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614 4295t.jpgNew In Package! Member's Mark Eye Wear Care Kit Including: 2-Oz. Refillable Lens Cleaner Squirt Bottle, 8-Oz. Lens Cleaner Refill Fluid, Two Microfiber Cleaning Cloths, A Keychain Screwdriver And Four Screws, The Package Measures 7 1/2"W x 8 1/2"H 6 9693 5.50   ended
617 4309t.jpgWrist Braces, A Set Of Two, Barely Used, Size M, In Very Good Condition 3 13878 1.75   ended
661 23673t.jpgAssisted Living Bath Chair With Adjustable Height, In Good Condition, 25"W x 20"D x 32"H 11 9450 9.00   ended
740 23674t.jpgNice Cane Lot Of Three, One Handmade With A Girl Carved In It, One Bamboo, All Are In Good Condition, Approx. 35"H 6 7641 3.75   ended
1332 11366t.jpgInvacare Folding Walker With Wheels, Tennis Balls on Front Legs, Some Wear, Good Condition, 24"W x 17"D x 38"H 3 12920 1.80   ended
1448 5931t.jpgWalker And Crutches, Both Adjustable, Walker Is New and Crutches Good Condition With Some Wear, 37 1/2" to 44"H 2 4646 1.00   ended
1653 12493t.jpgWave Master Cardio Kicking Bag, Adjustable Height from 5 to 7 Feet, Base Filled with Water or Sand for Stability, 21"Dia, Good Condition 7 9555 8.50   ended
1742 11926t.jpgStep Up Exercise Equipment, Get in Bikini Shape! 4 Pieces, Works Great, 25 1/2"W x 15"D x 4"H 1 17646 1.00   ended
1827 7075t.jpg(4) Pairs of Sensifoot Diabetic Socks, Three Crew Style Medium Black & White & One Knee Style Small Black, New in Boxes 12 17819 7.37   ended
1867 7248t.jpgDon Joy Iceman Model 1100 Cold Therapy Unit with Manual, Good Condition, 14"W x 9"D x 9"H 11 9682 12.88   ended
1914 16051t.jpgNew! Weight Pull Rope, Used For Weight Machine, Rope, Plastic And Stainless, 8"W x 2" Thick x 15"H 5 9555 7.50   ended
1989 16453t.jpgLike New! Drive Shower Chair, Plastic And Aluminum, Adjustable Height, 26"W x 20"D x 35"H 6 5815 4.25   ended
2242 8047t.jpgThe Firm Box Stepper, Adjustable Height, 33"W x 15"D x 6 1/2"-14 3/4"H, (2) 5-Pound Dumbbells, (2) 1-Pound Ankle Weights, (1) 10' Jump Rope DP, (1) 6' Exercise Band, Very Good Condition 4 5627 5.00   ended
2413 8445t.jpgMetal Curling Free Weight Bar with 5 Weights, Four 11 lbs, Two are 2.75 lbs, 32"L, Good Condition, Some Rust 7 3927 4.25   ended
2422 8493t.jpgVery Cool Wooden Walking Stick, Comes Apart for Storage, 60"T, Good Condition 10 11115 6.60   ended
2512 10122t.jpg"Simply Fit" Workout Board, Brand New, Never Used. Comes Complete with Complete Information Packet Including User Guide & Workout DVD, 11"W x 26"L 14 15541 6.50   ended
2631 14512t.jpgTwo New 3M Brand Nexcare Flexible Clear Tape, 3/4"W x 252"L 3 15541 2.51   ended
2672 14767t.jpgSLM "Stair Climber Plus" Workout Machine, Adjustable Resistance, Works Great And In Excellent Condition! 18"W x 22"L x 9"H 3 9089 2.25   ended
2750 18871t.jpgWeslo Pursuit 350 Exercise Bike with Heart Rate Monitor and Timer, Good Working Condition, 24"W x 36"L x 52"H 4 12617 8.50   ended
2878 19650t.jpgWalker And Cane, Both Are Adjustable, In Good Condition, Sold As Is, 19"W x 38"H And 3'H Cane 4 10835 2.25   ended
2888 19698t.jpgVitamaster Exercise Bike, In Very Good Condition, It Measures 27"W x 40"L x 38"H 4 1424 3.75   ended
2919 18200t.jpgTwo Pair Of 5-Lb. Dumbbells, Two Gold's Gym Power Weight Lifting Training Wrist Support Hook Bar Straps, Two 10-Lb. Weight Plates And One 20-Lb., All Are In Good Condition, 3" To 10"L 3 4646 2.25   ended
2920 18206t.jpgA Walker, Seven Wheels With Brakes, Dark Blue Color, Seat, Baggage Net, In Good Condition, 20"W x 23"D x 38"H 8 3258 11.59   ended
2959 18389t.jpgLike New! Weight Lifting Straps/Wraps Used For Dead Lifting, Belt Webbing, Works Great! Power House, Two Sizes, Large 1 4646 1.00   ended
2995 18547t.jpgNew In Box! First Position 3" Gel Cushion for Wheelchair Or Stadium Seat, 18"W x 16"D 10 9682 9.50   ended
3031 12870t.jpgFit Bit Flex 2 In Original Box With Instructions, Swim Proof, Can Be Used With Interchangeable Acc. Brough New, Worn Little 10 3645 14.63   ended
3104 14939t.jpgWeight Lifting Belt, Leather Multi Grip Brand, Like New, Large 4 1/2"W 4 12124 2.80   ended
3152 15186t.jpgTwo Boxes McKesson Non Woven Sterile Sponge Pads, 4"W x 4"L Six Play Over 1,000 Quantity, Two Per Pack, NEW 13 6412 23.09   ended
3256 21057t.jpgVicks Warm Steam Vaporizer With Use and Care Manual in Box, With Auto Shut Off, And Large Nightlight, Very Good Working Condition, For Small Medium Room Size 18-24 Hours of Operation, 1.5 Gallon Capacity, 12 1/2"H Box 4 15206 2.00   ended
3258 21067t.jpgDumbbell Weights, Adjustable With Four 3 lb. Weights, Four 5 lb. Weights, New Out of Package, With Some Visible Corrosion From Long Term Storage, Bollinger Brand, Age Unknown, 6"W x 14"L, Good Condition Overall 18 12124 14.01   ended
3263 21089t.jpgLighted Cane "Hurricane" Stands On It's Own, Black Not Intended For Over 250 lbs. Made of Steel And Rubber By Telebrands, Paint on Handle, Good Condition, With Some Wear, 35"H 11 1009 5.50   ended
3406 13869t.jpgPollenex Neck Massager, has Heat as Well, Velcro Closer, Works Well, Good Condition, 12"W x 14"L 3 926 1.50   ended
3414 13907t.jpgHomedics Shiatsu Back/Neck/Foot Massager with Heat, Nice Soft Cover Over Mechanism, Works Well, Good Condition, Has a Couple of Stains, 9"W x 14"L 1 11327 1.00   ended
3583 16941t.jpgFirst Aid Kit in Good Condition, Lots Of Supplies Inside, 14"W x 7"D x 7"H, Good Condition, Bandages, Gauze, Etc. 13 10833 5.00   ended
3590 16903t.jpgWeight Pull Bar Used For Weight Lifting Steel/Foam, Good Condition, 36"W x 2"Thick         ended
3616 19855t.jpgWalker With Seat And A Cane, Metal Material, Has A Hand Brake And Basket, Red In Color, Adjustable Height, Needs Cleaning, Works And In Good Condition Overall, 22"W x 28"L x Various Heights 11 1035 10.50   ended
3655 20022t.jpg"Doctor's Scale" 300-Lb. Capacity, Dusty From Storage, Working And In Good Condition Overall, 10"W x 13"D x 35"H 5 5772 6.00   ended
3691 20174t.jpgVery Nice Quickie Brand X Large Wheel Chair, Missing A Handle Grip But In Good Condition Otherwise, 25"W x 30"D x 48"H 6 15948 11.59   ended
3747 17218t.jpgHanging Meditation Chair, Very Good Condition, 20"W x 57"H Approx. 4 7717 2.55   ended
3770 17343t.jpgWeight Bar Clips, Jump Rope, Tension Rubber, Strap Weight, 3 3/8" to 90"L 1 13699 1.00   ended
3771 17356t.jpgShiatsu Full Back Massager For Chair By Homedics, Unit is Not Heated, Has Some Fabric Separation on Each Side of Back Piece, 3" Is Biggest, Duck Tape Will Fix Very Nicely, 17"W x 15"D x 26"H 3 4646 1.50   ended
3776 17384t.jpgGolds Gym XRS 20 Incline Bench, Good Condition, But Cushions Have Scratch Marks From Cat, 72"L x 42"H x 20 1/2" 6 13384 6.20   ended
3785 17442t.jpgWeight Bench Multi Function Comes With Bar and 60 lbs. Of Weights, Bar Will Need Clamps, 47"W x 57"D x 48"H 12 9805 26.00   ended
3796 17515t.jpgLike New! Homedics Electric Chair, Massage With Controller, Rarely Used, 23"W x 65"L 6 5627 3.01   ended
3798 17529t.jpgHospital Bed On Casters, It Works! In Good Condition, 38"W x 78"D x 26"H 2 7092 1.25   ended
3829 21994t.jpgTwo New Medline Tires, 24"Diam, For Wheel Chairs But Repurpose For Other Things, Good Condition 12 5772 15.00   ended
3854 22149t.jpgSmall Wheelchair, Tracer Ex Blue In Good Condition, Seat 17 1/2"W, Back 18"H, Folds Up 13 5772 18.50   ended
3858 22163t.jpgTony Littles Gazelle Edge Exercise Machine With Working Computer Attachment And New Batteries, Good Condition, Ready To Go! Get in Shape Now! Have Fun! 28"W x 40"D x 56"H 15 17132 29.01   ended
3859 22172t.jpgAdjustable Crutches, Pair In Good Condition, 4"W x 45" to 56"L         ended
3861 22188t.jpgStandard Adjustable Walker, Aluminum In Good Condition, 18"W 1 4646 1.00   ended

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