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1 1t.jpgOld Metal Black Scale, Scales of Justice Balance Floor Decoration, 4'9"H, Platforms Are 8"Diam x 1/4"Thick, 2' Across, Base is 12", Very Good Condition 14 786 20.50   ended
3 14t.jpgOlder Decorative Wood and Metal Tribal Spear 5'L, Good Condition 10 3182 18.50   ended
13 69t.jpgVintage Brown Weight Scale By Hanson, Up to 25 lbs. 5 1/2"W x 9 1/2"H, Good Condition 11 5431 10.00   ended
15 82t.jpgAntique Lantern "Ham's NU Style Cold Blast" W. Bincham Co. Cleveland, Need Cleaning, 14"H, Metal and Glass, Works Good 19 11116 18.50   ended
16 87t.jpgVintage Wood Milk Case With Metal Wire Dividers Prudenville MI, Very Good Condition, 14"W x 18"L x 10 1/2"H 8 7900 17.50   ended
19 112t.jpgMetal Hook With Pully Missing Wheel, 6"W x 14"L Good Condition Otherwise 3 2110 1.50   ended
21 121t.jpgDecorative Old Middle East Cavalry Saber Made in India, 31"L, Good Condition 13 7055 9.50   ended
45 260t.jpgOld "Replogle" 12" Diam Globe, World Classic Series Hardwood Base, Metal Longitude 17"H, Made in USA, Very Good Condition 9 14262 15.50   ended
54 317t.jpgSix Antique Wood Planes, Stanley Plus More, Some Missing Parts, Fair to Good Condition, 8" to 10"L 11 1553 15.01   ended
64 380t.jpgThree Fruit Jars, Aqua Wide Mouth Quart Sanitary Sure Seal, Aqua Pint Lightning, Atlas Squatty Pint EZ Seal, All in Very Good Condition, 5" to 7"H 11 14714 6.51   ended
65 387t.jpgVintage Blue Ball Mason Jar of Wood Scrabble Tiles, Tiles Are All Letters, Good Condition, 7"H 11 7674 8.77   ended
68 405t.jpgFruit Jars- Aqua Pint Lightning, Clear Atlas Good Luck Four Leaf Clover, Quart Drey Square Mason, All in Very Good Condition, 5" to 7"H 8 42 3.50   ended
72 427t.jpgAntique Charlie Weaver Toy, Attic Find, Needs Cleaning For 1960's, 12"H, Good Condition Overall 7 12061 7.50   ended
74 441t.jpgAntique Oil Lantern, No Wick, But Good Condition For Age, 18"H 3 17822 5.00   ended
81 477t.jpgManchester Sailing Ship Model, Very Good Condition, Wood 3 1/4'W x 12"L x 13"H 4 293 8.25   ended
82 486t.jpgAll Brass Worshipping Item, India or Indian? I've Had It For Approx. 50 Years, Was Old When I Purchased It, Unsure What It's For, Just a Neat Item, Very Good Condition, 5 1/2"W x 4"D x 13 3/8"H 11 14828 31.00   ended
83 493t.jpgOld Hanging Brass and Glass Candle Lantern, Six Sided 10"H x Approx. 5"Diam, Door Opens To Access The Candle, Very Good Condition 11 7478 9.00   ended
90 531t.jpgLogging Saw, 5'6"L, No Broken Teeth, Very Good Condition 16 422 31.00   ended
133 803t.jpgLarge Pre Civil War Oil Painting Of Famous Man, Possibly US President Fillmore, With Antique Pre Civil War Ornate Frame, Painting Is Damaged, Fair Condition, As Is, 33"W x 38"H 11 301 6.25   ended
189 1110t.jpg(2)Small Oriental Hand Fans, Fabric With Wood Handles, In Good Condition. 6"Wide X 9" Long 8 14699 8.50   ended
242 3899t.jpgLogging Saw, 5'6"L, No Broken Teeth, Very Good Condition 23 422 28.66   ended
244 3910t.jpgGlass Globe Gumball Machine, Metal Body, No Plastic, Working, Very Good Condition, 7 1/2"Diam x 15"H 8 2295 10.58   ended
291 4180t.jpgVintage Shedds Brown 32 Oz. Glass Bottle With Embossed Pattern, Measurement Markings, A936-42, 72-AHK-24, Very Good Condition, Measures 9"H 5 261 2.25   ended
297 4211t.jpgPrimitive Farm Barn Saw, Two Handles, Hand Forged Iron Blade That's Actually One Piece of Iron, Just Has Cuts For Handles, Maybe Used For Hay? One Handle Looks Like It May Have Been Replaced Long Time Ago, Still Really Old, End Cap is Cracked And Iron Not As Thick, Really Great Display Piece, Iron 1/4"Thick x 36"L Total, 2 3/4" Widest Blade, 4" Handles, Very Good Condition For Age 9 1035 3.47   ended
328 9718t.jpgVintage Style Cast Iron Boot Jack- NEW, This Has Holes and Ready To Mount, Makes Getting Boots And Shoes Off Easy, Heavy and Approx. 11"L 13 3276 15.27   ended
746 2324t.jpgEgg-Shaped Souvenir Box Or Jewelry Box, Made Of What Appears Like Bone?? And Brass With Gemstones Décor, Looks In Very Good Condition, 3 1/4"W x 5"H 9 16863 18.50   ended
750 2347t.jpgRailroad Lantern, Antique, Kerosene, "Dietz" Brand, In Good Condition For The Age, 7"Dia. X 16"H 19 11116 15.50   ended
760 2399t.jpgJenny Lind Trunk, These Trunks Traveled the Oceans And Prairies With Settlers, Named For "Hour Glass" Shape, This Trunk Would Look Great As A Coffee Table, A Genuine Antique That Needs To Have The Interior Restored But The Exterior Is Ready To Use, Look On The Internet For Ideas, It Measures 14"W x 26"L x 14"H 15 5431 36.00   ended
780 2515t.jpgLongaberger 2001 Heavy Pewter Gorgeous Limited Edition Plate, In Very Good Condition 4 10833 1.75   ended
824 2754t.jpgA Wooden Box Filled With Vintage Doorknobs, A Variety Of Materials, All Are In Overall Good Condition, The Box Measures 15" x 7" x 8" 8 6811 34.89   ended
839 2843t.jpgBeautiful Limited Edition Vintage Italian Cookies Tin Can, Marvelously Decorated, Great For Décor! In Very Good Condition, It Measures 3"W x 11"H         ended
899 3168t.jpgVintage Brass Sarna, India Double-Bell, It Features A Skiing Person, Inside On The Bell Is Engraved Sarna, India, One For The Bell Collector! Love The Unique Sound This Bell Has, In Very Good Condition, Measures 3"W x 3 5/8"H 8 7478 3.25   ended
921 3286t.jpgGreat Ephemera Box Lot- Several Original 1800's Currier And Ives Prints, Two Packages Of Stamps From 1960's, Uncut Sheet of Paper, Napoleonic Soldiers And More, 1 1/2" to 17"L, Some Rips and Stains, Fair to Good Condition 4 4880 7.52   ended
1384 11622t.jpgVintage Metal Milk Can Ready for Painting, 13 1/2"Diam x 24"H, Has Dents But No Rust, Good Condition For Age 13 11116 17.00   ended
1393 11665t.jpgTwo Antique Silver-plated Plates and Serving Tray, Tarnished And Need Cleaning, Overall Good Condition, 6" to 11 1/2"W         ended
1507 6280t.jpgVintage Milk Can with Patriotic Theme, Heavy and Old, Stored Indoors During Winter, Very Good Condition, 12"Dia. x 24"H 22 301 23.50   ended
1529 6465t.jpgWooden Tabletop Globe, 10" Diameter x 11" Tall, Good Condition 10 10602 5.55   ended
1532 6494t.jpg(3) Sets of Antique Door Handles, One is Brass and Two are Crystal, Good Condition, 5" Long 11 17673 13.50   ended
1538 6540t.jpgDelco Model 1101 Vacuum Tube Radio, Original and Not a Replica, Needs Repair, Dial Doesn’t Turn and Cord is Cut Off, Nice Original Knobs, Finish on Top is Poor, 11 1/2"W x 5 1/2"D x 8"H 8 4954 43.00   ended
1541 6566t.jpgHeavy Duty Antique Iron Tongs For Ice Blocks or Hay Bales, Nice Vintage Patina, Opens to 24", Tongs Are 20"L 13 8372 11.51   ended
1542 6572t.jpg(5) Sets of Door Knobs, (2) Brass, (2) Brown Marble, (1) Black Marble, 3 1/2" Knobs, Good Condition 6 10833 10.50   ended
1552 6635t.jpgLight Up Scan Globe From 1980, Includes Globe Encyclopedia Handbook, Very Good Condition, 18" Tall 6 16232 17.50   ended
1557 6671t.jpgCool Handheld Battle Axe Found in Storage, Could Be Homemade One of a Kind, 7 1/2"W x 18"H 15 279 9.00   ended
1583 6839t.jpgOrnate Trunk, Includes Straps, Good Condition For Age, 29"W x 17"D x 20"H 14 11116 24.51   ended
1584 6849t.jpgCarved Wood African Book Ends, Good Condition, 2 1/2"W x 4"D x 9 1/2"T 4 13210 3.25   ended
1604 12249t.jpgVintage Wood RCA Tube Case, Shows Wear, Otherwise Good Condition, 22 1/2"W x 8 1/2"D x 18"H 10 7641 14.50   ended
1648 23939t.jpgGroup of Lightning Rod Parts - Cast Iron Metal Stand 36"H, Cast Iron Arrow is 24 1/2"L & (6) White Insulators (Some Damaged), Good Condition Overall for Age 21 3728 29.75   ended
1843 7135t.jpgMetal Art of Record Player with Speaker Horn, Spin Horn Around to Play Music, Awesome Metal Art Piece in Good Condition, 4"W x 6"D x 8"H 5 15889 3.75   ended
2085 7774t.jpgLot of Christian Catholic Related Items, Rosaries Of Various Styles, Some Look New, Others Used, Nice Goodies Here, Up to 20"L, One Necklace is Broken 5 15247 5.00   ended
2210 7897t.jpgMetal Antique Green Pot with Handles, On Four Feet, Good Condition, 9"Dia x 6"H 7 13706 5.50   ended

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