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123 665t.jpgMaggie The Messmaker Collector's Plate With Stand By Charles Wysocki, The Bradford Exchange 1998 Plate #86874 - Hard Fired Porcelain, Third Issue in The Purr-Fect Places - No Chips Or Cracks, 8" Plate In Excellent Condition 5 1684 4.25   ended
125 676t.jpgRoyal Haeger Covered Dish, Has Label On The Bottom, Nice Pottery And Made In USA, One Small Fleabite On Inside Of The Rim, 7"D x 5"T 2 5046 1.25   ended
126 681t.jpgThe Art Of Chokin Porcelain Plate With Metal Engravings From Japan, Were Created By The Ancient Art Of Chokin, 24K Gold Trim, Pictured In Middle Is A Pair Of Peacocks, So Pretty And In Excellent Condition With No Chips Or Cracks, 6 1/2" Diameter 2 16589 5.01   ended
134 719t.jpgTwo Matching Ceramic Vases In Excellent Condition 1 16386 1.00   ended
141 757t.jpgA Poetic Lovely Image Of The Madonna With Child, Sweet Figurine, "Frahco" And Gardena Art Stickers On The Bottom, Looks Like Solid Maple, Carved Wood, Very Good Condition, 9 3/4" Tall 17 532 12.50   ended
176 929t.jpgTwo 1930 Carnival Prize Dogs, Either Chalkware Or Ceramic, The Lady I Purchased Them From Said They Were Won At A 1930 Carnival, Collie And Schnauzer, Good Condition But They Show Their Age And Paint Wear, 11" Tall 13 13988 13.01   ended
185 986t.jpgSet Of Two Vintage Plates, Cream And Blue In Color, Has A Floral Etching When Light Hits It Just Right, Also Ruffled Edges, Great For Hanging Or Could Be Put In Curio Cabinet, Very Good Condition, 9" Diameter 4 9352 2.58   ended
188 1000t.jpgAntique Chamber Porcelain Pot With Blue Floral Lid, Some Discoloration Due To Age, 10"D x 6"T 4 13988 5.50   ended
191 1010t.jpgTwo Lovely Pieces Of Glass For Your Home, Unsure Of Origin Or Age, Bowl Is Alternating Blue And Green Stripes On Three Legs, 10 3/4"W x 3 1/4"T; Blue Bottle Has Seams In Glass And Also Some Bubbles, 3"D x 7 1/2"T; No Chips Or Cracks On Either, Some Paint Wear On The Bowl But No Markings On Either, Very Good Condition 8 5885 10.50   ended
195 1029t.jpgBeautiful Blue/Green Jar With Wide Lip, Lovely Accent Piece Or Would Make A Unique Coin Collection Jar, No Chips Or Cracks - Very Good Condition, 9"D x 10"T 10 15206 8.53   ended
202 1060t.jpgLarge Decorative Blue Floral Vase, Cracked But Almost Impossible To See, Excellent Accent Piece In Fair/Good Condition, 10"D x 11"T 27 12827 25.43   ended
205 1075t.jpgVery Pretty Large Serving Platter, Has Stamp On Back, Porcelain And Made In England, Unique Color, Very Good Condition, 13"W x 16"L 4 12337 3.30   ended
206 1080t.jpgVintage Blenko Glass Art Dark Blue Candle Holder With Deep Scalloped Edges, On A Short Pedestal, No Chips Or Cracks And Excellent Condition, 3 1/2"D x 5 1/2"T 8 8372 6.50   ended
207 1084t.jpgBlue Glass Mini-Pitcher In Very Good Condition, 3"D x 4 1/2"T 4 12392 2.00   ended
215 1111t.jpgAntique Home Laughlin Wash Basin And S.C. Co. Aaron Ohio Floral Pitcher, Ceramic, No Chips And Overall Good Condition, 15 1/2"D x 5"T To 9"D x 12"T 5 11748 6.51   ended
216 1117t.jpgVintage Trinket Dish By House Of Fuller, Item From The 1960's, Porcelain Beautiful Aqua Blue With Pink Roses And Gold Trim, Very Good Condition And Marked Inside Lid, 4 1/2"D x 5 1/2"T 8 17277 5.01   ended
217 1122t.jpgBeautiful Italian Art Paperweight, Possibly Murano? Royal Blue Base, Royal Blue And Clear With Silver Bubbles - Let Your Imagination Soar, Resembles Moon Craters OR Bottom Of An Ocean, Gorgeous Piece! Excellent Condition And 3"D 4 6543 13.38   ended
219 1130t.jpgBeautiful Opalescent Art Glass, Great Addition To Any Collection, Very Good Condition With No Chips Or Cracks, 3"D x 3 1/2"T 5 950 4.58   ended
221 1139t.jpgDavid Wilson Art Glass Tumbler From North Carolina, Artist Hand Blown With Speckled Colors Of Red, Green, Yellow On Blue; Signed On Bottom By David Wilson, No Chips Or Cracks - Very Good Condition, 5" Tall 4 10115 4.59   ended
223 1154t.jpgBeautiful Vintage Avon 24% Lead Crystal Paperweight In Like New Condition, 3 1/2" Diameter 1 14142 1.00   ended
225 1164t.jpgAntique Glass Paperweight in Blue & Orange, Ground Bottom, Pre-1900, Perfect Bubble In The Middle, Excellent Condition With No Chips Or Cracks, 2 3/8"D x 2 1/2"T 7 12337 3.08   ended
245 1269t.jpgFive Pieces Of Pink Depression Glass With Cookie Jar/Lid (5"D x 6"T), Platter (9"W x 14"L), 8" Footed Platter, 10" Octagon Platter With Handle, And 4" Bowl; Good Condition 12 3746 10.85   ended
249 1289t.jpgAntique Vintage China Cream And Sugar Set Marked Royal Vienna, Germany On The Bottom, Not Sure Of The Name Of The Pattern, Handle Is Broken Off The Creamer But The Handle Pieces Are Wrapped And Inside Ready For Repair, No Crazing, Chips Or Cracks On Either Piece, Other Than The Broken Handle, The Pieces Are in Excellent Condition; Antique Hand Painted Teapot Trivet, 4 7/8" Square, Gold Leaf Edge is A Little Worn But Otherwise In Mint Condition, Stamped "Hand Painted Nippon" On The Bottom, Nippon Is The Word Used For Japan Pre-1921, Amazing Antique Find For A Tea Collector; Vintage Coffee/Tea Pot, No Markings, There Is A Thin Crack Under The Spout, The Handle Of This Piece Is Really Interesting Made To Resemble A Twisted Piece Of Ribbon On Both The Pot And It's Lid, Really Interesting Cross-Hatch Texture Is Set Off By Gold Scroll On Both Front And Back Toward The Top, Nice Collectible Piece! 4 11701 2.00   ended
250 1297t.jpgVintage Perfume Bottle With Tear Drop Stopper, Color Is A Stunning Dark Peach Color, Possibly Murano? Absolutely Gorgeous Bottle! Small Chip At Rim But Doesn't Detract From It, 6" Tall 6 16486 5.00   ended
251 1301t.jpgLipper And Mann Creations Gold Trimmed Platter, Made In Japan, Very Good Condition And 8"D x 3 3/8"T 1 16386 1.00   ended
252 1305t.jpgAntique Glass Bird, Made In The 1940's In Portugal, Gorgeous Representation Of The Bird, Wonderful Condition With No Chips Or Cracks - Very Good Condition, 3"W x 8"T 12 8081 10.26   ended
261 1343t.jpgPair Of Pottery Figurines, An Aquamiel Pleze Elaborada, A Mano En Gres Lara Venezuele, 4 1/2"T, Numbered AM162 And AM114, Excellent Condition 1 2281 1.00   ended
263 1353t.jpgNew Precious Moments "What's In A Name" Kim Name Mug And Heart-Shaped Porcelain Ring Holder, Also Comes With "Margaret" And "Grandma" Mugs, All 4" Tall 3 628 2.80   ended
266 1372t.jpgBeautiful Antique Hand-Painted Plate Lot Of Five, Great Addition To Any Collection, Very Good Condition, 4" To 8 1/2" Diameter 2 720 1.25   ended
268 1388t.jpgBeautiful Murano Glass Bowl/Candy Dish, Made In Italy, Very Good Condition, No Chips Or Cracks, 10" Diameter 7 8117 10.50   ended
269 1390t.jpgThree Beautiful Vintage Music Box Snow Globes, Good Condition And 4"D x 6"T         ended
273 1413t.jpgMurano Collectors! Beautiful Petaled Candle Holder In Green, Blue, And Pink; Original Label Is Crystal Clear! Murano And Made In Italy! Excellent Condition, 6"D x 2"T Petal To Petal 9 6622 8.50   ended
276 1425t.jpgSweet As All Get Out! Colorful Floral Print Elephant Statue, Trunk Up, Full Of Laughs, Ceramic Material, Padded Bottom So As To Not Harm, Fine Furniture In Very Good Condition, 5"W x 4 1/4"D x 7 1/2"T 6 5420 9.50   ended
336 1729t.jpgEstate Sale Glass Small Sewing Plates, Clear Glass Candle Holders, Small Basket, Vases, Two Pictures (Glass And Ceramic), Candy Jar And More! Good Condition And 3 1/2" TO 10" Tall 3 720 1.50   ended
573 2945t.jpgHuge Lot Of Figurines And Collectible Pieces Including: Glass, Ceramic, Etc., Some Are Chipped, Fair Condition To Good Condition, 19"W x 30"L x 16"H 3 9662 1.50   ended
717 3712t.jpgSheep Bank in Porcelain, Good Condition, 8"L x 5"H 3 11823 1.50   ended
724 3751t.jpgAmerican Indian Ceramic Pottery Vase/Jar, Chip At Top and Glued Back, Beautiful Example, 5 1/2"W x 4 3/4"H, Also Tiny Chip At Top Lip, Pre 1940, Otherwise Good Condition 6 13005 10.50   ended
732 3791t.jpgTwo Piece Vintage Ceramic Candy Dish With Oak Leaf Design Lid, Overall 11"W With Lid on x 6"H x 2" Deep, Very Good Condition 1 5729 1.00   ended
737 3817t.jpgCarnival Glass Two Piece Chip and Dip, Possibly Reproduction? No Chips or Cracks, Very Good Condition, 8 1/2"Diam x 6"H 5 14393 4.58   ended
739 3828t.jpgVintage Orange Luster Carnival Glass, Great Candy Dishes, Would Look Beautiful in Your Curio Cabinet, Very Good Condition, Two Pieces, 5 1/2"Diam, 6"W x 7"L Scalloped 2 4440 1.25   ended
744 3851t.jpgVintage Gold Rimmed And Dimpled Decorative Candy Dish, 5"Diam x 5"H, No Chips or Cracks, Lovely Piece of Glassware, Very Good Condition 2 14386 1.25   ended
748 3876t.jpgVintage #5048 Rosemont China Set, Six Plates 10"Diam, Four Teacups 3 1/2"Diam x 2"H, Creamer 3"H x 5"Diam, Sugar Bowl With Lid, Beautiful Collectible Set, Very Good Condition 1 13602 1.00   ended
752 3898t.jpgGold Trim Saucer With Little Handles, Good Condition, 6"Diam 1 15606 1.00   ended
753 3902t.jpgNatural Stone Marble Mortar And Pestle, 3 1/2"H x 4 1/2"Diam At Top, Slight Wear, Scratches From Use But Good Overall Condition 6 8380 8.85   ended
789 4085t.jpgTwo Piece Clear Depression Glass Bowls, Oval 4 1/2"W x 8"L Stamped Nucut, Oblong 10 1/2"L x 5"W, Very Good Condition, No Chips 1 12337 1.00   ended
792 4099t.jpgTwo Decorative Monkeys, Vintage/Retro Ceramic, No Chips or Cracks, Felt Pads on Bottom (Missing One) 4 1/2"W x 6"H, 4"H x 6"W, Very Good Condition 4 13748 2.25   ended
798 4129t.jpgTwo Piece Milk Glass Hobnail Pedestal Candy Dish 6"W x 5"H, Square Candy Bowl 6 1/4"W, Very Good Condition, No Chips 5 15206 2.84   ended
799 4135t.jpgAntique Handled Basket With Scalloped Edging, Beautiful, Quality, No Chips or Cracks, Very Good Condition, 5"W x 3"D x 7"H 2 17495 3.25   ended
800 4139t.jpgThree Milk Glass Bowls, Have Beautiful Leaf Pattern, Scalloped Rim, 4 1/2"Diam x 2 1/8"H 9 7548 6.00   ended
801 4144t.jpgTwo Matching Depression Glass Serving Bowls, No Chips or Cracks, Pretty Floral Pattern, Very Good Condition, 8"Diam x 3 1/2"H 2 7548 2.58   ended

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