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1780 9280t.jpgCollection Of (40) Comic Books, Includes Marvel And DC, Hulk, Cable, X-Force, Avengers, Justice League, Captain America And More! In Good Condition 5 8275 8.50   ended
1891 9782t.jpgCollection of (40) Comic Books, Includes Marvel And DC Dare Devil, Batman, Master Kung Fu, Captain America and More 9 8275 9.01   ended
1987 10249t.jpgComic Book Collection of 33 Collectible Comics, 1980's to 2000's. DC Vertigo, Dark Horse, Image, Apple, DC, Malibu, Shadowhawk, Checkmate, The Sandman, DV 8, F5, Quadrant (Adult Only), Typhoid (Mature Readers), The Uncanny Inhumans #1, All Bagged, Some Boardered. All Very Good Condition, Some Mint 6 3719 4.45   ended
2203 13881t.jpgComic Book Collect of 23 Very Collectible Comics, 1960s to 2000s All Bagged & Boarded, Some Mint, Laugh March 1966; Trigger Twins #1 Apr 1973; UFO Flying Saucers May 1976; Son of Ambush Bug #3 & 4 1986; Crazyman (Embossed Cover) & Cyber Force (Both #1 Possibly Unread); Other #1's: Superboy, Damage Control, Justice Society of America, Blaster's Special, Flare, Star Trek 7 3719 10.50   ended
2217 13944t.jpg(4) Comic Books Includes Marvel and DC: Green Lantern, Ghost Rider, Spiderman, The Invaders and More - Good Condition 9 8829 5.51   ended

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