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Category: ALL (4488 records) JUNE 18 ONLINE AUCTION (WHITE AUCTION) PART 1 **ITEMS 1-4499 - JUNE 14-18 Bidding Will Start Closing on TUESDAY, JUNE 18 at 7pm at a Rate of 25 Items Per Minute
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1 1t.jpgHand Made Wood Storage Cabinet, Great For The Garage Or Garden, Good Condition, 28"W x 17"D x 52"H 15 4364 27.77   ended
2 13t.jpgVintage Two Column From Greece It Is Made of Heavy Resin And Has Detailed Boy Pictures On Bowl, It Needs Good Cleaning But Is Good Cleaning, But Good Condition, Great House Or Yard Décor, Approx. 14"W At Base x 51"H and 18"W At Top Bowl 23 6320 42.00   ended
3 21t.jpgBlessed Mother And Child Statue, Cement, Stove, Heavy, Very Nice, Good Condition, 32 1/2"H x 17"W x 6"D 12 12224 36.00   ended
4 28t.jpgTwo Ax Heads, Good Condition, Ready To Use, 4"W x 6"L, 5"W x 8"L 6 17159 17.05   ended
5 33t.jpgNice Old Wood Plane With Wood Handle, Rest is Made of Steel, Marked Made In USA, 2"W x 6 1/2"D x 2 3/4"H, Very Good Condition 5 10040 3.25   ended
6 39t.jpgVintage Pepsi Bottle, 1976 In Good Condition And It Even Has All of The Aluminum Tabs on Cap, Approx. 3"W x 7 1/2"H 5 16619 2.25   ended
7 44t.jpgTwo Vintage Locks- Collectible Metal Keystone, Keys To One Lock With Extra Keys For Same Style Lock, No Key to Small Lock, Good Condition, 2 1/4"W x 2 1/2"L x 3/4", 1 1/2"W x 2"L x 1/4" 17 10587 27.02   ended
8 53t.jpgRed Hamilton Wagon, Greyhound, Old 36"L, Has Drain Holes In Bottom, Use As Outdoor Flower Planter, Some Rust, Good Condition, 17"W x 15"H 20 3180 14.27   ended
9 63t.jpg8"Diam Black Iron Skillet, Good Condition 9 4395 9.30   ended
10 69t.jpgVintage Roller Skates, Good Condition For Age, Still Has Leather Straps, Adjustable Size, All Steel, 3 1/2"W x 10"L x 4"H 3 17232 2.00   ended
11 77t.jpgLot of Three Iconic Beer Mugs, Budweiser And Two Stroh's, Great Graphics On All Three, No Chips or Cracks, Very Good Condition, 6"W x 7"H and 4"W x 7 1/2"H 3 12061 5.50   ended
12 85t.jpgVintage Big Ben Bottle Capper Corker Cast Iron Drill Press Handle, Red With Smooth Operation Crank With Original Wood Handle Grip, Good Condition, 4"W x 7"D x 17"H 6 148 2.50   ended
13 91t.jpgVintage 1960's Embossed Cuckler Steel Tin in Shape of United States, Good Condition, Some Marks, 17"W x 12"H 14 14147 16.09   ended
14 95t.jpgPrint Of Fine Cutlery- Knives, Knife, Lady Is The Target, 9 1/2"W x 12"H Overall Size, Wood- Glass and Print, Newer Skull Knife Thrower, Good Condition 3 12159 5.50   ended
15 100t.jpgFramed Art By Vivian Flasch Hand Painted, Very Beautiful Irises, Vivid Color, Beautifully Framed, Good Condition, 18 3/4"W x 3/4"Thick x 22 3/4"H 4 15019 6.00   ended
16 104t.jpgClassic Custom Eight Point Deer Skull With Oak Wood Mount, Great Condition For Man Cave or Bar, 17"W x 24"H 29 12802 31.50   ended
17 110t.jpgVintage Minnow Bucket- Old Pal Wood Stream Floating Minnow Bucket, Galvanized I Think? Has Dents But Works As It Should, Good Condition, 9 1/2"W x 8"H 10 16049 4.50   ended
18 119t.jpgVintage United Dairies Inc. 5 Detroit 58, Wood and Metal Milk Carrier, Very Good Condition, 16"W x 13"D x 11"H 11 4607 8.50   ended
19 127t.jpgMichigan Pint Milk Bottles, Rd. Emb. Bear Creek Muskegon, Rd. Pyro Pt. Ideal Traverse City MI, Rd. Pyro Pt. Silver And Cat Ironwood MI, All In Mint Condition, 3"Diam x 8"H 13 11066 10.75   ended
20 135t.jpgVintage Anvil For Jewelers, Gun Smiths or Crafters, Made Of Steel, Weighs 1 lb. 13 Oz. Measures 5 1/3"D x 2 1/2"W x 2 1/2"H, Some Paint Loss And Light Surface Rust, Still Very Good Condition 10 15382 10.00   ended
21 139t.jpgDietz D Lite Lantern No. 2 NY Vintage With Glass, Dusty And Rusty, Untested, 8"Diam x 14"H, Fair Condition 9 3180 6.00   ended
22 147t.jpgTwo Vintage Wood Planes- Stanley #4 2 1/4" x 9 1/4" x 5", Bailey 2 1/2"W x 10"L x 5 1/2"H, Good Condition 4 11817 14.50   ended
23 153t.jpgTwo Pipe Wrenches 9" to 12", Good Condition 6 8668 6.50   ended
24 159t.jpgPipe Wrench 12"L, Good Condition, Works Well 6 8668 6.00   ended
25 164t.jpg(18) Tools- One Lot Pliers, Wire Strippers, Wrenches, Pop Rivet Gun, Good Condition, 5" to 10"L 18 12429 25.10   ended
26 173t.jpgFreshly Restored Wagnerware Model 10530 Skillet, Size 3, Ready To Use, Good Condition, 6 1/2"Diam 8 4395 9.00   ended
27 179t.jpgSmall of The Back Holster, Leather Made For S&W 59 or 69 Series, Will Fit Glock 19 and 23, Possibly Others, Like New Condition, 9"L x 5"W 18 7084 16.00   ended
28 184t.jpgVintage Cast Iron Rivet Press For Leather Working, Made Ideal, Has Some Surface Rust But Lever Moves Well, Measures 2"W x 11"L x 5"H, Very Good Condition 2 2943 1.50   ended
29 191t.jpgVintage Tool Pick, Axes, Sledge, Pry Bar, Soldering Iron, Skimmer, Fair To Good Condition, 5 1/2" to 16"L 1 11664 1.00   ended
30 198t.jpgTwo Leotric Fruit Jars, Quart and Pint, Mint Condition, 3"Diam x 4"H and 3 1/2"Diam x 8"H 6 6293 4.26   ended
31 205t.jpgRd. Pyro Qt. Osceola County Creamery Sibley Iowa, Near Mint Condition, 4"Diam x 9 1/2"H 10 12837 6.75   ended
32 211t.jpgVintage Columbia Washboard Co. Washboard For Delicates in Good Condition, 9"W x 18"H 9 12337 7.25   ended
33 217t.jpgPlaster Wall Décor, Beige Colored 22"W x 5"H, Clean With No Chips or Cracks From Non Smoking Home, Good Condition 6 15247 5.50   ended
34 221t.jpgSome Day I Will Change With World Wall Art, Approx. 18"W x 24"H, Good Condition 1 16232 1.00   ended
35 225t.jpgFramed Wall Art With White Background, Very Colorful Titled Hummingbird, La Crème Brule, Made in Canada By The Bombay CO. Very Good Condition, 26 1/2"W x 29 1/2"D x 1 1/4"Thick 1 8117 1.00   ended
36 232t.jpgHomco Diecast Metal Planes Wall Hangers, Set of Three, Made in USA, 1975, 7"H and 12 1/2"L, Very Good Condition For Age 10 87 15.50   ended
37 237t.jpgMetal Art Music Box Made in Austria, Relief Picture of The Christmas, Chapel Of Obendorf Salzburg Austria, Music Box Plays Silent Night, Holy Night (Pull Chain At Bottom Gently and Not Till It Stops Being Able to Be Pulled, Also By Pushing The Blue Button On Side, The Bell Tower In Church Lights Up, New Battery Just Installed May 30, 2019, Wind Up Key For Music Box On Backside, 9"Sq. Very Good Condition For Age 9 3494 15.50   ended
38 245t.jpgLarge Porcelain Enamel Pail Pot and Lid, Blue With Black Trim and Handle, Good Condition With Some Rust and Chips, 12"Diam x 9 1/2"H 20 14318 11.50   ended
39 27560t.jpg2000 Chevy Malibu LS Car, 3.1L V6 with 204,000 Miles, Tires are Brand New (Less Than 3,000 Miles) Starts, Runs, Shifts & Stop Perfectly Every Time. Has Been a Very Dependable Daily Driver for 19 Years. Interior of Car is in Rough Condition. Right Rear Passenger Side Floor Board is Rusted Completely Thru, Sub Frame has Typical Michigan Rust for a 19 Year Old Vehicle, Overall Fair Condition, AS-IS, VIN# IGNE52J9V6161023 25 4243 555.00   ended
40 255t.jpg1930's Travel Shot Glass, Leather Outside With Clasp, Inside Lined With Cork, Great Condition For Age, 3 1/2"L x 2"H 11 8202 26.00   ended
41 262t.jpgVintage Broad Curved Axe, Curved Handle "Wood" Great Condition, 9"W x 33"L 24 14592 34.55   ended
42 267t.jpgVintage Rusty Stool in Fair Condition, 11"Diam x 23"H 5 687 2.00   ended
43 273t.jpgOlder Shop Stool Made of Steel, Rusty But Sturdy, Hint Of Original Red Paint On Seat, Can Be Used or Repurposed, 24"H Seat x 12"Diam in Good Condition 9 687 3.25   ended
44 279t.jpgAntique Brass Cowbell Collectible or For Décor, Good Condition, Works, 2"W x 4"L 8 6293 12.00   ended
45 283t.jpgAntique Grinder NO. 10, Enterprise Tinned Meat Chopper, 12"L x 12"H, Enterprise Mfg. CO. Phila. USA, Heavy Iron With Wood Handle, Good Condition 1 14676 1.00   ended
46 291t.jpgAntique Pat'D 771 20th Detroit MI 104 Bottle Capper Corker Cast Iron Drill Press Handle, Works, Operation Crank With Original Wood Handle Grip, Could Be Cleaned Up Lubed Up For Better Operation, I Had To Pull Down On The Capper To Get It To Work, Good Condition, 4"W x 6"D x 17"H 5 1928 11.80   ended
47 296t.jpgOak Duck Art Hand Carved in Good Condition, 5"W x 1/2"Thick x 7"H 1 3180 1.00   ended
48 300t.jpgFriends Picture Frame, 5"W x 1/2"D x 29"H, Four Picture Spots 3 1/2" x 5 1/2", Black Plastic, Like New Still in Package 13 2065 6.00   ended
49 304t.jpgReally Cool Modern Painting On Canvas, Versatile As You Can Hang It Either Vertically or Horizontal, Painted Over Sides, No Need For A Frame, Will Go With Many Decors, Very Good Condition, PICreative Art 2013, 35"W x 23"H 5 1152 2.50   ended
50 309t.jpgWildlife Art Oak Frame- Ducks Landing In Pond, Beautiful Color, Very Good Condition, 9 1/2"W x 1"Thick 11 1/2"H 10 17734 5.00   ended

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