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680 3524t.jpgCollector's Golden Anniversary Issue Action Comics, Superman's Commemoration, Golden Anniversary 1938-1988, 50-Years, (80) Pages, Really Good Condition 2 3719 1.25   ended
1838 13788t.jpgCollection of (40) Comic Books, Marvel and DC With Super Heroes, The Avengers, Justice League, Punisher, Wonder Woman And More 17 1811 13.51   ended
1948 13353t.jpgCollection Of (40) Comic Books, Includes Marvel And DC With Super Heroes, Ghost Rider, Iron Man and Superman, Hulk and More, Real Good Condition 10 3746 6.76   ended
2437 14325t.jpgCollection Of (40) Comic Books, Includes Marvel And D.C. With Super Heroes, Bat Man, Fantastic Four Green Lantern, Black Panther And More, Some In Plastic, In Very Good Condition 13 3719 10.50   ended
2722 22355t.jpgDC Comics, Lot Of (80+) All Bagged And Boarded, Many #1's, Some Comic Books Near Mint, 1980's To 2000's, Includes: Vigilante, Doc Savage, Green Lantern, Identify Crisis, Justice League Task Force, Justice League Europe, Tales Of Teen Titans, Captain Adam, ISA, Justice Society Of America, Alien Nation, Extreme Justice, LOBO, Justice League International 16 14072 20.50   ended
2875 19975t.jpgLot of 27 Marvel Comic Books, All Bagged and Some Boarded, Many #1's, Very Good Condition, X-Man, X-Force, The Lost Gods, G.I. Joe Etc. 10 8380 7.25   ended
3005 11026t.jpgThe Adventures of Big Boy Comic Book #192, Published In June 1973, Condition is Excellent, No Writing Inside Or Tearing, Minor Wear And Near Visible Wrinkling On Front and Back Pages 1 3719 1.00   ended
3118 16442t.jpg1968 "He Man" Comic Daily Diary, "Risqué" Nude Cartoons Of Women, In Good Condition, 5 1/2"W x 8"H 6 8465 7.00   ended
3251 12301t.jpgFour Comic Book, Not Very Old, All Look Nice, But Not Mint, Some Marked 2004, 2006 Etc. Spawn, Simpsons, Gus Beezer 1 11795 1.00   ended
3540 20343t.jpgAll Marvel Comics of (32) All Bagged And Boarded, Many #1's, Star Jammer 1 & 2, Nice Fury, X-Men, Darkhawk, Invaders Now, Wonderman, Iron Man, Strikeforce, Morituri, Excalibur, Jack of Hearts, Dr. Strange, Doom 2099, Iceman, Dragonslayer, Alpha Flight, The Prowler, Blackwulf, Conan, Clandestine, ROM (Rare) Soleil, The 'Nam, Looks In Good Condition 17 16737 18.50   ended
3718 20803t.jpgLot of 55 Comic Books, All Bagged and Some are Boarded, Very Good Condition, Names like Top Cow, DC Vertigo, Wildstorm, Dark Horse Comics Etc 17 9462 16.51   ended

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