5.50   ended
415 2442t.jpg(19) Books- Including South Beach Diet and More! Encyclopedia, Child Scrapbooking, To Kill a Mockingbird, College AP Book, N Sync Tearing Up the Charts With Bonus Photos, Good Condition 1 11223 1.00   ended
463 2687t.jpgThree Antique Vintage Bobsey Twins Hard Cover Books, Very Good Condition, 1961, 1966, 1967 1 117 1.00   ended
469 2716t.jpgMad Magazine Featuring OJ Simpson July 1995, 22 Years Old, Complete, No Ripped Pages 3 1452 1.75   ended
527 3073t.jpg(3) 1800's Farmer Almanac Reproductions and One 1905 Farmer Almanac Reproduction, Very Good Condition 1 5545 1.00   ended
585 3482t.jpgSuper Collection of Cook Books- Many Hard Covers, Some Organization, Tried and True! Just In Time For Upcoming Holidays, Over Twenty Books- Good Condition 3 10833 1.50   ended
627 3793t.jpg(14) Cook Books, Paperback and Hard Covers, Time Life 1987, Good Condition For Age         ended
653 3958t.jpgFive Assorted Comic Books, Two Woody Wood Pecker, Donald Duck Two DC Superman, Good Condition 6 4406 2.25   ended
679 4130t.jpgFive Paperback Books- How to Build A Chopper and More! Valued At $19.95 to $24.95, NEW, Sheet Metal, How to Build V-Twin, How to Build Chassis 5 2284 13.25   ended
701 4286t.jpgMilk Crate With (21) Books, Hard Cover and Paperbacks, Debbie Macomber, Sherryl Woods, Danielle Steele, David Baldacci, Good Condition, Crate 14"W x 14"D x 14"H 4 3220 2.00   ended
711 4356t.jpgAmerica's Premier Gun Makers, Winchester 7" x 9" Hard Cover Book With 112 Pages, Loaded With Info and Over 125 Photographs Featuring History, Diagrams and Vintage Ads, It's The Gun That Won The West, Perfect For Winchester Owners Or Any Gun Collector, This Book is NEW and Perfect Condition 6 6555 3.25   ended
756 4597t.jpg(5) Joyce Meyer Hard Cover Books in Very Good Condition, Approval Addiction, Devotional In Pursuit of Peace, Battlefield of The Mind, Seven Things That Steal Your Joy 9 9927 11.49   ended
786 4762t.jpgTwo Household Hints- Books, Reynolds Wrap Over 100 Uses, Sunkist Lemons and More Over, 100 Uses, NIP 4 10105 1.50   ended
872 5210t.jpgThe Gershwin's Copyright 1973 Great Pictures and History, Hard Cover Book, Very Good Condition 1 4693 1.00   ended
887 5299t.jpg(23) Books- Hard Cover and Paperback, Ten Are Nora Roberts, All Good Condition 11 267 7.50   ended
891 5322t.jpgLot of Hard Cover and Paperback Bibles, All Good Condition, See Pictures 1 9077 1.00   ended
968 5731t.jpgCollege Book Paperback, Photography For The 21st Century, Retail Was $121.00, Good Condition 13 8276 11.07   ended
1146 6127t.jpg(18) Mostly Christian Themed Books, Mostly Paperbacks, Authors Include Max Lucado, Oswald Chambers, Francis Chan, CS Lewis, David Platt, Neil T. Anderson and More, All Books in Good Condition 3 6786 3.82   ended
1152 6168t.jpg1993 and 1994 United States Power Squadrons Student Manuals For Sail and Steamship Both Are in Good Condition 1 3648 1.00   ended
1164 6248t.jpgTwo Hard Cover Vintage Better Homes And Gardens Cook Books, Good Condition 8 10833 4.25   ended
1223 6641t.jpgRomance Paperback Books, Out of Mom's Attic, At Least 50 Years Old, Approx. 35, Good Condition For Age, Pages Yellowed 4 6347 3.01   ended
1262 6943t.jpgBig Boy Barbeque Book, Amish Cook Book, Your Household Guide Oakley MI, Richard Simmons Cook Book, All Paperbacks, Good Condition 1 10499 1.00   ended
1358 7586t.jpgBlue Book of Gun Price Guide Values, 23rd Edition, Wide Variety of Gun Manufacturers, Small Amount of Wear At Binding Edge 2 422 3.25   ended
1368 7663t.jpg(8) Gardening Books, Hard Cover and Paperbacks, Landscaping, Perennials, Successful Gardening, And More! Good Condition 8 10040 7.04   ended
1373 7704t.jpg(17) Hard Cover and Paperback Books- Making Work Work, Garden Primer and More, Good Condition         ended
1500 7878t.jpgIn Praise of Books, Hard Cover 117 Page With Various Illustrations, Thoroughly Entertaining Book For Lovers Of Literature and Authors, Classic Small Book, Great Condition For Age, 1901 14 10545 5.50   ended
1585 8363t.jpgWilliam's Sonoma Essentials of Slow Cooking, Very Good Condition, Hard Cover 6 2888 5.99   ended
1620 9178t.jpgCollection Of (16) Woodsmith Magazines Great For The Wood Worker, In A Nice Binder, Good Condition 7 700 7.56   ended
1623 9200t.jpg(2) Engine Books, Diesel Engine Repair 618 Pages And Auto Engines 575 Pages Both Hardcover, Good Condition 6 1553 6.78   ended
1642 9340t.jpgBox Lot Of Books, Good Reading For Winter, 31 Historical/Romance, Good Condition 4 5485 1.75   ended
1654 9421t.jpg"The Bird Master Of Flight" And " A Treasury Of Bird Lore" (2) Nice Books About Birds, Both Hardcover With Jackets, Good Condition 8 656 4.25   ended
1695 9681t.jpgGun Digest 1968, 1969, 1971, 25Th Anniversary, World's Greatest Gun Books, Tons Of Photographs And Information Packed Into These Large Paperbacks Approx. 400 Pages Each Good Condition 2 1420 1.25   ended
1774 8872t.jpgAge Erasers For Men Hardcover Book And The Male Body: An Owner's Manual Hardcover Book, Very Good Condition 1 772 1.00   ended
1786 8943t.jpgPhotomosaic Paperback Book, Good Condition 7 11191 3.75   ended
1828 13413t.jpgFive Awesome Automobile Books, Ford 1903 to 1984, Cars- The New Classics, Cars- The Old Classics, The American Automobile 1893- 1993, Great Cars From Ford, All Hard Covers, Very Good Condition 13 4589 21.78   ended
1852 13585t.jpgA Time To Mourn, A Time To Dance Book, 72 Pages, Hard Cover, Full Illustrations, Every One Could Use Little Help With A Lost, Thoughtful and Insightful, Good Condition 7 10835 5.00   ended
1869 13703t.jpgBackyard Bird Watcher Book, 284 Pages, Hard Cover Fully Illustrated, This One of Many Excellent Bird Watching And Attracting Books, Outstanding Bird Loving Information, Pictures, Photos, Tips and Edges, Good Condition 5 512 3.75   ended
1878 13754t.jpgGuns of The Gun Fighters By Doc O'Meara, Hard Cover With Jacket, 208 Pages, Good Condition 13 7192 16.00   ended
1880 13768t.jpgMichigan Indians, A Way Of Life Changes, By Donald Chapui, Paperback in Very Good Condition, 71 Pages 11 1323 18.50   ended
1888 13816t.jpgThe Family Baker Cookbook, Hard Cover With Jacket, Very Good Condition 1 5545 1.00   ended
1890 13831t.jpg1969 Edition Franklin Mint Metallic Greeting Cards, Christmas Themed Copper- Nickel Coins, Good Condition, 5"W x 6"H 1 9438 1.00   ended
1897 13875t.jpgTen Hard Cover Christian Theme Books- Authors Include Billy Graham, John Maxwell, Max Lucado, Charles Stanley, Ravi Zacharias and More, Includes Inspirational Writings of CS Lewis, All Books in Very Good Condition 3 6786 3.02   ended
1920 9819t.jpg"Candle Making" Hardcover Guide, 114Pp, 8 1/2" X 5 1/2", From Novice To Crafts-Person, This Classic Book Has New And Old Tips, Tricks, And Ideas From Tools Around The Home, Cover Has Wear Inside Is Very Good. 3 3965 1.50   ended
2096 15007t.jpgMrs. Browning's Poems- Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Trow's Printing And Book Binding Company, Wonderful Christmas Sentiment is Written on Front Inside Cover, "Merry Christmas .. 1886" Very Good Condition For Age, Gold Edges With Binding Very Good For Age- Just a Smidge Loose, Complete in One Volume From the Last London Edition 9 10545 16.06   ended

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