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102 623t.jpg(7) Books Including Ludlum, Follett and Baldacci, Five Hard Cover And Two Paperback, Excellent Reading, Good Condition 9 10040 9.50   ended
133 809t.jpg(9) David Baldacci Hard Cover Books, Very Good Condition 16 10040 12.50   ended
304 1588t.jpg(5) Assorted Books About Self-Help and Learning, (3) Paperback and (2) Hardcover, Good Condition 6 2462 3.00   ended
490 2586t.jpgNew In Package! Eight Self-Adhesive Book Covers, Etc., 13 1/2" x 1/8" 2 13928 1.25   ended
687 3142t.jpgA Democracy Of Photographs Book, Amazing Images From September 11th, Perfect For Any Library! In Very Good Condition 6 9333 3.25   ended
768 6798t.jpg(25) Books, Authors Include: Danielle Steel, Janice Graham, Jodi Picoult, Thomas Kinkade, Karen Kingsburg, Linda Lael Miller And Others, This Lot Also Includes A Vintage First Edition Copyright 1950, Tommy And The Indians, All Are In Good Condition, The Box Measures 10" x 15" x 12 1/2" 7 9849 8.25   ended
1158 4502t.jpgAmerican Wood Worker Magazine 81 Pages, Approx. 9"W x 12"H, Black Photos And Fine Illustrations, Extremely Well Made, Good Condition 1 10040 1.00   ended
1165 4540t.jpg"The Passion" The Last 12 Hours of The Life of Christ Leading Up to The Crucifixion, Forward By Mel Gibson From The Movie of the Same Name "The Passion" Hard Cover With Dust Jacket, Very Good Condition 5 10993 2.75   ended
1166 4549t.jpg"The Cocktail Bible Book" 256 Page Hard Cover In Very Good Condition 4 13230 3.25   ended
1167 4561t.jpgThree Paperback Books, Carving Animals In Wood, Burning Techniques Which Show Wood Burning For Birds, Brushes That Talks About Brush Quality And Maintenance, All Great Reads For Any Artist, 9" x 6" 6 12187 3.51   ended
1168 4574t.jpg1975 Better Homes and Gardens Decorating Book, Colored Pictures, Very Good Condition, Almost 400 Pages With Info/Pics, Hard Cover Binder Style, 8 1/2"W x 9 1/2"L 3 14692 2.25   ended
1169 4580t.jpgSet of Seven Graphic Plays (Illustrated In Comic Book Form) By William Shakespeare, Great Resource For High School Or College Classes, Versions In Original and Plain Text 4 1323 7.51   ended
1173 4614t.jpg(10) Military Manuals- 7 of 10 Booklets on Areological Subjects Prepared For Naval Aviation Cadets, Missing Booklet 1, 3, 9, Air Navigation Army Air Force Training Command Missing Back Cover, Aerial Photography War Dept. Technical Manual, Dated Nov. 26, 1942, The American Air Almanac, May August 1945, United States Naval Observatory, Fair To Good Condition 15 9323 27.50   ended
1174 4626t.jpg"Curb Your Enthusiasm" 204 Page Hard Cover Book, About Larry David and His Emmy Winning Hit Comedy Show, Very Good Condition 4 3182 3.50   ended
1175 4633t.jpgThree Paperback Carving Books By Tom Wolfe, Canes and Walking Sticks, Gnomes, Uncle Sam Patterns, Includes Patterns and Colored Pictures With Instructions, All New Condition, 8 1/2" x 11" 6 12838 2.50   ended
1177 4648t.jpgFour Bird Books- Golden Guide 4" x 6" Has Color Pictures, How To Watch Birds, 8" x 5 1/2", Bird Feeding 101, 8" x 6 1/2", And The Backyard Bird Lover's Guide 10" x 7" Hard Cover, All Are In Good Condition With Some Wear, Paperback 13 6670 9.50   ended
1178 4657t.jpgHard Cover The Wood Carving Bible 8" x 6 1/2" With Great Colored Pictures Which Discusses All The Different Wood Carving Techniques, How To Paint Diving Ducks 8 1/2" x 11", Paperback With Color Pictures and Instructions, Both Like New 8 15960 13.50   ended
1180 4675t.jpgHitler Book Lot- Hard Cover And Paperback, All in Good Condition, Hitlers Generals, Prisons, Partners 10 16589 19.03   ended
1182 4697t.jpgTwo Hard Cover Jerry Baker Books, He Is Master Gardener, Garden Tonics Has 345 Recipes For Lawn And Garden, Critter Control and Pest Prevention Has 2,193 Solutions To Your Problems, Both Like New, 7 1/4"W x 9 1/4"H 21 8453 16.50   ended
1183 4705t.jpg"Titanic" Hard Cover Interactive Book By Jim Pipe, Very Good Condition, 12"W x 10 1/2"H 15 7573 18.50   ended
1184 4716t.jpgHard Cover The Encyclopedia Of Collectibles, A Lot About Money, Furniture, Paper Money, Paperweights, Pharmacists, Equipment, Great Book, Much More Inside, 160 Pages, Very Good Condition 2 17269 1.25   ended
1186 4729t.jpg"The Vampire Book" The Encyclopedia Of Undead, 3rd Edition, 906 Pages, Paperback in Good Condition 4 16001 5.65   ended
1189 4744t.jpgAssortment Of Books and Magazines, One Hard Cover "Just So Stories By Rudyard Kipling" With His Illustrations, Special Material Copyright 1978 With Dust Cover, 2018 Range Finder, Magazines, Map Book Etc. Ten Items Total, Fair To Good Condition         ended
1190 4753t.jpg"Horsman Dolls" Hard Cover Book 1950-1970 Very Collectible, 263 Pages In Good Condition 3 13146 4.24   ended
1191 4758t.jpgMilady's Standard 2008 Cosmetology Text Book, Hard Cover, 897 Pages, Some Writing And Wear, Overall Good Condition 3 9693 2.25   ended
1272 7764t.jpgCollection of Religious Books, Inspirational Stories of Saints, Bad Girls of The Bible, The Day Christ Died, Christianity In The 21st Century, And More, Very Good Condition 2 700 1.25   ended
1416 4891t.jpgHardcover Golden Book Encyclopedia Series Volume 1-12, Good Condition 1 12535 1.00   ended
1428 4954t.jpgColoring Book Sketch Book by Cloth Paper Scissors, 23 Pages, Coloring Has Grown-Up, Coloring Techniques, And (35) Pages To Color! Coloring Book For Adults With A Wide Variety Of Styles, Patterns, And Detail; Some Pages Have Been Detached - Fair Condition 2 1831 1.25   ended
1443 5035t.jpgLot Of Three Audio Books On CD, Birthright By Nora Roberts Five CD's, Bad Blood By Linda Fairstein Five CD's, Bad Luck And Trouble By Lee Child Five CD's, Great Condition And Really Good Stories 4 13801 6.10   ended
1563 5660t.jpgPerfumes - The A-Z Guide Paperback Book By Luca Turin And Tania Sanchez, 2009, 619 Pages, Like New Condition 1 14692 1.00   ended
1643 8121t.jpgTwo Sets Of Book Ends Including A Brushed Copper With Bicycle Motif And Another Done In Stone, Beautiful And In Good Condition! Copper One Is 4"W x 4 1/2"D x 5"T And The Stone One Is 2"W x 3 1/2"D x 5"T 6 17450 3.34   ended
1735 8587t.jpgBox Of Edgar Guest Books (18) And A Small Wall Hanging Of One Of His Poems, Edgar Guest Was Popular In The Mid-Century With His Meaningful Poems, In Good Condition 9 1952 11.51   ended
1885 9373t.jpgCollection of Audio Books, All Types of Books, All in Great, Tom Clancy, Clive Cussler & More Authors 11 13801 6.50   ended
1886 9378t.jpgLot of 17 Assorted Books, Perfect Ruin - Destafano, You Have 7 Messages - Lewir, Jeremy Fink - Wendy Mase, Pretenders - Harrison, License to Spill - Harrison, Fill-in Boyfriend - West, Gossip Girl - Ziegesar, The One - Cass, The Crown - Cass, The Elite - Cass, The Selection - Cass, The Jewel - Cass, My Life with Walter Boys - Novak, Twilight - Meyer, Skinny - Cooner, Lasagna Gardening - Lanza, & Trash Stickers - LaFontaine, Good to Very Good Condition         ended
1889 9400t.jpgThe Ultimate Audio Book Collection, All Types of Books, All in Great Condition, No Mark Upon Her, The Beggar King & More 11 5485 8.00   ended
1909 15921t.jpgBlue Zones Paperback Book, 2nd Edition, 9 Lessons for Living Longer from the People Who've Lived the Longest, Dan Buettner, Good Condition 1 13928 1.00   ended
1921 15993t.jpg20+ Magazines - Birds & Blooms & Ducks Unlimited, Good Condition 4 8563 2.25   ended
2207 27766t.jpgHuge Collection Of Audio Books,(30) Total! All Types Of Books, They Are All In Great Condition, Examples Are: Classic Poems, Three Cups Of Tea, Frank McCourt, Plan Of Attack, Lucky Man And More! 5 5485 4.01   ended
2212 14382t.jpgHuge Selection Of Audio Books, All Types Of Them, (25+) Items! All Are In Great Condition, The Lot Includes: Last American Man, Instant Conversation And More! 2 5485 1.25   ended
2221 14422t.jpgLot Of Five College Books, One Hardcover And Four Paperback Editions, Subjects Are: Psychology, Art, Bacterial Pathogenesis, Public Speaking And Film, They Are All In Good Condition 1 10040 1.00   ended
2240 14509t.jpgLot Of Ten Children's Books, Great For Babies Still In The Womb Or Ages 0 To 4-Years-Old, Short Enough To Keep The Child's Attention, In Good Condition 4 10833 3.50   ended
2333 10095t.jpgEight "This Old House" Magazines, Some Minor Rips, In Good Condition Overall 13 10040 6.00   ended
2392 10358t.jpgNew Book!! The New Testament Bible, Recovery Version, It Features A Nice Vinyl Soft Cover That Looks Like Leather 2 5164 1.00   ended
2395 10368t.jpgSeven Charles Dickens Books For Your Summer Reading, Published By Oxford University Press, They Are: "David Copperfield", "Hard Times", "Little Dorrit", "Dombey And Son", "Christmas Books", "American Notes" And "Martin Chuzzlewit", They Are Hardcover Editions And They Are In Very Good Condition 15 13005 13.51   ended
2438 13400t.jpgBox of (30+) Paperback Cookbooks, Pillsbury and More, 5"W x 8"H 1 10503 1.00   ended
2468 13583t.jpgLike New "Reinventing Your Style" Hardcover Book by Jennifer Butler, 100 Pages         ended
2580 20417t.jpgVintage Paperback Book, Gentle Ben, TK1084, #1967, Starline Edition, In Good Condition 1 8961 1.00   ended
2581 20423t.jpgTreasures Of Tutankhamun Paperback Book, In Good Condition 2 10040 1.25   ended
2673 11331t.jpg"The Unfolding River" Hardcover Book, From Source to Sea, A Beautifully Illustrated Guide to the Life of a River, Very Good Condition 4 15842 2.60   ended
2743 16624t.jpg2018 Seven Harlequin Paperback Romance Novels, Appalachian Prey, Secured By The Appalachian Prey, Secured By The Seal, Rough Shod Justice, Body Of Evidence, Saved By The Sheriff, Swat Standoff, Armed Response, All Are Large Print, In Good Condition 2 6791 1.25   ended

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