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117 636t.jpgThree Sheets Of Pegboard, One Side Is White And The Other Side Is Natural Masonite Color, These Have Been Previously Used And Show Signs Of Wear But There is Still A Lot Of Life Left! Overall Good Condition, 46 1/2"W x 55"L 11 13611 8.84   ended
159 850t.jpgNew Fair-Fold Wooden Moveable Louvered Shutter, 9"W x 20"L 2 3257 1.50   ended
163 868t.jpgFlair-Fold Wooden Moveable Louvered Shutter In Very Good Condition, 9"W x 20"L 3 5431 2.01   ended
170 901t.jpgNew Flair-Fold Wooden Moveable Louvered Shutter, 9"W x 20"L 3 5431 2.25   ended
236 1217t.jpgGet Ready For Spring Box With Cleaners, Bug Spray, Spot Cleaner, Car Wax, Glass Cleaner And Oops - Two Boxes Full! Partial To Almost Full Bottles And Containers, Good Condition, 7"W x 10"L x 8"T 4 1023 1.75   ended
238 1228t.jpgBox Of Misc. Hardware Coat Hooks, Bend Hooks, Staples, Screws, Plumbing, Corner Brackets, Anchors, 1 1/2" Fernco, Lamp Caps, Cabinet Hardware, Triangle And French Curve, Pop Rivets And More! Good Condition To New, 11"W x 14"L x 7"T 5 4886 2.25   ended
239 1233t.jpgThirteen Boxes Of Screws In Various Sizes, Some Partial Boxes And Some New From A Retired Carpenter - Good Selection, Good Condition To New, 1 3/4" To 2 1/2" Long And Box Is 10"W x 15"L x 6"T 13 17600 6.50   ended
278 1436t.jpg(33) Boxes Full And Almost Full Of Nails, All Kinds And Sizes, All Different Brands, Retired Carpenter, Build Away, Nice And In Very Good Condition, 13"W x 16"D x 10"T 22 9728 10.50   ended
309 1592t.jpgElectric Plugs Including Three Switches, Two Dimmer, And (23) Plugs; All New And 4" Long 10 609 7.50   ended
311 1604t.jpgSeven Sets Of Brass And Plastic Casters In Different Sizes, Good Condition And 1 1/2" To 2 1/2" Diameters 3 7183 1.50   ended
358 1832t.jpgDayton 1/2 Gallon Water Heater And Chrome Vented Faucet, Tank Has Plugged Cord And Tank Goes In Cabinet, Heats To 180 For Coffee/Tea, New And Unused! 6"W x 6"D x 12"T 13 15941 28.50   ended
443 2209t.jpgBrand New In The Box! Decorative Toilet Tank Lever, Moen YB2201ORB Brantford Tank Lever, Oil Rubbed Bronze, 7"L 9 10478 15.51   ended
458 2274t.jpgTwo Brand New Sink Drains, Still In Box! 4 1/2"Dia. 9 13840 9.00   ended
460 2283t.jpgNew! First Alert Smoke Alarm, 5 1/2"Dia. 16 7389 9.77   ended
474 2341t.jpgBrand New! Switch And GFCT Outlet Assembly, Ideal For The Bathroom Or Kitchen, Also A "Top Greener" Occupancy Sensor, Auto ON/OFF Light Switch For Home Or Office, 3 1/2"L 8 12187 8.22   ended
481 2376t.jpgNew And Never Installed! Culligan WSH-C 125 Wall-Mounted Filtered Shower Head With Massage, Chrome Finish, 3 1/2"Dia. X 5"L 8 5777 11.28   ended
496 2444t.jpgBrand New In The Box! Postmaster Brand Mail Box, Grey Color, Steel Material, Standard Capacity, 9"W x 7"D x 19"H 7 15296 5.51   ended
512 2536t.jpgFour New 2"Dia. Plastic Wheels, Casters 5 6138 2.75   ended
515 2552t.jpgNew In Package! Two Boxes Of Galvanized Utility Cable Wire Rope, Uncoated Wire, 1/8" x 50' And 30' 2 3143 1.25   ended
517 2562t.jpgGet Ready For Nice Weather With This New Old Stock Adjustable Door Spring, Rust Resistant, Style #C-1084, Instructions Included, The Item Is 13 1/2"L 10 11180 7.55   ended
518 2567t.jpgNew In Package! Galvanized Utility Cable Wire Rope, Uncoated, 1/8" X 200' 8 484 6.00   ended
520 2577t.jpgNew! 12/2- Romex Copper Wire With About 25' To 50' Left 11 8410 10.50   ended
521 2582t.jpgSuper 210 S Trip Class Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher, Model2A10SA, No. 517150, In Good Condition, Sold As Is, 16"H 4 14095 7.00   ended
530 2645t.jpgNice Gold-Tone Door Handle, It Is In Real Good Condition And It Measures 12"L         ended
546 2750t.jpgNew! HILTI Anchor Rods, Epoxy Set High Strength Anchor Bolts, Two Packages Of Five Pieces Each, 16MM (5/8") x 10"L With Nuts And Washers, Drill Adapter Epoxy Setting Tool Is Included, Each Bot Of Five Rods Normally Retails For $48 6 13669 6.50   ended
552 2796t.jpgUseful 100'L Outdoor Three-Prong Grounded Damage Free Extension Cord, Dirty But In Good Condition 9 16972 12.50   ended
559 2838t.jpgTwo Electric Cords, They Can Be Interlocked, In Good Condition, They Measure 20'L Each 2 16393 2.25   ended
560 2844t.jpgTwo Small Bolt Cabinets Containing Misc. Bolts And Screws, Lots Of Items, One Is Grey Metal With (30) Drawers, It Measures 10"W x 6"D x 14"H, And A White Plastic Unit With (12) Drawers, Nice For Your Garage! IT Measures 10"W x 6"D x 8"H 5 16393 3.05   ended
563 2870t.jpgLike New! A Set Of Four Casters, Heavy Duty! 5"Dia. 17 2253 15.50   ended
597 3096t.jpgNew In Box! Five Sets Of Two-Part Rustoleum Waterproof Spray, Interior/Exterior, Clear, Fabric, Leather, Metal, Wood, Concrete, Aluminum, Galvanized Metal, PVC, Masonry, Asphalt, Vinyl Siding, Etc., 30-Min., 5 1/4"W x 2 1/2"D x 8"H 28 8782 25.25   ended
634 3307t.jpgUsed Bridge Air Care Overhead Fan Exhaust Vent, In Good Condition, 30"W x 22"D x 5 1/2"H         ended
636 3318t.jpgNew! A Dayton 1/2-Gallon 115-Volt Water Heater And Chrome Vented Faucet, The Tank Has 115-Volt Plug, It Goes Under The Counter In A Cabinet, Heats Up To 180-Degrees For Coffee Or Tea, 6"W x 6"D x 12"H 10 10446 20.50   ended
757 3916t.jpgMirror and Coat Hanger- Two Shelves 23" and 36"L, Window Shadow Box, Both Need New Home, DIY These Basics, Fair To Good Condition         ended
908 6309t.jpgThree Mop Heads New in Package, Two Large Orange in Package, Large White 24 Oz. 18"L (+1-) 4 6622 5.51   ended
909 6315t.jpgFour Granite Countertop With Porcelain Bathroom Sink, Includes Three Pieces of Matching Back Splashes, Counter 26"W x 36"L x 1 1/2"H, New Never Installed, Very Nice, Modern 7 13123 10.00   ended
910 6321t.jpgBoreal Tarkett Laminate New in Box, 47 5/8" x 8 1/16 x 9/32 Two Boxes 6 8223 6.61   ended
913 6337t.jpgBox of Ceramic Tile For Repurpose Or Craft 3" x 5" Fair Condition 1 6430 1.00   ended
983 6704t.jpgScreen 36"W x 5 1/2"Diam, Weighs Approx. 35 lbs. Edges Have Wear From Storage, Good Condition Overall 19 16087 22.75   ended
1156 4988t.jpgNew! (13) Blue Electric Boxes, Plastic Construction, 2"W x 3 1/2"L 16 10740 15.00   ended
1157 4993t.jpgNew Condition! Telephone Wire, Connectors, Wall Jacks, And More! A Whole Box Of New Items! 11 1/2"W x 17"L x 7"H 2 1495 3.25   ended
1160 5014t.jpgTen Household Extension Cords, In Good Condition, 6' To 8'L 3 14875 4.17   ended
1164 5037t.jpgSix New Master Plumber Hair Clog Destroyer, 40-Fl. Oz. Each, One Mr. Clean Drain Stick, (Two-Pack) 19"L 16 7389 9.99   ended
1173 5083t.jpgNew Old Stock! (12) Drawer Pull Handles With Standard 10-32 THD Screws For 1 1/8" Thick, But Can Be Hack-Sawed Off To Any Thickness Needed, Screw Center To Center Distance Is 3", Deep Bronze (Almost Black) Anodized Finish, Non-Magnetic, Nice! 3 1467 2.85   ended
1184 5129t.jpg24' Heavy Duty Extension Cord, It Works Great And It Is In Good Condition 17 14095 9.00   ended
1191 5159t.jpgNice Plastic Storage Unit With (25) Plastic Drawers, Some Are Divided Inside, Great For All Your Smaller Items, No Cracks In Any Of The Drawers, In Good Condition, 12"W x 4 3/4"D x 9"H 9 16049 7.83   ended
1194 5171t.jpgTwo Rolls Of Woven Vinyl Hanger Strap, In Very Good Condition, 1 3/4"W, 7" To 8"Dia. 2 12123 1.25   ended
1198 5190t.jpgUseful Orange Three-Prong, Grounded, Damage-Free Extension Cord, In Good Condition, 50'L 7 11266 6.00   ended
1199 5194t.jpgNew In Box! A Sink Strainer At 3 1/2"Dia., And A Brags Hose Connector That Is New Without Tags, 3"L 4 3439 2.25   ended
1230 5903t.jpgNew In Package! Eight "The Sliding Robots", They Make Moving Heavy Items Like A Feather, Instructions Included, Works Most Efficiently On Carpets And Floor Tiles, 3" To 6 1/2"Dia. 9 12559 6.01   ended
1237 5934t.jpgLot Of Electrical Switch Boxes, Metal Material, Use For Switches Or Plug-Ins, 2"W x 4"H 6 15391 6.50   ended

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