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181 929t.jpgHousehold Lot- Brown Glss Candle Of World Map 2 1/2" x 14"H, Two Books- Paperback John Dickson Carr, The Man Who Could Not Shudder, The Problem of The Wire Cage, Two Straps For Holding Down Luggage, Trivial Pursuit Genius Edition Game, Stamp Collection of Over 20 Stamps in New Condition From Pet/Smoke Free Home, Two Decks of Playing Cards, New Svedka and Black Velvet, Plastic Candy Dish 7"W x 12"D x 1 1/2", Good To New Condition 2 3719 1.25   ended
183 938t.jpgMystery Box Lot- Mainly Household Items, All New Never Used, Two Items Alone Will Be Worth What You Pay, 12"W x 16"L x 12"H 15 17923 8.05   ended
438 2311t.jpgLadies' Surprise Box Filled With Cool Items! Bid To Win! It Measures 17"W x 21"L x 9"H 7 13928 3.50   ended
498 2540t.jpgSurprise Box! New Items Plus More! Measures 12"W x 24"L x 12"H 9 10659 4.75   ended
560 2822t.jpgAwesome Surprise Box! One Of The Best Packed Boxes Yet! This Box Has New Items Plus Other Things Awaiting You To Unpack, It Measures 9"W x 19"L x 13"H 12 10659 10.50   ended
824 4195t.jpgCar And Home Collectible Lot Including: Chrome Transmission Cover For 350 Turbo, Rusty But In Good Condition; Antique Bottle Of Calcium Hydroxide, It Is Dated 1879, Chipped Glass, Needs Cleaning, 2"Dia. X 5"H; Like New! Two Garden Claw Tools, Plastic Construction, 8" x 12"; New! Plastic Plumbing Valve, PVC, 1"; New To Good Condition On This Group Of About A Dozen Wiper Blades 3 3719 1.75   ended
1143 5427t.jpgBox of Guy Things- Casters, Two Bags of Steel Wool, Three Lamp Holder, Tailpipe Hanger, Ice Scraper, Cable Staples, Two Rolls of Wire, Flashlight, Screwdrivers, Pins, Three Small Bulbs, Bowl of Nails, Two Sealed Beam Lighters, Good Condition Overall, 10"W x 17"L x 9"H 3 4646 2.00   ended
1209 5776t.jpgMystery Box! Store Closed, Lots Of Good Resale Or Gift Items In This Box, 20"W x 15"D x 14"H 14 7077 10.09   ended
1226 5890t.jpgNew To Good Condition On The Items In This Beautiful New Collection Of Make-Up Bags, Pewter Frames, Rose Pin And More! 2 1/4" To 11 1/2" Tall/Long 2 6889 1.25   ended
1243 5976t.jpgMystery Box Of Estate Leftovers, All Are In Good Condition, 12"W x 16"L x 10"H 9 159 5.00   ended
1248 5998t.jpgMystery Box! Something Is Brand New! The Box Measures 9 1/2"W x 19 1/2"L x 10"H 3 13928 1.50   ended
1280 6189t.jpg(60+) Pieces In This Lot Of Misc. Glass Knick Knacks Including: Six Serving Trays; Figurines; Candleholders; Mugs And More! Too Much To List! Great To Use Or Repurpose! They Have Been Loosely Packed And Not All Have Been Inspected For Chips But They Are In Overall Good Condition, 2" To 6 1/2"H 3 1208 1.50   ended
1404 7278t.jpgBox Lot- Brown Wreath, Tin Pan, Assorted Plastic Container, Four Cups, Assorting Drinking Glasses, Brown Recipe Box, Two Check Placemats, And More, Good To Very Good Condition, 4" to 19"         ended
1413 7333t.jpgFive Barn Items With Collectible 11" x 12" Holland Dairy Milk Crate, Small Pot 7" x 8" Heavy Hean Pot, Blow Torch 10" x 7" Louisville KY, Old Oil Spout 11", Coleman Lantern 22"H To Handle, New Mantles, Good To Very Good Condition 14 3180 11.50   ended
1523 7944t.jpgBox of Two Waverly Cup Coffee Packs, Eight Cups Each, Plastic Trivet, Heart Shaped LED Bracket, Three Navy Pillows, Very Good Condition, 3" to 15"W, Good To New         ended
1525 7959t.jpgKey Chains, Avon and More, Metal- Wood- Plastic, Most New in Box, Nice For Resale, 2" to 12 1/2"L 3 16096 2.01   ended
1636 8832t.jpgStorage Drawer Clean Out, Lots of Goodies Including Door Knob, Electric Outlet, Screwdrivers, Allen Wrenches, Tape, Lots More, 3" to 10"L 3 4646 2.10   ended
1652 8598t.jpgMystery Box Loaded With Estate Items, Good Stuff! No Junk, 20"W x 18"D x 17"H 15 16176 6.01   ended
1709 8933t.jpgDesk Clock With Ink Pen Mounted In A Piece Of Glass And Wood, The Clock Is Loose In The Housing, Titanic Souvenir Coaster At 4", And Old Style Honey Bottle With Cork At 7"H, A Resin Pelican At 8", A Nice Wood Frame With Dog Picture At 4" x 6", In Good Condition To Very Good Condition 1 11946 1.00   ended
1750 9135t.jpgOrange Placemat, Mouse Pad, Blue Cotton Tablecloth At 72" x 102", Silver Runner That Is Glittery, In Good Condition At 56" x 80", Eight Assorted Paperback Books, A Battery Snowman, Two Flashlights, One Heart Blanket, Pumpkin Flashlight, In Good Condition To Very Good Condition 2 4646 1.00   ended
1751 9141t.jpgNew To Good Condition On The Items In This Box Lot Including: A Small Atomizer At 3", Glass Bell At 8", Battery Operated Lantern At 9", Pink And Red Container, Pink And White Tissue Holder With Matching Soap Dispenser, 6" x 6" And 5" x 6" Soap, One Small Booklet, One Small White Doily, One Small Bunny Box         ended
1752 9147t.jpgNew To Good Condition On The Items In This Box Lot Including: Two Small Brown Crocks; One Small Corningware Fry Pan; A Heavy Glass Votive Three-Candle Holder; A Silver Tablecloth At 94" x 110"; Silver And White Tin; Two Glass Mirrors; Three Small Glass Shoes; One Salt And Pepper Set; Two Small Christmas Spreaders; One Glass Jar With Lid, The Box Measures 12" x 14" x 6"         ended
1755 9167t.jpgMisc. Glass And Wicker Décor Including: Baskets, Organizer, Turtle Bank, Cups, Bowls, Etc., In Good Condition, The Box Is 20" x 16" x 9" 4 3960 2.01   ended
1830 9503t.jpgThree CD's Net Cracker Crazy Party Songs Etc. Spartans Boarder, New "Run Your Heart" Cow Bell and Small Metal Picture Frame, Good To New, 2 1/2" to 5 1/2"         ended
1940 10021t.jpgBox Lot with Misc. CDs in Case, Movies, Outdoor Light, 3 Milk Jugs Lamers & Dairylands Best, Bud Light Bottle Opener, Deter Meter for Man Cave, Good to Very Good Condition 7 7900 5.50   ended
2241 14080t.jpgMystery Box #3, From Large Estate, Too Much To List, Loaded, Good Stuff, Box 16W X 17D 10 11701 8.00   ended
2246 14110t.jpgEstate Mystery Box #2, Many Good House & Curio Items, No Junk, Box 17"W x 24"D x 13"T 9 17843 7.00   ended
2314 11664t.jpgUplifting Art & Loving Expressions Wall Hangings, Uplifting Books Like "Everyday Light"; "How Good Is Good Enough" and "New Testament" (Pocket Size) 1 4646 1.00   ended
2328 11741t.jpgMerry Surprise Box of Happiness, 8"L, Real Nice Things Come In Small Packages 7 13928 2.75   ended
2348 20908t.jpgOsterizer Blender In Excellent Condition; Roll Bowl Holder; Book "The Air Between Us"; On Tape Books - Invisible Prey by Sandford and Night Fall by DeMille; Book "The Sleeping Beauty Killer         ended
2353 11843t.jpgMystery Box Packed Full 12"L x 10"W x 10"T 6 13928 2.25   ended
2354 11846t.jpgMystery Box #4 Estate Pick-Up, Nice Stuff & Loaded, 20"W x 24"L x 12"T 4 11701 5.50   ended
3122 16069t.jpgPottery Cheese Crock With Rubber Snap Ring, Two Glass Divided Candy Dishes, USA Pottery Planter and Ceramic Oil Lamp With Plastic Stopper, Some Chips, Overall Good Condition, 4" to 9 1/2"W 1 14297 1.00   ended
3137 16165t.jpgSuper Mystery Box, Every Item Is New and Unused, With Tags in Package, So Many Useful Items, It's Amazing, 12"W x 18"L x 9 1/2"H 9 7077 6.50   ended
3171 16371t.jpgWheel Chair Feet Attachments (Rusty) Misc. Tool Plastic and Metal, Unsure of Use, Fair To Good Condition, 12" to 19"L 1 4646 1.00   ended
3213 18065t.jpgMystery Box Something For Everyone, Bid To Win, 24"W x 20"D x 14"H 10 17449 4.00   ended
3224 18123t.jpgOver $40. Original Priced Box Lot of New Unused Items, Wall Mounted Gojo Industrial Hand Cleaner Dispenser $12.95 New Old Stock Suspenders And Snap on Carry Straps, Warps CT-12 Cutting Tool For Plastics And Acrylics $15.69, Echo String Trimmer Line $6.99, Changeable Combination Luggage Lock $2.99, Staple Remover $1.99, Computer Whiz Key Chain, 2" to 6"L 4 1467 2.84   ended
3270 18342t.jpgBig Mystery Box Filled With Vintage To Brand New Items, Bid To Win, 13"W x 17"D x 13"H 5 14282 3.30   ended
3285 18409t.jpgLadies Surprise Box Filled With Lots of Items, Some Vintage Items, Bid to Win, 15"W x 22"D x 10"H 8 9044 3.00   ended
3295 18457t.jpgSolar Security Light, Small Tool Pouch, Some Small Garden Tools, Battery Charger and More, Good Condition, 15"W x 12"D x 4"H 3 15247 2.30   ended
3396 19079t.jpgMisc. Variety Box of Items- Six Glasses, Double Boiler, Stuffed and Wood Bunnies, Toys, Two Wood Bowls 6" to 10", Grater, White Metal Shelving, Cutting Board, Small Spreader Knives, Twinkle Lights and More, Good to Very Good Condition         ended
3461 16832t.jpgBox Lot- Garage, Shop, Yard, Too Many Items To List All, Some Electrical, Some Under Cabinet Lights With Bulbs, Safety Harness- Heavy Duty, Craftsman Jigsaw Works, Two Eight Packs New Spark Plugs, Much More, Good to New, Box 18"W x 19"L x 7"H 4 1035 3.02   ended
3468 16880t.jpgStyrofoam Mystery Box, Cooler Contains Several Items Including Many New in Package, Have Fun! 23"W x 15"D x 16"H 12 17922 4.85   ended
3701 17053t.jpgBox Lot of Misc. Kitchen Glasses/Mugs, Etc., Good Condition, 15"W x 12"D x 7"H         ended
3737 17235t.jpgThree Cookie Tins and One SS Bowl, 6"Diam x 7"H to 10"Diam x 3 1/2"H, Good Condition         ended
3947 19922t.jpgMystery Box Filled with a Bunch of Toys - Some are Vintage, Baby Alive & More, Bid to Win, 13"W x 18"L x 13"H 7 9662 2.50   ended
3974 20108t.jpgBasket with 5 Items: Old Rolling Glass Pin, Dollies, Backgammon Game & More, 2" to 13"Long, Fair to Good Condition, Out of an Estate 2 4646 1.50   ended

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