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242 1249t.jpgMixed Lot Consisting Of An Orange Crate, (18) Assorted Kid's VHS Tapes, Three Household Extension Cords, And A Tripp-Lite Surge Protector With Four Outlets, Still In Original Package, All Items Are Operational When Last Tested, Comes With Aladdin, Tom Sawyer, And More! Good Condition To New In Package, 12"W x 26"L x 12"T 5 8711 4.75   ended
310 1597t.jpgLot Of (27) Blu-Ray Movies Like Act Of Valor, Gamer, Insidious, Joe, Clash Of The Titans, And More! Great Condition 8 1952 27.78   ended
335 26320t.jpgAntique Model 1965 Radio - Tubes Light Up But Some Scratchy Sound, 21 1/2"W x 11"D x 37"T 13 17486 58.00   ended
424 2099t.jpg(44) Albums Including: Frank Zappa, Les Paul, Etc., Worn Covers, In Good Condition, 12"Dia. 16 5118 31.00   ended
431 2144t.jpgLot Of (30) Various Records, Artists Include: The Doors, Rolling Stones, Hall & Oates, Frampton, The Kinks, Several Todd Rundgren And More! All Are In Nearly Perfect Condition, 12"Dia. 22 12555 81.99   ended
448 2228t.jpgNew! AMC Walking Dead, The Complete Seventh Season, Rise Up, Blue Ray And Digital, HD 5 17132 8.00   ended
451 2240t.jpgLot Of Six Time Life Big Bands Cassettes, Including: Tommy Dorsey, Jimmy Dorsey, Harry James, Glenn Miller To Name A Few, They Are In Excellent Condition 2 7183 1.25   ended
465 2304t.jpgLot Of Nine 101 Strings Cassettes, Music Of Rogers And Hart, Stephen Foster, Cohan, Sousa To Name A Few, The Tapes Look To Be In Excellent Condition         ended
473 2335t.jpgNew To Excellent Condition! Lot Of (13) Classical Music Cassettes, Various Artists, Some Are Still Sealed 1 7097 1.00   ended
477 2354t.jpgMovie DVD, PCU With David Spade And Jeremy Piver 2 8410 1.25   ended
479 2364t.jpgPioneer Turntable, Works, P1-600, In Good Condition, 16"W x 13 1/2" Front To Back x 3"H 3 17232 11.50   ended
483 2387t.jpg(16) DVD's And Tapes, Family Movies, Five Are New In Package! All Are In Excellent Condition, Many Great Movies! Fried Green Tomatoes, Joe, Etc. 2 4166 5.22   ended
681 3529t.jpgLarge Lot Of CD's, And A 5,000-Piece "Photo Pearls" Game That Involves Using Colored Beads To Make A Picture Like Paint By Number, The CD's Feature: Ludacris, Backstreet Boys, 98-Degrees, Will Smith, Motown, And More! Over (30) CD's In A Case, In Good Condition, 15"W x 13"L 6 17132 4.13   ended
826 4274t.jpgBox of Movie And TV Series- 31 Total, Titanic, Resident Evil Trilogy, Lucky Ones, Dear John, School of Rock, Shooter Alpha Dog, 7 Pounds, Pirates of the Caribbean, Complete 8 Season SpongeBob, Vampire Diaries 1-3, Big Bang Season 1-3 Complete and Many More, Good Condition 20 14532 21.50   ended
848 4406t.jpgArmstrong Musical Instrument Case For Unknown Instrument, Please Inspect It, Good Condition All Around, 16 1/4"L x 3 3/4"W x 2"H When Shut 1 13669 1.00   ended
859 4466t.jpgVintage Auto Harp, Needs Cleaning, Wood and Metal in Good Condition Overall, Oscar Schmidt International Inc. 87 Ferry St. Jersey City 7 NJ, 22"L x 11 1/2" Side to Side x 3"Thick 12 17486 17.53   ended
1197 5186t.jpg(60) Piano Tuning Pegs, They Measure At .281 Dia. X 2 7/16"L With 1/4" Square Heads, Could Also Be Used For Smaller Metal Lathe Stock, Parts Are Not That Heat Treated Hard, As They Mark With A File, From An Older Piano Tear Down And Recycle, In Good Condition         ended
1222 5865t.jpg(22) Records, 33-RPM, Three John Denver, Burl Ives, Glen Campbell And More! They Look In Good Condition 16 17232 12.60   ended
1226 5887t.jpgCharles In Charge DVD Set, It Looks In Good Condition 2 7577 1.25   ended
1234 5917t.jpgFantastic Find! (11) Eight-Track Tapes With Approx. (20) Songs On Each, Artists Including: Jo Ann Castle, Jan Garber, Jim Nabors, Etc., All Work Great, Comes With Carrying Case, Looks In Good Condition, 9 1/2"W x 7 1/2"D x 6"H         ended
1236 5927t.jpgNumark TT1625 Turntable, Works Well, Needs A Stylus, In Good Condition, 18"W x 15"D x 6"H 4 12652 4.50   ended
1254 6016t.jpgLike New Condition! Vintage Casio MT-35 Casiotone Electronic Keyboard, Plays Great! Start Jamming! 5 1/2"W x 25"L 10 1139 5.50   ended
1258 6038t.jpgZenith Turntable, Radio, Eight-Track, I Think It Is From The 1960's Or 1970's, Sold As Is, It Looks In Good Condition, Measures 26"L x 16" Front To Back x 6 1/2" Thick Update; Powers On. 2 4646 1.80   ended
1262 6058t.jpgVHS Lot, (20+) Items Including: Jack Frost, Aladdin, Rug Rats And More! They Look In Good Condition 1 17132 1.00   ended
1267 6088t.jpgA Huge Box Of Records! 33-RPM, Disco Gold, E.L.O., Flat As A Pancake And More! (50+) Here! They Look To Be In Good Condition 11 12555 32.51   ended
1275 6141t.jpgVHS Lot, (24) Items, Everything From Aladdin, Bambi, Peter Pan, Winnie the Pooh, Mickey And So Much More! They Look To Be In Good Condition 4 17132 2.58   ended
1772 10273t.jpgMetallica Two Disc DVD Set, "Cunning Stunts" 1997 Live Concert 13 2287 10.12   ended
1775 10289t.jpgSony Boom Box AM/FM/CD Dual Cassette, CFD 222, Works on Two "D" Cell Batteries, No AC Cable, Good Condition, Plays Good, 21"L x 10"D x 8"H 9 5777 10.50   ended
1780 10312t.jpgTwo Bose Model 141 Speakers, 9 1/2"W x 6"D x 6"H, Works Great, Good Condition 31 7951 52.00   ended
1847 13826t.jpgBarney, Elmo, Dora The Explorer, Five Children's DVD's, Fun Entertainment, Patty Time DVD Too! All Have Played Well, Good Condition 1 17132 1.00   ended
1954 13389t.jpg(70) Lot of Mixed Assorted Collectors Cards- Movie Photo Cards, Rocky II, King Kong, Etc. Cards From 1970's, Come Inspect Them All, Good Condition 5 10659 2.00   ended
1964 13442t.jpgThe Little Rascals Complete Collection of DVD's, (80) Original Shorts, Very Good Condition 32 15322 26.01   ended
1972 13482t.jpgThe Awesome Complete Series Blu-Ray And Digital, NEW 2 1952 1.25   ended
2273 10834t.jpgLot of (37) Vinyl LPs from Mostly the 70's and 80's, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Springsteen, Chicago, Queen etc., Used But Good Condition 15 10040 52.00   ended
2279 10874t.jpg(25) Reel to Reel Tapes of Various Artists on 7" Reels, Speeds of 7 1/2 IPS and 3 3/4 IPS, Smothers Brothers, Johnny Rivers, 5th Dimension, Boxes are Fair to Excellent, Tapes Look Good But Are Untested and Sold AS IS 15 13458 27.66   ended
2371 12961t.jpg1950's And 1960's Framed Artist Picture, Record Sleeves, Rock And Roll Including: Elvis, "The Wonder Of You", Ricky Nelson "Mean Old World", Ricky Nelson "Lonesome Town", Chubby Checker "Slow Twistin", In Very Good Condition, Three Are 9"W x 9"H And One Is 9"W x 12"H 4 8380 3.02   ended
2409 14125t.jpgWooden DVD Or CD Carrier, On A Spinner, Holds (60) CD's, In Good Condition, 10 1/2"W x 10 1/2"D x 11"H 2 9089 1.25   ended
2410 14131t.jpg(19) DVD's, Killers, The Wedding Date, The Proposal, Letter To Juliet, P.S. I Love You, And More! In Good Condition 11 17035 7.51   ended
2421 14213t.jpgNew In Box! Garth Brooks Five DVD Set, "The Entertainer" Still Sealed, 6"W x 8"L 10 12535 10.50   ended
2439 14338t.jpg(15) DVD's Including: Van Helsing, Fantastic 4, Reign Of Fire, Batman And More, In Good Condition 12 13384 13.00   ended
2453 14424t.jpgLike New! Complete Season Of DVD's Including: Charmed, Middle, Lost Girl And More 8 11266 7.50   ended
2486 14599t.jpgMidi Stereo Keyboard, Radio Shack #MD-1160, Full Size, In Box, Very Good Condition, 14"W x 37"L x 6"H, Includes AC Power Adapter 10 12452 13.60   ended
2599 8860t.jpgFamily & Kids DVDs, 11 DVDs or Sets, Like New Condition, Includes Penelope, Cinderella 2 & More 8 11266 5.50   ended
3103 16353t.jpgUsed Kenmore Automatic Turntable Model KD291R Plays 33's And 45's, Comes With 45-Adapter, Plastic Lid, Does Have Some Scratches, The Stylus Looks Good, It Seems To Work As It Should, No Receiver Or Speakers To Test Any Further, Selling As Is, In Good Condition, 17"W x 13"D x 4 1/2"H 9 3719 11.50   ended
3109 16389t.jpgUsed JVC AL-F350 Automatic Turntable, Plays 33's And 45's, Has The 45 Adapter Included, Plastic Lid, Does Have Some Scratches, Stylus Looks To Be In Good Condition, Powers On And Seems To Work, No Receiver Or Speaker To Test Any Further, Selling As Is, In Good Condition, 17"W x 14"D x 4"H 10 15888 17.45   ended
3127 16495t.jpgNew Old Stock! 1930's Antique Art-Deco Mitten's Movie Titler's 150-3/4"L Pin In Back Letters And A Panel Background, Made For Hollywood Film Makers And Amateurs, Inside Cover Is Great! Fantastic Graphics, Perfect For Announcing Special Occasions, Super Rare Find! Especially Complete And Unused, The Box Edges And Taped Otherwise It Is In Great Condition, The Box Is 16"W x 12"D x 2"H 3 12652 4.79   ended
3268 12399t.jpgVintage 1938 Philco Wood Cabinet Radio Model 38-7 Has AM, Shortwave And Police Band, Has Six Vacuum Tubes, Plugged In And Dial Lights Up, Hums But Not Playing, Good Condition For Display Or Repair, 26"W x 14"D x 41"H 18 9361 54.00   ended
3351 17128t.jpgGreen Plastic Disc Go Case Full Of Old 45's RPM Records, Push Handle Down And Twist To Left, Most Records Play Well And Are From Various Years, Case 9"H x 8"W, Good Condition 22 12802 27.00   ended
3507 20130t.jpgFour Copies of Season 1 GLEE, Good Condition 1 1209 1.00   ended
3513 20159t.jpgCD's, Music/Books? Good Condition, Random House Set, Indian Music and Liberties Kids         ended

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