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9 34t.jpgOld Milk Can With Flat Top Cap, It Has Some Surface Tarnish But No Other Notable Dent, Dings Or Damage, 13"Diam x 25"T, Good Condition For Age 13 10833 15.50   ended
10 38t.jpgMetal Hanson Scale, Very Old Weighs In Grams, Good Condition For Age, Has Some Rust, 7"W x 6"D x 9"H 9 4615 5.03   ended
12 48t.jpgSolid Wood Practice Samurai Sword, Some Surface Scratches, Overall 41"L, Good Condition 9 796 6.50   ended
14 58t.jpgVintage Egg Beater Hand Drill Measures Approx. 10"L Great Wall Hanger Display, Good Condition For Age 11 9702 6.50   ended
23 104t.jpgVintage Zinc Coated Can With Two Handles and Lid With Handle, Found in Milk Cow Barn, Looks In Good Condition For Age, Handle To Handle, Great Collectible, 12"W x 16"T 18 10833 12.50   ended
25 120t.jpgSet Of Very Cute Hand Painted Wood Clogs From Holland, 6"L x 2 1/2"T 2 9927 1.25   ended
27 129t.jpg(94) Brass GMC Tool Tags, Each Tag 1"Sq. 38 2593 181.00   ended
35 176t.jpgWood Military 68 MM Canon Ammunition Case, Dated 1975 on Side, Case Measures 39"W x 14"D x 8"H, Good Condition 7 10587 7.00   ended
39 205t.jpgWood Hand Carved and Painted Mallard Duck, Very Detailed, Feathers and Painting, 1991 J. Putnam, 16" 1/2"L x 7"W, 6 1/2"H At Head, Very Good Condition 25 10037 20.26   ended
43 226t.jpgLongaberger Wood Basket With Liner and Plastic Insert, 7 1/2" x 5"H 12 512 10.51   ended
46 241t.jpgThree Sets of Glass Door Knobs and Hardware, Good Condition For Age, Needs Some Cleaning, 2 1/2"Diam Knobs 10 10784 17.65   ended
48 253t.jpgColeman No. ) Filter And Funnel, Plus Two Tin Oil Measuring Cups, One Quart and One Pint, All Three In Good Condition For Age, 3" to 6" 6 1900 9.50   ended
49 261t.jpgVery Beautiful Brass Duck Bookends, Real Good Condition, 3"W x 6 1/2"H 9 10801 10.00   ended
50 265t.jpgVintage 1950's Tin, Some Dings, Overall Good Condition, 8 1/2" x 11"L 8 9611 4.00   ended
54 290t.jpgAll Metal Bi-plane Hand Built, Heavy Metal Construction With No Plastic or Glue, Authentic Engine Configuration, One of A Kind Resembles Boeing Air Mail Plane, Used in Early 1900's, 14"W x 13"D x 7"H, Good Condition 18 4880 36.35   ended
62 334t.jpg(5) Vintage Ball Blue Glass Canning Jars, Older Style With Slope Shoulder, Two Are Dropped A Jars From 1910 to 1923, Three Are 3rd L or 3rd Loop Jars From 1900- 1910, Jars and Lids in Good Useable Condition 11 564 15.50   ended
63 338t.jpgGlass Butter Churn, Working, Needs Cleaning, Overall Good Condition For Age, 8"W x 16"H 33 9877 56.01   ended
65 348t.jpgTwo Rusty Gold Vintage Dietz No. 2 Blizzard Lanterns, The Globes Have Cracks But Are Intact, Both Are 8"W x 15"T, Good Condition 11 8489 13.00   ended
66 355t.jpgThree Ball Perfect Masons, Very Good Condition, 4" to 8"T 6 10801 7.50   ended
69 373t.jpg(3) Older Metal Basins, With Three Older Metal Michigan License Plates, 12"W x 6"T, Basins 14" to 16"Diam 5 9069 3.75   ended
75 415t.jpgCentury Of Fine Quality Silver-plate 100 Years 1865-1965, Plate With Lid, 11"Diam, Good Condition 6 1248 5.01   ended
76 422t.jpgLarge Copper Coated Tea Kettle, Tarnished, Small Dent, Medium Dent, Overall Good Condition For Age, 9"Diam 6 9877 6.50   ended
77 427t.jpgAntique Metal Milk Carrier With Glass Quart Size Bottle, Good Condition, 7"W x 9"H 14 10851 9.21   ended
78 431t.jpgVintage Old City Broiler Gauge Mad of Heavy Steel, Untested, Awesome Display Piece, Good Condition For Age, 10"Diam 13 9042 20.33   ended
83 464t.jpgVintage Straight Razors and Leather Hone, Stainless Steel, Plastic and Leather, As Is, Made in Solingen Germany and Indiana PA, 9" to 20"L 11 2284 13.00   ended
87 494t.jpgVintage Watering Can, #10 on Spout, Has Rust But Good For Rustic Displays, 9"W x 11"T 8 10602 4.25   ended
88 499t.jpgVintage Wood Ironing Boards, Small Table Top 23"L, Large 54"L 7 3053 4.25   ended
114 673t.jpgWood and Metal Old Vintage Farming Tool, Used With Livestock, Has Rust, Overall Good Condition, 49"L 10 10751 16.50   ended
240 1481t.jpg(4) Wonderful 1950's Era Hard Paperboard Puzzles of Animals, All Complete, Great For Display or To Frame, 10" x 12 1/2" in Very Good Condition For Age 12 6461 8.50   ended
307 1914t.jpgHand Painted Basket With Handle, Very Good Condition, Signed Annette, 13"W x 10 1/2"D x 5 1/4"H 3 10751 2.25   ended
320 1996t.jpgOld Galvanized Milk Bottle Holder, 12"W x 10"D x 12"H, Very Good Condition 11 9386 14.00   ended
322 2008t.jpgAsh Bucket, Some Rust But Good Condition For Age, 13"W x 16 1/2"D x 11"H 8 1900 7.50   ended
330 2041t.jpgOld Galvanized Bucket With Handle, Slight Rust But Overall Good Condition, Great For Car Washing Or Pinterest Projects, 13 1/4"Diam x 9"H 5 7376 6.50   ended
343 2097t.jpgGalvanized Water Pitcher And Oil Pitcher, Both Useable, And Very Good Condition For Age, 8 1/2" to 16"T 6 1035 6.50   ended
344 2103t.jpgTwo Old Galvanized Wash Tubs, Nice and Dinged Up, 22"Diam x 11"T 15 7376 13.09   ended
362 2188t.jpgAntique Wood Metal Nail Barrel, 17"T x 10"Diam, Very Good Condition, From Pet/Smoke Free Home 18 2453 10.75   ended
370 2214t.jpg(9) Older Door Knobs, Three Are Metal, Six Are Glass, Good Condition For Age, 2" to 6"L 23 7189 15.50   ended
378 2274t.jpgLake Superior Agate- Collected From the Shores Of Gitchi Gumi, Small Stones Range From 1/4" to 1 1/4" in Size, They're All Pretty, Some Very Smooth From Being Tumbled in Surf, Metaphysical Healing Properties of Lake Superior Agates Provide Security, Strength and Support, Believed to Prevent Insomnia and Ensure Pleasant Dreams, Relieve Stress and Raise Energy, Provides Calming Influence, Improves Perception and Concentration, Or Just Make Jewelry Out of Them, Hundreds in This Lot, Net. Weight Close To 2lbs. 16 10421 28.00   ended
379 2277t.jpgHuge I Mean Huge! Lot of Vintage Bakelite Silverware In Butterscotch and Couple Red Pieces, Total of 58 Pieces, Very Good Condition, Great Collectibles, 6 1/2" to 10"L 11 2593 11.25   ended
399 2378t.jpg(2) Two Gallon Crocks, Good Condition For Age, One Has The Star of David With Two In It, Very Rare, Very Good Condition For Collector 18 10847 22.38   ended
405 2409t.jpgAladdin Oil Lamp And Misc. Older Bottles, One Embossed Raleigh's, Good Condition, 4 1/2" to 11 1/2"T 9 10546 10.55   ended
443 2626t.jpg(35) Piece Flatware With Case Silver-plate, 1924 Oneida Community Tudor Plate, Very Good Condition, Well Kept In Case, 12 3/4"W x 11"D x 1 1/2"H 13 1248 26.00   ended
455 2684t.jpgAntique Flatware, A. Sauzedde Set For Four, Gold And Blue, Made in Late 1800's in France, Some Cracking on Handles, Overall Good Condition For Rare Set 9 10463 6.51   ended
468 2750t.jpgCute Vintage Ohio Art CO. Metal Recipe Box And Wall Mount Matchbox Holder With Paint Loss But Overall In Good Condition For Age, 3" to 5 1/2"W and 3 1/2" to 6"T 9 3053 5.59   ended
469 2757t.jpgLufkin Rule Tape Measure 1950's "Grotape" Keepsake Ruler, Store Premium From When Your Baby Was Born, In Original Box, Very Good Condition For Age, Box 2" x 2" 6 10334 5.75   ended
517 4173t.jpgStainless Creamer Milk Can, 15"T x 12" Bottom, 3 to 5 Gallons, Heavy 23 10032 32.00   ended
631 9041t.jpgThree Metal Serving Trays From 11"Diam To 13 1/2", Good Housekeeping Tins From Hearst Communication, 4 1/2"W x 7 1/2"T, Good Condition Overall 2 3053 1.25   ended
698 9384t.jpgNEW Old Stock Glass Door Knob Sets in Original Box, Two Pairs For Total of Four Knobs, Circa 1940's, Glass And Polished Nickel, Great Find! Boxes 6"W x 3"D x 2 1/2"H 11 10545 17.00   ended
711 3010t.jpgMickey Mouse Collectibles- Three Unused Photo Albums, Mickey Christmas Songs Book, NIB Disney Christmas Ornaments, Mickey and Minnie Photo Frame, Walt Disney Cookbook- Vintage, Mickey And Pluto Wall Clock, Mickey Antenna Topper, Looney Tunes Collectible Miniatures, NIB Assorted Holiday Cards, Box is 16"W x 13"D x 9"H 11 6455 12.84   ended
713 3028t.jpgCast Iron Fireplace Grate, 1900's to 1920's Fancy Design, 26 1/4" x 20 1/4" Heavy Duty Cast Iron Weighs, Approx. 28lbs. Good Condition, Some Rust 12 5865 52.00   ended

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