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13 61t.jpg1865 Stoddard's Juvenile Mental Arithmetic Hardcover Book, Are You Smarter Than A Civil Ware Era Youth In Arithmetic, Has Red Stain On Cover Otherwise Good Condition, 6"W x 4"L 7 1020 6.09   ended
36 194t.jpg1888 The History Of Protective Tariff Laws Hardcover Book, Good Condition And Sold As Is 5 17242 7.38   ended
54 292t.jpg1904 The State Of Missouri An Autobiography By Walter Williams, Hardcover Book, Good Condition 1 10040 1.00   ended
157 837t.jpg"Grant" Hardcover Book - Life Story Of President Grant, Good Condition 7 3381 3.50   ended
277 1430t.jpgTwo Second Edition Books Of Psalms, Borning Cay, Volume I & II By John Ycvisaker, Excellent Condition 2 15606 1.25   ended
432 2152t.jpgTeen Paperback Books, (17) Total Including: Heidi And Little Women, Older And Some Yellowing, Overall Good Condition For Their Age         ended
569 2912t.jpg(14) Books On And About Cat, Mostly Hardcover Editions, In Good Condition, The Box Measures 10"W x 13"L x 5"H 4 17269 1.75   ended
571 2930t.jpgBox Of Vintage Hardcover Books, Titles And Years Are Thrilling Stores Of The Great War WWI From 1916; Will Rogers' Biography From 1935; John O'Jamestown From 1907, And More, All Are In Good Condition, The Box Measures 12"W x 16"L x 2"H 4 1017 10.51   ended
781 4047t.jpg1903 Memorial Addresses Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, William McKinley Hard Cover Book in Good Condition, 10"W x 13"L 9 796 9.00   ended
829 4291t.jpg(11) Collection of Vintage Rock N Roll Magazines, Includes Kiss, Motley Crue, Van Halen, Ozzy Osbourne, Iron Maiden and More, Some Wear, Good Condition 7 12859 6.65   ended
911 6326t.jpgBox of (38) Children's Books- Mostly Vintage, Big Variety Fair Condition But Very Old Plus Five Vintage Wood Puzzles, 16"W x 16"L x 10"H 15 10833 7.50   ended
947 6527t.jpgKeepsake Edition Precious Moments New King James Version, Leather Flex, Pearl Stamped, Stained Edges, Good Condition 3 15948 3.25   ended
1114 4775t.jpgThree Flight Safety Slim Bags Filled With Aviation Books From 2008 And "Whizwhee!" These Hold Tablets Very Nicely, In Good Condition, 12"W x 10"H 6 12784 3.34   ended
1266 6080t.jpg"The Family Handyman", (34) Issues From 1959 To 1967, Included Are: September 1959; 1960 January, June, August, October And December; 1961 June, August And October; 1962 February, June, August And December; 1963 June, August And December; 1964 February, April And June; 1965 February, April, June, August, October And December; 1966 February, June And December; 1967 February And October 100th Edition; Workbench 1963; 1959 Home Decorator, All Are In Excellent Condition For Their Age 3 10498 1.50   ended
1268 6101t.jpg(28+) Self Help Books, Tapes And DVD's, Some Are Still New In Package! Authors Are Suzanne Sommers, Daniel J. Siegel, M.D., Zig Ziglar, Anthony Robbins And So Many More! Loads Of Good Topics! From Body, Brain, Money, Heart, Attitude, Etc., 5 1/4" To 11" Long/Tall 1 14558 1.00   ended
1392 5706t.jpgVintage 1900's Kindergarten Workbook, Songs With Music Composed By Clara Louise Anderson, This Is An Amazing Book! 10 1/2"W x 13"L 3 7389 1.50   ended
1402 7192t.jpg1903 Twentieth Century Typewriter Instructor Booklet Explaining Remington Universal Keyboard Typing, In Good Condition, 6"W x 8 1/2"H 1 14401 1.00   ended
1495 7801t.jpgSet Of Gulfstream 550 Jet Aircraft Manuals And One "Flight Safety" Duffle Bag, In Great Condition, 9" to 16" Tall/Long 3 5242 3.26   ended
1551 8143t.jpgLife "Our Century In Pictures" Hardcover Book, 425 Pages, Very Good Condition 5 8971 2.50   ended
1574 8289t.jpgOutdoors Encyclopedia Hardcover Big Book, 622 Pages, Very Good Condition And 8 1/2"W x 10 1/2"T 1 12348 1.00   ended
1672 9756t.jpg1901 Illustrious Life Of William McKinley Our Martyred President By Murat Halstead, Hardcover Edition In Good Condition, 7"W x 10"H 3 17269 1.50   ended
1687 9839t.jpg1860 "Elements Of Moral Science" By Francis Wayland, Hardcover Edition, There Is Spine Damage But It Is In Overall Good Condition, 5"W x 7 1/2"H 6 16821 2.50   ended
1694 9877t.jpg1859 "The American Speaker Collection Of Prose, Poetry And Dialogue" Hardcover Book, The Book Has Water Stains, Sold As Is, 5"W x 7 1/2"H 1 15889 1.00   ended
1707 9944t.jpg1880 "The Great Events of Our Past Century" Hard Cover Book In Overall Good Condition, With 300 Engravings, Spine Shows Wear, 707 Pages, 8" x 11" 9 2098 20.50   ended
1714 9984t.jpg1935 "The Life of Martin Luther" Hard Cover Book, Good Condition For Age, By Gerhand E. Lenski, 5"W x 7"L 3 11642 5.00   ended
1894 14043t.jpgA Time To Blossom Mother, Daughters And Flowers, Hard Cover Book, 160 Pages, Very Good Condition 4 17539 3.25   ended
2287 10921t.jpgVery Rare Vintage 1914 "The Call of the Wild" Book by Jack London, Includes Black and White Illustrations but Has Some Loose Pages at the Front, Fair Condition, 8"H x 6"W x 1 1/2"D 11 17269 5.20   ended
2321 12692t.jpg1902 US Department Of Agriculture Yearbook, Illustrated, In Good Condition, 6"W x 9"L 1 10833 1.00   ended
2324 12708t.jpgFive Religious Books, "Luther Biography Of A Reformer", "The Passion Of Jesus Christ", "The Psalms Of Today", "Kept Moments", "Blessed Is The Ordinary", Paperback Editions, In Good Condition 1 5350 1.00   ended
2345 12828t.jpgDean Koontz Paperback Books, (24) Different Titles, The Earliest Is The 1973 Novel, "Demon Seed", All Only Read Once, All Are In Excellent Condition 11 3381 6.28   ended
2450 14398t.jpgChildren's Activity Lot, Includes: Winnie The Pooh Reading Books, Activity Books, "M Is For Michigan" Book, Wooden Nativity Puzzle, Jungle 100-Piece Puzzle And More, (15) Books Total, From A Smoke-Free Home, All Are Clean And In Good Condition 30 1216 20.19   ended
2458 14451t.jpgNew In Package! Vintage Precious Moments Golden Book Set, Includes Two Super Coloring Books And "The Wonder Of Easter" Story Book 2 2281 1.25   ended
2662 11832t.jpgLike New Coffee Table Book: "The Great Lakes Cottage Book" by Ed and Kathy Wargin, Fix a Cup of Tea and Savor This Book, 221 Pages, 11"W x 10"H 3 5469 2.80   ended
2829 19762t.jpgLot Full of Religious Inspiration, Beautiful Needlepoint of Jesus and the Children (22"L x 18"W), Has Oak Frame and Needs Cleaning, (8) Inspirational Books, A Statue, Lamb of God Notecards, Rosaries and Cassette Tapes, Good Condition 2 3106 1.75   ended
2910 14726t.jpg"Got For It" Hardcover Book, A "Hall Mark" Production, This Is A Fabulous Gift For New Graduates, Mothers, New Fathers, Newlywed Couples And Many Who Are On A New Journey, Positive Motivation For Anyone On A Lonely Journey, In Excellent Condition         ended
2996 15104t.jpgA Collection Of Children's Easy Readers, (34) Books, From "Sesame Street" To "Dora The Explorer" And Adventure In Reading! Worn And In Fair Condition 1 17450 1.00   ended
3120 16459t.jpg1919 History Of World War I Hardcover Book By Francis March, Illustrated, In Good Condition, 7"W x 9 1/2"H 8 17576 17.51   ended
3134 16527t.jpg"Wreck Of The Carl D" Hardcover Book By Michael Schumacher, A True Story Of Loss, Survival And Rescue At Sea, The "Carl D. Bradley" The Lesser-Known Ship Than The "Edmund Fitzgerald" By Gordon Lightfoot, This Book Has Excellent Vintage Photographs, 245-Pages, In Excellent Condition 12 15070 7.51   ended
3217 12104t.jpg(9) Reader Vintage Digest Books- Hard Cover, Condensed Books And Bible, Some Binding Wear, Fair To Good Condition 1 10833 1.00   ended
3219 12120t.jpg(40) Vintage Books, Many Children's Such As Mother Goose, The Little Red Hen, Peter Rabbit, Ruff and Reddy, Little Golden Book Etc. Most Look Good For Age, Some Hard Covers, Others Paperbacks 7 10833 3.25   ended
3226 12167t.jpgDynamic Physical Education For Elementary School Children Hard Cover Book, 9th Edition 1989, 694 Pages, Good Condition         ended
3227 12173t.jpgThree Hard Cover Books, The Classic Harley 1993, The New Illustrated Encyclopedia Of Motorcycles 2000, History Of US Marine Corps, 1988, Very Good Condition, All Pages Intact 5 14492 4.00   ended
3228 12180t.jpg1963 President Kennedy "Torch is Passed" Hard Cover Book, Good Condition, 13"H x 11"W 4 14606 2.76   ended
3230 12190t.jpgPowerboat Handling Illustrated "How To Make Your Boat Do Exactly What You Want It To Do" 172 Pages Paperback, Very Good Condition, Just in Time For This Year's Boating Season! 3 11744 6.62   ended
3231 12195t.jpgWiring Book 2005 Home Depot, Repair, Install, And Maintain System, Very Easy To Follow, Hard Cover, Some Wear, Good Condition, 223 Pages 7 5422 3.80   ended
3233 12205t.jpgConfidential Reports- 8"W x 11"H, 107 Pages, Very Interesting Guide on Practically Everything, Medical, Financial And Life, Older Book That Doesn't Rely On Batteries, Electrical, Or Computer, Good Condition, Paperback 1 12248 1.00   ended
3234 12211t.jpgTales of Real Escape By Paul Doswell, 64 Pages, 7"W x 10"H, Vivid Illustrations, Fascinating Photos, Clever Maps and Diagrams, Collection of True Stories Of Magicians, Workers, Civilians, Prisoners, Family Member Escapes From Being Held Against Their Will and Theatrical Escapes, Paperback in Good Condition 2 3000 2.25   ended
3235 12215t.jpgNew and Old Testament Bibles, Paperbacks in Good Condition 2 13272 1.25   ended
3236 12221t.jpg"A Different Understanding" Learning Disabilities, By Pat Vance and Ruth Baumann, 1980 155 Pages, Paperback With Some Wear, Overall Good Condition 1 13928 1.00   ended
3238 12231t.jpg"The Devotional Bible" Max Lucado General Editor in Like New Condition, Hard Cover Book 6 7389 5.50   ended

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