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Category: KITCHEN AND DINING (275 records) JUNE 18 ONLINE AUCTION (WHITE AUCTION) PART 1 **ITEMS 1-4499 - JUNE 14-18 Bidding Will Start Closing on TUESDAY, JUNE 18 at 7pm at a Rate of 25 Items Per Minute
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9 63t.jpg8"Diam Black Iron Skillet, Good Condition 9 4395 9.30   ended
26 173t.jpgFreshly Restored Wagnerware Model 10530 Skillet, Size 3, Ready To Use, Good Condition, 6 1/2"Diam 8 4395 9.00   ended
38 245t.jpgLarge Porcelain Enamel Pail Pot and Lid, Blue With Black Trim and Handle, Good Condition With Some Rust and Chips, 12"Diam x 9 1/2"H 20 14318 11.50   ended
126 768t.jpgHanging Cast Iron Pots and Pans Holder, Holds Seven Pieces, Good Condition, 17"W x 15"H 13 1580 31.75   ended
192 1062t.jpgCast Iron Pig Bottle Opener, "Fincks Overalls", "Wear Like Pigs Nose 1885", New Working Condition, 6"L 12 10833 13.55   ended
196 1078t.jpgThis is Marble Rolling Pin From The Vermont Marble CO. Where They Make Memorial Headstones Of Arlington National Cemetery, It Will Also Roll Out Great Pie Crust Because Of It's Weight, 17"W x 8"Diam, Very Good Condition 7 10833 6.00   ended
205 1121t.jpgFour Pieces of Superior Hall Autumn Leaf Dinnerware, Cup 3"H, Sugar Bowl With Lid 5"Diam, Salt And Pepper Shakers 2 1/2"H, 1959 in Real Good Condition 16 12337 7.00   ended
228 1217t.jpgOlder Recipe Box With File Separators, Plastic Wood Look, Clean in Good Condition, 6"W x 3"D x 4"H 7 12815 4.25   ended
238 1265t.jpgFour Wood Almond Bowls, Vintage in Age, Good Condition, No Chips or Cracks, 5"W x 8"L x 2"H 1 17692 1.00   ended
239 1269t.jpgVintage Brown Glass Wasp Trap, Says 3. MMMA, Very Good Condition, 5"Diam x 4"H 6 4207 5.50   ended
244 1290t.jpgVintage Grape Hanging Salt and Pepper Shakers, Metal and Glass, Very Good Condition, Great For Your Collection, 4"W x 5"H 10 14318 6.00   ended
263 1371t.jpgVintage Musical Triangle Dinner Bell, Comes With Striker, Hammer, Very Loud Clear Sound, 5"W x 5"H, Very Good Condition 6 14239 4.25   ended
265 1379t.jpg6"H Stove Top Percolating Coffee Pot, All Pieces There, Six Cup Capacity, Good Condition 5 15842 3.25   ended
269 1397t.jpgRare Unusual Glass Butter/Cheese Dish, Has Ribbed Top With Handle, Great Find For Any Glass Collector, Very Good Condition, 4"Sq. 16 14318 6.00   ended
272 1409t.jpgTwo Tin Bread Pans For Special Breads and English Muffins, 4"W x 12"L x 2"H, Real Good Condition 1 5079 1.00   ended
273 1414t.jpgSquare Set Cake Pan- Three Piece Tier Square Pan Set With Removable Bottoms, 4", 5 3/4", 8" Sq. Great For Summer Season, Upcoming Parties, Good Condition 10 16372 5.50   ended
278 1440t.jpgCake Pan Assortment Rounds, 6 1/2", 8 1/4", 10 1/4", 12"Diam, Bread Pans 4 3/4" x 2 3/4"W, Great For Bazaars, Extra Baking At Home, Good Condition, Ten Pieces Total 1 11915 1.00   ended
280 1452t.jpgVintage Super Maid Cookware Cast Metal Pot? With Lid and Handle, Lots of Great Food Has Been Cooke din This Item Salvaged From 100 Year Old Cottage on S. Linwood Beach, Could Even Hang It Over Campfire, Lip and Handle For Pouring, Overall Good Condition For Age, Approx. 11 1/2"Diam Vessel x 6 1/2"H Without Lid, Lid Stamped "2" Inside, Pot Stamped Super Maid Cookware On Bottom 7 4395 5.50   ended
282 1464t.jpgAuthentic Griswald Cast Iron Skillet, Good Condition, 11"Diam x 2 1/2"H 13 11688 22.50   ended
286 1481t.jpgVintage Kromex 1950's Aluminum Ice Bucket, Great Look In Man Cave, Entertaining Friends, This is True Gem in Great Condition But Has Pitting On Bottom, 8"Diam x 7"H 2 14386 1.25   ended
287 1486t.jpgLarge Glass Beer Mug, Holds At Least A Quart, Great For Summer Season, 4"Diam x 8"H, Good Condition         ended
291 1505t.jpgMetal And Aluminum Vintage Strainers, Great Condition For Age, One Has Surface Rust, 9"Diam x 2 1/2"H 7 12248 4.25   ended
302 1571t.jpgMilk Crate Full of 12+ Cups and Coffee Mugs, Including a John Deere Insulated Travel Mug, Could Use Cleaning But Good Condition Otherwise, 13" x 13" x 12" 1 6424 1.00   ended
314 1668t.jpgBox of (20+) Paperback and Hardcover Cookbooks, Some Vintage, Good Condition 11 2462 6.00   ended
345 1876t.jpgCommand Cuisine 11" Cooking Skillet, Made to Be Brought to the Dinner Table, 3 Ply Stainless Steel with Lid, Good Condition 3 8279 2.87   ended
348 1893t.jpgNice Pair of Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls with Handles That Go Flat For Storage, Some Use, Overall Good Condition, 6 3/4" and 7 1/2" Dia. 6 6288 2.50   ended
349 1898t.jpg1989 KOEZE'S Glass Apothecary Jar/Kitchen Canister/Storage Container, Comes with Lid and Has Beautiful Diamond Cut Beveled Design on All Four Sides, Very Good Condition, No Chips or Cracks, 4 1/4"W x 10"H 2 12016 1.25   ended
354 1929t.jpgVintage Metal Ice Bucket, Good Condition with Some Tarnishing and Pitting, 7" Dia. x 9"H         ended
385 2106t.jpgRare Glasbake Cameo Blue 1 1/2 Qt. Casserole Dish, 75+ Years Old, Good Condition, 9"L x 7 3/4"W x 3"H 16 7383 5.50   ended
390 2135t.jpgPorcelain Over Cast Iron Dutch Oven, Oblong and Heavy, Very Good Condition, 15 1/2"L x 10"W x 7"H 8 15137 10.50   ended
401 2191t.jpgNewer Jadeite Salt And Pepper Shakers, They Have Really Cute Pictures Of Pigs On Them, They Measure 2"W x 3 1/2"D x 2"H 11 20 16.50   ended
402 2194t.jpgA Pyrex Butter Dish With Green Flowers, In Excellent Condition, It Measures 3 1/2"W x 7"L 13 10833 8.50   ended
403 2197t.jpgSix Cast Iron Pans, Old And New, From An Estate, They Need Cleaning And Seasoning Otherwise They Are In Very Good Condition, They Measure 10"Dia. X 15"L 7 17685 12.50   ended
405 2210t.jpgDecorate Your Kitchen! Decorative Infused Oils And Vinegars, Two Gently Used Hardwood Cutting Boards, Two 1994 Pampered Chef's Hot Pan Stans, Two Bird Plaques, Four Sake, Teacups, Fair Condition To Good Condition, Items Range In Size From 12"H To 19"H 2 6288 1.25   ended
418 2277t.jpgNormark Revolving Knife Sharpening Station In Box With Instructions, Three Different Sharpening Stones On One Revolving Holder, In Excellent Condition, 3"W x 10"L x 5"H 16 3463 12.50   ended
419 2280t.jpgThree-Piece Mixing, Nesting Bowl Set, Ceramic Material, In Great Condition! They Measure: Blue At 4"Dia., Yellow At 6"Dia. And Red At 9"Dia. 7 16682 4.25   ended
432 2331t.jpgCanon Lens Mugs, Very Cool! Perfect For Office Or To Use, One Is A Standard Cup With Lid And One Is A Thermos With Twist Lid, In Very Good Condition, 5"H 7 17729 5.75   ended
492 2596t.jpgDolly Madison 6-Qt. Ice Cream Maker, Model 8485, Barrel Made With Wood And Plastic, It Comes In The Box With A Recipe Book And Instructions, Tested And It Works, In Very Good Condition, The Box Measures 13"W x 13"D x 16"H 7 10040 4.75   ended
548 6157t.jpgLike New! Only Used Once, Black & Decker Arctic Ice Cream Twister, Spotless, From A Non-Smoking Home, The Box Measures 12"W x 15"D x 11 1/2"H 3 15062 1.50   ended
562 6252t.jpgNew! Green Pan Skillet, Great Size For Home Or Camping, 10 3/4"Dia. x 1 3/4"H 10 6519 13.35   ended
567 6285t.jpgIce Cream Cake Pan, Two-Pieces, Designed To Bake Cake And Fill With Ice Cream, Make Your Own Ice Cream Cakes, Looks To Be In Good Condition, 10 1/2"Dia. X 4 1/2"H 6 4585 4.00   ended
569 6295t.jpgOster Electric Frying Pan, Used Once, In Excellent Condition, And A Blooming Onion Cutter That Works Perfectly, In Excellent Condition, The Onion Cutter Measures 8"W x 8"D x 10"H And The Pan Measures 16" x 16" 9 1350 15.50   ended
570 27709t.jpgNew In Box! Kock/Messer Steak Knives, Stainless Steel Construction, Made In China, 4"W x 13"L 4 1350 5.50   ended
572 6313t.jpgScoops! Five Tupperware And Three Assorted, Eight Total, Great For Baking Or Playing With The Children, All Are In Good Condition 5 15373 3.75   ended
573 6321t.jpgBrand New! Heart-Shaped Chocolate Fondue, Also Including One Small Canister Of "Chocolate Spicy Rub" For Meats, 8"W x 8"D x 6"H 8 9725 7.50   ended
575 6332t.jpgWilton Cake Pans, One Christmas Tree Pan With Six Mini Cakes In One Pan, Two 2-Star Pan Set, One 10"Dia. Pan, All Aluminum, The Tree And Star Pans Have Directions For Decorating, In Good Condition 9 11887 4.26   ended
576 6339t.jpgBrand New! Encore Microfiber Tablecloth, Oblong Shape, Spill-Proof, Instantly Wipes Clean, Liquid Beads Up And Won't Leak Through, The Color Is Sage, From A Smoke-Free Home, In Excellent Condition, Measures 52" x 70" 7 17729 4.75   ended
577 6343t.jpgBrand New! Tempered Stainless Steel Knife, Durable And Tough, Cuts Through Almost Anything! Quickut Brand, The Blade Is 9 1/2" And The Handle Is 6" 2 17729 1.25   ended
579 6356t.jpgKitchen Lot Including Utensils Such As: Wisk, Spatula, Thermometer, Etc., This Also Incudes A Cute Salt And Pepper Shaker Set, All Are In Good Condition, Items Measure From 2" To 12"L 2 15130 1.25   ended
582 6375t.jpgAssorted Hot Pads And Pan Rest, One Pair Of Hot Hands, Red Crochet And Store Bought, Many Colors, In Very Good Condition 7 1495 6.00   ended

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