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696 4735t.jpgThe Rampaging Hulk Comic, ISS1, 1977, Vintage, It Has Been Read, In Good Condition 4 14909 5.50   ended
709 2124t.jpgGodzilla Marvel Comic, ISS1, 1977, Vintage! It Has Been Read, A Spot On The Cover Where Tape Pulled Some Off, In Overall Good Condition 5 14909 7.50   ended
1149 5385t.jpg(245) Marvel And DC Comics, Each Comic Book Comes With It's Own Protective Bag and Board, Good Condition, Titles Include X-Men, Avengers, Teen Titans, New Mutants, Legion of Super Heroes, Punisher and More 11 11664 61.69   ended
1954 16269t.jpgLot Of (20+) Comic Books, Mostly Archie, In Good Condition 12 10833 5.20   ended

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