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2108 20954t.jpg12' Windsurfer that Includes 2 Sails & 1 Dagger Board, Use as a Sailboard or a Paddleboard, Great Water Fun! No Gas to Buy, 26"W, Looks Good ## 30 9225 166.00   ended
2110 10865t.jpg10 1/2 Feet Boat, We Bought it but Never Got it in the Water, Unsure if it has Any Leaks, Looks to be in Good Condition, Row Your Summer Away, Back End Needs Repair, Wood & Metal Separation ## 19 13479 41.00   ended
2125 10953t.jpg12' Aluminum Boat, Needs Repairs - Otherwise Good Condition, Great Project, 52"W x 143"L ## 13 10248 97.00   ended

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