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554 2693t.jpgLot of Vintage Records- Johnny Mathis, Frankie Laine, Frank Sinatra, 5th Dimension and More, All Look Good For Age 5 2877 5.55   ended
884 4786t.jpgFender Squier Guitar With Case, Model 093-0300-021, Very Good Condition, 15 1/2"W x 4 1/2"D x 40 1/2"L 38 8662 54.76   ended
1914 13774t.jpg(80) Record Albums, 1960's to 70's, Ratt, Rusty Warren, Albert King, Power Blues, Bread, Prince, Elton John, As With My Other Lots, No Children's Records Of Junk, Looks Good 15 2877 20.26   ended
1936 13924t.jpg(146) Record Albums, Mix of All Types, Elvis, Johnny Cash (Sun) Chubby Checker, Buddy Holly, WWI, James Brown Etc. Get All the LP Albums! Everyone Of Them Are Understated! Some Very Hard To Find, Vinyl in Each Lot! 13 7925 47.00   ended
2213 14388t.jpgBox of (8) Track Tapes Including The Osmund's, Bobby Vinton, Polka, The Righteous Brothers, Charlie Pride, Glen Campbell and More - Box is 16"W x 10"D x 7"T 2 10463 1.25   ended
2244 14531t.jpgVintage Record Player - Extremely Clean and Works Great - Plays 78-45-33-16, General Electric, Automatic Changer, Swingmate - Looks Good, 16"W x 14"D x 6"T 11 2877 14.50   ended
2292 14793t.jpg33 RPM Vinyl Albums and 45 RPM Vinyl Records - Mostly Country Loretta Lynn, Marty Robbins, Charlie Pride, etc. Nice Condition 7 1490 4.75   ended
2365 12462t.jpg(53) Record Albums Lot- 1960's to 70's, Mama Cass, The Honey Dippers, Beatles, Lots of Beatles in This Lot, As With Other Lots, Loverboy, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Etc. Get all The LP Album Lots, Real Good Condition for Age 29 8631 46.00   ended
2418 13234t.jpg(59) Vintage Record Albums, 1950's To 70's, Nice Mix- Cheech and Chong, House Party, Louis Armstrong, Loverboy, Chuck Berry, Chubby Checker, Neil Diamond, and More! Good Condition For Age 10 10538 17.77   ended
2431 13299t.jpg(133) Record Albums - Very Nice Mix, Picture Records, Vogue 1920's, 1950's, 1960's, 1970's, Ted Nugent, Styx, Triumph, REO, Very Good Lot, All Good Condition For Age 35 9700 50.00   ended
2686 18469t.jpg(35) Record Albums, Extensive Mixture of Taste, 1950's to 70's, Batman, The Madd Show, Very Good Condition, 33's and 78's 1 2877 1.00   ended
2716 16083t.jpgP Bass Pick Guard, 4 Ply Dark Brown Tortoise, New, 14 1/4"L x 8"H 2 7280 1.25   ended
2810 9629t.jpgLucida Classical Guitar, In Soft TKL Case, Very Good Condition, 13"W x 3 1/2"D x 36"H 14 6793 16.50   ended
2873 10062t.jpgChromecast Guitar Case, Soft, Many Pockets For Storage, Used Good Condition, 18"W x 4"D x 43"L 7 9452 4.75   ended
2877 10090t.jpg(55) LP Albums, Rock Mic, AC/DC, Godspell, Steve Morse Band, Def Leopard, Van Halen, Many More, Good Condition 18 443 41.00   ended
2903 16829t.jpgOld Records, Elvis Presley, Many More, Good Condition 2 4693 3.52   ended
2941 17051t.jpgBox Lot of (33) RPM Albums, Star Wars, Aloha Moods, The Spring Fields And More, (30+) Albums 2 2877 2.50   ended
2975 17241t.jpgLot Of (6) Comedy Albums, 33 RPM, Good Condition For Age 5 6512 6.52   ended
3150 17627t.jpgLot of 20+ 33 RPM Records, Ernie Ford, Polka, JFK and More - Looks Good, Little Dusty from Age 1 5621 1.00   ended
3179 17804t.jpg(60) LP Albums - A Ton of Elvis and Other Great Tunes - Rock, Country, A Bit of Blues, 50's - 60's and 70's, Very Nice!! Also Beatles, Beach Boys and Bobby Rydell, 33 RPM 8 10538 18.50   ended
3233 20477t.jpg(62) Various LP Albums, 50-70s Rock To Country, Little Bit Of Everything, Good Condition 7 4693 14.25   ended
3254 20603t.jpg(110) Various LP Albums, Rock/Blues/Country, Very Nice Mix, 50 To 70s 7 2877 16.00   ended
3362 19462t.jpg(50) LP Albums, Very Nice Mix, 50s - 70s, Various Artists, Good Condition For Age 11 10653 18.00   ended
3411 18625t.jpg(37) Record Albums, Mix of 1960's to 70's, Ton of Beatles, Aerosmith, Fleetwood Mac, George Harrison, Cher, Jethro Tull, Signed Royal Inn Casino Cover, "Rowdy" Illegal, Looks Good 13 9038 20.50   ended
3448 18839t.jpg200+ 45 RPM Records, Nice Mixture of 1960's and 70's, Rock to Country, Little Bit of Everything, Look Good 7 4848 26.00   ended
3501 19683t.jpg(50) LP Albums, Old Rock And Roll, Very Nice Mix, 50s - 60s Mix, Various Artists, Very Nice Lot 7 8719 4.40   ended

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